OneLight Field Guide Launch ::

The OneLight Field Guide is finally out! It only took 11 months and that many redesigns but it was worth it. Looking at the state of the guide now compared to where it started I’m glad that it’s late. It’s better than the first few editions.

The guide showcases more than 50 images ranging from bands to models to brides. Mostly bands and models. For the first half of the guide I explain the gear and the settings used to create the image. For the second half I showcase images using the same gear and approximate settings. You’ll find tips and tricks throughout the guide that go beyond the scope of apertures, shutter speeds, and modifiers. I walk you through single light sources and then introduce you to multiple lights and how to deal with that. It’s made for folks who would like to keep a cookbook of scenarios on hand while out shooting.

Everything is straightforward and easy to grasp. It is made to complement the OneLight DVD and/or workshop so it isn’t supposed to be a step by step by step guide on how to use flash. That’s covered at length in the DVD and workshop. If you are comfortable with the basic principles of off camera lighting, but you have not been to a OneLight workshop or have not seen the OneLight DVD, then you will still enjoy this guide.

I developed this guide for people who came to the 2010 OneLight workshops. Enough folks heard about it and asked if I would release it for sale. I went back and forth on that for awhile and was not going to do it because I felt the cost of doing so wasn’t worth it. Then I started reworking it through MagCloud and I was able to get the cost of the guide under $30. If you were a participant at a OneLight this year then you should have gotten an email from Meg already. If you did not, check the email address that you signed up for the workshop with or check your spam filter. You have to reply to her through that email address to get this shipped to you at no charge. For those that have replied, your order has been placed and will be shipped to the address you provided.

I know what many of you are going to ask… Why in print? Why not a PDF download for $5 or something? I’ve gone back and forth about that a number of times and I will most likely revisit my thoughts on this at some point… but for now… it is in print and print only.

We shoot with digital cameras. We look at our images on a computer. We read blogs. We look at more digital photos than we can count. For this project, and the next, I wanted it to be in print. Something you can hold on to that doesn’t also check email. To be very honest with you, it would be MUCH easier to just release this as a PDF. It would also be more profitable to sell. It costs me more and makes me less to make it available in print but it has more value in print so I’m going with that right now.

Plus… This is a dry run for a new project that has been kicking around in my head for over a year. I’ve been wanting to launch a photography magazine for awhile now and this is the “first issue” of that magazine. Now, the magazine in my head looks completely different than this field guide. The field guide is just a taste. A scratch on the surface of what I’m planning. DEDPXL is the name and it will be a semi-annual to quarterly magazine launching in January. It will be print on demand like this guide and it will be an organic publication that starts with people I know who have a lot to offer.

It will be independent as f#*%. Meaning, we will not be accepting advertising or sponsorships for this magazine. You can not buy advertising space. You just can’t. There won’t be gear reviews so don’t send your stuff. It will be a showcase of emerging work, insights into the running of a business and the photo industry as a whole, how to’s on the technical, and a sounding board for a number of voices in the industry… both positive and negative. Business & Craft.

I will not be taking submissions for articles right now. It is a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” kind of a thing and my list is already full for 2 or 3 issues. (Not that I’ve gotten in touch with all of you on that list.) There will be a call for certain things here and there. You’ll see. I think it’s going to be pretty awesome and there isn’t anything quite like it on the shelves today.

Lastly, I’m not doing this as a new business venture. It’s a personal project. I can’t wait to get it off the ground. Since I can’t find a hobby, I’m going to start a photography magazine. :)

Until then, have a look at the OneLight Field Guide. I hope you enjoy it. It is available on MagCloud for $28 + shipping.

Cheers, Zack


  • david jackson said on November 17, 2010

    Trust me, folks.. It’s dope. Must have!


  • aileen said on November 17, 2010

    you’re awesome zack. off to order…

  • Sainthan said on November 17, 2010

    Dear Zack,

    I watched ur onelight workshop y’day only. It was very comprehensive and simple. Liked it very much. Best of luck with this Field Guide.

  • Logan Miller said on November 17, 2010

    Congrats on the new venture, Zack!

    I’ve got a great idea for an articl…ah, nevermind. I see what you did there. Kidding…but seriously, congrats again.


  • Doug Hall said on November 17, 2010

    Cool …. Seeing I live so far away, this is the closest I can get to learning from the Zac man. 😎

  • Sissel said on November 17, 2010

    Got mine!!! Yahoo! Can’t WAIT!! Also got me some new lights today and I’m super excited to get busy!

  • Eugene said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome! Thanks for the OneLight Field Guide release — I think it will be helpful/useful for those of us that haven’t taken your OneLight course or seen the DVDs.

    And I absolutely support your views on making this in print ONLY. So much we see every day is on our computer screens, iPads, or phones, that it feels good to go to something that doesn’t operate on electricity or batteries. Refreshing is the word that comes to mind.

    As far as DedPxl Magazine, will this personal venture mean a revival of the blog you started of the same name? Any association whatsoever?


  • Jeremy Cowart said on November 17, 2010

    Brilliant idea Zack! And this is why I think you’re the best educator in our field.

  • Ben Sassani said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome. Looks like a great piece.

  • hAnnes said on November 17, 2010

    Thank you Zack! I ordered it… woooohha – UPS Mail international needs 12 working days!

    Greetings from germany!

  • Spencer said on November 17, 2010

    Looks nice, looking forward to ordering. GOLD STAR!

  • Jon Prentice said on November 17, 2010

    Ooh! This looks cool! I had no idea you were working on this. Thank you!

    I like the idea of making it print only. A picture is always better when you can hold it. And based on the preview above, you’ve included some great images.

  • Terri Jacobson said on November 17, 2010

    This rocks! Hope to hell to go to your workshop in Portland, Oregon this summer.

    So glad you made this available.

  • gabe sturdevant said on November 17, 2010


    Awesome man. I put this on my xmas list. Cant wait to see the magazine. Killer idea. After watching the dvd, I agree w Jeremy, you are an awesome teacher. Keep rockin.


  • Matt Allan said on November 17, 2010

    Freakin’ awesome!

    I’ll be putting in my order with Santa tonight… great work as always Zack and I look forward to seeing the next brilliant idea come to life.


  • Brent Pearson said on November 17, 2010

    Just tried to order via Paypal but it crapped out on my. (Ordering internationally).

    Looking forward to getting it.


  • Brian Rodgers Jr. said on November 17, 2010


    Really glad to see that you are publishing this field guide. I just saw your post and twitter, and just bought it on MagCloud. I absolutely love the OneLight DVD. It’s actually the foundation and reason for my purchasing of alien bee strobes. I bought your creative live studio photography class the weekend it aired. You’ve been a true inspiration. I know there are a ton of photographers out there, but it’s all about passion, vision and busting your ass to make your dreams a reality. You’re the real deal man. Cool to see Jeremy Cowart commenting on this as well, he’s very humble as well. Just know that what you do makes a difference in our lives. Not everyone will become a professional photographer. But you make a difference in that, you give people something to strive for, you make it fun to learn and you’re a great all around guy. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a shout out, and commend you in your efforts bro. Looking forward to getting my copy! -Brian aka @BDRGraphics

  • Pablo Puga said on November 17, 2010

    Just ordered! Amazing! Thanks for all this knowledge Zack!

