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August 14, 2009 | • Resources

Yesterday’s blog post was the most rewarding, challenging, and thought provoking post I’ve had on this blog yet and it had nothing to do with me. It had everything to do with all of you. At the time of posting this entry there have been 180 comments in response to an email I received from a photographer named B.

The outpouring of response has been amazing to watch and had me calling my web host at one point yesterday so that we could allocate some more bandwidth to handle the traffic. All of you who have joined in on the discussion here and on Facebook have been amazing. You have brought so much heart and soul to the issue at hand. Thank you. You all make this blog what it is.

Meg and I spent the majority of our day yesterday managing the blog and reading all the replies that were coming in. So many of you are standing on that metaphorical dock wondering if you should jump and/or wondering when you will make that jump. There’s a big risk ahead of many of you and anxiety seems to be cornerstone on which we all build things in our life. Meg and I felt some need to do “something” in response. How could we help? How can we be of service? We are blessed and grateful for our ship that we have at sea. We know the thrills. We know the storms as well but we keep charging ahead. I seem to have stirred something up that needs a response. How do we respond?

Gracie started barking and our door bell rang and God showed up on our front door in the form of a soap salesman. I opened the door and was bombarded by a well crafted 100 MPH sales pitch and I knew immediately that he was the response to many of our thoughts and questions.

This goes out to everyone who fears your past. For everyone who wonders if you can make it. For everyone who hates your poor, lush, desk job that seems to suck the life out of you. Do you fear rejection? Make sure you watch the video above.

B. had quite a day yesterday. He wasn’t expecting a response to his email and he sure as heck wasn’t expecting it publicly. :) He made it through all of the comments last night and left one of his own. I’ll copy it here…

Firstly, thank you all. When I pressed ’send’ I imagined the most that would happen was that the e-mail would get glanced at, added to the pile of responses, and/or deleted. When I woke this morning to see a response I was hesitant. I did my morning things, saw the wife out the door and checked to see what the response was.

When I saw the words, “I’ve kind of replied here…” with a link to the blog I panicked. Really. All of the issues surrounding years of anxiety that I wrote, re-wrote, and parsed down to a few paragraphs reflected my current state of mind as it relates to my creativity and getting things done was now out there. I’d effectively been called out. I’m grateful.

I think there were 17 comments when I first checked, and I’d gotten through about half of them when I started to tear up. It got very real, and it got personal. I’d always taken an outside view of my anxiety, watching it from a distance. I’m now staring myself in the eyes and it’s harder than ever to keep from looking away. For the first time, though, I think I’m ready to dig deep and find that thing I thought I was missing.

I couldn’t keep up with the comments at work. It was too much and I didn’t want to have a repeat performance from the morning. It was eating me alive to know people were talking about my words, and my emotions, and I had to wait until I got home.

Well when I got home, and settled, I not only sat down to read every single comment, but visit every one of your blogs, websites, and portfolios if you happened to link them. I owe you all at least that much for your words, your solidarity, and your encouragement. Thank you all, so very much. I wish I could respond to every comment, but there were some specific ones I’d like to address.

H: Make that call. I’m positive I’m not the only one who would be happy to hear you did it.

Jaxun: I can say that in my case this has less to do with making money doing photography than it does with achieving some very specific goals. I have yet to move towards making them real. If I can make a living creating images, I’d be glad to do that too.

Ed: You have no idea how right you could be. Anxiety’s a b*%ch, and I’ve been escaping so much for so long I sometimes have trouble putting my finger on who I am anymore. This day’s given me a bit of courage to stop running and face the things I’ve been trying to get away from. It sounds sentimental and kind of lame, sure. It’s also the truth. The truth has a right to be kind of lame every once in a while. I think. It may not be photography (though I’d really like it to be) in the end, but I am ready to grind my teeth and do SOMETHING now.

So here I am at close to 3am and it’s been a long, surreal day. If I’m a wise person I’ll wake up tomorrow with some motivation to work towards my goals.

Thank you Zack. Thank you everyone who commented. It means a lot.

Thank you B. for having the courage to put it out there. And thanks to everyone who reads this blog and jumped into the conversation. All of you brought the goods for sure!So… What is Derrick saying to you? Let us know and let him know. Derrick and his family are signing on and reading the replies.ETA – Also let us know how we can serve you.



PS – On a technical note about the video :: As much as I love my D3, I sure as heck can’t snatch it out of the bag and grab an HD video with it. My video rig (tripod, mic, scrims, etc) was not all here at my house so this was just shot with a 5d MkII, 50mm lens (which kept fogging up in the humidity), and the on board mic. Not too shabby huh? It’s a great camera!

ETA – So many folks have expressed an interest to buy a bottle of soap from Derrick! We can’t get into the business of shipping soap and Derrick doesn’t so much as have an email address but I am in contact with him. If his story has inspired you then buy a “virtual” bottle of soap from him by making a donation! $1, $20, whatever. Let the door he knocked on here be the biggest sell he’s ever made!


  • josh said on August 14, 2009

    Another stellar video!

  • H said on August 14, 2009

    This video and Transfrom… I’m there. Today’s video brought me to tears. Thanks for what you do.

  • Al said on August 14, 2009

    Great video Zack and very inspirational. I’m curious though, did you buy any soap? :)

  • zack said on August 14, 2009

    @Al – Technically I bought 3 bottles from him but let him keep them in his stock so he could sell them again.

  • Jacy JoyPals said on August 14, 2009

    Another important message through this is that God blesses in many ways through many people in every circumstance of life and that touches us and reminds us that we have this common, we are special to God and others and need one another as people walking this journey of life and that produces a hope that “does not make us ashamed.” Thanks be to God.

  • Jay said on August 14, 2009

    Thanks Zack!
    That really made my day!
    Now I have a big smile on my face and a positive future to continue looking forward to!

  • Chad Wright said on August 14, 2009


  • Steve said on August 14, 2009

    I too have found that these last 2 days have been very rewarding. I came across the original “Transform” video while looking for more information on Kelby’s blog. Since watching the video, I have embedded it into my own site and have shared it with many of my friends. I now watch the video every time I feel that my effort is worthless. The anxiety that I feel when my wife and I talk about “getting the photography business” going feels less scary after watching the video. I find that I have courage to step off the dock even if only for a little bit.

    Today I take that courage and have an interview with a very large Park & Recreation district in my town to work as their dedicated photographer.

    Today I move away from my dock.

  • Michal F said on August 14, 2009

    Dear Zack,


  • Mark Hayes said on August 14, 2009

    Wow,Teachers are everywhere and so are lessons to be learned. Between yesterdays amazing replies and then this today….. Well I hope you at least bought some soap. :-)

  • Chris said on August 14, 2009

    Thanks Zack. The transform video and the conversation it has sparked actually prompted a conversation with my wife that we’ve needed to have for probably 2 years.

    I can totally relate to the content o f that video – but my time usually hits right at the peak of the busy season… I get tired and worn out and frustrated and hate everything I’ve done for the year.

    But just like Derrick said in this video, you have to look forward to the positive, just keep hitting the pavement. Dwelling on the past will only take you backwards. The future is the only thing we change!

  • Rick Wenner said on August 14, 2009

    It’s really amazing how some things happen in our lives. I’ve been working hard to try to go full time with my photography work, looking for inspiration everywhere I can (pro’s, websites, blogs, galleries, etc.). It really wasn’t until this past two weeks that I have really been kicked in the head to move forward. With my grandfather’s passing from cancer, it made me realize his work ethic throughout his life, to constantly push hard for what you want in your life. Then there’s Derrick, the soap salesman going door to door trying to sell you some soap for $20. Working hard for what he wants in life.

    Do what ya gotta do to make it happen.

  • Hillary Rees said on August 14, 2009

    You never cease to amaze.

  • John_Amunet said on August 14, 2009

    Wow. I didn’t reply anything to yesterdays post but after seeing this I just have to put out a small thank you. There never are coincidences then..

    I’m just making the leap to try to make a living off photography and I’ve been more than fearful of failure, letting down my wife, my family etc.

    This made me realize that the only failure that I really can have in life is that I get too afraid to jump on the one boat that I know will take me on a journey that is worth traveling.

    I’m gonna jump on that boat, and sink or float, I’m gonna keep going because even if there’s those 30 doors of no reward, there’s always that one door that makes it all worth it.

    Thank you Zack and thank you Derrick and even more thank you God for letting this man be a teacher to all of us.


  • Miko mi said on August 14, 2009

    Talk about serendipitous timing that Derrick should ring your bell yesterday. Thanks for sharing all of this over the last couple days.

    Really impressed that you’re using your space like this and really touched by all those who’ve been part of the dialogue.

  • Miko mi said on August 14, 2009

    Talk about serendipitous timing that Derrick should ring your bell yesterday. Thanks for sharing all of this over the last couple days.

    Really impressed that you’re using your space like this and really touched by all those who’ve been part of the dialogue.

  • Dana Ross said on August 14, 2009

    Zack and Derrick.. you both are the epitome of how trials and circumstances morph into dreams, visions and goals, and then ultimately lead to victories and great humility! I applaud both of you, and am honored to have you, Zach, as an (internet) friend, and, Derrick, to have you as a friend in heart, knowing that even through all of your hell, you can now reach out, touch a heart and inspire others to reach their goals.

    Best of luck, Derrick! We stand in support with you and for you.. Come to Florida, and I’ll buy a few bottles, too! :)

    Thank you, Zack and Meghan, for helping us along this path we call life. May I share this?

  • Frank Weichmann said on August 14, 2009

    WOW! I mean really wow. Where can I get a bottle? Least I could do in exchange for the lesson. WOW

  • Catalina said on August 14, 2009

    I have goosebumps. I felt like he was talking to me. OMG.

  • Phil said on August 14, 2009

    Hi Zack,

    Just as much as Transform, thanks for this amazing video. You, as well as Derek have touched me greatly.

    When I hear stories like his, or stories like yours, I wonder, how will I make it? What will be my story? Let me explain…

    You haven’t had your road to success paved with smooth asphalt, but probably the worst dirt road with holes and gravel, from what I have been able to read up or hear about you. But, you’ve finally made it. Then I hear about Derek’s story, which is truly inspirational. A hard past, with struggles just like you, different ones, but his struggles. He hasn’t reached his MAIN goal yet, but I’m positive he will make it, I wish him the best.

    So, then I look at my life so far, and I look for my “epic” story, my harsh past and struggles, building my road to success (still not there yet)… but I find nothing.

    Everyone with success has this story of how they made it, their downfall and then they how they rose up again. I wonder, does it mean if I haven’t had my fair of struggles that I won’t make it?

    I understand making it is a struggle itself, but everyone struggles to reach success not matter the career. What I mean is struggles besides the marketing, the scheduling, planning, long working hours…etc.

    Yet I know better, because a great photographer once said “Why on God’s green earth do we have this sickness to compare ourselves to others”. Yet, I still do it.

    I don’t know if this reflection makes any sense (I didn’t re-read it), but many people have been sharing with us their feelings, so I thought I might as well spit something out as well.

    I just want MY story…

  • Tasra Dawson said on August 14, 2009

    Ah. mazing. Zack and Meg, you guys are changing live… changing lives, bolstering hearts, and showing us how it’s done.

    What a gift you shared with us. What a gift Derrick shared with you. Keep changing the world.

  • Jeniel Corpuz said on August 14, 2009

    Derrick you are a true inspiration.

    Your action is speaking louder your words.

    Thanks for you testimony brother.

    God Bless.

  • Lisa Russo said on August 14, 2009

    Damn. That rocked. Thank you so much for sharing that, Zack and Meg (and Derrick!).

  • Michael Gowin said on August 14, 2009

    A brilliant bit of serendipity, yes?

    Zack, Derrick, B, and everyone else who’s trying to get somewhere, find and read a copy of Richard St. John’s “Stupid, Ugly, Unlucky, and Rich.” RSJ interviewed 500-some successful people from business, politics, entertainment, sports to find out how they got where they did. Success isn’t easy for anyone but this book reveals the 8 qualities shared by these folks, among them: passion, hard work, persistence, and constant improvement. It’s an inspiring and insightful read:

    Cheers, and best to you all. Thanks, Zack, for giving so much to the community.

  • Elizabeth Bowdren said on August 14, 2009

    Zach you are given this supreme gift of not only being a phenomenal photographer, but of a teacher, facilitator and inspiration as well. Not many big time photogs such as yourself can actually bring yourself to the level at which we are residing in these blog posts.
    I feel so humbled. I feel so shaken up. Thea tears of recognition are streaming into a pond. It has been my mirror today and yesterday. I feel so similar and familial to this extraordniary man. Just imagine how often HE gets rejected and yet he doesn’t focus on it. He smiles and brings THAT smile to the next one. Amazing. I am Completely and utterly blown away. We’ve all been a part of something incredible and divine. Thanks Zach for having an open door for this forum on it as well as your OWN front door to God’s plans and beautiful interventions.

  • Leeann Golish said on August 14, 2009

    Fantastic video, Zack. Amazingly motivational. I am one who is working to get myself moving, and it’s hard each and every day to know where the right direction is. Perhaps Derrick is wiser than most of us. We don’t know where it’s going, but we have to have faith and work hard to get to the happiness we desire.

  • allan branch said on August 14, 2009

    Amazing. How can I purchase some of his product? I would like to help.

  • Dave said on August 14, 2009

    Great storytelling. It takes stories like these to remind us how fortunate some of us are. We forget that some things worth having are worth working hard for. Doesn’t matter if it’s your dream job or dream home, it takes time, persistence, dedication and hard work. Even though I know this, it doesn’t make it any easier. Life is hard, and along the way we gain experience and hopefully learn from our mistakes. Yes, we will fall and fail. But to loosely quote a line from a movie, “Why do we fall? So that we can pick ourselves back up.”

    Zack, thanks for a couple days of inspiring thoughts. You’ve given me a lot to think about, but first I need to give myself an assignment for today.

  • Jeremy said on August 14, 2009

    Great video, Zack. Amazing how when you just sit back and look for an answer how it just falls in your lap like this some times. I started reading through the comments yesterday, but didn’t make it very far.

    I too sometimes feel like I’m sitting on the dock. Not only with my “in the future” photography career, but with my current “full-time” job, with other goals like getting in shape, eating right, paying down debt and putting money in savings. Just have to to keep your spirits up and keep “knocking on the next 30 doors” hoping to sell that bottle in order to reach your goal. No matter your situation, there is someone looking to you as an inspiration, as a teacher.

    I am blessed that I have a wonderful woman in my life who helps me keep knocking, and then I get to return the favor for her.

    Thanks for posting this.

  • monyeen said on August 14, 2009

    I read yesterday’s (although not all of the comments) and today, watching that video, wow! very cool. God is amazing.

    Thank you, ZA!
    Enjoy your day.

  • Jeremy said on August 14, 2009

    Zack…how many bottles of soap did you buy??
    I would like to buy a bottle to thank Derrick for his words!

  • Simon said on August 14, 2009

    Great film, thank-you. I hope this leads to great things for Derrick, I have a feeling it will.

    Zack & Meg – you rule!

  • chelo said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you for this. When those feelings come up of being worthless, a loser, an embarrassment- I’ll remember this.

