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April 11, 2012 | • Gear & Gadgets Shop Talk

I’ve had my hands on the new FujiFilm X-Pro1 for a little over a month now and I have put it through the paces in three countries and on various jobs. If you are a frequent reader of this blog you know the deal. If you are a new reader of my blog let me explain the deal. I don’t pixel peep, shoot side by side comparisons, show images of color checkers and resolution charts, or talk about the new technology packed into whatever camera. Heck, I really don’t do “reviews” that often.

This review is more of a “how-does-this-thing-work-in-the-real-world-and-is-it-something-that-excites-me-or-does-it-just-become-a-photographic-appliance?” kind of review. Also, let me state for the record that I was hired by FujiFilm Middle East, and was paid in camera gear and cash to take this machine for a joy ride. The first thing I said before taking this gig, though, was if I was going to blog about it they needed to understand that I would say whatever I wanted to about it. The good folks at Fuji said they expected nothing less. Especially after my x-100 review. It was that review that put me on their radar in the first place and it was the good folks at Gulf Photo Plus that convinced them they should send me to India. I’ll be doing some stuff with Fuji North America as well. So, full disclosure now aside, let’s get into it after the jump…

When the box of Fuji love arrived, and I began unboxing it, I believe I said, “OMG!” over and over like a teenage girl getting re-tweeted by Justin Bieber. I was in the middle of a job when it showed up and I immediately put it to use. I was shooting promo images for Southern Ground Artists of The Wheeler Boys and started with the 18mm f2 lens.

I wanted to move on through the lenses but the battery lasted about 15 shots and was done. That’s not a testament about the battery life. That’s a testament about how impatient I was to start shooting with this camera. The little brother to this camera jump started my photographic creative soul unlike any other camera had before and I was dying to get this camera in my hands to see if it could live up to the x100. I charged the batteries later in the evening and started shooting crap around the house, Meg sitting at her computer, the dogs, my feet, etc. I casually glanced at the manual just to make sure there wasn’t some odd ball thing I needed to keep in mind with this camera. There wasn’t. The next day Meg and I went to check out the Quiet Hounds first show.

It was at this show that I started saying my first curse words with this camera. Note the title of this blog post. “Ummm. Maybe.” is the first part of it. I had super high expectations for this camera. I have never been so excited for the release of a new camera before. Nikon introduced the 38 MP D800 and I didn’t give a damn about it. (I still don’t BTW.) Canon has the new 5d3 out and I have yet to read a spec sheet on that camera. But for this Fuji? I was refreshing Google twice a day trying to get new information about this X-Pro1. I was ready for it to be the DSLR killer. This was going to be the little underdog camera company with the underdog camera that was going to rock the photographic world with the X-Pro1. I would soon be selling all my Canon gear. That was supposed to be my exact experience as soon as I started shooting with it. And… it wasn’t.

First, I told myself that it was a pre-production camera. Second, I realized I was judging image quality on my MacBook Air screen and that might not be the best screen to do so. As soon as I popped the images on a better screen my image quality fears were quieted. Note to self: Don’t judge image quality on an Air screen. It sucks. The thing that was really killing the experience for me was the focus and shutter lag. How could it be worse than the x100? What in the hell was Fuji thinking? It couldn’t be worse but  it was. My pre-production model was slower and lagged far more than the x100 and it was causing a 47% increase in CWSS. (Cursing While Shooting Syndrome.) The camera feels amazing. The lenses are, dare I say it… cute! Cute little lenses! The optical / electronic viewfinder is just as awesome as the x100 and then some. The look. The feel. The quality. All of it was there except the focus and shutter lag.

ETA – 6/14/2012 – Firmware 1.10 has dramatically improved the speed and responsiveness of the X-Pro 1. It’s now acting more like an x100. Focus is accurate. Lag is shorter. Overall speed of the camera has improved tremendously.

“And how much money do they want for this thing? Oh jeez.”

The other issue I immediately ran into at the Quiet Hounds show was the “which lens should I use?” question kept rearing its ugly head. I’d settle on the 18mm f2 then want the 35mm f1.4. Then I thought I’d try the 60mm f2.4. I kept swapping back and forth and none of them were the lens I wanted at the time I was trying to make a photograph. Never had that problem with the x100 being there is only one lens choice with that camera. I didn’t know the lenses. I didn’t know the camera. I was in sh:t light. The focus and shutter lag was driving me nuts. This was not the DSLR killer. I actually wished I had brought my x100 instead. I was starting to feel as though I should just send the damn thing back to Fuji and say forget it. I’m keeping my x100. I left that show super excited that I just heard Atlanta’s greatest new band and depressed that I had all my X-Pro1 expectations dashed on rocky GAS shores. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). Stupid effing camera.

The next day I packed my bags for Dubai. I had enough time before I left to go to Joshua’s soccer practice.

Yeah. That’s totally awesome.

I was now uttering OMG in frustration instead of joy. I had fourteen and a half hours to sit on a plane and think about this stupid camera. As I sat on that plane I realized one major flaw that I had with the camera. Meg and I call it “expectations management.” It goes like this. If I hear a new band that I am completely in love with, and I think Meg will love them as much as I do, I tell her I heard this new band and they’re “ok”. Maybe she’d like them. Meh. If I pump this new band up too much, and they don’t meet her expectations, then they are the worst band in the world. That sort of thing.

I expected this point and shoot on steroids to kill the DSLR for me. That is a tall freaking order for a camera. There’s a reason the SLR system is what it is. Point and shoots, rangefinders, SLR’s, view cameras, and the like, have been around for decades. This P&S/Hybridy (new word) system isn’t new and there’s a reason Nikon and Canon didn’t put all their eggs in this kind of basket in the transition to digital. So I hit Dubai with a clean slate. I was going to just use the camera as a camera. I started over.

