Working On My Portfolio :: Book 1 of 4 :: Dubai

As Lightroom churns through some images I’m working in PhotoMechanic on a few new portfolios for web and print. The one capturing my attention right now is the selection of images from my two trips to Dubai.

I’m still trying to figure out why I love Dubai so much. There’s something about that place and something about the people that has really caught hold of me and I can’t let go of it. I’m sure if I were to go there around this time of year it would change my ideas about the place.

More images and thoughts after the jump ::

Working on a portfolio is tough stuff. The images above are just a cross section of the initial edit. I have my main portfolio culled to about 2,000 images. That is the big messy edit. It needs to get to 20. Most likely it will be a selection of 20 or fewer portraits. Then I’m doing a portfolio of 20 or fewer Dubai images. Then there is a personal project I’m working on this year and that will be about 10 images plus narrative, video, and one audio track bundled into one portfolio. Then we are doing a kids commercial test in a few weeks and that will most likely be another portfolio of 10 images.

Entertainment/Music. Dubai. Personal Project. Commercial Kids. Four portfolios ready to go by the end of the year. That’s the goal. In print and online. That’s the goal. With the new branding wrapped up. It’s taken 10 months to filter the vision down for these.

Currently I’m most excited about the personal project and the Dubai portfolio. Those two get my blood moving around a little bit faster and little bit hotter. The personal project will have a definite narrative. The Dubai portfolio I see in my head is black and white but there are a few images that just work in color. So how do you find the right flow with color and B&W living side by side? How do you show the contrast that is Dubai? At some point I’ll get a sloppy edit together and then I have to hand it over to trusted colleagues for input, critique, and discussion. It’s a painful process but it has to happen. The only thing I hate more is working on branding. I hate working on branding.

So, here is a good example of my dilemma. I have this shot of a gentleman in his Lamborghini. It only works in color. I have a shot of two kids playing and I like the connection of the reds and blues in the two photos. There’s also a social contrast between the two images. So, I’m digging these two photos but I have this other shot outside of a shop that I kind of like as well. Here they are…

Here is the same spread but with a change to the left photo…

And now the other shot placed in…

What do y’all think?

Cheers, Zack

PS – Then. THEN… After all that… the majority of the work is horizontal so am I going to print double truck (across two facing pages) or am I going to keep them on individual pages? The gutter can screw up a composition in a New York minute. Ugh. And do I print double sided or single sided? Blurb or Epson and a post book? It’s all of these questions that keep me from having an up to date print portfolio, but that has to change. It will all be done by the end of the year. I’ll share the process as soon as it is done.


  • Aaron Brethorst said on August 6, 2010

    #3 without a doubt. Kids are good, but I think they need to stand on their own.

  • Terrence Bibb said on August 6, 2010

    Zack, the B&W’s have more of a spiritual feel to them (if that makes any sense)? I felt transported and wanted to look deeper into the photograph. I too struggle with the selection process for the body of work that will stand for me. I have no doubt that the spirit that drives you will give you plenty of direction.


  • Sam said on August 6, 2010

    #2 me thinks…. everything you touch looks good so who am I to advise anyways (hehe)

  • Chrisdavid42 said on August 6, 2010

    For me number two is the pick. It showcases the contrast of wealth and poverty that is Dubai. Number three doesn’t grab my gut in the same way, and number one needs differentiation in the presentation, the presentation of both photos is too similar. This is my humble opinion. All of it is great work and I would love to be able to see the final print.

  • Kevin said on August 6, 2010

    Just curious, What size would you print the blurb book at if you were going to leave them as single pages?

  • zack said on August 6, 2010

    Kevin – If I do single sided then I most likely will do Epson prints. I’m thinking 8×10. If I do Blurbs then I’ll have extras to ship and forget for certain clients and meetings.


  • Nasir said on August 6, 2010

    Zack, I feel your pain and have been through what you’re going through now, as I’m sure have most of us.

    #1 for me. I prefer the connection of the red and blue instead of the colours in the car seat image which I don’t feel go with the Lamborghini. Also, full bleed works much better for me than the white border.

    My solution to your dilemma of portrait and landscape was to get a landscape book printed and run 2up portrait images on a page.

    Give My Publisher a look. Their product is great and really well priced:

    Why are you limiting your portfolio’s to 10 images? Why not 20?


  • David Getsfrid said on August 6, 2010

    The fog one. IMG_2040.
    I don’t know how you thought to shoot that, but it’s amazing. Like, ridiculously amazing. Like, I wish I had taken it amazing.

