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July 9, 2009 | • Resources News


I had the pleasure to be interviewed this week by Jack Howard who runs the Tech Tock podcast. We talked about the Transform video I did for Scott Kelby’s blog earlier this year, the problems with the cult of personality in our industry, 6º and social media, balancing home and work, cameras, lights, etc. 

Also check out the rest of the Tech Tock podcast lineup.  

Cheers, Zack 


  • Gary said on July 9, 2009

    Really enjoyed this interview – made me go up and down emotionally listening to your experiences.
    Listening to what you had to say – actually made me understand a bit more about myself, and my passion.


  • Melody said on July 9, 2009

    Awesome Zack! look forward to listening as I clean! LOL Downloading it to my iPod as I type!

  • Manny said on July 9, 2009

    I truly appreciate the way you present the “real” side of your life and struggles and how it makes you appreciate your successes. Awesome awesome lessons for photography and life. Thanks man…

  • Jason said on July 9, 2009

    Wow! I had no idea how your road back to photography is so much similar to mine. I too had given up on photography and took a day job until 4 years ago when my son was born. That was when I picked up my first DSLR camera to take his picture and the rest is history. Thanks for sharing your story bro.


  • Ben said on July 10, 2009

    Fantastic interview Zack! I loved every second of it.

  • Scott said on July 10, 2009

    Wait wait wait…you’re doing workshops in Australia in a few weeks?

    Where’s the info on these workshops????

  • Jack Howard said on July 10, 2009

    Zack, thanks again for a great interview!

    Jack Howard
    Director of New/Social Media

  • David Burke said on July 10, 2009

    So proud to see you use your platform to be real. This serves as a voice for all of us that are on the same journey as you. The section where you talk about balancing and priorities hits so close to home. Honoring my wife first, kids second and everything else following really helps me keep the balance. Yes it is hard to do because I LOVE what I do, but without them, what good would it be?

    Thanks bro! Hope to hook up soon.

  • shardayyy said on July 10, 2009

    Lovely interview!!!

  • Alex P. said on July 10, 2009

    I really enjoyed the interview and your work in general. It’s inspiring to hear you talk about work life balance and priorities, I have struggled with those same issues over the years. Keep up the good work and have fun with the family.

  • Rafael Ordaz said on July 10, 2009

    Incredible how others people experiences validate our own life experiences and fuel the enthusiasm to keep pushing forward in life…but I found that be proactive, experimental is so essential as much as have a mentor/inspiration.

    Thanks a lot for sharing

  • Diana said on July 11, 2009

    Oh man, I wish I had found you earlier… I wish I didn’t spend tens of thousands of $$ on equipment that is used primarily to shoot my friends… I wish I was one of “YOU” by now…

    I just spent several hours educating myself on your site and it really brought me to a thought that I’m in need of your help:)…

    I wish your workshops weren’t sold out and perhaps you found time to come to Arizona or San Diego. I’d be there in a flash:)! I would host you!!!;)

  • jay rodriguez said on July 14, 2009

    Thanks for keeping it real Zack!
    Many others tend to showboat but in this interview you show the reality side of yourself, it’s why poeple love you so much!
    Thanks for sharing your life with us bro!

  • zack said on July 15, 2009

    I’m glad ya’ll enjoyed it!


  • Kaysha said on July 15, 2009

    Great interview! I love how you are able to cut through all the bullshit and get to the real heart of being a photographer.

    I never got the chance to comment on the Transform video. Thank you for taking the time to put something real out there! I have watched it several times, and it continues to speak to me in new ways!

    You are an inspiration, thank you!

  • andy said on July 15, 2009

    Very interesting interview. I don’t want to sound like an echo, but I really like how you are just real and honest about your experiences. Few people talk about their failures as much as their success. It just makes you realize that this struggle can eventually pay off if you work hard enough. Thanks you for your contributions and inspiration.

  • Eric said on July 18, 2009

    This was a good interview. You should repost your Ron Dawson interview, I think that one better explains who you are and why.

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