  • Jeremy Corbin said on August 14, 2009

    He was talking to me, and you, and everyone else that’s fighting to get things done. I fear rejection just like everyone else. My defeatist outlook on things has been holding me back from thriving, to the point where if I don’t get this act…No… MY act together I may actually end up in jail because I put stuff off for too long. Not even because I’m a bad person, but because I can’t handle the responsibilities that are put in front of me. I can make the excuse that I don’t have the money to pay my bills, to handle my responsibilities, to feed my family… I can use that excuse because I really don’t have the money. I’m scraping by every day and trying to work hard… But am I really doing everything I can to pull myself out of this pit and begin to thrive? No, I’m not. Why? I’m scared that the people in charge of this situation will simply bash on my soul again (it’s a custody/support matter. I’ve appealed their decisions 9 times in the past 3 years, and they reject my appeal every time before a judge even hears it.) At this point, I’m afraid that I’ll never even make it to the wharf, let alone the dock I need to be on. I’m afraid that I’m going to lose my family because I can’t fix this… But WHY can’t I fix this? Even if you made it through 30 houses to get the one person that finally listens… That’s success!… frankly, I’ve have no success in trying to fight these demons off… I’m afraid I’m going to lose everything. What are people going to think of me? Why am I writing this? I have no idea…maybe just saying it out loud will help pick me up again.

  • Tilman said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, what a great video, very inspirational! And of course it makes you think…
    I’m still reading through the comments of yesterday’s post, but I have to say that these 2 posts are not only inspiring, but as well mind opening.
    I’m still sitting at the dock, but I guess once I finished reading all of yesterday’s comments and watch Derrick again, I might be ready to jump…
    Thank you for sharing B’s email and Derrick’s video with us!

  • Sarah @MainlineMom said on August 14, 2009

    Blew my mind. Made me cry. I don’t think I’m sitting on the dock right now, but I know so many people are and so many people struggle with anxiety and fear of rejection. I don’t, but I am forever grateful when I hear a story like Derrick’s…and hear someone articulate what I wish I could convey to everyone! Like him, I don’t believe in luck, or coincidence. God ordains the people I meet and speak to each day. I work hard to have a positive spirit, and so often I forget and start running on auto-pilot. Thanks so very much, Derrick, and Zach, for the reminder this morning! Work HARD, people…keep AT IT! It’s so worth it.

  • Alison said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, I can’t begin to tell you how this video and B’s letter got to me. They cut to a place in me that hurts. Seeing the responses here and reading how many of us are in this place is astounding.

    So many things that Derrick said struck a chord with me. He mentioned using a slump as an excuse not to go on and that’s something that I battle with daily. I find myself using my fear as a crutch and an excuse to keep my life on pause. At the end of the day though, I’m not even sure what I’m really afraid of.

    Thanks for putting this out in the world and for helping so many of us face ourselves and our fears.

  • Brian Davis said on August 14, 2009

    Great video.

    It’s great that we have some people in this world with such a positive outlook like Derrick. It has to be some divine intervention given the fact that he showed up on your doorstep spreading his message like that.

    I think it’s also great how some people are such powerful humanitarians like you are Zack. Thanks for helping others with such inspirational and powerful posts.

  • johnwaire | photo said on August 14, 2009

    i hate that this video is blocked at my day gig. F*%K!

    i will be checking it out this evening. i can imagine how good it is based on the comments and the text of your post above.

    keep on trucking!

  • Emily Johnson said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you Zack and Derrick for sharing this. Sometimes we all need that reminder that everyone has hard times and has to push hard and keep on pushing to make their dreams happen. It takes time, patience, and a whole lot of work. Derrick said that no matter what state your in, there is someone who looks up to you and wants to be like you. I look up to Derrick because of his positive outlook on the future and his efforts to make it happen, and will think of him when I start to get down and think “this is too hard”, “I’ll never make it”, or “I am not good enough”.

    I think if you get Derrick’s info you should set up a paypal account that we can contribute to for him to help make his dream happen. Just a thought.

  • Jason said on August 14, 2009

    That is a simply amazing video. I will be sharing this with many people today.

  • Scott Meade said on August 14, 2009

    Wow. Just wow. Derrick needs to get on the speaking circuit – seriously.

  • Tom McKenzie said on August 14, 2009

    Thank-you. This comes at a perfect time for me.

  • Rhonda said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you so much for making this Zack. Derrick is such an inspiration. I too was moved by yesterday’s blog post. I identified with a lot of B’s feelings as well as the thoughts in the comments. However, instead of joining in the conversation by adding my own comment, and thereby forcing myself to really face and pinpoint my fears/concerns/issues, I didn’t. It was easier not to comment. It’s always easier not to comment, or get involved or take the first step. If you don’t, you can’t fail.

    After seeing Derrick’s motivation and drive, the goals he has and his positive outlook (at a job I think most of us would consider to be the bottom of the barrel) I am amazed and humbled. If he can go door to door with a smile on his face in the August heat of ATL to sell soap because it slowly brings him closer to his bigger goal, what the hell do I have to complain about? This man, from his past decisions, already faces so many challenges in order to achieve the kind of life he desires, and yet he’s out there, pounding the pavement, doing something to help him get there.

    Relatively speaking, I have no major challenges (except my own fears and laziness). I want to be a photographer, yet I’ve been so concerned with doing things the wrong way or trying something and failing that I’ve done nothing. To look at that objectively both horrifies and disgusts me. I have found something I love to do, something I want to be successful at, and yet I’ve done very little about it. Derrick gets it, why don’t I?

    Derrick’s been to the bottom, and is moving and working hard to get back up to the top. I’ve never been to the bottom, but for some reason have been OK with hanging out in the middle. I’m comfortable in the middle, where I have a dream and a casual goal, but haven’t really made a real effort to move on it. I don’t want to be comfortable and in the middle anymore. I want to be moving. I desire to be moving up to the top, but you know what, moving in either direction is better than being stagnant. Doing anything, even failing miserably at a small attempt, is better than hanging back in the shadows watching everyone else and waiting.

    Thank you Derrick and Zack for the figurative slap in the face. It’s time to get a move on.

  • Ed Z said on August 14, 2009


    that’s quite inspiring.

    Makes me kind of ashamed at getting frustrated by the comparatively minor setbacks life throws at me…

  • scott neumyer said on August 14, 2009

    Amazing video, man. Where can we buy some soap from this cat?

  • Cindy Shaver said on August 14, 2009

    WOW WOW WOW, First, I hope you bought some soap! I told the story of yesterday’s letter and this answer from God with tears in my eyes. I think our God is so amazing to work in our lives and give us help in times of need. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing this in such an effective way with all of us!

  • John Shim said on August 14, 2009

    I felt like the timing of this video was unreal. Just recently I’ve been faced with some real discouragement from some close friends who questioned why I was doing what I was doing (with my photography). Needless to say I was angry but now feel quite discourage and want to just put my camera up. I mean, I must be crazy because I want to practice and get better at what I do.

    This video gave me hope… to not fear the backlash from what I do… to move forward and look ahead at all the great things that are in stored.

    Thanks again for the inspiration (Zack, Meg, and Derrick).

  • Ron Dawson said on August 14, 2009

    This video spoke to me in ways I can’t even begin to express. Thanks so much Zack for taking the time to listen to Derrick. To not shoeing him away. For not just opening the door, but opening the conversation, and getting him “off script” to open his heart.

    Thank you Derrick for sharing what you’ve done in life. If you come to the blog and read this comment, please call me. 404-368-7336.

  • Tim Rogan said on August 14, 2009

    I’ll never look at the door-to-door folks the same way again.

  • Ashley said on August 14, 2009

    What a story. I have been so blessed by these 2 posts. Zack thank you for these.

  • Greg said on August 14, 2009

    Brilliant! I can’t even tell you how relevant this is to me right now. Thanks for the inspiration…

  • olivia said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, I’m speechless … Just want to say thanks for putting it out there, and thanks to Derrick, thanks to all the readers yesterday for their wise words in the comments and to B for starting us down this path. Wow, wow, wow.

  • olivia said on August 14, 2009

    @Rhonda — go for it!

  • Laura Geraci said on August 14, 2009

    That was awesome. Thank you!

  • Susan said on August 14, 2009

    This put all my pieces together. I’ve been having sparks and illuminations about my path for weeks; peoples’ opinions, occurrences, right down to a bible verse. And this…this was the tie-in.

    I’m in tears…because I’ve been so angry and so frustrated. And while my project is going to cause me to beat back my worst fears and insecurities…isn’t that what will make worth it?

    My project…well…it’s going to remain quiet for a moment.

  • brian Palmer said on August 14, 2009

    Big Ups to Derrick! That was unreal how things like this can happen, and if your not receptive to them you can miss out. If B didn’t send the email, if Zack didn’t post it, if we didn’t follow Zack, If Derrick never committed a crime, if he never tried to better himself, if the 5D II didn’t shoot video! 😉 The last one was only in jest.

    I can’t tell you how much you posting this has done for me, these past few days I have been getting closer and closer to the edge of MY dock. I’m prepping my boat, and getting ready to knock some doors.

    Zack, You have to realized what you did for Derrick as well as us. This is one small goal that will go towards him accomplishing his dreams. And it’s awesome that you “bought” the three bottles, as he is hard working. You know the photog B. asked how do you get up and “do it?” B start knocking on doors! I’m going to start.

    When I was in high school I didn’t do the best, had no real plans beyond graduating. I had a teacher thought who told our class that “successful people make goals and write down their dreams.” That way things they want to do stays fresh in their mind and when an opportunity presents itself your receptive to it. I know sounds good but “so what, I want to be a photog like Zack the them, I got a camera how much more receptive do I need to be?”

    Well, I wanted to go to Japan, learn Japanese, speak, write, and all that. And trust me, in the late 90’s all I heard was “Black people don’t just go to Japan or learn Japanese” and I believed it. But I wanted to go none the less. I had no money [really nooooo money!], no Japanese friends in Akron Ohio, had no ideal how to get there, couldn’t even imagine it, just failed out of college, lost my job, no car, and started working at a factory to make ends meat. I got a piece of paper out and wrote on it, go to Japan! then I started writing out goals to learn Japanese (short term), taped it to my bedroom wall. Honestly, I still didn’t believe it would ever happen. At first I would go to Boarder and read Learn Japanese books because I could afford them, after a saved a little and caught up on bills one pay check I bought a new learn Japanese book, or a CD to play, then another, soon I started downloading Japanese music, slowly I got the nerve to go into yahoo chat room with people from Japan. Got Pen Pals through the mail! After about a year of this I had made friends, one of my learn Japanese through comics book had a California travel agency that specialized in Cheap tickets to Japan from LAX, (Lax – Osaka $349 rt!)I called them up ask for the info. Emailed my friends in Japan asked where is the best place to stay. Some offered their house others recommended Bed and Breakfasts, booked a ticket from Ohio to Lax, and another from LAX to Osaka Japan, I have to sleep over night at the airport because I got into LA so late and the other plane left at 10 am.

    BUT, I made it to Japan! Holy Crap I made it to Japan!!! I went back and forth all the time after that because it was easy after the first trip, found deals every where! Had a rap group over there, hundreds of friends, and the most fun of my life. All goes back to listening to one geometry teacher. THAT’S How you go and “DO IT!” slow of fast it will take time. But you have to do it!

    Sorry so long. B- hit me up [], I’m not a pro or anything heck I just got my site up and that took over a year with lots of wasted money, but it’s up. But I know what your feeling and I can help you make some realistic goals. I’m a husband, father, and 9-5er, and a real person on the dock. Sorry it’s so long. Thanks Zack!

  • Milton said on August 14, 2009


    These past 2 days have opened both my eye’s and heart of my future. I have a website I was planning on finishing, now I will take the time, I wanted to start a 365 project, now I will!

    I need to put pen to paper and put a plan together.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  • selina maitreya said on August 14, 2009

    Wonderful Zack, thank you.
    Heres what I got:
    Meeting people, going door to door (or in the case of photographers office to office) can be a wonderful experience our Soap God learns from others, is grateful to those he meets who offer advice, ITS HIS ATTITUDE THAT ROCKS, His humility. So fellow bloggers, support is great but can become a trap. Stop all the woe is me , be grateful for what you have , and accept your work with grace, diginity and JOY! Lets honor the Soap God !

  • Brooke Snow said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you. I have goose bumps and a happier attitude than I did 15 minutes ago. Thanks to you and to Derrick for sharing.

  • Takki said on August 14, 2009

    That was truly God at work! What an amazing story! Derrick – your going to find your way and your dreams will come true! Pls. continue to tell your story. What you have to say is so important and thanks to Zack that he gave you this amazing platform! Pls. continue to tell your story, I want to hear it, cause there is so much power in it, so much inspiration and truth and wisdom in your words, thank you Derrick!!! God bless you !!!!

  • deb schwedhelm said on August 14, 2009

    you amaze me zack. derrick amazes me. the pair of you had me in tears. i am inspired me beyond words. will be sharing on my blog once again. i hope that you have derrick’s email or phone number and can share with him how much he has touched so many. or hopefully he knows your site and can read for himself how many people he has touched. thank you both…for your brilliance and inspiration.

  • G said on August 14, 2009

    God bless Derrick – he will go far. I want to buy some soap! How do we do it? Thanks for another amazing video.

  • deb schwedhelm said on August 14, 2009

    p.s. your two videos should be shared at every convention everywhere. spread around the world!

  • Jon said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you.

  • Scott Statson said on August 14, 2009

    Zack – Excellent stuff! The good Lord talks to us through many things and many people – we are often too busy to slow down and listen. You have shown us through Derrick that we need to listen and pay attention. Even someone who knocks at our door and “interrupts” our life – to “sell” us something is really bringing us something.
    Thanks for posting this! Great work my friend!

  • Thomas TC said on August 14, 2009

    Another beautiful post. Thank you, all of you.

    I’m thinking that maybe it would be a good idea to make a list of the good stuff in your life. Like:

    1. Got wonderful wife
    2. Got wonderful kids
    3. Have cool camera

    Or even:

    1. Not in jail any more
    2. Meets interesting people
    3. Seldom goes to bed hungry
    4. There another day and another chance tomorrow

    Something to look at when, you feel the dark clouds gathering. When you have knocked on to many doors without selling. When even the smallest sub-goal seems unreachable.

    Now, JUMP!

  • robin said on August 14, 2009

    Speechless and in tears.

    Thank you.

  • Tom K. said on August 14, 2009

    I would buy a ton of soap from this fine gentleman. His attitude and outlook are inspiring.

    I’m hoping this video goes ultra viral and some smart company hires Derrick. He’s going places.

  • Scott Benjamin said on August 14, 2009

    Very thankful I took the time today to spend here with you and your friends. I am deeply encouraged and thankful to know you Zack, you have a gift and gifts are meant to be given, you gave to me today.

    I hope we can connect in person some time soon, I am back in GA after a short (2 year) stint in TX. Blessings! sb

  • Jonathan Martinez said on August 14, 2009

    Knock knock people! Have faith and the rest will come.

    Amazing video for believers and non believers in Christ.

    Thanks for sharing Zack Attack.


  • Otto Rascon said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you so much for creating and posting this video. Your giving spirit is so needed and so amazing. Derrick is a Godsend for all of us, what perfect timing. I think that I tend to run away from hard work, from knocking on 30 doors. But I am learning that is what it takes. Rock on Zack! You are amazing.

  • Henrik Bengtsson said on August 14, 2009

    Absolutely amazing! The ammount of inspirational teachings shown in only 2 blogposts, a few videos and a whole lot of feedback comments is absolutely amazing.

    It has inspired me to kick off, go forth and start working for me instead of inspite of me =)

    Thank you Zack, Thank you B, thank you Derrick and thank all of the people commenting. You guys rock!

    And Zack, all the material, thoughts and discussions you have here could become an awesome series of lectures or even a book. Maybe you, B and Derrick could go on an inspirational tour?