  • Andrew Jones said on November 17, 2010

    Just ordered my copy. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get to Oz.

    Looking forward to it after seeing your stellar performance on CreativeLive.

  • Andrew said on November 17, 2010

    Ordered. Thanks Zack.

  • Beto Palacios said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome , I want to have, congrats and good luck!!

  • Carlos said on November 17, 2010

    What is the Cupon Code?
    AND WHY you have to be ALWAYS against the flow and make it PRINTED?
    Everyone is doing PDF files and Mr. Arias come to make us drool for … how long this MoFos will take to ship to us?
    Man … be green not only when you have to take a sh*t!
    Love you Pal! regards to Meg.

  • Jason Young said on November 17, 2010

    Z, I see hints of Photo Mechanic in your photos. Nice touch!

  • Stian said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome surprise! Im sooo glad you decided to make it in print. My copy is ordered, thanks!

  • Stephen Field said on November 17, 2010

    Whoop! Whoop!


    Thanks Zack.

    Steve in New Zealand

  • Reno said on November 17, 2010

    Hi zack,
    ordered mine, shipping to France will take 14 days of a long wait..
    still waiting to have a one lignt workshop in France

  • Brian McNamara said on November 17, 2010

    Hi Zack,

    Just thought I’d let you know that international shipping to Europe for this from MagCloud is quite expensive. Pushes the price up to $41.45 (over €30). Which is a little pricey I think.

    I know you probably don’t have any control over the shipping costs, but just thought I’d let you know.

    A cheaper PDF version might be handier for international customers.

    I’m buying anyways as I can spare the cash, but I know a lot of my friends can’t (Irish economy is pretty bleak right now).

    P.S. When are you coming to my part of the world (Ireland)?

  • Tina said on November 17, 2010

    Thank you for all your time and effort, it is much appreciated!

  • Wayne said on November 17, 2010

    I know you’ll hear a lot of varying ideas on PDF vs paper vs something else. For my part, a book like this is something I’m likely to carry with me for a while, bookmark, fold out flat on tables and stuff like that. For me, a dead tree book is perfect. Not that you need my validation :)

    On a related note, I watched your OneLight DVD with my wife at a friend’s house recently. My wife was very concerned by your behavior.

    At one point, you were talking about things that you didn’t like in the image, and then ripping up weeds. Shortly after that, you mentioned that you didn’t like a building in the right side of the image. My wife was very concerned that we would shortly see a wrecking ball or a large implosion.


  • Tom said on November 17, 2010

    Sold, to the man in London! Cheers as always Zack.

  • Lars Nielsen said on November 17, 2010

    Hey Zack.

    Read your tweet and immediately ordered your book. Your idea of print is good. However. Being from Denmark i have to pay more than $41 for it, due to the long distance. If i have had the chance to choose between print and pdf, i would have orderen pdf simply because i could have saved some money. I am not poor but not rich either. So every dollar counts. You’ve been strugling in your past so i assume you know what i’m talking about.
    I guesss all i want to say is that i undestand your idea of print is better, but for me pdf would have been prefered.

    I wish you and your family all the best. And do as your wife says… Stop smoking 😉


  • Tom said on November 17, 2010

    I’m gonna ask Santa for a copy :-)

  • I. Eden said on November 17, 2010

    Grrreeattt!!! Will order one shortly!! Keep up your Great Works educating us Zack!!!

  • Stephane Brazeau said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome! Now if MagCloud can fix my Canadian postal code issue, the field guide should be coming my way! Thanks for putting this together Zack!

  • Benjaminlea said on November 17, 2010


    I visit your sits daily and today I was blown away!

    This is on my xmas list and I know I’ll be getting it!

    Keep up the amazing work!


    I say it in every post and I will continue to until you come to Australia!

  • Esther said on November 17, 2010

    At this point I am going to buy almost anything you offer. Not that I like the idea of waiting about a month to have it in my hands, provided the customs boys let me have it without further payment :/

  • Esther said on November 17, 2010

    I am very sad to say this, but I am not going to pay for shipment about the same money of the book itself. I’d rather pay that to you for a PDF. I’ll wait just in case you may change your mind on the matter.
    Anyway, thanks for all you’re doing for the photography community, Zack :))

  • Christian_B said on November 17, 2010

    hey Zack,
    a lot of props, this looks great. 14 USD over seas shipping is not the best deal around, but I guess it won’t hold me off.

  • Andy Spratley said on November 17, 2010

    I’d love to see a pdf version of this too.

  • Stuart Mackenzie (UK) said on November 17, 2010

    Major props to you for choosing a supplier which doesn’t molest you for shipping outside of the US.

  • Seshu said on November 17, 2010

    This is a MUST-BUY for every photographer who wants to learn to light. I have had the pleasure of looking at a review copy. The text and images are very informative and above all useful in the way that a real guide should. So, it stays true to it’s name. Zack – this is yet another home run my friend. Congratulations!

  • Rafael said on November 17, 2010

    Hi Zack.

    I’d love to buy your book…as a PDF. I live in Brazil and the total cost with shipment…plus the currency conversion comes out too expensive.

  • Peachtree Media, Inc. said on November 17, 2010

    Your ability to stream a consistent and collective system of ideas into a workable vision is masterful. That’s what I admire most about your global reach, which goes far beyond the photography industry. You’re a highly gifted communicator with the ability to lift hearts and minds from their common place to great heights of inspiration therefore, one must believe that you are a man of great faith in the ultimate creator of mankind.

  • Peachtree Media, Inc. said on November 17, 2010


  • Peachtree Media, Inc. said on November 17, 2010


  • Peachtree Media, Inc. said on November 17, 2010


  • nate parker said on November 17, 2010

    semi annual or quarterly Magazine!!! YES!!! Sign me up! awesome idea-

  • Erik said on November 17, 2010

    Bought mine today, and I will buy other issues when they become available. I prefer paper to PDF even with the overseas shipping.
    Thanks Zack, I hope to meet you at CERN some time 😉


  • Howard Haby said on November 17, 2010

    Man, this is fantastic. I’m glad you put it in print, yeah it costs more, but honestly, I like the idea of having this resource in my hands. Excellent.
    The magazine idea!? F%@kin’ awesome. Where do I sign up/how do I get it?

  • Collin said on November 17, 2010

    Christmas List! Now my wife can’t say “I don’t know what to get you!”

  • Broderick said on November 17, 2010

    This looks great, can’t wait to hear more about the magazine!

