CreativeLIVE :: We are looking for six people to join us live!

May 20, 2010 | • Resources News

As we lead up to the CreativeLIVE studio class next month in Seattle, we are looking for six of you to join us live in the audience… for free! Now, don’t get your hopes up thinking that means airfare and accommodations but that does mean you can to be in attendance during the class. We are wanting the studio audience to be the proxy for the online audience. You may be asked to watch a twitter feed during Q&A. You may be asked to be a subject for an impromptu portrait. We promise not to put you into any compromising situations. :)

We have six spots to fill and this is how you could snag one of those spots…

• Shoot a 60 second video of yourself. Introduce us to who you are, where you’re from, what kind of photography interests you and then ask a question that you would like to see answered during this class.

• Upload it to the web and send that link, via twitter, to @zarias with a hashtag of #creativeLIVE.

• We will watch all of the videos and select six of you to be part of the audience. We will make that selection by May 31st.

• Understand that you will be taped and broadcast all around the Internets.

• You will need to be available from Friday evening June 11th until Sunday evening June 13th.

You can shoot these clips with whatever kind of camera you want! Be creative and keep it short and sweet!

I have not been this excited about something in quite some time. Whether you are in the live audience or you are watching online I promise you that I’m going to pour everything I have into it! It’s going to be a lot of fun.

We are still taking questions that you would like to see answered in the class. Keep them coming in the comment section!

Cheers, Zack

PS – Big thanks to Syl Arena for making a cameo! If you are in Atlanta, come by this Friday (5/20/10) for a mixer with Syl at my studio. 7:30pm till. 533 W. Howard Ave Decatur. Syl is in town for his Speedliting tour this weekend. Check it out.


  • Eric Doggett said on May 20, 2010

    Dang – It’s the B-Man’s 5th birthday party, or I’d be all over this. Funny, because my question would pertain to work/family balance :)

  • Jack Pope said on May 20, 2010

    Bummer… “18 and older”

  • Eric said on May 20, 2010

    “Not valid where things aren’t valid.”


  • Zac Grimaldo said on May 20, 2010

    Haha! Seems like old times! (From back in March in Orlando) I clicked on your blog and there was Syl! Too much! Hope all is well brother and I’m really excited for your CreativeLive event. I have to purchase it though, because that’s the day I start my fam vacation.

    Best of luck!


  • Tim said on May 20, 2010

    This just made my night!

  • Carlos Bruno said on May 20, 2010

    Zack … forget this thing about Photog … you and Meg HAVE to be on the entertainment biz.
    How amazing ideas!
    Besides you’re using infant i-Legal labor, this mohak-let-me-be-more-cute-than-my-older-brothers close the whole scene with golden key!
    AMAZING Zack amazing Arias family!!!
    God still blessing all of you, and help on the book launch of Mr. Arena. (HAVE be Canon?? “We’re” 317 numbers ahead of “them” … 900-583 … duh.) and “Dan-a-million-of-styles. Suckcessuful for sure …

  • Takki said on May 20, 2010

    What a creative vid!! Thanks – would love to join, but I am over in Europe…… ) :

  • Edd Carlile said on May 20, 2010

    Why take time in your video to characterise figures/stereotypes to mock and poke fun at?
    We are all so damn smart,mature and above all that here aren’t we? (that was sarcasm by the way)

    I just fail to see the point of some of the recent mean and disingenuous (holier/better than thou)comment by Zack and crew.

    Never mind me though.
    (perhaps my sense of humour and fun is just off base with yours)

  • Henny van Roomen said on May 21, 2010

    Haha when I saw this entry in my feed i was already looking forward to another of your humorous video’s and this truely makes my day.

    Too bad im from The Netherlands but im def going to try to watch. Good luck!

  • Marco said on May 21, 2010

    Yeah. That “Europe” thing bothers me, too. Makes attending workshops much more difficult, too. :-(

    But I’ll try to be watching the creativeLIVE broadcast, well, live. If time difference makes it possible, that is… I’m really looking forward to it!

  • Howard Haby said on May 21, 2010

    Now, THAT was some funny s#%t!! Really enjoyed Meg’s segment, the end of it had me sputtering muffin and coffee all over my laptop!!
    Oh, and the “two guns make a Z”, hahaha.
    Anyway, I’ll have to watch whatever I can on the creativeLIVE broadcast. Wish I could be there though, as everybody else does. Thanks for this video Zack, good stuff.

  • Bryan said on May 21, 2010

    This, like, totally made me LOL. :)

  • Scott said on May 21, 2010

    Prolly best i dont enter, would end up like the meg clip …. LMAO. Defo on the wrong side of the pond for this one.