Straight out of Compton. I mean, Camera. Not bad at all.



Michael Cali in the moon light at ISO 6400. Not too shabby. As in “Damn. 6400?” He’s an X-Pro1 shooter as well. Check out his review.



I can’t tell you how fast security would have been on me had I been shooting with a DSLR here.



iStock called. They want this image back. The X-Pro1 isn’t as silent as the x100 because it has a focal plane shutter but it is still quiet and discreet.

I shot and shot and shot with the X-Pro1 in Dubai during all of the classes that I taught at Gulf Photo Plus. As we’d go on location the X-Pro1 was on my side more than the 5d but this, at first, was more out of convenience than desire. I was running around checking on everyone and shooting demos here and there and having a lightweight camera on my side was kind of nice. Ain’t gonna lie. The lazy part of me liked it right away. The more I shot with it the more I was digging the camera. About half way through my time in Dubai I got to trade my pre-production body in for a production body and the new body was more responsive. It was better but still laggy as hell. I finished my work in Dubai and re-packed my stuff for India. My goal was to take all my photo gear minus chargers in one tiny ThinkTank Photo shoulder bag. I chose the Hubba Hubba Hiney bag. I could fit the X-Pro1, its three lenses, and an x100 in that bag with a few extra batteries and a card case. I threw a flash, chargers, extra batteries, and a Gorillapod in my laptop bag. Off to India…









You’d think I paid them to stand there. Nope. Totally walked up on this. Three cute kids to match Fuji’s three cute lenses.

The X was growing on me. I was walking the streets of a new place with two cameras and three lenses and never once tired of carrying this gear. It was hanging on my side or in a pocket. The weight of all of it was distributed around my person and I never felt it. No tired neck. No sore shoulder. Kick ass image quality. Lens choices. As long as I was methodical in my shooting the camera, and all of its quirks and laggy issues, were beginning to fade away. Then I had my shoot with Gabriella and we threw a few Rupees at a cab driver and the sun was just right and….







And I was sold. I’m in. I got it. It’s worth every effing rupee, peso, penny. I don’t care. I’m not in Bombay any more. I went somewhere else and once this light was gone I woke up with the X-Pro1 in my hands and yes. Ummm… maybe? No. Ummm… Yes. I zoomed in on this image to check focus. “Hot Damn.”** It was one of the greatest personal moments of my professional life. I was given a D100 and a second chance eight years ago and now I am in India shooting with a new camera that is ten times the camera that D100 was. I would have sold major organs to have this kind of camera back then.

I’m stepping away from the computer for a minute. I’m all emotional about this right now. I mean, a piece of dust just got in my eye or something. Srsly. One more of Gabby and the Cabbie as requested by commenter Craig…




Ok. Moving on. Shot more of Gabby…



A number of you have asked on twitter… “Would you shoot a job with the X-Pro1?” Funny you should ask. I left India and had a whopping 36 hours at home in Atlanta before I was off to Biltmore Estates in Asheville, North Carolina to shoot a job for Land Rover. 98% of that job was shot with the X-Pro1. The job was basically this… “Zack, you’re one of five photographers in five cities that we’re setting loose to photograph our cars in whatever way you want. So here’s a sick location and some sick Rovers. Have at it.”




Look #1.


Look #2.






I had such a great time on this job. A) I love all Land/Range Rovers and getting my pick of the litter from a Series II, to the last Classic to roll off the line, to Rover Sports, to Defenders, to LR4’s, and then taking Meg out on the town in the new Evoque was pretty dope. I was brought on by the Undercurrent crew who are also working with AllDayEveryDay on this LandRover Tumblr project where this work will be shown first. Check out the other photographers. I’m really blown away by Adam Goldberg’s work. He shot for them in Los Angeles. All film. That’s a blog of another flavor. :) Each week new images from all five of us are showing up on the site. My direct link is here. It’s cool to see five photographers take on the same job on one site. The other shooters are Frances Tulk-Hart (NYC), Jayms Ramirez (San Francisco), and Chris McPherson (Phoenix).

So yes. I will, and have, shot a job with this camera. There’s no way in hell I would have done this job for Land Rover had I not believed in this camera. I had the Phase out for this job on some “hero” shots and I had the 5d around with the 135 f2 lens in case I needed it. Never did. Oh no. Is this X-Pro1 a DSLR killer? Have I come full circle by going around the world with this stupid camera? Let’s bring this home. I’ll pull from some FAQ’s I’ve received.

• Is the X-Pro1 a DSLR competitor? Yes and No. Despite it being a 16MP APS class sensor with a crap crop factor I would say it challenges my 5d2. Even in the higher ISO range. That new bayer pattern thing they did with the sensor is legit. If your job is shooting toddlers running through parks or some sort of sports outside of competitive dart throwing, then this camera is by no means a competitor to a DSLR. If your work is more methodical like portraits and the like then… there’s a place in your bag for this camera.

The next time someone asks me what kind of camera they should get I will have them look at the X-Pro1. It’s a camera that you can grow from amateur to pro with. If you were ever shooting with a Canon Rebel, 20d, 30d, D100, D200, D70, D60, etc then as far as image quality and ISO goes, this camera spanks all of those and keeps up with today’s prosumer DSLRs. It’s the slow focus where it starts to slip and lag.