  • Broderick said on November 17, 2010

    This looks great, can’t wait to hear more about the magazine!

  • Chris Guillou said on November 17, 2010

    Looks great !
    Now let’s get that money together….

  • Aimee said on November 17, 2010

    Thanks Zack, you’re the bestest. :)

  • bixby said on November 17, 2010

    Just ordered a copy! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • Debbi said on November 17, 2010

    Love you Zack
    Not a critisum, just keeping you honest
    Still waiting for the much awaited ‘tour of your studio’ and ‘using the xrite color picker passport’ promised from the creative live workshop.
    Now another new project?
    You are running in too many directions. No wonder you get depressed and down
    Please stop smoking. We want you around for YEARS to come

  • Debbi said on November 17, 2010

    Sorry ‘ bout spelling

  • Jen said on November 17, 2010

    Stay Indie Zack! Can’t wait for both. Cheers!

  • Oud said on November 17, 2010

    Printed pages are much better than PDF for sure. I hate reading stuffs off monitor. But does MagCloud ship this to Asia? The book looks really good love the bold graphic.

  • Chris said on November 17, 2010

    Nice work Zack!

    Just bought my copy.
    Should not take too long to get to my Atlanta address I imagine.

    I think a the printed version is a great idea. Look forward to what is coming up next!

  • RJones said on November 17, 2010

    Ordered and anxious. Thanks for writing this Zack

  • Ashley said on November 17, 2010

    So excited to have it in my hands! I think I would buy anything you produced, but thanks for keeping the cost low. :)

    Still hoping to be able to do a workshop in the future. Come back to DC/VA/MD!!! You sold out WAYY to fast up here!

  • Rick Wenner said on November 17, 2010

    Congratulations on all of this Zack. This is great. I’ll be picking up a copy of the OneLight issue and most definitely future issues of DEDPXL.

    All the best,

  • Peter Nop said on November 17, 2010

    This awesome Zack, a man in his grind to bring to people that are hungry for this kind of stuff. I look forward to purchasing your new Field Guide. Eventually one day I’ll be able to attend one of your workshops in person.

    Rock on Zack!


  • Phat Photographer said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome and as someone who still prints images for clients, I agree a physical book has higher perceived value.

  • Rob H (AKA RECD Designz) said on November 17, 2010

    Damn, the magazine idea has me HYPED Zack! Great stuff, can’t wait to see it get off the ground.

    I definitely agree with the notion of print. I MUCH rather hold the magazine in my hands. It’s why I continue to get physical copies of Photoshop User magazine from NAPP.

  • James Pratt said on November 17, 2010

    Hey Zack, cool deal. I have done something very similar. I started a new motorcycle magazine last September on Magcloud and now we also sell it worldwide on the iPad through Zinio. We have readers in 22 countries in just a bit over a year. If you want to bounce ideas around send me an email.

  • Emily Porter said on November 17, 2010

    I went to your OneLight workshop in July of 2009 in Atlanta and had such a blast. I will shout your name from rooftops for knowing your shit and being so down to earth and hilarious at the same time… in fact, I led my own workshops for free at a few local libraries last weekend, and told everyone to read your blog. 😉 I’m going to buy this field guide right now- thanks so much for your passion and generosity, you share so much of yourself with the world!

  • Robert said on November 17, 2010

    I like print … I also “love” media that I can stick on my iPad and take with me … actually anymore – I prefer it digital.

    I’ll still buy … but really – the digital solution is a must-have these days.

  • Jose said on November 17, 2010

    I finally know what i want for Christmas…

  • Sam said on November 17, 2010

    If the OneLight DVD and CreativeLight workshop serves as a benchmark of Zack’s work, then I know this book is going to be awesome! Just placed my order.

  • Tim said on November 17, 2010

    Just ordered my copy! Look forward to meeting you and taking your OneLight Workshop in SLC this spring.

  • Mark Matthews said on November 17, 2010

    I just bought your book – It’s shipping to Sydney Australia, yee haw!

    Looking forward to it! Thanks!

  • Ben Grey said on November 17, 2010

    I agree with 70. Robert.

    I love to have the tangible magazine but while riding the train\bus I always have my iPad with me and that’s where the studying gets done.

    Please consider for future editions a print only and a print + digital copy for that extra $5.

    I’m looking for to the first edition the idea is awesome.

    Finally did I miss the frequency? Quaterly, bi monthly, monthly?

  • Caleb Benton said on November 17, 2010

    Thanks Zack, just bought one. A little early Christmas present from me to me!

  • Milan said on November 17, 2010

    Thanks Zack! I ordered mine right away, but please consider the iPad app as an additional delivery medium. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to order the print version, but I’d love the instant gratification and convenience of an app purchase option…

  • Todor said on November 17, 2010


    Christmas has come early! I will be ordering the book and look forward to the magazine which I will definitely be subscribing to!!!

    Thanks for this!


  • Todor said on November 17, 2010

    PS – Just ordered it!!! Very excited and cannot wait for it to arrive!!!!!!!

  • David Pexton said on November 17, 2010

    Nice idea man. I just bought mine too

  • Kristin said on November 17, 2010

    I am excited about this book, but mostly excited about this magazine!! yay! I love it! Amazing!

    Can’t wait for the first issue!

  • Scott Shoemaker said on November 17, 2010

    Thanks for your work Zack. I’m looking forward to the mag (just ordered mine) and hope I can make it to a West Coast workshop someday.

  • Mikkel said on November 17, 2010

    Wow, looks good. Ordered two of them (same shipping cost), one for me one for a friend for Christmas.

  • Dustin Finn said on November 17, 2010

    Can someone link to me where I can get the 1 Light DVD from ?

    I feel dumb, but I cannot find where to order it…

  • fotoaficionado said on November 17, 2010

    Ya he realizado mi pedido.
    From Spain.

    Thanks Zack.
    You make me a better photographe.

    Thanks for all.

  • Edd Carlile said on November 17, 2010

    Just bought it…..I just KNOW its money well spent.

  • M Dryden said on November 17, 2010

    I don’t have to buy this. I sent the image from this post into CSI and they ran it through their computers. They went “Bleepidybleepbleepitybleepbleep” and now I have full res copies of all the pages. As a bonus, they solved a crime because the catch light in one of your models’ eyes reflected the killer. It’s a win win!

    The book is great, btw. So great in fact, I will probably buy one with the award money for helping solve a crime.

  • Edd Carlile said on November 17, 2010

    On the subject of media form…..I enjoy my ipad and iphone 4 for reading but I am really pleased to be getting this in traditional print on paper…..cant put my finger on it exactly….I think its something to do with holding a “thing” that someone else crafted and created and is now in my hand, real,tactile and alive in a way that digital media can never be.
    The electronic media would have more practical issues to it…but this is more,much more.

  • Chris said on November 17, 2010

    Ordered and looking forward to getting it. If it’s anything like the One Light DVD, it’ll be worth it.