    Cheers from Sweden!

  • Dana~from chaos to Grace said on August 14, 2009

    God is simply mind-blowing!

    Thank you, Derrick for allowing him to take the video in the first place.

    Thank you, Zack, for having the insight and soft heart to allow God to speak to US through this! You and Meg are wonderful and I enjoy your blog so much!

    I loved when he said we just keep on doing GOOD. Gosh…I really liked that guy. And I never forget to offer the door-to-door guys something to drink. 😉

    So if I am never that famously rich, wonderful photographer that everyone wants to shoot their family portraits and makes tons of money, I’m ok with that. I think God gave me this gift for something else entirely: shooting those that would normally never have the good portraits. The single mother dying of cancer wanting only a family portrait for her kids to remember her by, the missionaries that have to rely on funds from people that have no idea the hard work and struggles they face outside our country, the seniors that cannot afford portraits, the small churches struggling to grow but still have a message to share, and the women in the domestic violence shelter that would never normally have gorgeous prints of their miracle babies.

    I’ll shoot what I can and know that God is providing the funds to shoot the IMPORTANT things. I trust Him.

    Thank you, Zack, for redirecting my heart to what is more important: following God’s voice and direction.

  • Christopher Bloor said on August 14, 2009

    The first time I jumped out of an airplane, I forgot to pull the shoot. Literally…..I am falling at 180mph and the ground is coming at me so fast and I can’t even remember to pull the ripcord to save myself. Finally, my teacher pulled it for me.

    Once I was on the ground safely, I asked him why I forgot to pull the cord. He said there was too much information rushing through my brian, all new. And that I could not think fast enough to keep up with the information.

    For the first time since that event, I felt like that again watching Derrick. I would lying if I didn’t say that there were tears in my eyes. I was simply overwhelmed. When it was done, I just sat there and stared at the screen. I went back to yesterday’s blog and reread B’s note and the comments around it. I then read today’s post again. My brian is still rushing.

    I know that I will watch it again and I know that I will learn from it. More and more each time.

    Zack, if you find Derrick, tell me. I will buy his soap. Not just one or a few, but a few dozen. I will drive down to DeKalb and meet him where ever.

    Thanks to you and Meg for what you do. Sometimes we need the Derrick’s in our life to show us the way. Even when we don’t know that we are lost.

  • Pat said on August 14, 2009

    Derrick, Thank you for being you & thank you for telling me things I needed to be reminded of. You are truly a beautiful person.

    Zack, I wish I could tell you what a difference you’ve made in my life & in my work since I first saw that amazing Kelby video. Of course if I could, you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway. So I’ll just have to go with “Thank You”. (Actually that’s “Thank You” with an exclamation point.)

  • Rene Miranda said on August 14, 2009

    What a lesson.
    Thank you Derrick

    Thank you Zack, Meg, and Gracie for inviting God into your lives.

  • oubonphommavong said on August 14, 2009

    ok, so i am balling my eyes out right now. only because i really needed all of this.

    thank you zack. thank you B. and thank you Derrick.

    Derrick was the icing on the cake.

    there are just no words to describe how grateful i am for all of this…


  • Riz Crescini said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you again and again and again. That’s really all I can write because I’m blown away by God’s grace shown through you and Derrick.

  • Paul C said on August 14, 2009

    The big man works in mysterious ways – this is probably the best example of that I’ve seen.

    Does Derrick sell his soap online? I’m down for a bottle.

  • Brent Clarke said on August 14, 2009

    Wow. Isn’t God so good!! I mean you get hooked up with Derrick, he gets hooked up with you, and then we all get hooked. What a master plan! Thanks for the share and for the service Zack. If you do get contact info on Derrick would you post here and on Facebook please. I gotta get a bottle of soap, I think it will have more meaning than that first dollar I earned. Blessings.

  • Michael Shivers said on August 14, 2009

    I actually wanted to write something yesterday (i started but didn’t send) but while thinking about my life and career, I thought about a bill that I had to deal with. So I stopped writing and started calling about the bill. Turns out, I didn’t owe anything and they charged me too much and they are going to send me a check in the mail. I was so excited to hear that news that it just transformed my day. B’s post yesterday and your thoughts and comments about it got me thinking about life. It then got me thinking of my responsibilities- my house, my relationship with my wife, kids and bills. That one bill had been hanging over my head for a week and then when I dealt with it, I was given a pleasant surprise. It’s like jumping of the deck, when you deal with it and it happens, you are given a pleasant surprise.

    It seems too that yesterday’s post and today’s video has hit in a perfect time. I love video production and photography. I’m trying to find my ground in both. I want to do both. I have more experience and success in video production, but I keep coming back to photography and wanting to succeed in that too. I get scared that I am trying too much, spreading myself too thin, but I know I have it in me. I’ve got to keep on shooting, keep on working hard.

    Zack I want to thank you for having the heart to touch on this meaningful subject. Thank you for posting this video today and staying up late last night editing. (that’s no small feat). Instead of posting a technique of how to use One Light, you are posting on something so much more powerful and meaningful. Faith.

    take care,

  • Ricky RLP Graphics said on August 14, 2009

    hey does home boy sell on line? well thanks a lot for the video its motivating. It truely moved me because it reminded me where i come from, and what i want and where i want to be. thank you Zack and thank you Derrick for saying what most of us need to hear.

  • Samantha said on August 14, 2009

    Isn’t it amazing that when we’re looking for answers (to our own insecurities or how to help lift up other people) God graces us with the help we need? And with the ability to recognize it!

    Zack, thank you for the last 2 days and for being open enough to recognize the lessons that a stranger on your doorstep had to offer.

    Derrick, thank you for speaking openly with a bunch of strangers and sharing your story. Best of luck to you – I have a feeling you’re going to accomplish your goals and more!

  • Ron Warren said on August 14, 2009

    The message is terrific. And how insightful of you to think of making the video?

    On a slightly cynical note, I have to ask, did you buy the soap?

    Zack, thanks for for all the thoughtfulness and humor you put into the blog, the critiques, and the videos. Keep it up!

  • Dawn B said on August 14, 2009

    Amazing, we have all been blessed by this. Thank you so much for all you do and share with us Zack!

  • Tom Q said on August 14, 2009


    This is amazing. You should have Derrick do a number of videos for you and ask for donations online which would go directly to him. I would be more than happy to donate.

    Tom Q

  • Shane Savage said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, Thanks again for another insprational video.

  • keith said on August 14, 2009

    maybe next time i’ll give the door to door sales folks a better chance. nicely done video zack, great message & inspiration.

  • antonio carrasco said on August 14, 2009

    thank you for the inspirational video.

  • Jameson Abart said on August 14, 2009

    Thanks for sharing. This reminds me to be grateful for where I’m at and gives me the inspiration to continue moving forward.

  • Smitty said on August 14, 2009

    Wow Zack! Powerful couple of days. Alot to think about…thanks for sharing and being a vessel and a blessing!


  • Alice said on August 14, 2009

    Beautiful. Thank you for seeing the lesson when many of us would have just closed the door.

  • Mark Moser said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you.

    ..thank you.

  • Squeeker said on August 14, 2009

    This is an amazing video! It’s interesting how the timing worked out too! Like he was sent to your door so you could show us all how much we have in common!


    Thank you so much for spending a few extra minutes with Zack and sharing your story. I know that so many of us can identify with your plight! You’ve just gotta get out there and keep on keepin’ on! It’s not always gonna be easy, but it’s worth it in the end to follow your heart. My parents always told me growing up to aspire to do anything my heart desires and the money will come. It’s a motto I strive to live by. Keep following your dream! =)


    I heard so many people say that you’re either a photographer or a videographer. You can’t be both. Well… I think you’re another case to the contrary. =) Sometimes you’ve just got talent! Thanks for sharing all this. It’s so easy when you’re just starting out “professionally” to get discouraged and bogged-down or depressed and think, “why am I doing this? I should just hang it up!” But you inspire everyone to continue on – have hope and courage to pursue those dreams! =)

    THANKS TO YOU BOTH for sharing this!!!!!

    Also, the 5D MarkII is fantastic! =) Just love the videos I’ve seen people making with it.

  • Kim Bradford said on August 14, 2009

    I am a different person for watching that video! Thank you Derrick and Zack!
    And Derrick ~ Please move to SC to do my sales sessions for me!! :)
    I too would love to donate!!

  • matt s. said on August 14, 2009

    What Derrick said is the absolute truth. I spent 2 years knocking doors and while it sucked sometimes, the joy of success eclipsed any failures.

    It’s made me who I am today. Thank you to Derrick for reminding me. Thank you to Zack for recognizing this and sharing with us.

    I am humbled once again by your genius.

  • Kriea said on August 14, 2009

    Amazing…Thank you

  • Jason Kolsch said on August 14, 2009

    Crazy amazing, zack you put out the greatest content… this thread, the entire story is amazing.

  • Shannon said on August 14, 2009

    Actions Determine Direction!

  • H said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, amazing! Again. it’s just whoa. I can’t tell you how this one hits the home.

    Again, did you hear me I MADE THE CALL! It’s a new step for me, it’s forward from here on, B, Derek, Zack. BDZ! THank-you!

    Hey, where can I buy a bottle from Derek? I’de like to match Zack at 3, and let him keep it as well.

    Singin that song was just great, what a laugh I got. He would have sold me, I’ve never ever bought anything from my door and Derek, would have sold me in a heart beat!

    I just feel so happy.

    Thanks again.

    As for B, I’de love to hear from him again and see how he’s gotten off the dock in the future! Keep us updated!

  • LAJ said on August 14, 2009

    Having been pointed to this post by a fellow photographer in yet another photo forum, and not having seen the Transform video and subsequent comments that led to this post and new video, it was a lot to backtrack thru, but I’m glad I did. I won’t repeat what so many others have so eloquently stated on my behalf (yet I probably will), I, too, have struggled for years with the notion of not being good enough to jump off the dock and give up the safety net of a 9-to-5 job for this crazy little unpredictable hobby-wannabe-profession called photography, but perhaps not so ironically, I find the entire discussion applicable to any creative endeavor, really, such as the writing I’ve always wanted to do, as well. Perhaps that’s why my on again/off again flirtation with maintaining a POD blog has somehow morphed into a POD/TOD (tale of the day?) blog focusing on the decidedly NON-technical aspects of photography and the sheer adventure of taking pictures. I don’t follow any blogs other than those of my photographer friends because it tends to eat up way too much of my limited time that could be better spent MAKING pictures, and the inevitable comparisons with others’ work ends up causing so much self-doubt that it sucks the joy out. One almost needs to turn insular and self-protective in order to guard against it, but I am glad I saw this post about Derrick. Even if Derrick can use soap to build up to his dream of becoming a real estate mogul (and I have no doubt that he’ll do it!), I can use my Agaverotica to… well… uh… create more Agaverotica and be happy with my own little niche in the world, even if it doesn’t buy me a botanical garden of my own some day [click my name to see what this all means]. What’s the moral of this story? I have no idea – like the rest of you, I don’t have it all figured out yet.

  • Charles Conner said on August 14, 2009


    I just stumbled upon your original video post on struggling with down times.

    Both the videos are great as far as content and production, but what really stands out is that you have a lot of heart. Both you and your wife seem willing to share your love with others. Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

    Peace be with you.


  • Ben said on August 14, 2009

    This is a true demonstration of synchronicity. Thank you so much for this video, Zack!

  • JP Sevillano said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, This is totally amazing.
    it’s a blessing to everyone who is a begginer in the biz as well as pros.
    For me a newbie, to see how a pro goes thru dark moments and times of doubt put us all in the same level.
    I’m so thankful for your original video and most important you followed up.
    Def. makes us realize that we just got to keep on pushing. Why give up?
    As Derrick said. “We have a responsibility” and will not give up cause someone else is looking up to us. “We are not living for ourselves” but we are light to some body outhere.
    thanks Zack, you know, i was feeling the same way but with all these i’m not giving up.

    Derrick – God Bless, wish you the best and hope your dreams come true.

    Keep it up.
    I will “Pay it Forward”

    PS – You know, you guys just remind me of the song “This Little Light Of Mine…”

    Thanks for sharing your light.

  • shauna said on August 14, 2009

    I like to think I am
    on to a path of enlightenment, but sometimes a blog page and video shows me how much further I have to go. Bless you derrick and zack.

  • Kimla Holk said on August 14, 2009

    So amazing. Inspiring. This guy is incredible and no pity from me because no doubt he has already earned his worth and will be such a wonderful vessel for others. God bless him and please let me learn from him.

  • Ana said on August 14, 2009

    I feel like such a BABY! I’ve been wallowing in self-pity since I quit my job to go for my dream a while ago, and it is taking longer and is a lot harder than I thought. Boo-freakin-hoo.

    Derrick, keep doing your thing — you’ll be able to buy your first house in no time!

    Zack, thanks for opening the door. I probably wouldn’t have.

    But next time I will!

  • Benji said on August 14, 2009

    The Lord does work in mysterious ways doesn’t he.

    Great work Zack!

    Keep up the hard work Derrick, you are an inspiration now to many!

  • Anne said on August 14, 2009

    This is one incredibly smart guy, with brains and guts like that he will go far! Thanks for posting this Zach, and I hope you bought some soap. 😉

  • Rosie said on August 14, 2009

    After reading all the comments from yesterday’s and today’s posts… I’m a different person. It’s hard to describe how, when, what happened to me but I can tell you… it feels amazing! better than ice-cream LOL.
    So lucky to be part of whatever is going on… I wish you all the best, R

  • Harry Arruda said on August 14, 2009

    Zack- Since day one of finding you I have always found that its not all about the camera. Its actually 1/2 camera 1/2 life. I got it from the beginning. I got at Photo 101. I got it again just now after watching Derrick. As he puts it, Its not about luck or by accident its about hard work. As a kid I was taught its all about hard work, knowing your “shit”, pride and finding a way to get about road blocks. As I got into my teenage years I quickly learned that I needed to add one more tool….. “THE HUSTLE”.

    Wether or not your into photography this video is either a great intro into life or a great calibration tool to get your life back on track !

    Its all about the hustle,


  • Freddy Oropeza said on August 14, 2009

    Very inspirational,and always hits the right cord to keep the music playing.
    I usually seek inspiration, from every avenue of art, or every day life, I can find. Before I started following the body of work and inspiration of Zack, David Hobby,Chase Jarvis and many more, I knew nothing about lighting or how to create a half decent picture. Through their encouragement and freely offered knowledge, that has changed. On top of it, every time the train slows down “Derrick”shows up and helps me along, on one form or another.
    Inspired by this movement I decided to start a blog, where I explain the stuff I’ve been doing, problems, findings, happy mistakes, and such, in hopes of it being of some help to others.
    Never really thought it would actually have an impact on anyone, or the web in general, but some how, it’s gotten 4 thousand hits, and 120 subscribers. Those are little numbers, but to me, they mean the world, and amount to a successful start to a really hard climb.
    Just like B, I’ve been off setting putting myself out there, in fear of being judge or simply falling flat on my face, but the more I dig in to this community, the more I find myself in between a warm welcome and union of a family.
    Thanks Meg, Zack, Derrick, B, for inspiring us all, and help us put that next step forward.
    Here’s some of my stuff if anyone is curious.

  • Nat said on August 14, 2009

    Derrick, B., Zack-

    No words can or may not ever express what the last two blogs have meant to me both on a personal and professional level.

    I am lucky to have found the blog yesterday/revisiting today. Timing is a beautiful and amazing thing.