  • Mel Haynes Jr said on August 6, 2010


    I see several people have given ya their opinions on your dilemma, so I am going to comment on your B&W photos. These selected photos are spectacular. The tones, composition, and the overall feel are great. Inspiring as always, thanks for sharing.


  • Alex said on August 6, 2010


    I’m not going to say good work as usual because for me this series is nuts and on a whole other level. And yeah the fog one. Wow.


    P.S. Finding the hidden used film logos makes me happy.

  • Mars said on August 6, 2010

    Hi again Zack,

    Dude, will you show us how to use the colormunki on photos, is it just me or was that segment missing on the CreativeLive class? I remember you got one of the models to hold it to the camera and you took a shot of it, is there more?

    Cheers Zack

  • torsten winkler said on August 6, 2010

    hi zack,

    there are some great photos in here and some … what do you call it? clunkers? yeah, i think thats what you call those type of pics :)

    with all respect i would like to give you my humble point of view.

    nr. 3 (ZD3_2376) is in my eyes a tourist-point and shoot image. sun dead center (well, thats ok but not here i think) the only things i like in this picture are the colors in the sky. but its just not anywhere near to a good photo.
    nr. 4 (IMG_0681) with the piggeon and the skyline is no keeper. its messy and confusing and i dont see anything working in this picture – is it about the piggeon? is it about the skyline? is it about the dishes on top of the building? i dont know … i’d guess you dont know for shure either, do you? 😉
    ZD3_1217 – the woman between the towers. i think i see what your plans where. but i’d say your only 70% there. the cut off foot and i’ not sure if this is just the perfect angle for that shot (maybe there was no better … i don’t know). but i’m not sure if this is really a good picture, worthy of beeing in your portfolio. you set the bar pretty high with your other shots, so this brings me down 😉

    pehlwani03 – what is this shot about? are they suicide-jumpers at a cliff? or do they play soccer? or what is the reason for the legs kneeing into my view? the faces give no clue at all and its just not bringing anything across for me. also it looks like a teenager in photoclass tryed to get some shot with jumping from a low perspective to me :(

    drop ZD3_1345! i’ve seen that kind of shot a million times and some of those where much better (sorry). it’s the typical venecian tourist shot. and i dont see, what makes this shot worthy of your portfolio.

    are IMG_2105 and ZD3_1548 really your level? the first reminds me of the typical shots from planes (at least you didn’t fire the flash) – it has something great with the scenery, but the wing and the reflection … i don’t know :( and the other shot could be anywhere and doesn’t make any point (and i’ve seen those shots to often).

    and at last – what makes the guy in the sportscar a good shot for you? it hast something with the angle and so … but thats about it (for me). is it really good enogh for your portfolio? i’m not sure.

    enough of my negative critique. there are really some great shots in there! first picture left is great, i love IMG_1763, IMG_2009, IMG_2040 (!!!). the kids at/on the street sign are cool too. IMG_1876b is not my kind of picture, but it is good (except for the blown out highlight on the head of the guy at the right – the white background bleeds into his head).

    so this where MY thoughts of these pictures. for sure there are a lot of different point of views. and they are at least as valueable as mine. i hope i didn’t make anybody cry 😉 and i hope too, that i learned some critiqueing technics from a great photographer ( :)

    torsten :)

  • zack said on August 6, 2010

    @torsten – You make some great points. Some of the images will make more sence when the edit is complete. Like I said, these are just a cross section of the first big edit. I have about 250 images in this first round. You critique quite well!


  • Dave Spady said on August 6, 2010

    Hi Zack,

    My wife and I are big fans of yours and love your work and your blog. We love the B&W photos in this series. The color picture of the Abu Hafez sign, however, we mutually agreed is, in the words of Zack Arias, “a clunker” … so I’d go with #1 or #2.

    With much respect,

  • jilske said on August 6, 2010

    a) i love your personal work so much it’s painful to look at it
    b) same goes for your b&w
    c) i would lose the color pictures – they are too busy even though the compositions are good
    d) why not do both blurb and epson this time round if the decision is too hard? will make the decision easier next time
    e) just my 2 cts :)

  • Marvin Pascual said on August 6, 2010

    These are awesome images….

  • Heinz Schmidt said on August 6, 2010


    Regarding the horizontal work, why not look at getting your book done by Asuka?

    They have a lay-flat technology in their Zen books that solves the ‘…gutter can screw up a composition in a New York minute’ issue.

    I’ve used Asuka and they rock!