    VERY excited for the magazine as well. Definitely something I’d be interested in reading.

  • Paul Pratt said on November 17, 2010

    Purchased. Looking forward to reading this and to many more issues and seeing what you bring us from the many other talented photographers we don’t even know about yet.



  • Edd Carlile said on November 17, 2010

    and……I have to blame Zack for this!
    He is responsible for the following situation!
    I’ve been short listed for Digital Photographer of the Year(Portraits)and it was Zack that took me there.

    My heartfelt thanks Sir.

  • Costas said on November 17, 2010

    Instant buy. Can’t wait for the mag. At last true inspiration on paper. Keep em comin Z.

  • Chris B. said on November 17, 2010

    Awesome. Bought.

  • carl said on November 17, 2010

    excellent idea but it would have been so much better as a download.

  • DJH said on November 17, 2010

    Looks great. I neverf like to normally part with my money but am thinking I will for this bad boy…

    Is it just an online mag,can I back it up anywhere…

  • DJH said on November 17, 2010

    If a physical mag, do you ship to the UK

  • Mars said on November 17, 2010



  • JoshuaCreative said on November 17, 2010

    Holding my breath for mine.

    Love the idea to keep it in print, as it will be easier to bring with me and actually USE on shoots as I learn these techniques.

    Loved the workshop. Appreciate your instruction, your attitude and your give-back to the photo community.

    Stay in the trenches—you’re making a difference.

  • Ashley Dawn said on November 17, 2010

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a very good girl this year. I would like to ask for the Field Guide by Zack Arias for my Christmas stocking Stuffer.

    Thank you,

    Ashley Dawn

    PS- Also, the ability to be special enough to one day recieve his new magazine would be wonderful.

    Zack, you’re awesome! and I can’t wait to get it! Loved the DVD, this is going to go RIGHT next to it! YAY!

  • Ben said on November 17, 2010

    Ordered mine! Keep up the good work Zack!

  • Ben said on November 17, 2010

    Also – i am very happy that you went printed. I love it.

  • Justin C said on November 17, 2010

    Zack, I can not wait to sub to your magazine.

    Your ideas for this sound really great. Like an original Big Brother skate mag for photographers.

    Thanks for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge.

  • Ali said on November 17, 2010

    For international order it’s a big problem!
    Why it’s not done digitally ?
    iPhone it
    iPad it

  • Dave said on November 17, 2010

    Annnnddd ordered! Thank you!

  • Lee Love said on November 17, 2010

    Zack as usual YOU Rock !

  • Stephen said on November 17, 2010

    Just ordered mine Zack. You’re an inspiration!

  • AL said on November 17, 2010

    Zack I love the idea of the magazine and you’re right something like that is not available right now and you’d probably get thousands of subscriptions but please consider an iPad as a delivery format for it. Just think of being able to read an article on lighting and then watch the behind the scenes video or something. Print for magazines is dying out why stick with a dying format?

  • Sina said on November 17, 2010

    Thanks Zack… Keep it free from ads.. :)

  • /\/\ark said on November 18, 2010

    I think I may love this idea! Ad free, reviewless, just art and education … Zack, this is brilliant!

    I can’t wait to get my copy 😀

  • Luciana said on November 18, 2010

    I cant wait for having your magazine on a regular basis! uhh-hooo!
    Big thanks for having this one in PRINT, I hate pdf’s, always loved books, can it come autographed? ok, ok… doesn’t hurt to try, uh?

  • Simon Auchterlonie said on November 18, 2010

    Hi Zack and Meg,

    I was on the OneLight Workshop Newcastle in the UK, but don’t seem to have received an email from your better half. This might be down to the fact that it was booked through the company and not by myself. Would it be possible to send me an email so I could receive the OneLight Field Guide?


  • Michael P. Majewski said on November 18, 2010

    Zack – Thanks again for taking on endeavor that benefits us all. Create. Share. Sustain. ; )

  • Jim said on November 18, 2010

    Ordered! can´t wait to receive it 😀

    Good luck with the project, Zack!


  • Pete said on November 18, 2010

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it, though I took the cheapskate Royal Mail delivery option at $2.95 to the UK so I have to wait a couple of weeks :(


  • Carsten Noppenei (noppi) said on November 18, 2010

    …will there be a buying option via AMAZON ? I’m from Germany & would like to have it on my shelf since i’m a big fan!

    Greetz Carsten

  • Carsten Noppenei (noppi) said on November 18, 2010

    update !!!

    Magloud ships to Germany !

    first read then ask !

  • Carsten Noppenei (noppi) said on November 18, 2010

    …then buy !

    Just ordered one copy of that stuff !!!

  • Terje Myller said on November 18, 2010

    Exciting stuff.. And good luck with the magazine!

  • Nina said on November 18, 2010

    Awesome. Going to check it out.

  • Angela W said on November 18, 2010

    Excellent idea! Looking forward to an actual photography magazine that can be a ‘teacher’ vs. an advertisement for already-established photographers and products. Good luck with the magazine launch.

  • taurui said on November 18, 2010

    Being a european lad, I’ll just wait for the pdf :)

  • steve said on November 18, 2010

    Thanks Zack. I love the print version, it’s much more fun to look at than a PDF. Looking forward to the mag. too.

  • Erin said on November 18, 2010

    Goin on the christmas wishlist!

  • Jeremy said on November 18, 2010

    Many thanks for such a publication. I think its awesome. I ordered a copy last night!

  • Benn said on November 18, 2010

    congrats on the launch… c”,)

  • Casey said on November 18, 2010

    Hey Zack, sorry if I’m just terrible at reading, but to me it wasn’t clear if there was going to be a PDF version. Personally I avoid buying most books in print (save for a few exceptions). Personally I’d love to see this book in PDF so that I can view it on my iPad. Any chance we’ll see a PDF version to compliment this print version in the future or will this book be print only?

  • Matt Moore said on November 18, 2010

    @Casey : If I read it properly (which I’m sure I did), there are no plans for a PDF version. Print makes sense for a lot of reasons (gauging initial interest, makes unauthorized duplication/dispersion more difficult, furnish that bookshelf 😉 but an electronic version (not PDF) has it’s merits as well.

    A subscription based iPad app or Kindle version would be pretty hawt as well.

  • Dennis Stempher said on November 18, 2010

    I want one! :-) Thanks for doing this Zack!

  • Luciana said on November 18, 2010

    when we can subscribe to it?
    that would be my Christmas gift for sure! gotta pass this page to hubby.

  • Steve Fu said on November 19, 2010

    Just order one, love your onelight workshop DVD. Expect to receive it. Well done, Zack!

  • Stuart Mackenzie (UK) said on November 19, 2010

    Just to add a counter argument. If this was only available as digital, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. (In the same way I don’t download music: I prefer to have a physical thing in my hands)

  • Stephen said on November 19, 2010

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait for the magazine to come out. Incidently, I’ll be launching my own travel photography magazine at the same time. It specializes in nature photography of the Scandanavian fiords. It’s called DEDPRRT.