    Thank you for what you do and more importantly, for sharing.

    B. – if you had never hit the send button on that email, would we be even talking about this today?

    Derrick – you are inspirational. I had a sales job a few times, but I never was half the salesman you are.

    Zack – thanks for combining the worlds and being in the middle of it all.

    Great work and thanks for sharing, everyone!

  • Sandy said on August 14, 2009

    Just love your spirit Zach, and that you care enough to make a difference.
    I really hope you get some contact info on Derrick, I would love to not only buy the soap, but encourage as many photographers as possible to post this video (with your permission of course) on their own blogs to help sell soap for Derrick. Can you imagine the change we could all make for him? Can you imagine the change he is making for all of us? Please contact me if you have any info on how to help Derrick reach his full potential.

  • Alfred M. said on August 14, 2009

    Thanks Zack and to Derick too. Totally amazing.

  • Steve Kalman said on August 14, 2009

    On Wednesday my wife just happened to ask about you, as in, “What ever happened to that guy who posted the Transform video? Do you still follow his blog?” Then it occurred to me that it really has been a while. I said I’d send you a note just to see if you, Meg and the baby were all doing OK. (Swamped with work is fine, swamped with troubles is nothing to keep quiet about. We’re all friends here.)

    Then, the next day I go online to write the note and I see a blog posting. Kinda knocked my socks off. I was waiting a bit to process it and make a thoughtful reply and then Bam! the soap video comes in.

    This deserves to go viral. As someone in an earlier comment said, Derrick deserves to have some very lucky person give him a great opportunity. (You looking for an assistant? Hire him even if you have to start with the basics. He’ll work 24/7 to keep up.)

    God Bless, and all the best in whatever new projects you’re undertaking.


  • Jason said on August 14, 2009


    The way you are able to communicate feelings into visuals is stunning. It is clear you are more than simply a photographer, you are first a human. These videos touch that part of us which is why they are so captivating.

    You are talking to a part of us that we can all relate to.

    I can’t relate to your talent or dealings with clients, lighting, workshops, and traveling. I am not there myself. But I can relate to the theme of your Transform video and I can certainly relate to the last 2 blog posts. The blog about “B” hits home, in so many personal ways. The video was….well…amazing. I watched it as if he were talking directly to me, in my backyard, instead of to you and your camera.

    My brother-in-law and I just opened a studio and the fears of picking the absolute worst time in the recent economy to do so loom over me, along with questions of my own ability to carry my weight and then some. Will it fail? Will that be how I am known, as the guy who used to have a studio and take pictures? Then I see a video like this and feel a subtle, encouraging push behind me to keep going, that I am on the right track, and though the path is long, reaching the destination will be all worth the effort it took to get there.

    Many thanks for keeping it so real, Zack. This industry needs more like you.

  • Diala Chinedu said on August 14, 2009

  • Jodie Cowan said on August 14, 2009

    Thanks for putting that together, inspiring and thought provoking. The past two posts are eye opening for sure. Thank you!

  • Ben said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, you spelled “struggle” wrong at 2:21. You said “He identifies the stuggle one has…”

    Otherwise, thanks for the great video.

  • Jason said on August 14, 2009

    #1 I will buy a bottle of that stuff right now. Seriously. You get it from him I will paypal you the money and you ship it to me.

    #2 The lord does work in mysterious ways and angels are everywhere.

    #3 I will take that bottle and before it is gone I will be further along in my photography that I am today.

  • Niek said on August 14, 2009

    Thank you Zack & Derrick, really inspirational. AWSOME!!

    If I had a website I would have placed a copy…….

    The Netherlands.

  • Hendrik said on August 14, 2009

    Hi Zack.

    This is all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. This video and the letter from B. yesterday has touched me deeply.

    Thank you so much for this, through these human experiences and through you sharing them with us I sincerely believe you are enriching our lives, making us think, engaging 1st or hopefully 2nd gear in plans that we might have on the shelf.

    Thank you soo much for all that you do here, you are an inspiration as is Derrick and B.

    Keep on keeping on my man, keep on keeping on.

    Kind regards

  • Deanna said on August 14, 2009

    I hope his sons get to view this video because I would be extremely proud if that was my father. Well done.

  • Stephen J. Zeller said on August 14, 2009


    Great video! What a couple of awesome days of blog posts!

    I think it’s very important for people to realize their fears, embrace them, and then attack those fears with everything they have. The only way to overcome a plateau is to bust through it! Thanks sharing B’s words and this video!

  • Eliza Claire said on August 14, 2009

    Amazing, inspirational stuff. I listened to your fstopbeyond interview for the first time yesterday, and a theme that runs through that, and this, is that you’ve never given up, you’ve got where you are by amazing talent but also buy amazing hard work and determination. You are truly inspirational.

  • Jeffrey Chapman said on August 14, 2009

    Derrick has some wise words. And he certainly rang the right doorbell. The next guy who tries to sell me soap is very likely going to find it an easy sale!

  • Glyn Dewis said on August 14, 2009

    Geez these last two post Zack have been a real emotional roller coaster.

    I’ve just watched Derrick on video and I just dont’ know what to say. I’m a 37 year old man and listening and watching him has brought me to tears. Who the hell am I to have ‘dark’ times? Who the hell am I am to have moments of self pity and no belief in my ability? In a positive way this has been a real slap across the face, wake up call. Man, there are people are there going through so much ‘stuff’ it’s amazing they keep going; but they do. Somehow they find it in themselves not to accept ‘no’ for an answer and for that they deserve everything good that should come their way.

    Zack, I have Dave Cross of NAPP to thank for posting on his blog early last year about your OneLight DVD set. Without that post I doubt I would have found you but god I am glad I have. Sure, photography ‘skill’ can be taught but having the ‘eye’ can’t but putting that aside, living the life of a photographer takes something special and it’s the messages you so eloquently get out to us all, firstly with ‘Transform’ and now the most recent posts that show it is possible, but not by yourself.

    Thanks for everything you do, and I really mean that, not as a throw away comment but a comment from someone who’s career has been turned around for the good,

    Best wishes to you and yours,

    (Buckinghamshire, UK)

  • Mildred Moore said on August 14, 2009

    The lord does work in mysterious ways and angels are everywhere

  • Jennifer MacNiven said on August 14, 2009

    That was awesome and I’m so proud of you for taking the time to listen to him, video him and present him to the world. DERRICK has so much to offer, to teach and I’m touched with what he’s done with his life…even if it is, selling soap. GO DERRICK!

  • ayesha said on August 14, 2009

    thank you, zack and derrick. your children are blessed kids :)

  • Brenda said on August 14, 2009

    Wow! I think God spoke right through Derrick to all of us. Zach, he used you as the messenger and it has reached so many people. This was exactly what I needed to hear!!! Thank you…

  • Jess said on August 14, 2009


    Ask and ye shall receive, right?

    It was as though God/The Universe/Angels/Buddha/whatever you want to call it was speaking through Derrick, through the internet, through my monitor, right to my soul. To a lot of souls out there.

    I got pretty misty eyed watching this short.

    Derrick, I don’t know if you’re reading these comments or checking up on the discussion here, but if you are, I want you to know that you moved me profoundly and somehow, without knowing it, answered the question I have been asking lately. Looking through the comments above, its clear I’m not the only one.

    Keep up the honesty & tenacity, both of you–Derrick & Zac. It seems as though everyone connected in this whole discussion was put together for a reason.

  • Ben Jamieson said on August 14, 2009

    Holy crap. You gotta stop doing this Zack.

    The last two posts on this blog, and the responses to them have erm, well… you know…. no no… they aren’t tears – just some, um, sand that blew in my eyes.

    Derrick, if you ever get to read this, you are an inspiration. I have a good life, a family, a daughter, a nice house, a car, a good job…. and yet I still feel you have more riches than me. The riches that count – dreams that will become real, goals you are the master of.

    I will strive to live by the standard you set. I wish you nothing but the best.

    Zack and Derrick – thank you – I have no idea what force brought you together at that exact moment, but whatever it was, it was meant to be.

    Enough babbling. I have goals I need to define and work on!

    Ben (Bahamas)

  • Daniel Fuentealba said on August 14, 2009

    wow… do you believe in destiny now? cheers! -DF-

  • John said on August 14, 2009

    I have been thinking on this, Transform, yesterday’s post, and where I want to be…..I took a half day off from work to think, prepare for an all day shoot tomorrow, and decided to clean the house some amidst all that. I cranked up the iPod on random and two songs in I get this.

    Tomorrow…..I’m bringing my F***ing A game, and everyday after.

  • Matt Lange said on August 14, 2009

    I will start by saying this is truly inspiring. And I read the comments saying how inspiring Derrick is. And he is definitely inspiring. But I have a question. Of all the 128 people before me who commented saying how inspiring he is, etc…how many of you would have given him about 10 seconds of his time, slammed the door and been one of the 30 doors that said no? Probably a lot.

    I truly respect Derrick’s drive. Someone with a past trying to make a future and putting up with a lot of crap on the way. Very interesting video. Thanks Zack.

    I’m inspired at both Derrick and the fact that you listened to what he had to say, then gave him a platform to say it. Not many would have. You’re a good man.

  • johnwaire | photo said on August 14, 2009

    glad i tuned back in after i got home. derrick…like you…is an inspiration. i’m glad he stumbled upon your door step. cheers!

  • Kari said on August 14, 2009

    this brings strange tears to my eyes

  • Janine said on August 14, 2009

    Cheers to Derrick!

    And of course to you Zack!

  • Bob M said on August 14, 2009

    Speechless… It is time to get back to spending a little time each morning to look at my life and be greatful for everything that is before me. B and Derrick have inspired me to reach for a gig that I am letting slide through my fingers – because I don’t feel good enough. Thank you Zack for putting this out there…

  • John said on August 14, 2009

    Hi Zack,

    I know my contribution maybe late, but I’ve finally found some courage to speak up and actually say something.

    To give you an idea, I’m from the Philippines. Your blog is something I read everyday and share with my photography friends. I look up to you and wonder the same thing B. wondered before: Will I make it?

    Well, the responses I’ve read have been overwhelming, and I guess this follow-up entry kinda gave the decision that extra shove to jump off and test the waters.

    You never fail to inspire me to be where you are right now. I pray God blesses you more.

    To B.,

    I would like you to know that your message reached a humble heart halfway across the world from where you wrote it. I hope that adds up to the courage you need.

  • neil clarke said on August 14, 2009

    Just like derrick i dont believe in coincidence everything happens for a reason.

    And today i met a guy who asked to see some pics an was rather impresses an he was a graphic designer, an gave me a few word of encouragement and pointed me in a direction that may help me build the foundation to a career in photography!
    theirs also been a few other things happening lately, that the more i think about them the more they seem like screaming signs as to which direction to go next.

    These blogs have come at probably the best time for me as iv felt real low an down an not far from giving up myself photography an other pursuits of mine. my drive has been increasing a little but these blogs an comments an most of all derrick have mad me think F@#k this S*%t, so my drive is the highest its been for a while i hope it keeps growing,

    To B, Zack, Meg & the god sent Derrick i thank you so much, you have touched an inspired many of us right to the core!

    lets see how many of us make something of out selves an TAKE THAT JUMP OFF THE DOCK

    Ill swim if i have to sod the boat, im getting to my little island of inner peace an happiness, an once im there ill remember were i started an through anyone i can a rope.

  • Jojov said on August 14, 2009


    Thank you for sharing Derrick’s story with all of us. (And thanks for all the sharing you do)

    I am also on the dock. Sadly, I am not even quite to the water’s edge yet.

    Derrick, the best to you!

  • Kristen Morgan said on August 14, 2009

    wow. i am sitting here with huge fat tears streaming down my face. and i’m not sure why. thank you for making me think. i have so much to think through in my life right now- and most of it isn’t even photography. so i find it pretty amazing that a “photography blog” spurs me to reevaluate life. you have a big thing going on here. i look forward to meeting you at OneLight 11/11.

  • Elisabeth said on August 14, 2009

    Zack – Pretty sure what you’re doing, what Derrick is doing, is what JC meant when he said be the church. Not IN church – THE church. You’re an inspiration – not just the talent, but the life. thanks.

  • Ed Hall said on August 14, 2009

    Wow that was moving and inspirational. Really puts things in to perspective. Two really great posts. Time to Jump off the dock!

  • Alex said on August 14, 2009

    Very toughtful, great message, thank’s for sharing.

  • Brad M said on August 14, 2009


    Nearly a year ago a good friend my mine lent me the One Light DVD, and the rest they say is history. I’ve been learning the strobist stuff over the past year while practicing law, dealing with a three year old and being a husband.

    And I still have a long way to go. But yeah, I’m not standing on the dock anymore. I may never be a pro, but I feel that my photography has grown in that year. I still suck sometimes. Still fail to grasp certain concepts. But I keep at it. Coming here and reading this and the previous blog entry help. Hell, I even watch transformation on a weekly basis.

    So thank you. Thank you for showing all of us what you go through. It shows us we’re not alone.

  • wilsonian said on August 14, 2009

    Freaking eh. Balled through the whole thing. You’ve sure touched a nerve here… look at us!

    Zack, thank you for being fully present when you opened that door.

    Derrick, your generosity is humbling. You just helped to shape the lives of thousands of people. You’re already a success. Praying for you. Peace.

  • Aubry said on August 14, 2009

    Zack….. Thank you. At a time where I’m struggling, this kind of slapped me in the face! Now I need to go back and read yesterdays post!

    PS…… If Derrick is interested, I can send you my address and he can work my hood. I’m positive with an email to my neighbors with a link to this post he will sell out. !! Plus, dude, does that soap work awesome or what?!

  • Carlos Bruno said on August 14, 2009

    Dear Zack …

    THANK YOU soooooo much!
    No … seriously, HOW I can say it enough? To you and Derrick (and all Derricks that are showing up in my life?).
    He contact you back? A way to help him and the community he said?
    Please let me know … no one is so break that can not help a little (or like we brazilians use to say: where eats one, eat two … three … four).

    Appreciate it!

  • Ginger Moseley said on August 14, 2009

    Wow. This really is an awesome piece of life that you have captured here, Zack. I can’t thank you enough for posting this. This young man IS truly an inspiration. I’m so moved by this – but I have a little different perspective on it.

    I can’t help but think that I’ve had it pretty easy in life. While we are not rich financially, my life is rich in so many other ways. I had two parents who bent over backwards to make sure that us kids had everything we needed (and some things we wanted), that we were included in groups, that we had a sense of self, and that we understood the value of others. For that I can’t thank them enough.

    I have felt blessed by God time and time again. He has brought me a soul mate who loves me, kids who think I’m literally the best mom ever (I cringe a little when I think of how ‘not the best’ I am!), and a career that fulfills me.
    But even with all of those wonderful things going for me, I find myself adrift at times. I recently realized – after prayer and talking with others- that we all have our trials in life. Without them how would life here on earth be different than heaven? God knows what He is doing. He puts before us tasks, trials, that teach us – if we care to learn.

    And I am all up for learning. I devour all manner of media- videos, books, articles, music- as well as life experiences… just so I can learn all I can. I jump off of docks all the time- some say too many. I have idea after idea and have never been afraid to go after them. (It is usually time and money that hold me back.) It has actually been this that has led to some of my trials. I overdo, am -at times- overconfident, overly optimistic….
    there is a balance that must be found in everyone’s life and I think that is a big key to happiness.