    PS: Im not being paid by them to refer you, I just like their books.


  • Douglas Pettway said on August 6, 2010

    First of all, ALL of the images here are gorgeous and represent a level of ‘in the moment’ photography; they are immediate and spontaneous. beautiful work here.

    In regards to the choice of images to place with the guy in his lambo, I actually like the first choice the best. It seems to have a duality of a divide in wealth but it also depicts a sense of hope. There are the obvious signs of “up”: climbing social and financial ladders and possible achieving that lambo shown on the next page. Upon a second look, I notice the guy in the lambo glancing off to the side and he couldbe remembering his climb to the top and the arrows above his head, pointing down, seem to reinforce that sentiment.

    i hear what you are saying about Dubai. I’ve been there a bunch of times in the past and I never felt out of place there. It is such a huge melting pot with surprises around every corner. One day I’ll go back.

  • Justin said on August 6, 2010

    Hi Zack,

    Not sure here is the right place to ask. I am glad to hear you are coming to UK for a one-day workshop. For ppl like me, bought your Onelight DVD as well as your creative live and fully understand most of the content, will this workshop be far advanced considering with the cost?

    Hopefully my English makes sense,

    Justin from UK

  • zack said on August 6, 2010

    @Justin – The main thing you will get from the workshop is the hands on experience. Light is light so it’s the same information but then we apply it to whatever situation we find ourselves in. Many folks who attend have watched the DVD already and they say that being at the workshop helped fill in the gaps and that the hands on part of the day solidified the information in their head.


  • Tim Skipper said on August 6, 2010

    Excellent work, just finished working on my book and I’m already dissatisfied with it. I’m thinking I can do better.

    Anyway back to yours. I really like most of them, the few that don’t pop out to me are the sunsets, the pigeons, and the Dubai hotel in the fog.

    On the spread, IMHO, I would use the car seat sign on the left. I probably would be tempted to turn the seat red though.

  • J.W. Ramp said on August 6, 2010

    Beautiful work – I’m looking forward to going to Abu Dhabi later this year for work training and maybe going down to visit Dubai while I’m there.

    I love your creative watermarking. Especially with the motion blur on the shoes. I imagine that’s one of the only things you can’t consistently capture in-camera, is the branded sneakers 😉

  • Tim Williams said on August 6, 2010

    Hi Zack,
    I think your black and whites of Dubai are stronger than the color images. If at all possible I would stick with the consistency of the black and white.
    I agree that the two color images are good as well, but probably not as compelling as the others. If you are going to keep them, I would use the photo of the kids instead of the sign. I recognize the obvious attraction of the sign photo across from the man in the car seat, but the image doesn’t stand on its own. It only has power because it is posted next to the car seat image. The image of the kids will stand on its own. However, I still say go black and white.

  • Howard Haby said on August 6, 2010

    Great work. I do like the kids and the lamborghini combo the best, and keep it full page IMO, the border doesn’t do it for me in this case. Good luck.

  • Edd Carlile said on August 6, 2010

    Torsten Winkler makes many good observations here.

  • Clay Garrett said on August 6, 2010

    Nutso. Simply fantastic. And I agree with Alex — finding the Used FIlm logo is like Where’s Waldo, but better.

  • Nick Jordan said on August 6, 2010


    Great work!

    I will recommend to you that you stay away from Blurb. They just aren’t there quality wise on the paper. Or the customer service after I complained about it.

    I have heard Asuka and WHCC make good books.
    There are a ton of better options.

  • William Beem said on August 6, 2010

    Just curious, do you still find as much demand for a print portfolio vs. looking at it online? I was just reading a discussion about that on another blog where the concensus seemed to be that fewer buyers & directors were taking the time to look at print books. They also noted that a few folks seem to be sending out an iPad instead of print.

    Have you noticed any kind of change like that, and is it still worth your while to create as many print books?

  • Chris said on August 6, 2010

    I’d be super concerned about printing these double truck. In the selection you have here, about 1/3 have critical (i.e. in-focus) objects dead center in the frame. I just can’t imagine running a seam through the Burj Khalifa or the gut truck guy, or the sun rising over the desert.

    Maybe consider doing a landscape-orientation book with images on single pages. They could be given the sapce they need individually, or be paired up in a spread with another image. Verticals could be tricky: you could do them 2-up on a page, or just one per page.

    Are you working with a designer on these or just tackling them yourself?

  • zack said on August 6, 2010

    @Chris – Ultimately these are going to a designer. Design is not a strong suit for me.