  • stefan said on November 19, 2010

    Paying half the issue’s prize for shipping to Germany is a tough one, dude.
    I’d very much appreciate a PDF-Version, so that it can be bought without those immense shipping costs!


  • Bobby R (DE) said on November 19, 2010

    Save Me a copy Zack!!! I’ma order right now…

  • Jordan said on November 19, 2010

    Ordered. I can’t wait for it to get here.

  • linda kuo said on November 19, 2010


  • linda kuo said on November 19, 2010

    PS beyond thrilled it’s in print. Guides should be tangible.

  • Jeremy M said on November 19, 2010

    You are awesome! Thanks Zack. Alot of hard work, but we all appreciate it!

  • Aaron said on November 19, 2010

    All good, thanks Zack!

  • Dan Kaufman said on November 19, 2010


  • Melissa Kelsey said on November 19, 2010

    Thank you for putting this out at such a stellar price. Just bought mine.

  • Chris Bergstrom said on November 19, 2010

    This is an awesome thing Zack! I can’t wait to get the first issue before I end up in Afghanistan this coming summer. My photography business is going to have to take a long vacation while I’m over there, but hopefully you’re magazine will bring me a glimmer of hope, fun and excitement. I’ve thought about bringing my camera and some lighting, but everyone says it’s so dusty that it’s bad for electronics. So now all I can do is read in my off time, ughh… I want to shoot, with cameras. lol You are doing something that I have not seen anyone else do and every time I read or see one of your projects it always beats my expectations by a mile. You are continuously outdoing yourself and I’d like to say thanks to you and your family for providing the rest of us with some morsels to snack on when business isn’t going so well for the working man/woman.

    Thanks a lot,

  • Melissa Kelsey said on November 19, 2010

    Also, very glad to have it in print so I’ll actually use it instead of thinking I’ll get around to finding the damn file on my computer and skimming it.

  • Leigh Woods said on November 20, 2010

    Just placed my order, awesome work Zack, Hope your magazine is available to post to Australia when it’s done.

  • Martin Andersson said on November 20, 2010

    Fantastic I will be ordering the field guide when the next paycheck comes! Will I be able to order the magazine to Sweden?

    Keep up the great work Zack!

  • Fatih K said on November 20, 2010

    Congratulations. Ordered.

  • Mark Anthony said on November 20, 2010

    i heard about this throught a friend. looks awesome it’s on my list of things to buy. thanks!

  • Roger Overall said on November 20, 2010

    Hi Zack,

    This is a really interesting concept. The delivery of a printed product rather than a download is intriguing.

    Have you thought of doing both? A higher price for the printed product, a lower one for the e-book download?

    The idea of a magazine edited by you is also interesting. Once again, you are showing yourself to be ahead of the curve.

    How do you see it fitting in with your photography career? Is it an integral part of your marketing going forward, or a personal project for pleasure only? Either way, there is huge merit in both. Bravo.


  • Wing Wong said on November 20, 2010

    Amazing. Can’t wait to see your magazine when it comes out! Until then, this looks like a great straightforward reference to lighting.

    Btw, love that it’s in print and not PDF. There’s just something about being able to hold it in your hands.

  • Terri Jacobson said on November 21, 2010

    My copy arrived today, it totally rocks.

    Thank you!

  • KnucKle said on November 21, 2010

    Ordered from Thailand Today!!!

  • Ivan said on November 21, 2010

    Hi Zack, i´m from Slovakia .
    I have your´s DVD “OneLight” and i must say this is the best education for strobist i have seen ever. Maybe you will make workshops in Europe too :)
    Thanks for the OneLight Field Guide release .I´s great.
    I don ´t know if Magloud ships to Slovakia, i hope yes :)
    Good luck with the project, Zack!

  • Patrik said on November 21, 2010


  • honsbeek said on November 21, 2010

    Thanks a lot , can’t wait to subscribe to the magazine , thanks always for your kindness and willingness to connect with people and teaching them during your lifetime , you are one of my favorite people in the world … Bought just now ..

    I’ll be watching ….

    Ralph in Seoul South Korea

  • Philip Jared said on November 21, 2010

    Ordered. Hopefully military mail dosnt lose it like half of my other mail.

  • Hexfire said on November 21, 2010

    Just ordered mine – can’t wait to get it in hand! Spot on with the choice to go print – looking forward to the magazine!

  • Niels O said on November 21, 2010

    Hey Zack, can’t wait to get your new magazine. Just ordered it. It will come in very handy.

    Cheers from Denmark..

  • brookland said on November 22, 2010

    Ooooo looooove the non-advert mag idea. Can’t wait to see it in PRINT.

  • mike said on November 22, 2010

    Z, looking forward to the mag, I am so fed up with “geeking out”, wether it is from podcasts, magazines or websites. I prefer creative input over tech. Yes the tech is important, I know if I dont know the how-to, I might not be able to capture the creative. Gear reviews can live elsewhere. Print is the way to go, give me something I can hold, something I can feel, something to look at without the urge to click to the next digital insignificant. Cant wait for DED, “if you create it, they will come”. Hope the t-shirts and hats come out soon.

  • numbeos said on November 22, 2010

    That’s great Zack…Looks great…

  • Dennis said on November 22, 2010

    Hey Zack,
    make sure you bring or ship a bunch of copies to next year’s GPP!
    Mohammed mentioned we might see you there again in 2011 :)

    Can’t wait for the magazine!

  • José "the Stone" Caetano said on November 22, 2010

    Ordered for Brazil!

  • Moe said on November 22, 2010

    I ordered a copy today! Can’t wait to get it!

  • Andres Castaneda said on November 22, 2010


    This is an awesome resource. I just ordered my copy. I was wondering if you’ll be offering it as an eBook? I would love to carry it around with me on my iPad.

    Thanks again!

  • Tim Peluso said on November 22, 2010

    Love IT! Just got mine in the mail today. As with most things by zarias, wonderfully awesome :)

  • Ivan said on November 23, 2010

    I want one.

  • Allison Britton said on November 23, 2010

    My hubby got one and won’t share it. I got to look at a couple of pages and it’s so nicely done. Love your humor coming through and the amazing images. I think I’ll have to get my own copy!

  • dtbsz said on November 23, 2010

    The mag is a wicked great idea!! No ads, no corporation smell, no reviews, only the juicy stuff. It would be a first and alltho’ I have my doubts about printed media, there just might be a chance for this to work. It would have an audience. A loyal one. I’m from 1984 so I’m a digital child, kindof’, but the day printed media, paper dies… Let’s not even go there :(

    Giv’em the middle finger Zack A.!! Maybe you could insert a double full bleed page with photos of people flipping the finger at corporations and advertisers and trend-whore gadget geeks 😀 I’m so happy for you. Respect! Hi5!! :))

  • Justin C said on November 23, 2010

    I just got my copy today after work. Thank you so much for putting this together. It is very well done.