    You hear about millionaires who are unfulfilled, watch Hugh Hefner falter time after time at love, see moviestars flame out at an early age. I think it is human nature to mess up… no matter how good or bad we have it. That’s what makes Derrick’s message, his honest and heart-felt expressions, so wonderful. Let’s face it…. at some point in life we are all going to mess up – BIG. (I forget that oftentimes. I’m hard on myself when I falter.) But it’s what we do at that time that makes us or breaks us.

    Derrick, I am SO proud of you. And, Zack, you are ‘THE man’ for making his story available to so many. Thanks for making me stop and think about it all. The timing was perfect.

    (Sorry to ramble…. I just find this REALLY touching.)

  • Ryan said on August 14, 2009

    In my day job/career, I am a copywriter. Business is good, yet I am constantly focusing on all the negatives, all the challenges and complaining about the way things should be or shouldn’t. I have no idea how this negativity has creeped into my life. Who am I to complain? But what really snaps my strings is that Derrick has a more difficult job and more difficult challenges and faces them all with a more positive attitude. I am so humbled.

    Thank you so much for reaching out Zack and Derrick. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be the conduit for the message you’re sending around the world.

    Getting off the dock, changing my attitude, counting my blessings.

  • Jeremy (Ohio) said on August 14, 2009

    What can I say that hasn’t been said already. Zack, you are truly an amazing person. I first stumbled upon your blog when trying to learn how to light a white seamless. It’s hard to believe that was nearly 2 years ago. The places I’ve gone from there are not nearly as far as I’d wished. I’m still clinging to the dock, seemingly to afraid of sinking. I too, like so many here have been struggling. I’ve always felt this way, I fear rejection like one fears the plague. I realize that the only thing that is holding me back is myself. I needed videos like this to really put my efforts into perspective. Derrick is an inspiration, how can you not want to do everything in your power to succeed after listening to a man like that. I will push myself harder, leave my comfort zone and shove off the dock of insecurity. Thank you Zack, Meg and Derrick. I cannot express that enough. You never cease to amaze me.

  • Francesco Gallarotti said on August 14, 2009

    Like he said, nothing absolutely nothing happens by chance. You needed help to put in words your thoughts, some of us need help to not hide behind some excuses and Derrick just knocked the door with his simple but true answers.
    Thank you both for this beautiful moment. I know I needed it.

  • Jim S said on August 14, 2009

    Wow – what an inspirational video of Derrick. Certainly make one feel humble and privileged when my life is so easy in comparison.
    I’ll have to see if I can persuade my sons (16&18) to watch this – probably be much more inspirational for them than their old man whining about how little they do & how easy their life is compared to when I was their age etc etc
    Somewhat mind blowing that Derrick is still so positive and optimistic about life despite how hard he has to work.

    Newcomer to your blog – think I will have fun going back over some of the past stuff.


  • Sharon Miller said on August 14, 2009

    Derrick, if you happen to read this blog, thanks so much for being so uplifting and inspiring. God bless you!

  • kevin said on August 14, 2009

    hey zack
    is there anyway i can get derrick’s contact info?

  • Colin Moore said on August 14, 2009

    Wow… Your title nailed it Zack… Teachers are everywhere. You never know what you’ll learn from the next person you meet. That should help us all understand how we should treat them. Thanks for the time you spend Zack, posting these provocative, meaningful vids, that help so many like myself grow. And all the best to Derrick, and thanks for touching so many just by doing what you do…knocking on one door at a time.
    Peace and happiness to you both!

  • Tyrone Michael Avnit said on August 14, 2009

    Zack & Derrick,

    Sometimes the most unexpected people are the most inspirational. You were both born to be teachers. Even though you are in complete different fields and probably live completely different lives, the inspiration coincides!

    Thank you so much


  • Hank James said on August 14, 2009

    God is using you Zack. Doesn’t it feel good? It is inspiring to see God use people in such a magnificent way.

  • Nathan said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, you clearly live with your eyes open seeing opportunities to learn and grow more than most. Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us!

    This came at the perfect time for me. This set of blog posts is very right-where-I’m-at, and I needed this so much today.

    Thank you.

  • Alana said on August 14, 2009

    Touching – Moving – Inspiring

    Thank you.

  • evie said on August 14, 2009


    Truth be told, that sums up any and all of the things I could say. (but I’ll like to share my heart on this topic)

    I just have to give God some praise first because HE ALREADY KNEW & ALREADY HAD what we needed.
    BUT He had to work on HIS TIMING, not ours… to show how powerful & how only HE could have known & made things work the way things are falling… seriously, I really doubt anyone knew how you were feeling ZACK until you shared it, then that sparking reactions & thoughts & the email B sent to share… to get to where we are now of Derek sharing… & all of us sharing… and none of you know us… but we are all apart of the same God wanting to share HIS love on us.

    The things Derek said was so true, he has got a great bit figured out.. I could see the God in him shining so brightly… :)

    Anything in life we go through is NEVER FOR US, it is always for someone else… thats how God created us to work. But being human, we get so wrapped up in ourselves & our lil worlds.
    We’re His children & we are to love & help each other.
    I believe those that understand that will just continue to go & grow… we’ll be challenged & tested & stretched & hurt… but the blessings always out shine & purposes fulfilled. (ex.God getting us to where He needs us to be.)

    It is so important we have the right attitude… and we walk in LOVE, removing (our)SELF from our worldy ways daily (which is never easy).

    I truly believe in things happening for reasons. PURPOSE.

    MY mother pasted away 4 years ago. I knew I wasn’t able to go on without help, without a CLOSER relationship to GOD/JESUS, He knew I had to position myself for helping my family & friends to be encouraged & to overcome situations in life. And while establishing this closer/personal relationship I know I have to live my life as an example to others because GOD KNOWS MY HEART, but PEOPLE KNOW MY ACTIONS.

    I do it to be obedient, honestly I’m not tooting my horn. (obeying is what pleases God) Yet I can selfishly say, God always comes through, helps, & blesses me & I love love His blessings. LOL like this discussion is a blessing to me.

    Since I have changed my lifestyle to putting GOD first & removing SELF… (its a daily challenge as U know)finding purpose & right perceptions /attitudes, always learning, remaining kind to others, & continuing to grow-(list goes on) -I have seen so much, God really has open my eyes, and this is such a huge CONFIRMATION for me(again) for so many things in my life.

    Some people might say(argue), “no its YOU not God… its you, you’re talented, you’re skilled, you’re this & that…” but no- I choose to do what I do & love God & he helps me along, & i have to trust HIM as he guides me & creates things for me. Thats what I believe, thats what I can see for my life. Cuz it ain’t me.. who am I? yanno… 😉

    TO ZACK (& Meg)
    God knew what you were going through, He knows whats going to come about… He knew He had to position Zack where he is.. HE knew he could use Zack & bless ya’ll in your life, HE knew you(zack) were going to write this, God knew you had that exposure to many, HE KNOWS, and I thank HIM for being able to use you to reach people… help people…
    remember that… its not us, its the GOD IN US. <3

    **(get is straight people… Zack’s choosing to let God work in his life not Zack/B/Derek being so great & so this & that ) –no offense Zack, but its easy to idolize someone(s)& be blinded. [just keeping it real sir] **

    Zack/Meg I thank God for ya’ll having the heart you have…for being who ya’ll are, for all the sacrifices & struggles, for setting up a platform for those that are in need… and helping/showing others.. and being GIVING people. I know this all will lead you to the next level & all the challenges you face position you for the great things God will offer back to ya’ll.

    I pray this [topic] helps those to decide how they will react to situations in their lives more positively, not focusing on negativeness & SELF and THE PAST… learning to give & love more to others & changing attitudes for betterment.

    Because we can’t control what happens in our lives, we can only control how we react to them.

    People, when you get in that negative state of mind… stop yourself & tell the devil to GO TO HELL… cuz if the devil can remind you of your PAST (fears/failures) YOU CAN REMIND HIM OF HIS FUTURE!

    /end church
    lol …i apologize, its one of the best real truths I heard my pastor say that I got to echo!

    Much love to everyone!

  • Thomas Lester said on August 14, 2009

    Very well done, Zack! Derek seems like he has it together. Definitely inspirational.

  • Ray P. said on August 14, 2009

    Zack, Meg thank you so much for this. You have inspired us all not only with your photography but your kindness and compassion for others.

    As many others have already stated I needed this, it was a real kick in the ass for me to get up and get moving!

  • Antony Sastre said on August 14, 2009

    From the deep core of my heart – Thank you.

  • Karen Cook said on August 14, 2009

    I’m not a photographer, I stumbled across this in a friend’s facebook account. It really touched me, not so much his advice and spirit (I do work in sales–Derrick is an inspiration) but in the idea that if you stop to really listen to the strangers in your day, you can really learn a lot and hear the Voice of God.

  • James Kiffmeyer said on August 14, 2009

    The short was well done, you just need the auto focus from the D300s… 😀

    Thanks for sharing that, it was very interesting and a window into both of you.

  • Leah said on August 14, 2009

    Holy WOW!

    Derrick – thank you! Thank you for being honest, real. Thank God for the gifts of speaking, the love of literature, the ability to relate so well to others, the passion and responsibility He has given you to inspire others. Your words have put us all on that level playing field that is real but we somehow convince ourselves isn’t, rather that there are people somewhere are above us that better, just because they are on some hill that both us and them have created in our minds. Your son is a lucky boy to have a father like you.

    Zack & Meg – thank you! Thank you for keeping your eyes and hearts open. For looking out for all of us in so many ways. I’m no different to the rest. I’ve got the soul sucking job that makes me cry and slightly hyperventilate (I am a woman after all) whenever I think about it too much. I had already planned to ‘cast off’ and work a little less at that job, focus more on photography but this post has given me a more clearly defined plan. To actually write down those goals, not just be wishing on them and most importantly to KEEP GOING. We are all on this earth for such a short time. If this life is a gift I can’t waste any more of it in a wishing state that somehow makes me even more miserable. Let the unknown begin because it’s GOT to be better than this!

  • Rick said on August 14, 2009

    Zack – All I can say is you ROCK! Everyone who took the time to respond – You ROCK! This blog ROCK’S! I feel so much better after reading all the comments. You all have restored my faith in people.

  • I am B. said on August 14, 2009

    Wow. If this video is part of the result of me throwing caution to the wind and sending the e-mail I’d been sitting on for hours then I’ve never been happier to have clicked a mouse button. This is prescient, humbling, and important.

    brian: e-mailed you, buddy. It seems we have more things in common than taking pictures. Very happy to talk to you about them.

    Derrick: Thank you for being who you are. Everything you said was real, and from the heart. You’re an inspiration.

    Zack: After yesterday’s blitzkrieg of encouragement I didn’t think it was possible to be so moved again. You proved me wrong. Good.

    I picked up my camera today with a renewed focus and made a photo that isn’t going to win me any awards, or get me any jobs, but I’m happy with it. I ignored the inner critic and had fun with it. I have all of you who commented to thank. I’m beside myself.

  • Mitchell Kanashkevich said on August 14, 2009

    Inspirational stuff. A real dude from the real world making things happen, approaching life in a simple way, not obsessing too much with the “ifs” and “buts” just going out there and putting himself in a position to succeed. That’s really the only thing that anyone of us can do.

  • David Burke said on August 14, 2009

    Like Derrick said, there are no coincidences. Amazing two days of truth. Thank you brother.


  • Daniel said on August 14, 2009

    Its not my place to choose, but if i were you and in your shoes, I probably would have offered him an assistant’s position in the studio. Something part time.

    Everyone needs a hand for that first step of making a change in life.
    This gentleman seems to be one of the few who’s looking to be legitimate about his future choices.

    Good people still exist.

  • andy said on August 14, 2009

    Sometimes it amazes me how well things are orchestrated. An email turned into a blog post, which inspired a slew of inspirational stories. In turn a soap salesman knocked on the right door and had his story tapped into to produce another entry that has touched a lot of people so far…

    If an ex-felon selling soap door to door in Georgia can be so inspirational, then my God…what inspiration have I overlooked before out of sheer ignorance or even arrogance? It actually makes me sick to think about it.

    “It’s so easy to fall into a slump and use that slump as an EXCUSE to….give up”

    That line alone smacked me in the face.

    What a remarkable individual God put at your door, Zack.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    God Bless Derrick…who probably has no idea how inspiring he is….

  • Goddess Leonie said on August 14, 2009

    My internet is really slow today. Like – it took me two hours for the video to load for me. And I watched it little moment by little moment. It was worth every part of those two hours. Thank you. And thank Derrick.

    That is profound and precious.

  • Stefanie Warren said on August 14, 2009

    You have a gift of speaking to people in a way that makes us want to become better versions of ourselves. Your workshop inspired me, and this video is an excellent example of your servant-heart. Using your talents not only to put food on the table and live your dream, but to help other people realize their potential as well. I just love ya for that!

  • cat said on August 14, 2009

    Zack and Derrick –

    This is truly inspirational on so many levels.


  • John Hurst said on August 15, 2009

    Thank you. After a long personal battle of my own I am reminded of something I came up with for myself some 12 years ago… “it is impossible to pull yourself up by your bootstraps if you are wearing cross-trainers and running away from everything”. I ran from my artistic dream so far that I went from a succesful designer to a Registered Nurse. I see people exactly like Derrick every shift I work… few of them as succesful, thoughtful or driven. It is my time to relax in the stability of the long run I have taken (steady income again) and put my boots back on (take a stand and get back to my passion of creating and seeing life in my own unique way… and sharing it).

    Thank you.

  • Russell said on August 15, 2009

    I don’t know what to write – I’m actually stunned.

    I guess Derrick didn’t know how many doors he was actually knocking on when he came to your house, or what effect his strength and determination might have on so many people.

    Thankyou Zack for opening the door and allowing him into all of our homes, and thankyou Derrick for sharing your wisdom, courage and hope.

    Today is going to be an amazing day!

  • John Szakmeister said on August 15, 2009

    F%@king awesome. What a very inspirational few days it has been! Thanks to everyone for sharing!

  • Ess said on August 15, 2009

    Zack & Derrick,
    This was unbelievable! And how in the world of the huge internet universe did I stumble upon this after
    I just wrote an email to someone that today I was going to embark on my journey back to life ( since my son’s tragic and fatal car accident. )I’m deathly afraid of boats, but someone in the posts stated they were leaving the dock…If I don’t leave the dock, I won’t get in the boat that will lead me to fulfill not only my goals, but my dreams.
    I think it is a God thing that led me to this blog video post to let me know that the journey I start today is going to be the most profound journey of my life…thank you for posting. I think it has saved my life literally.
    I have dreamt for years of becoming a professional photographer, but was ready this week to give it up, throw in the towel and be done with something I don’t have the personality for despite the passion for it that rages inside of me.
    Thanks to you, I am going on a photographic journey (literally) today on my 45th birthday to get back to the God I gave up on when I thought he gave up on us when we prayed so hard to find our son alive after 4 days of searching….Get back a life of direction and hope and joy instead of depression, lack of motivation and suicidal tendencies.
    Thank you from the bottom of my mother’s heart.
    I still have a dream…I just need to leave the dock.

  • Simon Kemp said on August 15, 2009

    Terrific job Zack. I always think the gift that the photographer has is to notice things nobody else does, subtly draw attention to them and frame them simply. Which is what you have done here. Beautiful.

  • Claire said on August 15, 2009

    Please please PLEASE set up a paypal account for Derrick and link it here, Zach. I will so match your ‘purchase’ of soap and let him keep his stock. I can’t believe how upbeat he is about his journey. What an amazing guy.

    Derrick, I hope you have managed to make it back here and see what a massive ripple you’ve made as a small drop in a very big ocean.

