Call For Wedding Entries!

June 12, 2008 | • Resources

I became aware of WedComp when several friends and colleagues were picked to be judges for this competition.  

WedComp - wedding photography competition 

  This is a great thing for me since I am a glorified second shooter.  To enter other competitions you typically have to be a member of the organization to be part of the contest.  Since I love shooting weddings but don’t want to have my own wedding photography business, it doesn’t make any sense to join when all I would do is point people back to Marc Climie (my friend that I shoot weddings with).  

This is a new contest on the block and normally I would be a little skeptical about some new thing on the block but StriplingBrooks, The Nudds, and Beckstead on one judging panel?  Are you kidding me?  ClickbooqThinkTankKubota, and ShootQ are some of the sponsors of the contest.  There are more than $7,000 worth of prizes in the prize closet to be had.   A portion of the proceeds are going to Thirst Relief as well.  That is far more proof than I need to know that this is legit.  I think we’ll be hearing more from WedComp.  I would LOVE to win another clickbooq site for a personal project that I am working on.   

Only two more weeks to get submissions in.  That’s all fine and dandy.  I’m sure I’ll be getting my final ones into them about 30 seconds before the cut off time!     Cheers,   Zack 


  • zack said on June 13, 2008

    Photographic leader? Do I get some secret service guys or something with that title Trey? :)


  • Trey said on June 24, 2008

    um, not really;it’s just lingo I picked up from a local sports radio station i listen to.

    suffice it to say that you have earned my respect with your images and cemented that respect with the spectacularly detailed white cyc tutorial, lessons from which i’ll be busting out tomorrow.

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