    You definitively have my vote on making something like this into a magazine.

  • Carlos said on November 23, 2010

    I got my copy riiiiiiiiight now.
    You know what? It’s not goog.
    It’s *U** AMAZING!!!
    Forget what I said about pdfs … I’m in love to touch and pass the pages instead burn my corneas andpress PGup or PGdwn.
    *U** dude! You nail it AGAIN!

    Maybe I suppose to write F*CK … not *U**. Who will understand these *U**s means FUCK? Fuck!

  • Blips said on November 23, 2010

    My review;

    Well there it is on my desk, 88 pages from Zack in a magazine size booklet. The color and page quality is excellent, good choice to use The first thing that threw me off was the abbreviation HCF on page…. Oh wait we do not have page numbers. But HCF means Hot Shoe Flash I think. First I thought that must be Hot Sensible Female….. Nope wrong assumption. I have to admit that English is not my native language but I doubts that this was the reason. All the photo’s show a good exposure and he explains how he did it with the lighting. In the first half he explains settings using a diagram. The second half he invites you to “see” the modifiers he used by looking at the catch-light and shadows. The text is his, no doubt about it, it is like he is talking to you personally. If you attended his workshop or seen the web cast from CreativeLife you will recognize it. Its funny as heck sometimes. Great work Zack to bad you did not use the aquarium photo from your CreativeLife sessions. I had to put something negative in here and that’s all I could think off. Oh and I liked the comments about the inverse square law throughout the pages, something that we forget easy because its a confusing rule for most of us (unless you attended one of his workshops).

    But is it a field guide? Yes and No The size is to big to fit comfortable in a camera bag unless you have one where you can fit a laptop in. But the information is great to glans over if you are not sure how to tackle a problem. And thank you so much there is no advertisement or other corporate crap.

    In conclusion I would say it is inspirational to see how he solved the lighting challenges and it is a showcase of his works with his signature. It will not replace the DVD or workshop and if you do not know anything about off camera flash this book/magazine is still for you and makes you want to learn this craft!

    Highly recommended

  • Neuffy said on November 24, 2010

    Surprised that the shipping is reasonable to Canada.

    Ordered, and thanks.

  • Chris Bergstrom said on November 24, 2010


    I received my OneLight Field Guide yesterday and read it front to back today! Very nice work and I will definitely keep it in my bag and think it will be very helpful when I run across a scenario I’ve never run across.

    Thank you,

  • Louis Torres said on November 25, 2010

    Just got mine in the mail yesterday and it’s absolutely PERFECT in every way. Super simple, easy to read, direct and to the point. I’m going to come up with a contest on my wedding photography podcasts (itunes: Louis Torres) and gift a few away..! LOVE it…! HIGHLY RECOMMEND it..! It’s sooooo worth the $28 + S/H. :)

    -Louis Torres

  • Marco Ceccaroni said on November 26, 2010

    Good price to ship in Czech Republic.

  • Eric said on November 26, 2010

    Yae just ordered 2. Shipping to Australia. woo hoo. Your stuff is inspiring. Keep up the great work…. and stop smoking 😛 hehehhehe.


  • Muzaffer Buyukkaragoz said on November 26, 2010

    Just ordered my copy and it’s nice to see that the shipping to Turkey is reasonable.

    And they have a holiday discount! :)

  • Paul said on November 26, 2010

    Just ordered my copy cant wait and thanks for the discount!
    Paul Taylor

  • Matt said on November 27, 2010

    Guide is fantastic, a beautiful piece of work, informative and very inspirational. So pleased you are getting them printed, I love having something real to look through at my leisure. I’m not a huge fan of e-books and Kindle. Paid £19 of my British pounds for it, but happy with value for money. Will be keeping my eye out for issue 2. Service was also top notch. Ordered mine on the 17th, arrived yesterday in the post. I’m in England, so I’m really impressed. It was printed and was shipped faster than I book I ordered from on the same day.

  • holm said on November 27, 2010

    I almost can’t wait :-) – another copy on it’s way to Denmark …

    – Holm

  • Todd Shapera said on November 27, 2010

    Love the guide. It’s on my nightstand. I take a little dose every night. You’re a master. Thank you!

  • Jon Mold said on November 27, 2010

    Hey Zack

    Just about to order a copy from MagCloud, any way of getting a signed copy?

    Great work man.

    All the best from the UK

  • Jag said on November 29, 2010


    I can’t wait to get my hands on this guide. The DVD is really inspiring and absolutely helpful. Hope you come up with a monthly magazine, I’m really sick of all my photo magazine subscription because their all the same.


  • Michael said on November 29, 2010

    Hey Zack,

    So glad that you decided to put the info out in a book/mag format. I am one of those people who just love the old fashioned idea of holding and having a book in my hands. Compared to reading everything off of a computer. I purchased the DVD’s awhile ago and always found myself running back to them to find something I couldn’t remember. So it will be nice to have that info in a book, in a camera bag, any where I go. Continued happiness in life. Mike

  • Phil Harvey said on November 29, 2010

    This guide is a great resource, but it’s a bit annoying that a professional in any field would be so careless with spelling, grammar, etc.

    It’s great to “sound like Zack” in print, but you should at least try to keep a consistent style. Sarah Palin’s book had fewer mistakes and we all know what she sounds like in person.

  • Sam said on November 29, 2010

    I got the OneLight field guide over the weekend and wow, it’s good stuff.

    No fluff, no BS. I like how Zack puts the lighting diagrams, brief explanation and the results.

    I also really like the “reverse engineering” section where Zack has a photo and you look at it and try to figure out how the photo was lit (of course there’s an answer in the bottom if you’re stuck).

  • Matt in St. Louis said on November 29, 2010

    Just got it in the mail. Thanks buddy. :) gonna go check out magcloud

  • Milo said on November 29, 2010

    ordering right now, your magazine sounds awesome, best of luck with it. Your DVD is the most amazing, thank you for sharing!

  • Cristóvão said on November 30, 2010

    i really like the book concept, and i would really love to have it, however im from portugal, and the book is a bit expensive with all the tshipping costs and so…
    i would really love it if you could make a pdf version, cuz it would just be a lot more easy to get it…
    PS i really love the one light dvd and the creative live course!
    Keep up the great work ZacK.!! You are a true inspiration!

  • Patrick said on December 1, 2010

    I just got my copy of Dedpxl today and man I am really impressed with it. Zack you rock man! Keep it up you inspire me.

  • claudio vicente said on December 1, 2010

    Hello zack.
    I’m from Portugal and I just ordered mine ..
    I am fan of your work.
    still was not quite figured out how to order the dvd oneliht? also like to have one ..
    congratulations for this site and for your work, which is fantastic.