• The focus and lag. Is it that bad? Yeah. Kind of. The focus is ok. There’s just this lag that it has that is annoying. It’s like, I’ve thought about the shot. Then it wants to think about the shot too. NO. Just shoot. But I think back to my x100. When that came out of the box it sucked in those two areas. A few firmware updates later and it’s a new camera. I can only imagine the same will be said with the X-Pro1. Fuji has done an amazing job listening to all of us and have addressed many of our concerns. Even down to the request for the AF selector switch be changed to Manual, Continuous, Single. Single was in the middle before and hard to hit on the fly. I can’t remember the last time I used a continuous focusing mode so it’s fine if I don’t ever hit it.

• ETA – 6/14/2012 – Firmware 1.10 has dramatically improved the speed and responsiveness of the X-Pro 1. It’s now acting more like an x100. Focus is accurate. Lag is shorter. Overall speed of the camera has improved tremendously.

• What about manual focus on the X-Pro1? Uh. Yeah. No. Definitely not. The new lenses are focus by wire instead of having physical little gears in there. It’s slow and laggy and kind of sort of useless. If there was anything I was truly disappointed in was the fact that the focus by wire was kept for these lenses. As I said in my x100 review, I don’t know jack about lens design so I’m just armchair quarterbacking here but if the lenses could be physically geared then manual focus would be more of an option on this camera.

• x100 or X-Pro1? Oh boy. Tough one. The x100 is still, IMHO, the greatest camera ever made. It’s the scrappy little brother now that the X-Pro is out but it still has the most soul. My minimalist heart still sings when I’m shooting with the x100. It’s a bit smaller. A bit lighter. Silent. The 23mm focal length (35mm equiv) is fantastic. It’s still my favorite but I can’t say which I would choose over the other. They are two different little cameras. They are “too” different as well. It seems that the x100 line will continue. I don’t have any inside information on this but it comes from what I’ve read on the internets. I hope this is the case.

• ETA 6/14/2012 – AS much as I love the X-Pro1. AS much as I’ve used it for personal work and on paid jobs. AS much as firmware 1.10 has improved it… The x100 is still my baby. It’s still my favorite of the X series. It’s never far from me. The X-Pro1 translates to working on a job better than the x100 does but the x100 is still my favorite camera I’ve ever owned.

• What about the X10? I bought one of these for Meg. I like the x10 but this is how I think of them. The x100 and the X-Pro1 are photographer’s cameras. The x10 is a photographer’s point and shoot. If you are itching for an X class Fuji go for the x100 or X-Pro1.

• What do you think of the lenses? IMHO the 35mm f1.4 is THE lens to have for the X-Pro1. Holy crappoly do I ever love this lens. You could just weld it onto the camera and I’d be fine with that. It’s perfect. You know, other than not being geared for manual focus. No really, it’s fantastic. A grand slam of a little lens. My next favorite is the 18mm f2. It’s a really sharp lens and pretty wide. It holds up nicely. The 60mm f2.4 is my least favorite and that surprises me. I knew I was going to love the 35mm before I ever got it and I figured I’d love the 60mm just as much but I sort of think that maybe I have a bad copy of the 60mm. All my lenses are pre-production and the 60 is the worst performer of my three. It’s slow to focus and lock on. I have heard that firmware tweaks are in store for the glass but that’s just stuff I’ve read online. Don’t quote me. I think I need to try another 60. When it locks it’s great. It just doesn’t perform nearly as well as the 18 and the 35.

• Accessories? Definitely pick up the Black Rapid SnapR sling for this camera. Use the strap. Ditch the bag. That’s what I do. If you have two small cams on you (like an x100 and an X-Pro) then put each on a SnapR strap and pick up the CouplerR. This allows you to have one camera hanging on each side of you. This is how I rolled in India and it was awesome. You’ll forget they’re there in a few minutes. The new Fuji lenses come with lens hoods so you don’t have to Frankencamera something on the front of them like I did with the x100 for awhile. I finally broke down and bought the Fuji hood for the x100. Still a stupid price tag on that piece of plastic. Another thing that’s really nice is the extra grip for the X-Pro1. Picked one of those up and I’m glad I did. It adds just a bit of weight to the camera but I have a more solid grip on it now. I wouldn’t say it’s a must have but almost.

• How does it compare to the Sony/Nikon/Olympus such and such? I have no idea. I also have no desire to go shoot all these different cameras side by side. I’ll let dpreview do that.

• Best improvements from the X100? – The “Q” menu! The Q menu is awesome. It allows you to quickly make a number of changes to the camera through a very easy to navigate menu. Dear Fuji, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this to the x100 through a firmware update! PLEASE! It’s fantastic. Whoever designed that gets the employee of the month parking space for sure. The battery life has gotten a lot better as well. The battery is physically larger so that might have something to do with it. I can go all day on two fully charged batteries.

• What about the Leica M Class? How’s it hold up to those? While I have held and popped off some frames with an M8 and an M9 a few times, I have never had a full run with a Leica M class. I don’t want to step on the hallowed toes of the Leica legacy but there is no way I’d ever pay that much for those cameras. Esp when this X-Pro1 is out. I know there’s a Porsche / VW conversation to have here but I’d almost put it more like a Porsche / Subaru WRX metaphor if I was going to put it in the car world. Two different cars. Too different cars. Both faster than a scalded dog. One has an approachable price tag. The other does not. Girls usually aren’t impressed if you’re driving a Subaru even though you could smoke a number of Porsches in it. My metaphor is running out of gas. Oh, Fuji is coming out with a lens mount accessory that will allow you to mount Leica/M glass. Haven’t seen it nor tried it so I can’t speak to it. With those lenses being geared though, I sort of imagine that thing is going to be awesome and will give a number of us some more GAS for glass.