    So very touching, uplifting and everything else that has been said above.

    I leave this with a happier heart. x

  • Mark said on August 15, 2009


    Thanks Zack, Derrick & B

  • Shawn Read said on August 15, 2009

    Hey Zack,

    What seems like 20 years ago in the DPRreview forums you took the time to answer my questions about photography, photojournalism, cameras, and careers, about everything I asked. Your answers weren’t short snippets of technobabble like “The D70’s synch speed is 1/500,” but advice on how to build a life in photography and what kinds of sacrifices that means. Your answers weren’t a line or two here and there, but lengthy, meaty, and insightful, and I could tell that they took some time to write, and you put a lot of thought into them. Fast-forward a few years, and I heard an interview with you on a podcast, and I learned a little more about your life story. I realized that while you were taking the time to write and help an anonymous stranger on the internet, you were going through some very tough times yourself, and I think that is impressive, admirable, and something most of us wouldn’t take the time to do.
    I thought a lot about what you said, and I did a lot of research about photography as a career. I learned that it’s a scary proposition and that it doesn’t always work out. My wife and I had good jobs and a great life with wonderful friends and family in Japan, but we didn’t want to wind up with a lifetime of regrets and no more time to do anything about them, so we moved to Boston so that I could go to photography school full-time. (I have an amazing wife!) So far it’s exciting, stimulating, frustrating, and scary. Everyone knows that it’s a very difficult time in photography because of the massive technological changes happening, and the economy certainly hasn’t helped much either. In school I’m taking 1000’s of pictures a week, and very few ever come out like I hope. It’s very frustrating, but every once in a while, I get a picture that I like. Slowly, turtle-slowly, I think I’m getting better, and hopefully one day I can pay some bills with my photography. That would make my wife happy. Your blog helps a lot. Derrick’s story today has helped a lot. The amount of rejection he gets on a daily basis must be staggering, and yet every once in a while he makes a sale. I know He’s not going to give up. I know you’re not going to give up. Crap, that means I can’t give up either. Thanks for your time, help, posts, videos, your DVD (which is excellent) and of course, your awesome photography!

    Shawn Read

  • Nick Bicanic said on August 15, 2009

    Zack, you have amazing insight and i can see you truly appreciate others, even those outside of your own community. This is a skill that I believe comes naturally to some while others struggle with it.

    Ever read Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People? You are the pinnacle of this I believe — and that is a good thing!

    Thanks for the post, check ya later.

    Nick — out

  • Becky said on August 15, 2009

    So very glad I opened this. Inspirational….truly Zack teachers are everywhere. Thanks so very much…May God continue to bless you and yours mightily.

  • Christine Gacharna said on August 15, 2009

    “It is wrong, then, to chide the novel for being fascinated by mysterious coincidences (like the meeting of Anna, Vronsky, the railway station…), but it is right to chide man for being blind to such coincidences in his daily life. For he thereby deprives his life of a dimension of beauty.” Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

    Zack. Derrick. Teachers. Thank you.

  • Christopher Bauer said on August 15, 2009

    Zack, My friend Christian texted me this video and said, “Watch it.” I was like not right now. I have been going through a flesh stripping divorce after 4 months of marriage. Now, 6 am this morning it brought me to tears. It reminded me of my mistake of two years ago. That I gave up on God and became a felon. Ever since, my rebirth with God, I started chasing my dream to become a photographer. I gave it up when I was a kid, now I am living my dream. Everything Derrick went through I am still going through it. Everything he said is true. It is hard, it is discouraging, it is rough, and it is real. But, what I watch this morning I knew that I was taking the right path. Zack, you have done more good on this blog post than any other blog you posted yet. I thank you for giving Derrick a voice, I thank you for caring, and I thank God that we have friends that push us further than we push ourselves. This video has had an impact on my soul. It has giving me hope.

  • Will said on August 15, 2009

    Thanks again Zach for using your public access for posting such inspirational material. I am going to share these two posts on another photography forum for others to see!

  • David duChemin said on August 15, 2009

    you’re the man, Z. Thank you.

  • Mark Parbus said on August 15, 2009


    The two postings that addressed getting off the dock really came at a good time for me.

    I am 49 years old and about 5 years ago, I was laid off from a job that I loved and I was good at for over 20 years.

    The last 5 years, I have started 2 businesses and found a love for photography.

    Considering that I survived Cancer at the age of 26 and now I have been diagnosed with degenerative hearing loss, I should know better how to pace myself.

    As I write this letter, I know that I am in a state of burnout. I have been here before. The mind says go but the body will not move.

    For me it comes as a result of proving myself and not stopping until I reach the goal. Even if it is at the expense of my health.

    I do know that goals are great and forward movement is essential. We also have to stop and make sure that we are pursuing the things that are really important to us. If not it is better to take a little time and find out what those things are.

  • Hunter Harrison said on August 15, 2009

    Derrick…now that is kizmet.

    I didn’t comment yesterday because there were already 170 at the time. I didn’t think anyone would see it.

    Today, I have too do so. I don’t have much to say. Just that I struggle with this all the time, but it is getting better. In the last year, I have become much better at lighting, composition, and editting. I finally feel the growth. My wife made me see that the other day. It is a long dark tunnel, and somewhere in the middle is a turn you don’t see. Then you pass into the lighter side and can see the turn for what it was….pay off for the hard work. I hope everyone finds there turn. I know I will have many more.

    B, Derrick, Meg, Zack…thanks for being more, just more!

  • Roberta said on August 15, 2009

    It is amazing how the answers are always provided if we listen to the universe. How many people would have turned Derrick away and kept searching for their answer. Very astute of you to listen and turn it into such a motivational video.

    And Derrick….if you’re reading you don’t have an ugly face so drop that part of your speech! And good luck with your dreams and goals. I have no doubt you will make them happen.

  • Shelly Peyton said on August 15, 2009

    TY for this video. It was hope for me as a new photographer. I might not have much food, my bills all have cut off notices, and my rent is always 2 wks late and I cant get a loan for my studio due to student loans for environmental science and nursing, but at least I am finally doing what I love-Capturing Life. It gives me inspiration to work harder with my business.

  • A said on August 15, 2009

    Yes, God did show up in the form of a soap salesman — Thanks Derrick!

  • Tarasview said on August 15, 2009

    The video made me cry.

    Just wanted to let you know I shared it on my blog

    thanks :)

  • Ralph Mendez said on August 15, 2009

    Great! How can I download this so I can put it on my ipod touch. Fantastic!

  • Tara said on August 15, 2009

    Amazing…just to sit and reflect on our own past, present and future! The astounding feature that you asked him to open up and share anything…the words that came out were so sincere and he never begged for anything. What an amazing guy and such an inspiration to all.
    Kudos to the organization that is giving him the tools to be successful and a second chance…WE HAVE ALL NEEDED A SECOND CHANCE!
    Be still and listen to the voice of GOD, he is always teaching if we will just be willing to learn. Thank you God for your grace and unconditional LOVE…

  • derrick said on August 15, 2009

    Hey Derrick, this was good. And thanks to Zack for taking the time to share such an inspirational Story.

  • Scott said on August 15, 2009

    Dude seriously stop, my eyes cant take this any more.
    My boss pays to goto motivational seminars and tries to inspire through what he has heard.This is a true motivational speaker, not someone that tells you to follow your dreams, someone that actually does and knows what it takes.
    Zack and Derrick thank you both.

  • MANDY JOHNSON said on August 15, 2009

    wow. im in tears. tears of joy. i am so amazed how God put Derrick at your door, how you were open and received what God had sent you and US! Derrick should be a light for so many of us and I will be praying for his dreams to be as God wants them to be. Zach, thank you for sharing yourself and be open to it all. You have touched me and inspired me. thank you

  • Marjorie said on August 15, 2009

    Awesome video! Made me smile and a little teary eyed. Nice job.

    Derrick, you are an inspiration and your smile made me smile. I’m going to have all three of my kids watch this. I love your outlook and you will be going far in life my friend.

    I need to get me some soap! :-)) Seriously!


  • Ashley said on August 15, 2009

    This video has really hit home for me.

    It just blows my mind that I have gotten more inspiration and motivation from Derrick’s 10 minute video than I have at any class, seminar, or convention. That right there really puts things into perspective.

    Zack, you were right. Teachers are everywhere. You never know who will cross your path and what doors they will open for you.

    Thank you for making me take a good look at myself Derrick… that is exactly what I needed.

  • sharon said on August 15, 2009

    I guess I really don’t have reason to complain and every reason to just doing. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Kathryn said on August 15, 2009

    What an amazing man. Is there anyway we can ‘buy’ some soap?? I am sure there are many of us (and I am on the opposite side of the world) that would love to contribute :)

  • zack said on August 15, 2009

    You sure can donate! Check out this blog post…


  • zack said on August 15, 2009

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. They are amazing!


  • Rob Weiher said on August 15, 2009

    Thank you B. for telling your story and thank you Zack for giving us the opportunity to learn from it.

    I will include myself in with the masses that have felt the same way as B. For me it was about a year ago that I was so frustrated with my inability to learn how to use my camera well enough to make a good photograph. I would spend far too much time in post production trying to fix things that I gave up. I put the camera down for four months.

    On a whim I took a lighting class one weekend at my local community college and the instructor and I had some time to chat. He gave me a piece of advice that got me going again. He told me to take my camera out and sketch. An artist may warm up by doing quick free flowing sketches concentrating on flow and motion he told me to do that with the camera. So every Sunday for about a month I did this. I didn’t think about the subject at hand…I just took lots and lots of shots. Of anything that caught my attention.

    This got me thinking about doing a 365 project as January 1 was approaching. Could I take at least one photo a day for an entire year? Not only take a photo but blog about it. To top it off I decided to not edit my photos at all in Photoshop. I was using Photoshop as a crutch. I would take a photo with the wrong white balance or a bad crop and tell myself I’d just fix it in post. I decided if I was going to learn how to use my camera correctly and to take a good photo I would do it straight from camera.

    Today marks 227 straight days of taking at least one photos a day. It has really helped me. Are there days I just don’t feel inspired to take a photo? Sure, but I drag myself out into the garage, where I put together a small do it yourself tabletop studio and do something.

    There are still times where I feel completely insecure with my photography. I’m sure I will continue to feel insecure about it. It’s a bit scary putting yourself out there as I think we all know.

    Zack’s video today sure puts it all in perspective though. No matter how many books, magazines, blogs and tweets I read for inspiration I can always count of Zack to give me the boot in the behind I need to get myself going in the direction I need to be going again.

    Thank you Zack, Meg, Derrick & B.

  • Paul said on August 15, 2009


    I just shared the Derrick’s video with my wife and she is wondering if there is any way she could get a copy to use for her junior high class. She teaches at a Catholic school and the message in that video – of perseverance, not taking an easy way out – is one that they are constantly teaching to the students. Even more important is that her students are usually from wealthy families and don’t suffer for anything so they aren’t used to facing hurdles that can’t be solved with the almighty dollar.

    I know she could go to the blog and grab the video, but it just makes more sense to have a hard copy that not costing you bandwith over and over again.

    Hope to hear back from you. Great work with the blog, Derrick and photography.

    It’s great to be a teacher, eh?


    Paul and Lori

    PS – I also sent this message on Facebook so if it looks familiar that’s why!

  • Ryan W said on August 15, 2009


    a friend of mine on FB posted this video up, and man did it come to me a point in my life where I need it. I’m going through a really rough patch right now, and this just hit home in so many ways. Thank you, Zach, thank you, Derrick, and thank you my mighty and awesome God.

  • Alejandra Gabin said on August 15, 2009

    Ahhhh needed to hear this today. Thank you Zack and Derrick…..5 bottles of virtual soap for me.

  • Phil A said on August 15, 2009

    Thanks for posting this. An inspiring story. I have posted the link on our forum board, so Derricks message is going downunder (to NZ that is) as well

  • Nicole Wagner said on August 15, 2009

    Zach-amazing video.
    Derrick-amazing person.
    My husband introduced me to this and just sat me down to watch this video.
    Derrick, you have a gift. You touch hearts. I was brought to tears listening to every wise thing you had to say. I felt inspired, touched, humbled, hopeful, and motivated. I have no doubt that you were put on Zach’s doorstep for a reason. When someone like you works as hard as you do and gives everything he’s got and does it with a smile, Why wouldn’t God give you an audience like this? you deserve it. The principle of “you reap what you sow” is so true.
    thank you. This made my night and will have me thinking for many days to come.
    we bought some soap and if I had more money I’d buy 100 bottles more. You sold me. More on life than on soap.
    blessings to you friend.


  • sid said on August 15, 2009

    that was beautiful and effective! good luck to derrick.. !

  • Darren said on August 16, 2009

    I just bought me some virtual soap!

    All the best Derrick – keep trucking with those dreams & that awesome outlook on life.

  • Matthew said on August 16, 2009


    Great to see the answer to prayer. This is something that my wife and I have been praying through for the next season of our lives.

  • Gary said on August 16, 2009

    Amazing!! So Many times in my life I have felt like the Captain of a sinking ship. I know there will be rough waters ahead but this ship will sail forward. I Hope in the horizen..
    Thanks To Zack, Meg & derrick

  • Katrin said on August 16, 2009

    Would it be possible to post something like a subtitle or write-up of what he’s saying? English not being my first language, I have a hard time understanding every word Derrick’s saying.

  • Zlatko said on August 16, 2009

    I’ve watched this video dozen times now. Message on the end is so universal it gives me chills every time I see it. Really unbelievable personal story that has such global message! Hard work, sacrifice and discipline – so true!

  • Alan said on August 16, 2009

    Loved the video and how it connected to the previous post. Love that song too. Anyone know which Shotgun Radio song it is? Shazam couldn’t recognize it.

  • Mark Harris said on August 16, 2009

    This is totally inspirational stuff, the last couple of posts on here have been truly amazing! Derrick is a legend, love you man and love your attitude, it totally roks! Same with you Zack, you and your wife sound like awesome people, the life of a photographer certainly isn’t for everyone and has it’s highs and lows for sure, but the highs are so amazing, you know when you get that awesome contract or image that blows you away, love it. Problem is we’re human, so it is almost momentary, that elation doesn’t last forever, only until the next bump(pos or neg), but hey thats cool, thats what life is about, bumps and grinds and keeping on trucking with the knowledge that it will work, you just gotta keep on moving. I always aliken life to a wave, some are big some are small, some days raw other days calm. but there’s always a flow, an energy. It’s great to see people tapping into this great energy.

    Thanks for posting this amazing stuff and sharing it with the world, You guys all enjoy your day:)


  • Petra Hall said on August 16, 2009

    This puts everything into perspective, to anyone in business selling things, and Derrick isa cool guy, so I hope he reaches his goals! Thanks for sharing this gem, Zack!

  • Martin said on August 16, 2009

    you´re a good guy zack, thanks a lot.

  • Steven said on August 16, 2009

    That man had to have a great big smile on his face after meeting you two!
    Zack, Thank YOU for making the connection happen.
    You got my $20. You WOULD have gotten it if you had knocked on my door, but this works out just as well…

  • Rhea Lewis said on August 16, 2009

    I REALLY needed to see this video and put things into perspective. Thank You! Thanks too for giving this man a is through the generosity of others that we make a difference in this world..YOU have made a difference! By the way you got my $20 too!

  • Daniel Regueira said on August 16, 2009

    wow just wow. I must say this series of videos from “trasform” to the one with Derrick is just amazing. I’m a 17 year old photographer about to go off to college and god, there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing this, thank you Zack, thank you Derrick, thank you everyone for your comments, this is just amazing.