  • Carlos Lyonns said on December 1, 2010

    Awesome idea for a mag Zack, good luck with that.

  • Lynn said on December 1, 2010

    Very nice Zack. Took a quick run through this morning when I got it and I have to say that this will be very, very useful. Absolutely, 100% right on going with a magazine instead of a book or PDF or some other softcopy. I feel like I have quality in my hands.

  • Mike Gines said on December 2, 2010

    I know you have a lot of emails to read but, I just wanna say that it was you that made us get out of our comfort zone. I never knew that it just takes a push out of the door and do photography full time. It has only been less than a one year since we started our new adventure. I have a lot to learn but just wanna say, “thanks.” You are the photographer that we look up to, you are my Joe Mcnally.

    Mike Gines

  • Obi said on December 2, 2010

    another vote for a pdf version

  • Ibootleg said on December 2, 2010

    Magcloud is ridiculous. It has been two weeks and I still have not received my magazine. Unfortunately for you Zack, your name is attached to this terrible company. BTW, I downloaded your DVD for free in retaliation. Have a great day.

  • /\/\ark said on December 2, 2010

    Just got my copy today. The quality is excellent! Beautifully done.

    Can’t wait to get on the can and read it!

    -1 for a pdf version. Keep it unique and old school.

  • ibootleg said on December 2, 2010

    That’s real classy. It seems that you only allow comments that are ego “stroking” to be posted. I still haven’t received my field guide and it’s been over 2 weeks. I’m now selling your DVD, pirated of course, to poor college kids at $50 a pop and I’m making a killing. I sold 15 today. Have a nice day Zack.

  • Mark Jan said on December 3, 2010

    Could you provide the ISBN for the book “OneLight Field Guide”? Thank you!

  • Steve said on December 3, 2010

    Just received onelight field guide, love lt. Clear and simple, but very useful!!! Good job,Zack!

    Also, I would like to let you know, the conners of cardboard packaging have been slightly damaged, not very servious. If you have time, please contact magcloud to protect the book a bit more (maybe pack another cardboard with the book, then pack in parcel).
    Thank you again!

  • BillyB said on December 6, 2010

    I will agree that the shipping was a bit slow, luckily mine did not take as long as 2 weeks though. This guide is awesome Zack!

  • Ben said on December 6, 2010

    Hi Zack!
    I’ve just ordered the OneLight Field Guide…fantastic idea!
    The only downside is that I had to pay
    $13.45 for shipping (to Germany).
    As much as I love real prints it would be great if you offered an option to purchase your upcoming photography magazine issues as ebooks. The shipping costs are just too high.

  • moritz said on December 6, 2010

    Field Guide in the mail today – hooray!
    It’s a gem, thank you for making this possible!
    Also, I prefer the printed version (especially in this quality) a lot to a p.d.effing digital one!

  • Tkae said on December 7, 2010

    Love it! i’m broke beyond broke and can’t afford it..But might have to get it cause reading the thumbnails is giving me a headache…

  • RIck said on December 7, 2010

    Just got your field guide in yesterday and had it read before the new smell wore off…
    Very well put together and easy to understand…I love the fact you not only showed the diagram of the set up with the resulting image, but you also explained why you done it and gave alternative suggestions that would work in the same situation. Awesome buy and goes along great with the DVD!

  • Ben said on December 7, 2010

    Got mine this weekend! LOVE it, glad you went printed.

  • Konfral said on December 8, 2010

    Just got mine in post today (shipped to the UK). Love it to bits. It has everything you need to know about the photos, and only what you need to know about the photos. Perfect balance.
    Also, the format is great.

    Thanks Zack!

  • Alistair said on December 9, 2010

    Got mine a couple of days ago, very impressed, I’ve picked up a lot of ‘how to’ lighting books over the past 25 years and must say yours is a real breath of fresh air, I’d recommend it to anyone.

  • Mike Ermilio said on December 9, 2010

    Zack, Thanks for taking the time and effort into putting forth a publication like this. How much you give back to the community is an inspiration.


  • Mike Gines said on December 9, 2010

    ibootleg, you said that he only post ergo stuff, well then why did he post your negative comments about his products? Lately, a lot of our fellow photogs are just putting out bad remarks for their own self-pride…I was shocked on a comment on me and my wife, which later on found out that it was just to keep his followers going to his shoots. You can read it here, its on FB!/photo.php?fbid=10150105895466900&set=a.433848386899.222576.731826899

  • william said on December 10, 2010

    Got my copy today. Just stop what you are doing and go order a copy! Do it NOW. What are you waiting for? Don’t procrastinate another second. You will be sorry when they are all gone.

  • Niek said on December 11, 2010

    Love to read it…. but shipping to the Netherlands will cost halve the purchase price ($13.45). So I’ll skip this one. Let me know if there’s a downloadable version.

  • Antony said on December 14, 2010

    Just received your Onelight Field Guide. It took a while (living in Sweden) but worth the wait. Thank you for sharing your work! I love the magazine and hope you feel inspired to continue doing it.

  • Dan Rode said on December 14, 2010


    Microstock IS the WalMart of stock images. The idea of paying $5000 or $1000 or even $100 for an image to be used in a school flier, personal website, or something similar is insane. However, spending $1 or $5 is a reasonable cost for these things.

    I was creating a photo book for the football coaches and I needed a picture of a tiger (the mascot). A trip to Africa was not in the budget for a free gift. Being winter, a trip to the zoo to shoot my own tiger pic was a no-go as well. The couple dollars and 5 minutes I spent at a microstock got me a decent image of a tiger so I could finish the book.

    This was not a professional work with a budget. It was me making a quick memory book as a gift to the coaches.

  • Juan said on December 15, 2010

    Got my copy today. It’s AMAZING!!! Oddly enough I bought a copy for Christmas for my girlfriend and she bought me one as well not knowing until mine arrived and she tried to hide it…. Funny story

  • Jim Miller said on December 15, 2010

    Got mine. Thanks, what a great idea. Love to see more of this from you Zack.

  • ibootleg said on December 18, 2010

    @Mike Gines: My comments did not bash Zack as photography. As a matter of fact, I love what Zack is doing for the photography community. My comments are directed to his publishing company. It’s been a month and I have still haven’t received my field guide. I recently called my bank to dispute the charges. I’m clearly stating that if one associates with terrible companies with bad/none existent customer service, then they are cast into that same group. I’ll make into real simple for you Mike Gines: Magcloud=Zack. Magcloud=Bad. Zack=Bad by default.

  • Michael Montalto said on January 19, 2011

    Became a fan of your work through CreativeLive. I really love your stuff and am EXRTREMELY thankful of all of the information that you provide. I was happy to pick up the OneLight Field guide today and am eagerly looking forward to it’s arrival.

    You’re a very cool dude and being from Atlanta is a soft spot for me where as my favorite band, The Black Crowes are from that area.