• Is it worth the money? Yes. But that’s coming from a guy who worked one off right? If you ever lusted after an M9 then this camera is right up your alley. You’ll be all over this camera because compared to $7,000, the $1,699 price tag for the X-Pro1 body is a steal. If you’re rocking a $500 DSLR with a kit lens then it’s a big stretch. There is a place for this camera at this price point in a working photographer’s bag. If you’re just starting out then you’re most likely better off to put your money in your DSLR kit for awhile. If you have a full DSLR kit and you’re looking for that “something” then this camera is that “something” you are looking for.

I’d have no problem pulling this out at wedding or other event. NOT for night time dancing shots but hell, I hate my 5d2 in those situations. Portraits. Getting ready. Detail shots. Yeah. Oh, and the macro mode on the 60mm is awesome. That would be my detail lens. We’re talking about a camera that weighs less than most of your lenses being job worthy and still fit in a large pocket. It’s much quieter than a DSLR and would allow you to look more like a guest than the hired gun when the crazy “NO PICTURES EVAR!!!” church ladies come around. Hand the X to your second and stick them in the third row. Done. I mean. Honor the rules. Don’t ruin it for the next photographer but, ahem, (third row with the quiet non pro looking camera and get the shot) Ahem.

Parting thoughts…

I’ve run through the gamut with this camera both physically and mentally. I’m really glad Fuji gave me the camera as it is missing some paint now. It’s not weather proof but it has been in the rain, had mud slung on it, and held an inch from running water. It’s funny how I wanted it to be what it kind of is but it was a bit of a journey to figure it out. This isn’t the camera you hand to your mom to grab a few shots. I’ve watched very talented photographers pick up my X-Pro1 and sort of scratch their heads after taking a few shots with it. I then explain how you have to stick your tongue out a certain way, stand on your left foot, grab your elbow, and click your heels three times to get the most out of it. When you do all that… angels sing. Really.

I did a job yesterday with this camera along side the Phase. I’d get my main shot with the Phase like this (ISO 50. Lit.)



With the X-Pro1 hanging at my side I would then pull it up for an “available” light shot for a different look. (ISO 800. Lit with the modeling light from a beauty dish. The blue light is daylight mixing in. WB set to tungsten.)

With the small size of the X-Pro1 it can always be on your side. You can shoot with your main camera and then pull something different off without skipping a beat. Having this camera on you isn’t a “commitment” if you know what I mean. Go shoot a 12 hour wedding day with two DSLRs hanging on you and you’ll know what I mean by “commitment”.  With an X hanging on one of those BlackRapid SnapR straps it’s the same as having your phone in your pocket. Even though just got bought for a cool billion, ain’t none of us shooting major jobs with an iPhone. This camera however can shoot a job. Unless the job involves bob sledding or toddlers. Or toddlers bob sledding. Get a Nikon for that job.

I’m heading to Iceland in June to teach a week long people and portrait workshop with Focus On Nature. We’re going to be shooting everywhere from the streets of Reykjavik to the interior tundras and glaciers and other nature stuff places and I’m pretty certain that I’m taking my Phase and my Fuji’s for the workshop. I think the Canons are going to stay at home. And yes, this Iceland workshop is going to be as cool as it sounds.

While I was in Dubai I gave a presentation at the launch of the X-Pro1 in the Middle East. I talk about my experience with the x100 and how my #de_VICE series was born from that camera and ended up on CNN. You can find that on Fuji ME’s youtube channel.

Will I sell my Canon kit? No. There will be plenty of jobs where I will need the speed of the 5d. Wait. What? I can’t believe I just said that. I guess after shooting with the X and the Phase the 5d feels like a Porsche. And while the X-Pro1 does shoot HD video it isn’t a 5d. [dream]But the weather proofed X-Pro3 with a full frame sensor and fast AF?[/dream] Yeah, the DSLR will get less and less use. ETA – I will never travel on vacation with a DSLR again. Ever. Seriously. If you want a travel camera, this is your travel camera. No question about it.

Oh… Can’t have a camera review without…

Questions? Concerns? Hit me in the comments. I’ll update this blog post periodically as firmware updates come through. I made a number of changes to my x100 post due to firmware updates fixing a lot of issues I had with it.



Again for the record — ETA – 6/14/2012 – Firmware 1.10 has dramatically improved the speed and responsiveness of the X-Pro 1. It’s now acting more like an x100. Focus is accurate. Lag is shorter. Overall speed of the camera has improved tremendously.

**I really hope the “hot damn” is strictly about the XPro-1 and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he was shooting a gorgeous woman in gorgeous light in an amazing location. Did I mention the fact that she is gorgeous? I’m going to go get out of my pajamas and get dressed or something. And pout my lips. And lounge somewhere in a pile of saris. Or the dang pile of clothes I have to fold. Yeah, me in a pile of 2T Yo Gabba Gabba underwear and socks and jeans will put Gorgeous Gabby to shame. (Meg)

*** Hot Damn was about the camera dear. Honest! (Zack)


  • Mike Devlin said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for all the effort you have put into this Zack… I (and many, many others…) thank you. Respect.

  • Mike said on April 11, 2012

    Zack, you’re killing me with this. This is terrific review.

  • Rich said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks Zack. Great insights.

  • Jasen Vinlove said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks Zack!!! your work and efforts are fantastic!