  • Perry Martin said on August 6, 2010


    First I want to say that I think all of your work is awesome.

    I would go with #2. I really don’t like #3, because I don’t think the sign fits with the Lamborghini shot.

    If you keep these two images on the same page…there is somewhat of a juxtaposition between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ between the ‘super wealthy’ and the ‘common people’ of Dubai.

    Just my two cents. Photography is all subjective anyway.

    Nonetheless Great Work!!!

  • Dorean said on August 6, 2010

    On the diptych, I like the first one best. I think the contrast is more “immediate” than with the photo of the car seat. Also, in the second diptych the face of the boy in the red shirt doesn’t grab my attention as quickly as it does when it’s larger.

  • Stephen said on August 6, 2010

    Zack, do you take any photos that just looks like a snap shot? They all seem so good.

  • Michelle said on August 6, 2010

    Stop second-guessing yourself. On a gut level you know what you want. Trust yourself. :)

  • Dennis said on August 6, 2010

    Hey Zack,

    I attended your Dubai workshop (on location) and of the last three, I prefer #2 (IMG_2493c) by a long shot.
    I think it just works very well, and for me, personally, it most accurately resembles my memory of that day (and that street corner of Dubai.

    By the way, here’s a BTS shot I found of the rope workers shot. I guess our model did not make the cut 😉


  • zack said on August 6, 2010

    @Dennis – Hey Dennis! Yes… The model did not make the cut. It’s stronger with just the guys.

    How are things?


  • Dennis said on August 6, 2010

    Aaaand here’s the link as well:

  • Atldoc said on August 6, 2010

    You got the this time of year over there right. Nice shots. Makes me almost want to fly 14 hours and do a little shooting.

  • zack said on August 6, 2010

    @Nas – Less is more typically.

  • Ric said on August 6, 2010


    What about any of them, but with the picture of the guy driving, on the left side?

  • scott said on August 6, 2010

    Zach –

    Love the combination of facing pages with the car and the children on the sign post. However I feel that the relation and interaction between the two isn’t quite as in your face as it should be if printed on two pages with no explanation. I think the car and the image of the store with the car seat in a language other then english is a much stronger connection and will lead the viewer easier between pages. Either way all the shots are great – so wish i could take a trip there!!

  • Michael said on August 6, 2010

    Worried about the gutters? Try flushmount books. John Michael Cooper (Alt-F) did a Simple Video Minute about making them. Really cool stuff you could do. Nothing like it commercially. He was also selling a How-to DVD also. I still have a copy the SPM on my drive (somewhere) if you can’t find it on the web anymore.

    Basic visual guide for making them at

    This is only good if you want a few. You could always get a few more free interns…

    Great work.

    Thanks for CreativeLIVE.

  • Rob Ahern said on August 6, 2010

    I really enjoy hunting for your watermarks! its like an adventure in every photograph

  • Edwina Cottino said on August 6, 2010

    Zack, I am really no one to comment on a master like you! Having said that and living in the dust bowl which is Dubai with all its contrasts I think the following images tell your Dubai story best: IMG-1806_dyptyc, IMG_1763, IMG_1876b,ZD3_1919, ZD3_2030, the guy in his Lamborghini tells of the wealth and the kids although I also like the colors, the guy walking past is distracting for me. The pic with the seat cover I would never associate with your work! I like the arial stuff, but you see that a lot around here. Hope it helps.

  • Mike Wilson said on August 6, 2010

    Because you asked, I like the second of the three. I love tho contrast of class and age, but the similarity in that it’s all about play. Having the kids photo smaller with the white border just pulls my eye to it without overpowering the other image. It adds an extra element of contrast.

    Great set of images all-round, though the parking lot at dusk shot sticks out like a sore thumb. It just doesn’t engage me or grab me the way the others do, and I feel like I’ve seen that exact shot a million times. As you say “it’s a clunker so move it on out” :)

  • Neil said on August 6, 2010

    Hey Zack,

    Gee’s you have a ton of comments so not sure anymore is strictly necessary…will you even read them all?

    Anyway I’ll be brief. I’d drop the colour photos. The B&W stuff is much better, can’t explain why in a short sentence.

    The colour one of the boys is ok. I think it could still work as a B&W.

    The smart car and driver, nothing photo for me.

    Look forward to seeing you in London for your workshop.

  • pcolhouer said on August 6, 2010

    Definitely the kids for all the reasons stated above. I also like the subtle repetitiveness of the arrows in both photos as well as the directional force they create.