    Keep chugging out the phenominal information and fantastic work!

  • Howell Tolentino said on February 13, 2011

    Got my own copy thru a friend from Jacksonville, Florida. Finally I have my own cookbook to read! Btw, I’m a fan of yours from The Philippines =)

  • jsonvega said on April 4, 2011

    i cant order, theres always an error, is there any place i can order alternatively?

  • Bogdan said on April 6, 2011

    Guide on order…
    Hopefully at some point you’ll think crossing the border to bring the workshop to Canada will be worth the trouble.



  • Rozana said on April 6, 2011

    Thank you so much for DVD workshop and book. Best investment I’ve ever made! Great way to explain lighting technique. Absolutely inspiring! Looking forward to creativeLive workshop


  • Anthony Martinez said on April 12, 2011

    I had no issues ordering my copy just now. I’ve long flexed my trio of 285HVs, but I just added an Einstein with some modifiers to the arsenal and wanted to see what this guide has to offer in expanding my horizons. Looking forward to delivery soon, I went ahead and shelled out for overnight shipping!

  • george said on April 15, 2011

    It’s sad that you don’t teach workshops in Hungary (Eastern Europe) but thanks to the Internet I could order the field guide, and just yesterday it had arrived in perfect condition. Now I can’t wait to start learning. THANK YOU ZACK!

  • Fred said on April 21, 2011

    What a wonderfull tool I buy, you’r amazing Zack, thanks for that ! ! !

  • PatrickVG said on April 28, 2011

    Greetings from Belgium Zack , just ordered the book. Keep on the light dude.

  • Phil said on April 29, 2011

    just bought myself a copy! awaiting delivery :)

  • ed said on May 2, 2011

    like you say in the book, it is the most exciting time to be a photographer but also the most overwhelming.

    thanks for making things a lot clearer both online and with this guide.

  • Olga said on May 2, 2011

    Zack, thank you so much for an incredible webinar on CreativeLive this weekend. I learned so much! I am just an “amwac”, but I am really trying to learn for me, because I would like to be the best that I can be, even if I never make a dime out of it. It’s not about money, but it’s about expressing yourself in creative ways. I would like to thank you for this workshop. I am amazed most of all by your humility and down-to-earth-ness. And your wife is just so amazing! Kudos to her for everything she does and everything she’s put on the back burner to be able to support you. I am a singer myself, so I understand.

    I just bought your field guide. It looks incredible.

  • karlbaxter said on May 10, 2011

    This is great, sadly the shipping is more expensive than the book in Europe :(!!!

  • josue said on June 1, 2011

    pfff no pdf version to avoid findding it on websites…
    international orders suck, too much expensive.. the price is interesting
    but for what it is, 88 pages , with the shipping fees it’s not ok …
    I hope later it will be a digital version !

  • JP said on September 24, 2011

    Hey, Zack–

    thanks a ton for all the great information you’re putting out there. I stumbled on to your site last Spring from Strobist, dug deeper, bought an online session from CL, and got the field guide. (I live in Europe, no probs with the delivery and the price didn’t deter me.) It’s a progression for me: a great experience has led me to go from reading your blog for free to buying an online lesson or a field guide.

    Your stuff is consistently high-quality and I find your output comprehensive, to the point, and very, very knowledgeable, never short-changing readers. It takes a calling to be a teacher, and you most certainly have that calling. Keep it up, man!

  • David Pelikan said on December 11, 2011

    I purchased this item around a year ago and have practically committed each page and lighting setup to memory. Good thing, too, because I can’t find my copy at the moment…

    But that’s not what I wanted to say. I find the resistance to the print book astonishing. Just a few years ago people wouldn’t even have any idea something like this existed, nor have the means to acquire it, if not for the Internets. Now they’re tied to their screens and keyboards all day and clamor for yet another item to put on their precious tablets. Hey, good for them. I say if they want an eBook version give it to them, Zack, but price it at the cost for the printed version plus US domestic shipping. That way those overseas (like me, who bought it from Taiwan) can have it without complaining about prohibitive shipping costs.

  • Carina Martins said on March 22, 2012

    Already ordered!!!! Greetings from Portugal!!!!

  • Mark Longos said on May 15, 2012

    I wonder if this field guide will be changed now that Zack has acquired a PhaseOne. Im just saying.

  • Zack said on May 15, 2012

    Nope! Nothing new to add except higher flash sync.


  • Nick said on June 4, 2012

    An ebook version would be great. Any chance that might happen?

  • Eduardo Frances said on June 5, 2012

    I will definitely get this one, thanks Zack!

    And for those complaining about not being an e-book, I understand if Zack doesn’t want to make it an ebook because that way it would easily be pirated, this is the best way to protect his revenue from the book (also I am biased because I’m a fan of printed stuff 😉 ).

    I don’t think it has a prohibitive price even for those of us who are in Europe (How much you people spend in Starbucks a day? 😛 and what’s more important education or Starbuck’s coffee?).

  • Matthew said on June 25, 2012

    Really looking forward to this arriving…

    I agree with Eduardo Frances ^, RE:Print Only. and as Zack said “…It costs me more and makes me less to make it available in print but it has more value in print so I’m going with that right now.”

    It has more value for $ in Print… ;-0 Althought the postage to Australia with tracking is just as expensive as the book itself.

    – USPS First Class International: $12.73
    About 4-5 weeks. No tracking. .
    – FedEx International Economy: $46.38
    Estimated delivery date: 5 JUL 2012. Includes tracking. .
    – FedEx International Priority: $29.89
    Estimated delivery date: 2 JUL 2012. Includes tracking. .

    But the time and knowledge that has been poured into this book and the time saved by ‘noobs’ like me will far out way the purchase costs.


  • Michael said on July 19, 2012

    I’ve been enjoying your seemless tutorial and Youtube clips the last few months. Much to my wife’s chagrin, my living room is now a makeshift studio with backdrop, 9foot white seamless and lights, umbrellas, and lots of curse words floating around- but my craft has improved tremendously, and even better- I’m super inspired. Thanks dude! Just ordered the guidebook, can’t wait to get it!

    Peace out

  • Christoph said on September 27, 2012

    Great, I just ordered the guide. Let’s see how long the shipping will take to Austria (EUROPE) :-)


  • Christoph Schwaiger said on October 12, 2012

    Yeah, got my field guide yesterday … I love it GREAT! … Thank you, Zack, for all the information and inspiration – you are giving so much to the community!

  • Saif said on February 18, 2013

    Hey Zack- is the Magcloud link not active anymore?I’d like to buy the field-guide but the website wont load.Tried a couple of different browsers without any luck.The most recent comment is from Christoph Schwaiger who bought it back in OCt 2012.

  • ShaunTokes said on May 13, 2013

    Link is still active. I just purchased the field guide. The PDF DL’d fine. I’ll be more stoked when the printed version arrives. Looking forward to more of these, Zack.

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