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August 20, 2008 | • Technique News

I ran a flickr contest based on my white seamless tutorial here on the blog. If you are a new reader, you can find the multi-part photography tutorial in the technique category. I had a very difficult time placing the top 3.

Actually, I had a difficult time placing third place because the first and second place winners stood out. My rule for judging this contest was the image had to pop out at thumbnail size. If it didn’t catch my attention in a small format then I wasn’t going to be interested in seeing it larger.

So, on to the winners.

:: First Place :: Floyd Palitang ::


half_spacer.jpg 1st_floyd_palitang_b.jpg

Floyd shot such an amazing series on these athletes that I had to show two. You can find the series here.

Floyd’s post production is just a bit too heavy handed (contrast and sharpening) for my taste (it’s subjective) but the series of images and the intensity that he captured far outweigh the amount of post production on these images. It nearly knocked them into second place but they are just so dang good and there are stories begging to be told about these images so I kept it in first. half_spacer.jpg

:: Second Place :: Dwayne Hills ::


Are you kidding me? Look at that fabric. Look at those colors. The expression. The moment. It just freaking pops up and slaps you in the face. You HAVE to look at this photo. The beauty of the simple white background is there is nothing competing with the subject here. With the simple use of the crop tool to change the composition, there are numerous ways to use this image. Love it. It almost got first place. By a hair it slid to second. half_spacer.jpg

:: Third Place :: Ryan P. ::


Simplicity rules. It just does. Such simple light. Simple background. Simple styling. Yet massively compelling. Well done. half_spacer.jpg

Honorable mention :: Man About Tao

hm_3_man_about_tao.jpg half_spacer.jpg

Honorable Mention :: Angela Lopez ::

hm_2_angela_lopez.jpg half_spacer.jpg

Honorable Mention :: Danny Ngan ::

hm_1_poopoorama.jpg half_spacer.jpg

Well done everyone! Well done. You made my job hard! So…

First place has won a 50″ Westcott Apollo softbox or a copy of the OneLight DVD. Second place wins a 28″ Westcott Apollo softbox or a copy of the OneLight DVD. Third place has one a copy of the OneLight DVD. All three HM winners will receive a year Pro account with Flickr on me.


Cheers, Zack


  • gabe said on August 21, 2008

    nice! Especially liking Floyd’s images.

  • Julia said on August 21, 2008

    Excellent photos! Congratulations to the winners!

    A huge thank you to you Zack for providing me the info I needed to set this up at home. On Sunday, I attended my sister’s baby shower. Two gifts from me were framed photos from a maternity shoot of her on the seamless way back in June. Everyone was so impressed with the photos! I’ll have to go post them to the seamless & cyc group!

  • Ed Selby said on August 21, 2008

    A big WAHOO! to my buddy Dwayne Hills for his second place win!

    Dwayne has come a long way since we first started trading emails, phone calls, and chats. I even have one of his prints on the wall in my house.

    Way to go, Dwayne! I’m proud to know you!

  • Toni said on August 21, 2008

    Great images! Totally well deserved! Thanks Zack for this great tutorial/contest!

  • Danny said on August 21, 2008

    Wow! Thanks for the Honorable Mention! I’m definitely in great company here.

  • Trey said on August 21, 2008

    awesome, awesome, awesome choices.

  • ML Photography said on August 21, 2008

    Wonderful images for the winners. They definitely deserve to win. Thanks again for the tutorials.

  • Mike K. from Venice, CA said on August 21, 2008

    Wow, congrats to all. Those were some great photos. I’m gonna finally have a chance to give it a go this weekend.

  • Jim Miller said on August 22, 2008

    Floyd’s images are outstanding! A photographer and Werner Paddles customer, Bill Cowley turned me onto the contest. I did a short blog about it here…

  • Bill Cawley (Olympia, WA) said on August 22, 2008

    Those are awesome! I gave Werner Paddles a heads up about that great image and they posted it on their blog too:


  • Jeff Preston said on August 22, 2008

    Way to go Floyd!!! I remember when you posted these on the DWC site. Smokin’, just smokin’!

  • zack said on August 22, 2008

    Thanks for moving the images around Bill! And thanks for showing it on your blog Jim. I called Floyd right away to make sure he new about it and if he was ok with the usage of it on the Werner blog. I was SOOOOO happy to hear that you contacted him prior to putting it online. Good job!

    BTW – I’m a Werner customer myself! I have two kayak paddles from you guys!


  • Eric said on August 30, 2008

    Hi Zack
    In your excellent tutorial you mentioned some lenses that perform better that the others when used against a white overexposed BG. I think that it will be beneficiary to all if photographers that performed comparative testing will share their conclusions. People intending to buy new lenses for white BG will be able to use this guide as the performance of a lens for this specific use is never speced.
    I conducted some systematic comparative testing on lenses that I own. I looked mainly on the contrast; how deep is the captured black of a black object placed in front of white BG. Here are my results:
    Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D: Bad !
    Nikkor 24-120 f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S:: Medium
    Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G ED-IF AF-S DX VR II: Medium
    Nikkor 18-70 f/3.5-4.5G ED-IF AF-S DX: Medium
    Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR: Good !


  • Debbi said on September 20, 2008

    Wow, these are incredible and wonderful! Why is it the ones that need the DVD the least are the ones that win it LOL

  • Floyd Palitang said on September 30, 2008

    Thanks for putting on this contest, Zack. I was definitely surprised by the win…all the other images were so amazing. I look forward to receiving your DVD!

  • Arian said on February 25, 2010

    I love the dynamic in the girl-with -the-purple-dress Pic

  • Rik said on March 13, 2010

    I’ve seen mostly Nikon Lenses reviewed regarding their performance. Does anyone have any input regarding Canon lenses? I assume a 50mm 1.8 will be bad, how about the 50mm 1.4?

  • zack said on March 13, 2010

    The Canon 50 1.8 has the same flare issue. I’ve never used their 1.4.

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