Gulf Photo Plus :: Dubai :: March 1st – 6th

February 1, 2010 | • Resources • Workshop News

I’m excited to be part of Gulf Photo Plus again this year. I could go on and on and on about the event.  It’s simply one of the most unique series of workshops I’ve seen. There are six solid days of workshops that go from morning ’till night with lots of special events.

The image above is part of a project I’ll be showing for the first time and it will only be shown as prints this year.  There will be a showing of this work later this year in Atlanta.

Normally I would give you all of the details about the conference and what to do in Dubai but David Hobby has done it for me!  :)

For those of you in Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, or Asia, this is a must attend photography event. I’m equally excited and nervous about an intensive two day, on location, class that I’ll be teaching. No lecture. No power point presentation. Just get on a bus and shoot for two days! It’s going to kick my butt. In addition to this class I’ll be teaching a few OneLight’s and a one day Photo 101 class.

Cheers, Zack


  • Chris Bergstrom said on February 1, 2010

    Good luck Zack, you’re a travelin’ man like me… Enjoy your adventures. Are you bringing Meghan? I wish you all the best in Dubai. I’ve only been to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and can’t wait to visit Dubai someday. The indoor snow/ski building is crazy…

  • Steven said on February 1, 2010

    I’d love to go, but Dubai? Too rich for my blood.

    Can;t wait for the showing later this year. You know I’ll be there for that for sure.

  • Glyn Dewis said on February 1, 2010

    Hey Zack,

    Lots going on huh.
    Looking forward to seeing the results from all the ongoing personal shooting you’re working on…love the image attached to this post!

    Looking forward to catching up later in the year and yeah Gulf Photo Plus here we come..2011 though ;o)

    Cheers and all the best to you,

  • Richard said on February 2, 2010

    I love the way you sneak your mark into your photos. It’s like Where’s Waldo! Have fun in Dubai bud.

  • patpro said on February 2, 2010

    I’m so jealous and frustrated… Next year I’ll be there, in Dubai. I was not fast enough to book workshops I really want to go to.

  • Radu said on February 2, 2010

    Meet you there! I booked a seat in Joe McNally’s intensive bootcamp so that left me with no chance to book a seat in one of your workshops, but I did book one of of your sessions on Photo Friday.
    I really look forward to meeting you! Will you stay at the Holiday Inn Express as well?
    Regards, Radu

  • John said on February 2, 2010

    Is there anything comparable to this event in the US?

  • Chad said on February 2, 2010

    I once heard a guy say how much he didn’t like it when people tilt their cameras for dramatic effect…

    But seriously, I do love your work. Good luck!

  • Darryl said on February 2, 2010

    I went to Georgia State but never seen a cool photo like that in any type of media there….That image actually makes the school look cool.

  • Luis said on February 2, 2010

    Good luck man. You’re in some pretty elite company over there. Joey Lawrence doesn’t even do workshops, but he’s doing GPP. I may just blow my tax return on getting out there for back to back workshops from Joey L and Melissa Rodwell… as well as the chance to meet you and Misters Hobby and McNally.

    If I can swallow the plane ticket, everything else is a bargain!

    Bon voyage man.

  • Nash Haq said on February 2, 2010

    Hey Zack

    Hope youre well.. Looking forward to seeing you again on GPP!..
    Wont be taking OneLight since i did that last year, but would be cool to hang out again…

    Hope all is well.


  • Chanell Collins said on February 2, 2010

    I work in that building right behind your model & I attend GSU. 😀 That is such a great image! I do wonder, though, how you were able to get such an awesome shot in the midst of such a busy intersection.

  • said on February 2, 2010

    This shot is just ridiculous.


  • Severin Sadjina said on February 2, 2010

    Zack, I love that photo – simply great work! Always a pleasure to come back here!

  • Stefan said on February 2, 2010

    I’m lucky enough to have scored a place in your 2 day location class & look forward to meeting you! Booked 2 of your sessions at Photo Friday too.. Last year was McNally but this year it’s all Zack. Awesome shot in this post BTW.

  • Stefan said on February 2, 2010

    As a sidenote- the ‘What you should bring’ section of the 2 day class has been left blank on the GPP booking page. I’ll go ahead & assume we need to bring the same gear as the Onelight class- unless there’s something else?

  • zack said on February 3, 2010

    Stefan – Bring your gear for the two day as we are shooting, shooting, shooting! Won’t really need lighting gear though. I’m bringing that.


  • I love the picture on this post. The red dress is great against that background!