  • John Burridge said on April 11, 2012

    Very comprehensive, Zack. Maybe this isn’t the right blog post to comment, but I’m hoping to read more about your day to day with the Phase. I’m trying to rationalize making the leap, so I’m wondering if in our low-resolution web delivery world maybe the novelty has worn off, or if the semi-intangible “somethingness” of medium format still sings through via optics. It would be awesome if you did a side-by-side where we had to guess the difference between Fuji, Canon, and the Phase…

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    John – That would be interesting but I’d probably get depressed when half the people thought a Phase file was a Canon file. :)

    I can’t blog how it “feels” to shoot with it. I can’t blog a print. There are certain tangible things I can say here but it doesn’t replace the use of the camera. I can tell you it slows me down but you have to just slow down with one to see how that works. Know what I mean?


  • Jerm said on April 11, 2012

    Amazing I’ve been greatly on yhe fence with this camera but like most I get caught up in forum Internet banter and largely forget to just say fuk it and get out there shooting! Can’t wait for my xpro 1. Now just to decide if I should keep both the xpro and x100!!

  • Bret Douglas said on April 11, 2012

    Squirrels before girls, hoss!

  • Jay said on April 11, 2012

    Great review Zack, thanks.

    This made me LOL:

    “…would allow you to look more like a guest than the hired gun when the crazy “NO PICTURES EVAR!!!” church ladies come around.”

    Interesting about the comparison to the x100. I see those going for $800-$850 used on Ebay now. May have to pick one up.

  • Matthew Walton said on April 11, 2012


    Thanks for taking the time and sleep deprivation to post this. I’ve read plenty of other reviews on the XPro1, but was definitely waiting on you to put it through the ringer with your unbiased, no-nonsense approach. I bought an x100 after reading your review and have been able to capture many moments that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Again, thanks for the honest review, this seems to be the right camera for what I do. And thanks to Fuji for creating the awesome-sauce that lives within the X series as well as the awesome listening skills and firmware updates!

    Looking forward to more great work that you produce with the XPro, Zack!

    Matthew Walton

  • bashar said on April 11, 2012

    Zack can we see your beaten up x-pro1

  • Chris said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks Meg for posting this while Zack is recharging.

  • Jinny said on April 11, 2012

    LOL- It’s crashed your page! Meg, put me down for the E-H reading time. Looking forward to see Zack’s take on the pros and cons of this pretty camera.

  • MikeScott said on April 11, 2012

    Great review, Zack. I love that you write from the perspective of USING the camera in the real world and not about chip charts and brick walls.. have you used it with lighting yet? Is it Pocket Wizard friendly? How do you think the 18 & 35 work in a manual/zone focusing situation for street shooting?

    Meg, your comments at the end made me smile. You two are a great team (I think you’re overdue for some website/gallery reviews).

    Thanks, Mike

  • Allen said on April 11, 2012

    Great write-up again Zack. I’m glad to know there’s somebody else going around their house shooting stuff with their X-Pro1.

  • JR Clubb said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for your honest to goodness review!

  • Aaron Pelly said on April 11, 2012

    Zack, speaking of quietness…did you deal with the so-called “aperture chatter” that half of the reviews seem to be talking about? I’ve used my X100 in situations where the kathunk of an SLR would have made me cringe. I really, really want the X-Pro to be able to do the same (realizing the shutter isn’t as insanely quiet as the X100), but I keep reading complaints about the constant noise as the aperture adjusts itself.


  • Greg said on April 11, 2012

    Great review. Sincerely love the shots (tungsten girl FTW). In your X100 review you mentioned that you run JPEG rather than RAW. Curious if you do the same with the XPro1. Also curious to know about how the images hold up in post. I have found the image quality of the X100 to require only minimal LR adjustment if any…does this hold for your Xpro experience?

    Again, thank you for all that you do to educate and inspire.

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Greg – I’d be more apt to shoot the X-Pro1 in RAW on jobs and JPG for just walking around but I have yet to work on an X-Pro RAW file as there isn’t a converter out yet. Well, there’s Silly Pix or SilkyPix or something but I hear it’s a pain so I won’t even bother.

    I find the Fuji files hold up quite well. Fuji has always been known for great skin tone and this camera is no exception.


  • Martin Castein said on April 11, 2012

    Hi Zack thanks for the review was a good read, im interested in this camera for weddings and portraits but was wondering if you got to try out any of the flashes for this camera ( if there are any). I use a D700 and im loathed to make a mistake by selling it and everything i have for it but this camera appeals to me massively, not sure how it would do a reception and first dance??? any thoughts?

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Martin – I’ve used my old Nikon SB80-DX flash on the x100 and X-Pro1. They work just fine. No TTL of course but Auto works and I prefer Auto over TTL anyway. Pocket Wizards of course work as well.


  • Jesse Inskeep said on April 11, 2012

    I picked up an X and am loving it except for my processing workflow….

    I mainly shoot weddings and shoot raw, but NOTHING has the ability to process the raws from this camera.

    Are you just shooting jpeg? Will you switch to raw after LR or CaptureOne can handle the files?

    Any inside info on when either of those programs will accept xpro1 raw files?

  • Gerard said on April 11, 2012

    Zack, I didn’t know you could shoot cars so well. These photos of the Landrovers (plus the one you showed previously) are really great stuff. I like them a lot more than the standard lots-of-light and lots-of-post-production car photos.

  • almostinfamous said on April 11, 2012

    I’m strictly into my monastic meditation phase (no pun intended) trying to exorcise the demons of marketing that incite GAS. but dang if reading your experiences alongside DPR’s (talk about a bender) convinced me to wait and get an X-Pro 2. I have a pair of Nikons that does the bulk of my work, but i AM looking for that little bit extra. maybe the X100 goes into the wishlist instead of this. Thanks for putting in all the hard work, Zack and Meg!