  • joals said on May 21, 2010

    can’t wait to watch it!!
    regards to arias family..
    a big fan of yours from philippines!!!

  • Denny Wells said on May 21, 2010

    “the end of it had me sputtering muffin and coffee all over my laptop” – ditto that.

    I’d have to play hookie from a volunteer gig here, but would get to fly my 1-year-old to visit grandparents in Seattle. Hmmmmmm.

  • moonie said on May 21, 2010

    i’d like to hire dan for a nude fine art session. i can pay in precious gems and a free tarrot card reading session

  • Randall Douglas said on May 21, 2010

    Ha. Ha. Great Idea, and the whole 500 mile radius around the Seattle area is awesome for photography. Wedding weekend for me….

  • Toby said on May 21, 2010

    Your dog’s so freaking cool. x

  • Morgana said on May 22, 2010

    Great video clip! :)

    I’m sorry I can’t be there but I’ll be watching live from down under [where it will be the middle of the night!:)]

  • Bruno Monteiro said on May 24, 2010

    You just made my day. Great video, I totally get the point! 😀 Wish I was there, but I think I will also be cool in front of my PC! :)

  • Borys said on May 24, 2010

    Awesome Video! I actually don’t work on those days! Sweet. Time to dust of the p&s and take some video.

  • Michael said on May 24, 2010

    RE: PhotoUtah

    You mentioned about not believing everything you read on the internet in reference to the middle f/stops. I have found some data on the middle “fake” ISO setting on Canon cameras. In fact, the fake ISO setting can introduce combing in the histogram. Graphs and links to more data at

  • P Deasy said on May 25, 2010

    Haha great video. Would love to attend but will be watching stream from Ireland instead. Best of luck Zack!

  • Trevor said on May 25, 2010

    Why take time in your video to have fun?
    Your having fun is wasting my and other blog readers time.

    Just give us your golden nuggets of knowledge on here and save the fun/humor for when you’re on your own clock.

    I just fail to see the significance in some of the recent (humorous/i have more fun than you) demeanor by Zack & crew.

    Just my two cents.

  • zack said on May 25, 2010

    Trevor. Please submit form 39-A.2 and we will get your refund check to you in 6 to 8 weeks. 😉


  • moritz said on May 26, 2010

    I am impressed at the way some of the comments seem to derail lately. Why do those people actually keep reading/watching if it’s so unenjoyable to them?

  • Kat Speyer said on May 26, 2010

    Guah, I’m so excited! Gonna make myself look like a nerd on camera and see if I can snag one of those spots. Missed the One Light last time it was in Seattle and I’m dying to meet you. Online is no match for in-person!

  • Fran said on May 26, 2010

    I got so excited about this that I got a few friends to help me out with the video….then I realized I can’t afford to go out to Seattle for the seminar. It’s a little bit of a haul from Florida. Oh well. Guess I’ll just have to be content to view it on the net. I’m really looking forward to it. And to meeting you in July.

  • Randall Douglas said on May 29, 2010

    The background, outfits, hair, etc. are perfect on the last one. The lighting on the background makes that shot for me.

  • Chris Bergstrom said on May 31, 2010

    You go Zack! Like, totally, OMG! Meghan was funny as heck too… I would love to participate in this and send a video, but I won’t be available during these dates. Will you have more of these in the future so I can at least try and be a part of the creative live class? I’d like to know how to buy stick from Ikea. j/k :-)

    Thanks and keep on doing what you are doing.


    p.s. See you in New York.

  • Erin said on June 3, 2010

    Trevor are you kidding? I can’t tell through the internet, but if you’re serious then you can’t come to my birthday party.

    Man, Zack is getting some haters. I can’t wait until I have haters of my own! That’s how you know you’re getting awesomer.

  • John Erdovegi said on June 17, 2010

    Gee it sounds like a win-possible-win situation. Many will tweet you all over the internet, for the opportunity of a few to get broadcast all over the internet.

    You’re up with the trends. Heck if I saw this earlier I might’ve sent you a vid.

    I haven’t been here for about a year. I just checked out your pics, you’ve improved. You’re way ahead of me. That’s the only thing all of us can work towards is to improve each week. Perception is everything.

    Let’s see… babies learn by watching and doing.

  • mvrk2010 said on June 18, 2010

    Westcott, B&H…if the sales of your light modifiers spiked this week, you have Zack Arias and the folks at creativeLive to thank for it. I hope you express your thanks with more than just words…$$$

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