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June 10, 2008 | • Resources News


I have a deal for you commercial, advertising, and editorial photographers out there. Not only that, this is for the designers, illustrators, web artists, stylists, etc, who follow this blog. Read on.

For the past two years I have been planning my re-branding that I am now going through. I am pushing more into the commercial and ediorial world and the name of the game for survival in that world is self promotion. I first needed to get my website in order. Thanks to clickbooq, that has now happend. Thanks to FloSites for my new blog as well. Along with print campaigns that I am working on it is important to get listed in certain creative directories of which there are many. 

Last year I went through many of them and contacted photographers in other markets and asked them how well their listings were doing. Of all the photographers I contacted one site really came to the top and that was altpick*. Everyone I called said it more than paid for itself. At least 10 photographers told me that they got GREAT clients that have used them for several years now thanks to those clients finding them on Altpick. 

This week I have signed on with Altpick (Alternative Pick) and ended up having an amazing conversation with Altpick founder Maria Ragusa. So amazing that I can bring this to you! If you want to sign on with Altpick to get your work in front of thousands of art directors, photo editors, and photo buyers just mention OneLight and you can get $100 off of the annual membership dues. That’s $199 to get a listing on a major creative directory. It is normally $299 per year. When signing on with them, choose the option to have them call you for payment and mention OneLight to receive the $100 off. 

This is all very important for me to be getting in place now because I hope to be busy with publication work in 2009. I don’t expect a lot to happen this year and I’m ok with that because I learned a very important lesson about promotion and self employment. If you want to be busy next year… you have to be busy NOW looking for that work. You just can’t launch a site, get a few directory listings, and expect the work to flow in the next day. It is all part of running your own business no matter what you do. If you want to be busy next month, you needed to be busy six months ago. If you are just starting out in photography you need to be setting some long term goals and be working NOW on them so they actually happen LATER. Hard work and patience pays off. Always. 

You can find my page on Altpick here – www.altpick.com/zackarias

I specifically mention this for commercial, advertising, and editorial photographers. For the wedding and portrait photographers who follow my blog, this isn’t really going to put your work in front of the clients you need like an organization like PPA or WPJA will. But if you are wanting to break into the commercial and editorial world, this will be a great service for you. 

I have some more tweaking to do to my altpick page and work the bio some more but I wanted to go ahead and get this out to you folks! It’s a very generous offer that they have granted to us! Prior to making this post on my blog, my Altpick site has already had 90 hits in less than 24 hours. That means my work is in front of 90 more people (whether they be photographers or buyers) today than it was yesterday. I’ll keep you all updated on actual real work that comes from it. If you sign up, let me know! 

Also check out their 5th annual Altpick Awards going on now.

Cheers, Zack

PS – Speaking of WPJA, big congratulations go to my dear friend Hassel Weems for winning first place in their action category! 

PPS – I am NOT sponsored by anyone.  Any company I mention is based on my own personal experience with them and my desire to help those who help me.  I do not receive any compensation.  Not that I wouldn’t mind some!  I just don’t have those relationships.  Just wanted to say that so no one thinks I’m out here just advertising.  I use and pay for the services I like to mention here. 


  • polina osherov said on June 10, 2008

    zack, thanks a lot for sharing this resource! you’re one cool dude! :-)

  • Dwayne Hills said on June 10, 2008

    I will definitely look into signing up, I would be honored to speak to you as well zack.

    this is definitely the direction I have been preparing to go in. After I lost all my family photos and possessions in Hurricane Katrina I am focused on being organized, data backup and DBAP (doing business as a photographer).

    I licensed some images to GoodWill which I got the short end of the stick from but since then I have been researching usage and pricing.

    I purchased a book I would recommend to anyone going into editorial work its called “The Photographers Guide To Negotiating” by Richard Weisgrau – $13.00 paper back

    But something like Altpick is just what I am looking for; a place to get my work seen.


  • Sissel said on June 10, 2008

    I am still excited that your workshop is the first ONE I attended. I LOVE this photo. Even if you broke and used two lights. You inspire me. (uh, that sounded a little “Jerry Maguire”-ish, sorry) Coffee on.

  • Stephen said on June 11, 2008

    thanks for this post. It’s really great to read, because I’m a part-time photographer that aspires to someday get out of Advertising (account service side) and hopefully do photography full-time. I literally just had my website go live a week or so ago and am now looking to promote myself around Atlanta, and wherever else really…but your comments on being busy now to get work later is SPOT on and a good gut check because it’s easy to be really impatient.

    On another note…as I mentioned I work in advertising, at The Richards Group and work on The Home Depot account. I’d love to pass your portfolio on to our art buyer and a few of my art director friends if you’re interested. Anyway, shoot me an email or check out my site and hopefully I can at least get your book in their library.

  • zack said on June 12, 2008

    Wow. I’ve already gotten my first editorial inquiry. Seriously. Wow.

    Stephen… I’ll be emailing you! Thanks!


  • aruna b. said on June 17, 2008

    SWEEETT!!!! thanks zack!

  • Eric said on July 7, 2008

    Great adage about being busy today to be busy tomorrow.

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