    As for portfolio books you should check out Adoroma’s Photo books (IMHO) Higher quality than Blurb also the spreads are mounted, scored and seemless (no gutter). Good luck nice work, PS your one light DVD changed my universe.

  • Senor D said on August 6, 2010

    Gotta say I like number 3, but I don’t particularly like that “matte” white space on the left, and having the right without it. My eyes really want it to be uniform. And, maybe its just personal preference, but I’ve always preferred a black matte to white.

    Zack I’ve also got a unrelated question: during CreativeLIVE you recommended white paper and even some sort of vinyl for a seamless, but you never mentioned fabric. Is fabric just too much hassle? I imagine one of the biggest reasons not to use it would be wrinkles.

  • Michal Fanta said on August 6, 2010

    My most favorite photo is the Burj Al Arab hotel fading in the mist.

    From the three lamborghini shots I like the second one. The layout kinda tells the story of growing up and getting a car, being successful etc.

    All around great work Zack. I am not a huge fan of the ZD3_1548 shot though. It is kinda pulling my attention off the Dubai theme.


  • f/8nate said on August 6, 2010

    as a heterosexual male who lives happily with a woman i must confess i am now filled with MAN LOVE for you sir. i have been following your blog since the creative live sessions but this just blows me away, im transported, absolutely enthralled, and feel very fortunate to be alive in the time of Zack. thanks man!

  • zack said on August 7, 2010

    @f/8nate – I’m glad to be alive in the time of Zack as well. :)

  • Dave Hodgkinson said on August 7, 2010

    As you go through these pictures do you feel any common thread between them? The contrast between rich and poor for example?

  • aileen said on August 7, 2010

    zack ~

    my husband too loves dubai, and in fact, he’s used the same words to describe, that something draws him there. he would love for us to move there… the family, not so much.

    of your shots, i love love love the B&Ws. truly just incredible shots. for your dilemma, btwn the 2 layouts of the boys and the car, i prefer the layout where the boy shot is framed in white. and, i prefer that layout to the layout with the seat and the car. for what it’s worth.

    and then i show your images to my kids to keep them occupied for 10 minutes while they look for your watermark. thank you for that. who does the creative placement? genius.


  • Scott Scully said on August 7, 2010

    Hi Zack,

    My subjective two pence worth:

    Keep img 1806, the subject contrast creates a lot of interest.

    Keep img 2009, the road system (lots of compositional interest with the swirling road patterns and it’s about transportation/development)

    Keep 2493d. Yes I get your connection between the reds and the blues, also the social link, I prefer this version as the framing is better and the subjects present themselves better.

    I’d say keep zd3_1418 but I’m a bit twitchy about your subject being ‘cut off’ at the waist.

    Img 1876b (the workers)has no referance point in the background, a building, anything would have put the scene in context. t needed grounding or something, just feels floaty and weird…

    I have a massive amount of respect for you and your work Zack (and I appreciate for these shots you must have had to use natural light and find the shots)but this collection of images are not generally up to your usual mind blowing standard. I say this with the greatest amount of respect.

    Kind Regards,


  • zack said on August 7, 2010

    @Scott – Thanks for the feedback sir. I appreciate it.

  • Gary Chartier said on August 7, 2010

    Zack, awesome job!!! Super images as always…. Btw when you shooting the video of your studio that you mention during creativelive… I been dying to see it….

  • Matt Leitholt said on August 7, 2010

    Zack, overall the images have a great feel to them. However, the woman in the car and the birds on the roof in the first series really jump out as not belonging in the series. They are good images, but they don’t relate to the rest of the series. If you have a sec I’d like to critique each others work. I know this seems Iike a lot to ask for, but I could really use it. Drop me a line. Thanks, Matt in Idaho.

  • Jim said on August 8, 2010

    Great photos, Zack. I really enjoyed the B&Ws.

    I didn’t get your diptych until I read your explanation. I thought you were trying to highlight the arrows in the signs?? Anyway, I just think there should be more of a dichotomy.

    Love your photography and your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences with the rest of us.

  • Jeff said on August 8, 2010

    Personal opinion. Don’t go with a blurb. The print quality was horrible. Went through 3 reprints before saying just give me the money back. Now, that being said I have seen beautiful printed books done for their trade show both. But that must be them actually paying attention to quality for the sake of the trade show.

    If I were to do it and not worried about cost. I’d print it to decent size (maybe 11×14 and then inset or something) on epson, like a fine art style paper, or something with a little texture, and then find someone that is like a local small run book binder, that would do some hand binding of the pages together for you. That could look really cool.