  • Cpt Haddock said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for the review. And even more for those Bombay pictures. The haircutter, the crossroad. And then the one with the girl in the taxi (I still do prefer the framing of the first one you posted, with the cab driver). Haunting. All my friends, including two prof. photographers, were also blown away by the emotional power of this picture.
    I realize your review confirms what I’m looking for in this camera in the first place. A kind of complicity. And some discipline in my way of taking pictures.

  • Rye said on April 11, 2012

    hey zack,

    just wait about a year for a “proper” firmware update from fuji and your Xpro will focus like the x100 with the 1.21 firmware. (something to look forward to)

  • Jason said on April 11, 2012

    As someone who has pre-ordered the new Olympus E-M5, I have been looking forward to reading your opinions on the Fuji Pro. Although the Oly does not have PRO in it’s name it sound like it may perform as good if not better in many ways as the Fuji. I’m sure the focus kills it. Looking forward to getting my box and acting like an excited teenage girl.

  • Rene said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for the thorough review Zack.

    …but NO manual focus by turning the lens barrel??? Say it ain’t so!!!

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    Rene – You turn the lens barrel to manually focus but you’re not physically turning the optics inside. You’re basically controlling a “volume” knob and the camera is electronically changing the focus. The lag from you turning to it focusing is annoying as hell. And slow.


  • Nico Foto said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for sharing this great review, I’ve been following all your x-pro 1 reports. The more I read about this camera, the more excited I get by it.

    I’ve been waiting for some time for something in this form factor, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (Leica?), smallish, with plenty of old school manual controls and good IQ for street and travel. Basically the “compact” class of camera of the 70s with a new digital brain but same soul. I went full cycle from DSLR to film rangefinders to m43 and recently an x100. The x100 really hit me in an emotional level, like no other camera had done in a while, so I guess once I come up with the money, an x100 might be high on my shopping list.

    I hope Fuji fixes the small little glitches and improves the AF speed a bit in the near future.

  • Nico Foto said on April 11, 2012

    Sorry, I meant to say an X-Pro 1 might be high on my shopping list 😛

  • jeff denapoli said on April 11, 2012

    great review Zack. love your honesty! still getting used to the speed and quirks on my x100 but i agree, it is a frustratingly awesome camera and I have actually come to like slowing down and working to get the right shot. sounds like Fuji has put a lot of engineering and spirit into this new breed of cam.

  • dominik said on April 11, 2012

    I can’t work with .Raf from my X-Pro 1 for the moment (LR and Photoshop are not compatible).
    Do you work with JPEG or RAW files ? If RAW, what software do you use ? Thanx.

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Dominik – As stated above a few times. I’m just dealing with JPG files at the moment. I’ve shot RAW’s to have them. Waiting for the LR update.


  • Romain Massola said on April 11, 2012

    Hi Zack !
    I’ve discovered your website and blog last week while browsing the web to find info on the X-pro 1 and now your blog is my most viewed blog of the last 5 days !
    I mainly use my Leica M6 for street shots and everyday shots, not really a professionnal photographer but I still do some live photography for some websites here in France. I use my D700 for that and I’m happy with it. Except for the weight…
    Is the X-pro 1 useable (?) for live shots ? I work with spot metering and only the central AF point on the D700, can I do the same with the Fuji ?
    Thanks a lot.

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Romain – You can use the X the same way you do with the D700. It has all the same metering modes and AF selection points that a DSLR has.


  • Aaron Pelly said on April 11, 2012

    Oh, I almost forgot to ask – Zack, in addition to the aperture chatter question, do you wear glasses while shooting? How well can you see the viewfinder?


  • Lawrence said on April 11, 2012

    Hey Zack,

    You mentioned the x100 has a leaf shutter and the XPro-1 has a focal plane shutter. Does that mean you have a much lower X-sync speed? Do you still sync at 1000sec?

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Lawrence – The sync speed is around 160th for the X-Pro1 due to the focal plane shutter. Wish it was leaf shutter like the X100 but then the lenses would probably cost more than the camera body.


  • Mike said on April 11, 2012


    Love the review. I’m curious, the picture with the caption “I can’t tell you how fast security would have been on me had I been shooting with a DSLR here.” – where was that taken?


  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Mike – At one of the malls in Dubai. Mall of Dubai I think. It wasn’t Emirates. It’s the one at the base of the Burj Khalifa.


  • Lee said on April 11, 2012

    Zack, thanks for the great review. I’ve had the XP1 for about a week now and had a couple questions. When walking around, taking snapshots, do you primarily use AF or zone focusing. I found that half the pictures I took weren’t focused on where I was aiming with AF. It’s really frustrating, but then again, I’ve only snapped off a couple hundred shots. Also, and not to sound disrespectful in any way, because I respect your amazing work, do you think it is at all a conflict of interest that you went on these trips paid for by Fuji? I know that they didn’t impose anything on you, but somewhere in the back of your mind do you feel the pressure to write something favorable? I was a little surprised that you found the camera was worth the money. To get it’s full range with all 3 lenses, that’s over $3.5k — that’s pretty hefty. I’d like to hear more about what you DIDN’T like about this camera. Thanks again for taking the time to review, you’re helping us all out.

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Lee – I use the single servo AF pretty much all the time. If you are shooting the 35mm wide open you do have to be really careful as the DoF is so shallow you can blow focus by slightly moving the camera a bit.

    This is the first time I’ve ever been paid by a photo company to use a product. I prefer buying things on my own and saying whatever I want but really, come on… Fuji calls and says here’s a camera and money. Go to India. Take photos of whatever you want. Give us a few released images for marketing. Keep the camera. Say whatever you want to say about it on your blog. Good or bad.”

    Would you turn down that job? :) There’s no way in hell I’d turn it down. Sony can send me to Asia. I’ll let Olympus send me to Moscow. Maybe Pentax could send me to S. America. I’d take these gigs every day if I could!