  • Alvaro said on August 16, 2009

    Thanks Derrick for your great advices and congratulation for your excellent attitude towards life. You are inspiring people.

    Alvaro – Chile

  • Matthew Zeller said on August 17, 2009

    I can’t sum it up better than anyone else here, let alone better than the 240+ posts combined. All I can say is, amazing how these things work out.

    I think karma has something to do with Derrick’s fortuitous knock on your door, Zack.

    Without his genuine honesty and good nature, this would never have come about.

    I can’t afford to purchase any virtual soap, I regret, but if Derrick came to my door, I wouldn’t send him away with less than the biggest smile and some encouraging words to fortify him on his journey.

  • Michael Tissington said on August 17, 2009

    Thanks for taking the time to connect with Derrick and letting him tell his story … I’m learning we miss so many oportunities to connect or talk with God (whatever we consider him or her to be) as we go about our day to day life … thanks for reminding me to stop and really to see and listen.

  • Richard Cain said on August 17, 2009

    Astonishing video! I was sent to your site by someone else.

    Will you release the footage © free for use in rehab work here in the UK?

    I will do all of the necessary to get it onto DVDs for the UK rehab pros to use, if you will send me the master .cdr file.



  • william lee said on August 17, 2009

    God is everywhere and in everyone one whether we believe it or not. Sometimes our beliefs short change our purpose. Derrick, thanks for the reminder.

  • James said on August 17, 2009

    So this blew up while I was away, only had low bandwidth access and couldn’t watch the video. I read the text and wondered what the deal was – now I’m home again, and now I know. Zack, that’s got to have blown your mind. Thank you for having the openness of mind to hear him, and bring this inspiration to us. You’re going beyond the norm’ and doing something amazing.


  • lori vrba said on August 17, 2009

    I didn’t think I really had time to watch this today. I only did so because a friend so strongly encouraged it. Cried at the end and felt different about how I would move through the rest of my day.

    I believe Derrick’s future is bright. Zack opened the door.


  • Mands said on August 17, 2009

    Hey Zack, I met you and your amazing family while you were DownUnder recently…and was touched by how genuine you are, how you really did whatever was needed to teach us OCF, and worked late into the night to do so.
    Your blog has always been inspirational to me….so it was a real honor today to be able to give something back in the way of buying some virtual soap.
    Hope to talk to you both soon about Sydney.

  • Karen said on August 17, 2009

    I live in a small town across the country from you and I have had a soap salesman come to my door a couple of times. I did not buy the soap…I said “no thanks” and sent him on his way. What I find so touching about this video is how you really went beyond the salesman pitch. You saw what most other people don’t see. That is what I think I need to do as a person and as a photographer. I need to learn to see things beyond the face value…to see things the way that most people don’t. And…next time I will buy the soap.

  • Liz said on August 17, 2009

    I don’t normally read blogs. My husband is a photographer who passed this video along to me. It just resonated with my soul and said exactly what I needed to hear at a time when I was fiercely consumed by anxiety and fearfulness and needed to hear it the most: Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and put it in God’s hands. I’ll be reading your blog and Meghan’s blog from now on. Zack: Thank you for inspiring my husband—the love of my life—to realize he can realize his dreams through hard work and discipline.

  • Zaida said on August 17, 2009

    Humbling and a beautiful lesson for all of us. Bought my virtual soap—I’m feeling a little cleansed already.

  • Randall Douglas said on August 17, 2009

    Just the other day I was telling my wife that it’s hard to sell photos these days with all the choices and less money to go around, but that the door to door salesmen that come by during the day have an even tougher sale. Derrick is my motivation for the day in general.

  • Rich Hinton said on August 18, 2009

    A thought provoking and truly inspiring video which I will definitely sharing with all of my friends. It made me stop in my tracks and look deep inside myself.

    Derrick’s words are so powerful and apply to so many people from all walks of life. You’re one amazingly switched on person Derrick and I take my hat off to you for knowing what you want and going out and making a difference to your life. I hope you realise that you have also made a difference to so many other peoples lives now! All over the world your words will be heard. Thanks Zack for taking the time to share this.

    Rich (from England)

  • Sheri Johnson said on August 18, 2009

    Wow! That was certainly DEEP and I am thankful that I watched this video. Derrick is certainly a wise man, truly wise. The journey of life can take us in many directions, some good, some terrible. You have to ask what path you are on. If you are on the wrong path, then you have to find a way to change your direction. It is amazing what kind of change can happen in a life that is impacted by the love of God. It doesn’t matter what the past looks like, all can be redeemed and cleansed and begin a new path like Saul/Paul. Derrick is making a difference and I have a feeling he is going to do something big for God, something he may not even have envisioned yet.

  • Rich Hinton said on August 18, 2009

    @Sheri Johnson: Check out the comments above….he already is doing something big and without knowing it too! :)

  • Justin Van Leeuwen said on August 18, 2009

    Hey Zack, I work for a non-profit in Ottawa (Canada) and after watching this video I felt it was relevant to what we do.

    Yes your focus is on creatives, but your (and Derrick’s) message is universal; so I forwarded it out to my work peeps this morning. One hit me back with this E-mail right away:

    “There are no such things as coincidences….just yesterday, as I was driving home the cardboard that a homeless person held out really struck me and now this video with such a strong message…WOW!

    BTW, her cardboard read: “too smart to prostitute, too dumb to steal, trying to keep it real, any amount you could provide would be very helpful!”

    Each of us tells a story, whether on cardboard or through our children or by our example. This summer I have finally come to understand that I have a choice and my attitude will greatly affect my perspective on life…The attitude I have chosen to adopt is one of joy and HOPE!

    JVL, thanks for sharing this. You never know how many lives you are touching-the ripple effect can be endless.”

    Your vision goes far deeper than anything our SLR’s can capture sir.

  • Tim Moldenhauer said on August 18, 2009

    Hi Zack, I just watched Derrick and I’m deeply impressed. And I just want to mention that his (and your) impact are even reaching to the other side of the world, as I’m living here in Hong Kong.

    And definitely gonna grab me some virtual soap.

  • Heather@It's Twinsanity said on August 18, 2009

    His son is lucky to have a father who has learned so much in life and worked so hard to make his life better. Wow. Great video!

  • Ronny Hermans said on August 18, 2009

    Zack, B, Derric

    thanks for this magnificent ‘universal’ lesson.

  • Annie Veillette said on August 18, 2009

    This guy rock to no end! Thank you so much for being who you are!!! Love ya!

  • Kameron Bayne said on August 18, 2009

    I love the wisdom Derrick shares; he reveals that what keeps a lot of people down is “insecurity – that’s me believing that I’m insignificant or not important without acceptance or approval from other people and when you’re under that state of mind, it allows you to manipulated by negative influences.” He goes on to repeat the age-old advice that success comes from “hard work, sacrifice, and discipline.” But he doesn’t say it with a negative tone of contempt like it’s often been said. Instead, he speaks from a place of encouragement and hope that is truly inspiring. Derrick’s interview is a reminder that genuine joy doesn’t come easily. To reach the real thing, you have to go through a struggle. Otherwise, it’s a subtle superficial substitution.

    It reminds me of the Switchfoot song “Happy is a Yuppy Word.” The title was inspired by a Bob Dylan quote in response to the question posed by Rollingstone Magazine, “Are you truly happy?” Dylan replied, “Those are yuppie words, happiness and unhappiness. It’s not happiness or unhappiness, it’s blessed or unblessed.” The implications are one seeks a life free of complications, struggles and obstructions while the other learns to live in harmony with them.

  • Ken said on August 18, 2009

    now we know there is a vast left wing conspiracy to fund “kill the whales”, “chop” down the trees, inject this soap into our fabrics that have “sound bugs” to listen to what is going on in our worlds, a sort of Orwellian culture by the vast left wing crowd.

    I am so glad I am not paranoid like all those people in Atlanta…..

    From the District 9 Ship

    Ken in KY

    PS nice human interest story

  • Ken Kurosawa said on August 18, 2009

    Amazing video.
    I’m glad to see that so many people have commented on this blog post, it gives me hope that there are people who are looking to do good, improve themselves and help others. When all you see is horrible crimes on the news, it’s hard not to feel a little down.
    As Derrick said:
    – Do what you got to do
    – Everything takes time
    – Be patience with yourself

    Good luck to everyone in their life endeavors!

  • Tammy said on August 18, 2009

    Thank you for this.

  • Lindsay said on August 18, 2009

    Zack – you continue to be an amazing inspiration. this came at such a pivotal moment for me and i am so glad it did. i am running with it! bless your family and bless derrick!

    go derrick go!!!!!

  • Susan M said on August 19, 2009

    Thanks for putting this up.
    Susan – Melbourne, Australia

  • Tina Arutyunyan said on August 19, 2009

    Thank you so much for this video. Very inspiring.

  • Dan Kaufman said on August 19, 2009

    first Derrick’s message brought goose-bumps and shivers, then all choked up, and finally tears.
    Hard work, sacrifice, and discipline.
    I hear the message.
    PUT IT TO WORK !!!

  • Jenny said on August 19, 2009

    Awesome, awesome stuff!!! You guys continue to inspire and motivate. Thank you thank you thank you!! xxx
    Off to donate!

  • Steve Cox said on August 20, 2009

    I watched this over my first coffee of the day. Got the biggest lump in my throat now.

    Derrick, I know you’re going to make it.

    And if you get to the UK, knock on my door. … Hell,knock on all our doors, you have orders waiting.

  • Michael Juiliano said on August 20, 2009

    we are all in need of a way to keep the negaitive and keep on keeping on. derrick is one of the most influential people i’ve met recentely. get this into a film festival! and thanks for sharing. i will be sharing and donating as well.

  • Christine said on August 20, 2009

    Thank you to Derrick for sharing his message. Thank you Zack for taking the time to listen to him. You’re right, most of us would have just closed the door. I’m so grateful that you didn’t though.

    Cheering Derrick on – may many blessings come his way as the reward for his hard work!

  • j said on August 20, 2009

    whew. Man, I needed that tonight. thanks for posting one of those rare conversations you get to be a part of every once and a while.

  • corey said on August 21, 2009

    great video. great story. great guys …both zach and dereck.

    Zac, can you post or email me your paypal email, then we can send money under a ‘gift’ category with no paypal fees.

    i see big things for derek. great attitude and spirit.

  • Brian Grissom said on August 21, 2009

    Seriously dude. This just slapped me in the face. Thank.You.

  • ellie said on August 21, 2009

    Derrick you inspire me. God put you on this Earth for a greater purpose than you could have imagined. Thank you.

  • Bartek Witek said on August 21, 2009

    Wow. Thank you guys for motivation.
    It was a pleasure to see someone like Derrick. What a great personality…
    I will be sharing as well. All the best for you guys:)

  • Russ Sherman said on August 21, 2009

    I bet Derrick had no idea how many lives he would touch with his simple conversation into Zacks lens..

    You gentlemen.. are inspirations to us all

  • Tracy Cook said on August 21, 2009

    Thank you to Derrick for being such a wonderful inspiration! Thank you Zack for taking the time to post this. What an amazing video!

  • Tim said on August 21, 2009

    This video could not have come at a better time. I am struggling to find my eye with the camera and my wife and I are struggling to pay bills. I think that the lessons Derrick learned, and taught us, will help keep me working hard, learning and staying positive on this rough road in my journey. thanks Zack and Derrick.

  • Mandie said on August 21, 2009

    I love this guy!

    And your video is a message that we all really need to hear once in a while.

    Thanks so much, Zack! God really does deliver what and who we need.

  • Tak said on August 21, 2009

    I am enjoying the the lessons from the macro viewpoint.

    Here is a guy who has knocked on multitudes of doors, failing to sell his product to the vast majority. Success was measured by one bottle of soap sold, despite the amazingly bleak sales ratio. Yet, by going to just “one more” door, he has tapped into a whole community eager to buy “virtual” bottles and so forth – this is the real lesson to me. If he had given up one door short, or got discouraged and didn’t give his 100% just one time, none of this would have all opened up in front of him (or us).

    Just one more door…just one more smile…just one more sale…

    Just one more

  • Peter Quinn said on August 21, 2009

    Wow! Great story, great storytelling… Best of luck Derrick!

  • jonathan canlas said on August 21, 2009

    what i love about you zack, is you get it. but more importantly, you share what it is you get and then take it one step beyond sharing it and make sure others really get it to. there is a big difference between sharing and teaching.

  • Jeremy Hall said on August 21, 2009

    Derrick – Love the message you shared via the creative genius of Zack. Thanks for being open, and especially for your willingness to take your challenges head on. I am a big proponent of personal responsibility, and it warms my heart to see someone with the your attitude.

    Good luck and never give up.

  • Darrell Harris said on August 21, 2009

    I’m stunned. From B’s email to the soap salesman’s speach – I actually paused my life for several minutes this morning to read and listen to these mens stories.

    I work as a coroner investigator in the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin County and also worked in Oakland, CA) – I’ve “bagged and tagged” men and women that live the lifes of Derrick’s past. B’s questions on what makes a man tick and toc into success versus wasted time are on the tip of my mind’s tongue daily. All the answers to those questions were wrapped up in a sales pitch and punctuated with a genuine smile and even a short song from a soap salesman – life is a trip!

    Zach – thank so much for seeing the complexity within the simplicity of B’s questions and the salesman’s speech. I’m buying a bottle of virtual soap today – and I can’t wait to wash my fears away! I’m in preparation to lose my job, after 10-years of service – under the guise of consolidation. I was the coroner investigator of the year for the state of CA last year and next year I’ll be unemployed. This soap is just what I needed to clear a path to my future. God bless you Zach, your wife, and those two insightful men that were a part of this journey.

    Zach – I picked up your DVD and it too inspired me. I hope to take pictures for a living someday – and look forward to seeing people smile on the other side of my lens – versus seeing all the death, destruction and tears that I’ve become accustomed to over the last 10-years.


  • Adrian Ataiza said on August 21, 2009

    Thank you Derrick for the inspiration, really a humbling testimony. Zack,seriously i wanna personally thank you for posting this video, you’re not just a good photography teacher but a kind human being! God bless you and your family.

  • Rob Knight said on August 21, 2009

    There have been three times during my photography career (?) that I heard or read exactly what I needed to hear to kick me in the but and get my head back in the game. Two of those times, you were the source. Thank you.
    I would like you to let Derrick know that if he has any gang-related tattoos, I would be happy to cover them up for him free of charge. He has better things to spend his money on. A couple of hours of my time is the LEAST I can do for a good cause. Just email me or give him my info.


  • Gerri said on August 21, 2009

    Derrick…thank you for the inspiration. I hope what you have brought to others comes back to you tenfold! Your positivity and hope is so refreshing in this dark world…thank you for that!

  • Heather Mason said on August 21, 2009

    First, thanks so much, Zack, for taking the time to post this. The fact that you gave Derrick this platform, and gave us all the chance to learn from him is amazing.

    Derrick – thank you for your words of wisdom. I have a serious fear of rejection when it comes to my business. It’s a very personal thing to me, and sometimes I know I allow that to cripple me. It keeps me from making forward progress. I’ve been working to overcome that, and your words have helped. Now every time I start to let that fear get to me, I’ll picture your smiling face knocking on doors and making your dream come true one bottle of soap at a time. Best wishes to you and your family…I hope the contributions this community makes will help make your dreams come true!

    Thank you both!

  • Elise said on August 21, 2009

    This has made me stop and think – and think some more. Thanks you, Zack, for seeing more than the surface and for sharing.