  • Basim said on February 3, 2010

    I’ll be attending the 101 and OL workshops on the 1st & 2nd.

  • Rutger Blom said on February 3, 2010

    Love the light and the angle in this one. Great work!

  • Steve Simpson said on February 3, 2010

    I can’t wait until March. Just booked on your One Light course in Dubai March 3rd.

    Looking fwd to it soo much

  • silberstudios said on February 3, 2010

    Great to see you out there and engaging the photographic community around the world. This truly is a global age where distance means little and old boundaries can no longer limit us. The more of us that reach out and create something with someone new the better the world will be, imo.

  • linda kuo said on February 3, 2010

    Good Luck though you won’t need it. You can do it with your eyes closed!! Man you define GOYA!!

  • silberstudios said on February 5, 2010

    Hey Zack who is gonna get the group shot of the staff this year? you really raised the bar with last years shot…

  • zack said on February 5, 2010

    I vote Joey L.

  • Fotograf Łuków said on February 6, 2010

    again great shot

  • roger767 said on February 6, 2010

    hey Zack in your website critique video’s you always bash photographs with crooked horizons, why is this one different?

  • zack said on February 6, 2010

    Roger – A few things here on why this works for me. First, it is the turning moment in a larger photo story and the feeling of things just a bit off, lost, and overwhelming work with the angle being just off a bit. Second, the way she is framed and standing at the same angle as all of the rest of the buildings does not scream “OMG tilted camera!” like many images I comment on during critiques. Lastly, that’s the full frame as shot. We were standing in a driving rain storm. I’m talking an absolute downpour and I had to shoot blind, meaning I wasn’t looking through the viewfinder. Add to that my camera was going down and was barely capturing an image. I had to hold the lens half way unmounted to get this shot. Nothing more fun than watching water drip out of the mirror box of a D3. $400 later the camera is just fine!

    I did try to crop the image to see if a straightened horizon helped the image at all but the crop completely killed the entire composition for me. The only thing I would really change about this image is going back in and removing the names off the buildings and street signs. I want the location to be a little more generic.

    If you go back through the critiques you’ll find that the tilted horizons I comment on are there for no other reason than trying to be “artistic”. There are images I comment on with tilted horizons and I say that it works for that image more than it would work for another. It isn’t always a bad thing.

    Had I been looking through the viewfinder for this image I probably would have shot it straight and leaning so I could have options later but we had just a brief moment of having that street clear of traffic that I would not have had much time to try a lot of things.

    I don’t want you to think I’m just making excuses here but I just want you to know the nasty conditions combined with the very, very, very short time we had to get this shot pulled off.


  • Reza said on February 8, 2010

    Dear Zack

    Remember to say the full name : Persian Gulf


    Reza – Iran

  • zack said on February 15, 2010

    You are correct Reza! Gotta remember that!


  • Mohammad Jassem Buyabes said on February 9, 2010

    hey Zack,
    At last i can say (SEE YA THERE).. i was so lucky to get the last seat for you one light workshop in GPP next month (although i really wanted the location workshop :s ) but been too busy with work that i totally forgot about GPP this year.
    i’m really looking forward for the workshop. i haven’t been to any workshops before so do you have any advice for me?

  • Adam Loewen said on February 10, 2010

    Such an awesome picture. I love the red dress. Wish I could go to Dubai. I grew up in the middle east and would love to go back. Maybe one day.

  • Alan Lougher said on February 12, 2010

    Z – I don’t know why but I keep coming back to this image, got it sort of stuck in my head. Simply awesome mate.

  • Matthew said on February 22, 2010

    Hey Zack – any chance this image could be used in a poster design I’m working on? I assume it’s not available, but thought I’d run it by you just in case. As always, keep up the amazing work!

  • Tareq said on February 25, 2010

    Good luck for all!

    I never attended any of the GPP workshops because i live far away from Dubai and it is expensive to pay for workshops when i am not practicing myself, also the time of those workshops are bad, i have work morning until afternoon, i can’t pay for workshops fully to attend part of it, at least i will attend that Friday Day even i attended last year and i didn’t see it any worthy.

    Good luck again to all in Dubai GPP!

  • Muzna said on March 8, 2010

    The One Light workshop was absolutely amazing! Cant wait to have you back here in November, im signing up for everything! Next time, pls let me take you out shooting.

  • ali said on August 13, 2010

    persian gulf is true

  • JT said on March 3, 2012

    Gratified to see Used Film has expanded to the point they have naming rights on big downtown office buildings!

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