    As I have been working on this blog post though I haven’t bothered to think about the commercial gain I got from this. The thoughts above are my own without influence of money or future work. That’s really what sticks in your head. “I want to keep Fuji happy so they hire me again!” But no. I’d rather have my integrity than another paycheck. I can get another paycheck. I can’t get my integrity back. Know what I mean?

    And yes… It’s worth the money. A) I travel a good bit and having this small bag with this good of a camera is amazing. B) I just invested into a PhaseOne system last year at close to ten times the price of this full Fuji system…. so… compared to that purchase, it’s all a bit relative.


  • Juan said on April 11, 2012

    Great Review!

    I took an eye on Fuji’s X-line after reading your X100 review. I am waiting for my Xpro right now!!!. You were able to show the soul of this camera as you did with the X100



  • Brian Powell said on April 11, 2012

    haha, your reviews are hilarious and useful at the same time.


  • Ian Boys said on April 11, 2012

    When reading this my main thought was how awesome the X-pro 2 will be …

  • Dan Watkins said on April 11, 2012

    Dude, you write almost as well as you shoot. Probably the most helpful gear review upon which I’ve ever laid mine eyes. Great work! –Dan

  • Paulo said on April 11, 2012

    That’s a review. Man. No BS, cut to the chase. Impressions, no pixel peppin. Love it Zack. And a great foot note by Meg!! LOL.

  • Laura said on April 11, 2012

    Again, from a photo editor, perspective, your iStock comment made me laugh so hard – thanks!

    I’m drooling for this camera and I appreciate your review so much, I think I just need to hold one first and I could make the leap. I literally decided to not buy a new car this year so I could possibly get something like this.

    Must get back to work and stop daydreaming about shooting with this….

  • David said on April 11, 2012

    Great review Zack. I have been shooting about the same length of time and love the 18mm and 35mm lenses. It is definitely a photographers camera and the Q button is brilliant. I think if you have time to consider a shot the camera works really well and I have used it for long exposure photography as well as street work. I have the 5DMKII, X100 and the X-Pro1 and love all 3. The X-Pro1 offers the image quality I think of the 5DMKII in a much more subtle and portable package. I have decided though, no more gear, this setup is is ideal.

  • Lee said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks Zack for your candor, I do believe you have the utmost integrity in your reviews, but you don’t need to hear that from me. And yes I would take those trips in a heartbeat! For the record I think serious even “bad” critiques can lead to commercial gain. These companies are obviously pumping out improvements, better models annually and they’ll want to hear it from the source :). And this is what I ultimately struggle with, favorable reviews notwithstanding, finding a digital camera that will last years and years and not be upstaged by next year’s model — is this even possible? Nevertheless, thanks for all you do.

  • Matt Penning said on April 11, 2012

    Thank you for the entertaining and highly informative “real world, real words” review. I now salivate and lust for the X-Pro 1. Quirks and all, aside, the images you put up are worth the price, it seems.

  • suzaidee said on April 11, 2012

    This is one of the best and honest review. Thank you for sharing with us and they way you testing the camera really answer all questions I have in my head.

  • Chris Dodkin said on April 11, 2012


    Props for taking the time to do a proper review, rather than just a first impressions brush-off.

    I’ve been shooting the X-Pro1 for a month now, coming from the 5DII, and I mirror a lot of your observations and experiences.

    I do however love my 60mm lens – I’ve had great success shooting candid/street with this lens, and I’m very happy with the results to date.

    Sure, faster AF would always be better – but it’s a non-issue in actual use.

    Will be checking back in to see your updates – thanks again.


  • nicholas gonzalez said on April 11, 2012

    The moonlit image of Michael is just incredible!

  • Bimal Nair said on April 11, 2012

    I havent read a single word yet, but just strolled thru the images. Hands down Zack! You are one hell of a master! Everything you create is another masterpiece. Your work so easily shows the experience and skill you posses. Will read this tomorrow and thank you more for all the efforts you put in to enlighten others around this planet. RESPECT. Zack!

  • Jen said on April 11, 2012

    EXCELLENT! Well done. Thank you Zack!

  • Alex said on April 11, 2012


    Great review. Aaron Pelly asked two interesting questions you haven’t answered yet. About the lens chatter and using the camera with glasses. I’d love to hear your thoughts on both. I have the camera along with the 28 & 35. I think the chattering is a tad annoying but I’m hoping there might be a firmware fix for that. Is that possible?

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Alex – Forgot to talk about the lens chatter. It’s annoying but I’ve learned to forget about it. I use the camera with glasses and haven’t had an issue. I do plan on finding an eyecup though as it would cut out side light. I use my hand at the moment.


  • Mark said on April 11, 2012

    Any comments on frame line accuracy? There are a lot of people complaining about it. Any comments on the viewfinder zoom fuji talk about for different lenses?

    How is the AF area? I have the X100 and the AF box is so big I have to check the distance scale to make sure it has not focused on the background. Really really annoying. With the longer lenses like the 60mm only taking a small part of the viewfinder I could see this issue being even worse.

    It is disappointing to see some of the same complaints about this camera as on the X100, hopefully firmware updates on both cameras will continue to remove the oddities and see less fiascos like X100 1.2 which broke more than it fixed.

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Mark – I don’t have any issues with the frame lines or virtual horizon. The x100 and X-Pro1 allow you to change the size of the AF box. Press the AF button then toggle the thumb rocker switch thing on the x100 to make it larger or smaller. I think that happened with one of the recent firmware upgrades.