  • Ken said on August 22, 2009

    Thank you for being open enough to allow this young man to come into your life by giving him your time and hence come into the lives of us who are fortunate to experience this inspiring video.

    Derrick is an amazing person who reaffirms my belief most in this world are good people.

    I have been inspired! I plan to show this video at our troop meeting on Monday which is composed of boys from the inner city of Atlanta who are constantly struggling to finding skill sets to fend off negative influences and a compromised social environment.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Petra van Goor said on August 23, 2009

    Hi Derrick,

    I loved seeing you turn into a ‘real’ person, the moment you go ‘off script’. Something profound changes in your eyes, giving your face depth. I hope you will accept this as the compliment it was intended. More power to ya, bro!

  • Karla Pitts said on August 23, 2009

    Thanks, Zack, for making and posting the video. You seized a moment that will resonate for a long time, with a lot of people.

    Derrick, have you thought about being a motivational speaker yourself? Could be happening already!

  • Ralfreida James said on August 23, 2009

    Thank you so much for helping Derrick, he has not stopped smiling and it has made a world of difference for him at home as well. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you the other day. Thanks for being a blessing to Derrick.

  • Sasha said on August 23, 2009

    This video made my day!

  • jamie said on August 23, 2009

    Thank you for posting this video to your blog, Zack.
    Derrick, good luck! My prayers are with you as you travel your life’s highway. Keep going; you’ll make it, one little dream at a time. What a great reminder you are to me.

  • Dave said on August 23, 2009

    WOW!!! I love this story. I love this man. I love his efforts. I love his attitude. I love the support he is getting. It’s what I love about mankind. I love this post. I love everything about this. I am AMAZED. This gives me hope for all of us.

    Thanks for posting this! I want to help this man out. How can I?


  • Glen Moodie said on August 23, 2009

    I occasionally come to your page for inspiration for my own photography but something drew me to your page today and when I clicked my bookmark and watched this video It made me stop what I was doing and just thank GOD for all that he has done and continues to do for me. I just want to thank you for making this video and to thank Derrick for being such an inspiration to me ,I felt like I was being blessed just to be able to see and hear Derricks testimony to al of us . .. THANK YOU

  • Mom of Three said on August 23, 2009

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

  • Mom of Three said on August 23, 2009

    I’ve shared Derrick’s story on my blog as well and left a link to your blog.

    Good luck to you Derrick and B.

    Zack, thanks for listening to your heart and sharing these stories.

  • Karen said on August 24, 2009

    Hi Zack,

    I am just blow away by this video! Derrick is incredible- inspiring, eloquent, and oh, so honest.

    I stumbled upon your video yesterday, and although I am not a photographer, I was sucked into your blog for a couple hours!

    I’d love to write a piece on my blog on this video, and Transform (which was amazing, too).

    Would you be able to do a mini-interview for me if I sent over 5 questions to you?

    Please email me when you get a chance, as I’d really be honored to write something about your work.

    Thank you,


  • melanie mauer said on August 24, 2009

    thank you, zack. thank you.

  • Andy Quadra said on August 24, 2009

    Derrick, I want to wish you the nothing but the best, and I truly believe that with that positive attitude you will reach your goals. I can’t stop going over and over this video and seeing some of the lame excuses I have told myself. What an inspiration and a lesson to be learned. It has definitely made me stop to think and think hard.

    Zack, thank you once again for sharing it with all of us.

  • Jenny Garrett said on August 25, 2009

    Hello from Australia,
    Stumbled across this amazing visual and verbal Godly experience while looking for some free tutorials on Adobe Flash!!! Only last night my husband and I were praying about what God wants us to do in this life he has given us, especially considering the eight children He has given us to raise up for Him. I can’t wait to show them all Derrick’s story and how God and the power of the Holy Spirit transformed his life!!! God can do this for anyone who asks for His help in their time of need. PRAISE GOD FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS TO HIS CREATION. In Jesus Name Amen. Thankyou so much for spreading this message of hope! Jenny xo

  • Ian MacMichael said on August 25, 2009

    Truth, uncomfortable as it sometimes is, is still truth. Motivation, hard as it sometimes is, is still fundamental to success. Sacrifice, painful as it sometimes is, is still required to achieve my goals. Discipline, the torture it sometimes is, is still the key ingredient for success.


    The only place success comes before work is the dictionary.

    Thanks for this, it means a lot to me.


  • Erin J. said on August 25, 2009

    I’m tearing up here. Really makes you think and be thankful for where you are at! It took a lot of work to get here, and I still have a ways to go, but I feel so proud being able to look back and see what I’ve accomplished with God’s help! It also inspires me to keep pounding the pavement! Thanks for this great reminder!

  • Mark said on August 25, 2009

    There is no “God”

    Stop lying to yourselves.


    Editor’s Note :: Never one to want to censor comments no matter how much I may respectfully disagree with you Mark. I’ll let this comment post but I don’t want it to become a topic of discussion or I’ll move those comments on out. Thanks.

  • Gabi said on August 25, 2009

    Very moving!! I actually have bought this soap before, honestly I’m always so busy with work that I fall pray of all sales people who make it to my door, they are all so nice and entertaining, and Derrick with a big smile is so articulate when he speaks.
    No more excuses, let’s get to work!

  • Cary said on August 25, 2009

    Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I appreciate this post and your response to B. I’m definetly at a point in my “work life” (I firmly believe that you must separate your work life from your true identity) where I’m standing on the dock. Thanks for not shutting the door on Derrick. It speaks volumes about you and Meg. More importantly, it’s awesome that you realize his call was no coincidence.

  • Beth said on August 26, 2009

    So inspiring… so truthful. Absolutely happy that you shared this wonderful teacher’s story with us! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been the one to shut the door and not give someone a chance. Not only did you give him a chance, you are spreading his message, and hopefully even raising money for him. I hope he struck gold with you and the platform given to him!

    As far as relating it to photography, I’m fairly green and just thinking about how fulfilling would it be to step out of my pharmacist shoes and actually do something I love? It’s exciting to think about it, but what sacrifices will it entail? What will I lose along the way?

    All I know is that I’ve never found anything so fulfilling like this. I can’t imagine the sacrifice it takes to jump from the dock.

    Maybe one day, I’ll get that chance!

    Thanks for sharing! I appreciate it!

  • Nasim Mansurov said on August 27, 2009


    Another inspiring video from you that keeps us motivated.

    Thank you for this!

    I wish I could buy more of the virtual soap! Derick is priceless.

  • Jess said on August 27, 2009

    What a great young man, I feel that his years spent in the darkness of life are over and I hope for him the best. there are just no words that I can type that make up for this young mans take on life and making your dreams come true. Thanks you so much, I feel that my life is indeed in the darkness right now and I know that God has a bigger better plans for my photography I just have to stop and listen I guess. thanks so moving.

  • Rich said on August 27, 2009

    Unbelievable. I’ll donate for sure.

  • dnb said on August 27, 2009

    I said a prayer for Derrick, and added his name to my prayer jar. May his life now and into the future remain blessed.

  • Desiree said on August 28, 2009

    Derrick, As I sit here and cry, know that I’m off to buy a “bottle” of your soap. I cannot WAIT to see where you are in 5, 10, 15 years from now. Just know you inspired so many in 5 minutes!!!
    Thank you!

  • Sissel said on August 28, 2009

    Hey we are getting some virtual soap. It has already put a shine on me! (And thats no small feat)

  • kerry said on August 28, 2009

    oh man. i feel like such a weak character now. lordy lordy lordy. what an amazing individual. i just bought 50 bottles from him. i would buy more but we are expericencing some financial difficulties right now but when they are over i will buy 500 bottles from him. i promise. perhaps 1000 bottles if i can.

    and the reason is that i cannot put a price on what he has taught me. he has put a beautiful warm fuzzy feeling in my heart and soul and brought me to tears and made me laugh and realize so much. i am eternally grateful to you zack and your wife and to derrick.

    my job as a photographer is infinitely easier than what derrick does. yet i am like b. i doubt myself, i allow myself to be knocked down by the odd unhappy customer. i give up then pick it up again.

    and yet, way back i was a kid who grew up in a pretty bad environment. i had nothing. my childhood sucked but i made it out. i went to uni and now live a charmed life (well until recently when we had all the profits from my hubby’s company stolen by our account manager…3 million dollars…)

    well, we learned that money aint important. haha. what a lesson. but for derrick, i give what i can. and i hope it makes a difference. his name is on a piece of paper on my wall, to remind me. i will pay him every month. like i said, what he as given to me is invaluable. i will be showing this to my children regularly. what a lesson.

    thank you.

    wow mr arias, you really have started something. thank you. i was blown away by the transform video, and here i am again, my life given another almighty fabulous kick up the backside.

    i have a photo session tomorrow which i was dreading. now after listening to derrick i say BRING IT ON!!!


    and god bless you and your wife zack.


  • kerry said on August 28, 2009

    ps sorry its all a bit jumbled…rushing to get kids to an activity…

    i was trying to say that although i had it tough, once things got easy, i forgot my roots. forgot how hard life is. what a struggle it can be and how important it is to stay mentally strong. and its hard work. my life has been easy for the past few years and i allowed myself to forget the truth.

    now i remember…

  • MiGrant said on August 30, 2009

    Any way you could configure that donation link to also provide a way to send a message to Derrick?

  • zack said on August 30, 2009

    @MiGrant – I’ve been working with Derrick and he now has a PayPal account that the donations are going directly into. He’s been busy emailing thank you’s to everyone who has bought virtual soap since we transitioned it to his account!


  • Francesco said on September 1, 2009

    This video reached me in Italy, and a couple of bucks has been sent from here too ……excellent Zack and thanks to help-portrait project

  • Chris said on September 1, 2009

    Zack and Derrick,
    I really needed this video and it has touched me substantially. I’m flipping this to some more folks who can use the message. I just bought some “vitual soap” yesterday and hope that some of my friends do as well…

  • Steve said on September 1, 2009

    Fantastic Video. Love the “virtual” soap idea.

  • Dean said on September 2, 2009

    Very inspirational Zack. Where do you get your music? I tend to look online (Triple Scoop website), but only for clients. Suggestions are welcome.

    I look forward to chance at attending one of your One Light workshops.

  • Em Reichert Torhorst said on September 2, 2009

    Cheers to Zack for paying it forward. Derrick, wish you came to my door for I would buy your soap! Hope the donation gets you in the right direction.
    Many blessings to you. Em

  • TA said on September 3, 2009

    BRAVO!! Got me thinking! I wish Derrick all the best!

  • ahmad izzat latip said on September 5, 2009

    Derrick said, focus on happy things, happy thoughts to get you motivated. I go by this rules ever since. Now i know i am on the right track. Derrick has done it,for me at least.

  • Jessica said on September 8, 2009

    beautiful. inspirational. God’s plan never ceases to amaze me. thank you for these words today. and thank you for your soap. you are blessed.

  • Joni yotpolis said on September 10, 2009

    This is great I just went to college for the first time after being out of high school for 29 years I don’t have to much faith that I can make it. Watching this video
    was part of one of my class
    work I think that after watching this it gives me a better feeling about maybe getting through college and being a better person. THANKS!!!! iHOPE THE VERY BEST FOR DERRICK

  • John Wiley said on September 10, 2009

    Zack, THANK YOU!

    Derrick, *THANK YOU*!!!!!!

  • Jessica said on September 16, 2009

    Thank you so much for sharing that was so so so inspirational. :-)

  • natasha penney said on October 5, 2009

    I am so, so blessed to have found this blog, Zack and Derrick! I absolutely love it when God uses people to speak to me, and I know He did just that through both of you :-) Simple message, but so well spoken, so humble and honest.
    Blessings to you both,
    Thank you

  • Dave said on October 10, 2009

    I really enjoyed watching this video. Thanks! Really meant a lot to me.

  • cad said on October 11, 2009

    Hi Zack,
    I took a moment last night to catch up on your blog and I came across this entry which pretty much awoke the dormant writing muse and I ended up writing a long blog entry myself.

    I know how it feels to be insecure about your photography and have tried for years just let my camera collect dust in my closet. But alas, it’s a love so grand in my life, that it’s just easier to have it as a part of me than not.

    I love Derrick and I know hundreds have commented to thank him for his words…I want to be included in that list.

    Also, I wanted to share an entry that is called “10 Nifty, Excellent Excuses for failing at Photography” that I found I connected to a lot as well.

    Again, thanks for taking time out of you busy schedule to post entries that are both enlightening and positive! :)

  • PJ Mor. said on October 13, 2009

    wow…I really enjoyed is hard for do anything in GA…Keep selling..and God has it all in control

  • warbob said on October 16, 2009

    wow this is cool reality..acctualy it happen to me hard to be no money when your wife is in hospital and you dont have a regular work..damn i dont to go back that time again..thats why i promise my self i will do everything to give my family needs..specially food on table and clothes to wear…even im just a construction worker..rock on derrick im with you men……..

  • Samantha said on October 18, 2009

    Thank you Zack and thank you Derrick for reminding me of what to be thankful for.

  • Jordan said on October 20, 2009

    This is awesome, it touched my heart in so many ways.

  • Jimmy Moncrief said on December 2, 2009

    Wow – Thanks Zarias for posting this and keeping everything in perspective for us!

  • silberstudios said on January 14, 2010

    Great piece Zack, you really captured Derrick essence beautifully. Thank you both for being an inspiration for so many.

  • Matthew said on January 21, 2010

    This is my favorite motivational video ever. I watch it at least twice a week. Derrick reminds me that “what you generate is totally up to you,” and that is extremely encouraging. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Jim Murphy said on January 23, 2010

    I am posting your video as part of my blog post tonight. Great job.

  • sergio vincenzo mottola said on February 15, 2010

    he delivered his message without referencing god or religion at all, surprising as that usually the basis for most of these types of recovery programs. refreshing, inspirational, and widely applicable.

  • Jeremy said on April 9, 2010

    Hey Zack…any Derrick Updates??

  • Vincent said on April 22, 2010

    This is great video shot on a 5d MkII, Its a great camera that delivers great results. Its good to see a positive video as well.

  • Chris said on July 5, 2010

    This was amazing.

    I just read the book by Paulo Coelho – The Alkemist (I think everyone should read it). And have been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff lately. And then I stumbled upon this video (and the one before). It all makes sense now. I need to work a lot harder and listen to my heart.

    All I can say is THANK YOU very much for sharing this.


    “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

  • Ray said on March 19, 2012

    Goose bumps and tears, that is what this video did to me
    Thank you sir,

  • Jean Labelle said on April 5, 2012

    Hey Zack,

    Have you seen or heard how Derrick is doing today?


  • Marcel said on September 12, 2012

    Thank you for this video, it was exactly what I needed.

  • Catherine said on December 6, 2014

    I met Derrick about an hour ago when he approached me in my driveway. He made his pitch and truly, I was sold. If only I had more than zero dollars! I wasn’t able to make a purchase, but that didn’t stop him from engaging me in what turned out to be a really wonderful and inspiring conversion.He moved on and sold his last bottle of soap to my neighbor in an impressive 5 minutes. He approached me a second time as it began to rain- wondering of I might be ale to give him a ride. While the dangers of giving a ride to a man stranger have been embedded in my brain as long as I can remember, I made a decision to trust- just this one time. I’m awfully glad I did. Derrick is walking talking strength and a really cool fellow. He said that his plan for the evening was set up a blog..and I super hope he does because he had something really special to share.

  • derrick bryant said on January 12, 2015

    Thanks so much everybody!

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