  • Judea Jackson said on August 8, 2010

    Hey Zack,
    awesome posting as usual. It is great to read that other, more established photographers have the same struggles and dilemmas as us noobs. I am really feeling the Dubai images, which surprised me because I’m not usually into the journalistic style. I think you have some sort of really cool subtext going, maybe something on environments and spaces. Personally I don’t really see 2069 making the cut though. Also, I like the car/kids combo, and the color sunset but I totally get your concerns about throwing off the flow. Maybe making them liner pages on the front and back of the book would work? Especially since they relate with the street lights and poles etc… Anyway, that is just all my humble but objective opinion. Thanks again for posting!

  • Alex said on August 9, 2010

    The B&W really fits well on those pictures.
    Amazing job !!
    Congrats !

  • Denver Wedding Photographer, JasonG said on August 9, 2010

    Zach… your black and whites are amazing! Love the clarity/contrast!

  • Jason Meaux said on August 10, 2010


    I find that the above pictures do have some clunkers, but I will save an in depth critique of those for post edit since they may no longer be clunkers at that particular point in time. I know a Newcastle or two and some tunes playing in the background have rescued some photos for me!

    Also, I would like you to know that my favorite images are…

    1. IMG_1806_diptyc – I find that I like the left image better (especially the effect one gets from the perfectly composed negative space), but I think that the two pictures represent opposing themes and can/do work well together.

    2. IMG_1763 – … uh… leave it alone in put it in your portfolio. Yes I think it is that great!

    3. IMG_2030 – This is my favorite of them all. Why? Because I find that one of your greatest, and most enviable, talents is how you are able to tell such detailed stories through your portraits. Much like IMG_1876b I see personalities, not just people. However, I think this image has the potential to go from a 9.2 to a full 10 if the white rubber stopper on the footing of the machine on the right is darkened! For some reason my eyes keep falling to that damn white stopper. I even asked my 4-year old to take a look and after 3 seconds she asked about the white thing. LOL. I still think this image is “worthy” but I would like to see it edited after darkening the stopper.

    Honorable Mention
    a) IMG_1876b – Potential to be remarkable if the guy on the right has the right side of his face fixed.
    b) IMG_2040 – Fantastic, but I feel as though I need just a little more detail.

    Thank you for asking for our opinions. It means a great deal to me knowing that you read these posts and consider our input valuable on some level. Furthermore, it speaks to your character. I think I may have to travel from the Louisiana coast to one of your workshops just to get 15 minutes of conversation with you at the mixer!

    Well done friend!


  • P said on August 10, 2010

    The image on the left (1806). Just beautiful…

  • Matt and Katie | Photographers said on August 10, 2010

    I prefer #2, but I’d be interested to see it with Lamborghini guy on the left and the kids on the right. That way in the spread Lamborghini guy would be looking right toward the kids, the kids are looking towards the viewer and the guy is walking/looking to the left. That creates a nice circular composition that connects both images and keeps the viewer bouncing from subject to subject across the whole spread.

  • Judy said on August 11, 2010

    I LOVE the one of the coast with the buildings! Their shadows are really what makes that shot. Great job.

  • Kevin Wrenn Photography said on August 12, 2010

    Zack this is some of your best work yet. I really love how this portfolio is coming together. Here’s a random question for you. How long does it take for you to watermark a typical set of images? I love how you do your watermarks and I considered doing something similar last year for about the first 10 minutes until I realized how prohibitively slow it would make my workflow. How many minutes would you say you spent on this post laying in and free transforming your watermarks? Part of the fun for me with you images though is trying to find them. It’s like Eye Spy :-)

  • zack said on August 13, 2010

    @Kevin – I spend too much time on the blog posts but I enjoy it. It’s actually going to be incorprated into our new branding if possible. I’d say I spend a minute or two water marking each image.


  • StefanosL said on August 15, 2010

    Amazing once again Zack. I loved each and every one of them.

  • edi said on September 6, 2010

    Amazing shots, especially 2040
    you’re a true inspiration

  • Pradeep said on September 20, 2010

    love this one IMG_1763.jpg completely!

  • Christian Anderl said on October 2, 2010

    i like #3 most … just hits my eye much better, even if kids are sweet

  • Nic said on October 4, 2010

    That’s some very evil huge dust speck in the lower right (upper right on most portrait shots) corner! Guess that’s just the way things go in that dustbowl Dubai!

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