    With the 60 I don’t mess with the tiny frame lines in the optical viewfinder. I just go with the EVF and then you are viewing through the lens. The optical works great with the 18 and 35.


  • Peter said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks Zack for a very balanced review. On the MF issue, can’t you use the AF-L to focus in M mode and then fine tune with the barrel? Sorry if this sounds stupid. I’m not a MF user except for macro work.

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Peter – Yes, you can do that. I’ve done that with the x100 but I’d prefer a fully manual control of the lens.


  • chris.h. said on April 11, 2012

    I have the X10 and I love it for my street stuff, and when I can afford it I will also get the X100. The Xpro1 is top of my ‘want’ list. When I can get that I will sell all my Canon gear. (I only shoot people/portraits/models) Thanks for the review. Kudos to Fuji,also,for being brave enough to let you have a free reign to say what you wanted…not something we see too often.

  • Ryan said on April 11, 2012

    Zack, truly amazing well done. I love my X-pro 1 and I’m really trying to get a handle on the different film simulations to create the look that I see in your shots. I know you are using JPEG’s as you mentioned but what was your go to mode on most of these shots? I can guess that some are Provia some are Astia what do you think of the 2 new film modes Pro Neg Hi and Pro Neg std? I’d be really interested in hearing your feedback on the different film modes. Thanks again for all you do!!!

  • Zack said on April 11, 2012

    @Ryan – I keep it on Standard and do work on them in post. Haven’t had time to really learn the simulation modes and never really used them on the x100.


  • Steve P said on April 11, 2012

    Nice review. India looks like an amazing place. I hope to make it there someday.

    I’m really torn on this camera. I love my X100 and pre-ordered the Pro but decided to hold off until I read some more user reports or maybe until Fuji releases new firmware. I’m sure firmware will improve the camera and in 75% of the situations I’m in the focusing would probably be fine. I just don’t think that it would be able to keep up with my kids. The new Olympus looks like an interesting option but something just draws me to the Fuji’s. It may not be the answer to my family photo needs but I could really see myself using it for assignments and travel. There are many days I would gladly dump my TT Airport Security bag loaded with two bodies, 5+ lenses, flashes, batteries, etc….. for the lighter load of the Fuji, two lenses, a couple of pocket wizards and a small location lighting kit. Sometimes simplicity is good.

    The rapid strap looks like a good carrying option. They should offer a small lens pouch that hooks onto the rapid strap. It would be great for carrying a micro 4/3rds or the Fuji with two primes(one on the body one on the strap).

    Thanks again for the review.

  • Eric said on April 11, 2012

    Great review Zack. I think you summed up everything perfectly. It’s not a camera for everyone, that’s for sure, but perhaps that is precisely what I love about it. In a world full of full automated “computer cameras” this thing comes out of left field and makes you actually slow down and think about what you’re doing. It truly puts the fun back into photography.

    I’ve only had mine for a week now, but I can honestly say I’m done with DSLR’s…but then again, I don’t shoot sports. So take that with a grain of salt.

  • Robert Stahl said on April 11, 2012

    Zach, stellar review my compadre! Would seem that Fuji has given us another ‘quirky’ gem! I can possibly see myself with
    both the x-pro 1 & 35mm f1.4 lens (53mm) and the x-100 in what I would call the ‘ Cartier-Bresson’ walkabout package. Fortunately, most of the operational concerns you expressed can be fixed with firmware updates. And by the by the way, Match Technical’s ‘thumbs up’ piece made for the Leica x1 fits the x-pro 1 like a glove! So for the moment I will continue to use my beloved Fuji x-100 for street photography until such time as I decide to go for the x-pro 1. To date, Zach, I have not installed any firmware updates in my x-100. If I download the current 1.21 fix will it incorporate the previous updates
    or I need to do all of them in consecutive order to get their full benefit?

  • Ryan Cochran said on April 11, 2012

    Finally, a review that reads like it was written by a normal fellow… Well done.

  • Mike said on April 11, 2012

    I want the X-Pro1 so badly! My problem is that in order to the buy the X-Pro1, I’m going to have to sell my Canon 35L and 85L. That troubles me because I’d be selling absolutely stellar glass (i.e. zero compromises) to fund a less-than-perfect-but-still-oh-so-awesome body and lenses (i.e. compromises).

    For travel and street photography, the X-Pro1 would be so much more convenient than the 5D2 with the 35L or 85L. And even for the little bit of family photography I do, the X-Pro1 would likely be just fine.

    But I just can’t make myself sell the 35L and 85L.

  • aileen said on April 11, 2012

    thanks Zack. great review with lots of useful information. and Meg, love the visual and love you. :)

  • Shootaman said on April 11, 2012

    Zack, I agree w/ your review. For what I like to do, which is like smearing light on to a canvas, taking sweet time, this camera is what I’ve been waiting for.

  • Romain Massola said on April 11, 2012

    I’m picking up mine tomorrow morning because of your review.

  • Hernan Zenteno said on April 11, 2012

    Hello. I want to know how good is the duration of the battery, is similar for example to the 5D Mark II? And I saw you use glasses, do you find any problem shooting with them? Many thanks and I coincide with other comments, you make funny comments like the size of David Burnett´s balls. This make me think, if he can slow down to shoot some photos with a Speedgraphic with a f:2 lens then I can do the same to use the x1 :)

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Hernan – The battery life isn’t as good as the 5d but it is far better than the x100. I typically can go all day on two X-Pro batteries. I typically need at least 4 x100 batteries if I’m on the streets for a full day. Not many problems with glasses. I want to find an eye cup for this camera though. That would be helpful.


  • Henry said on April 11, 2012

    Zack thanks for your real wortld testing on this new camera.
    I think this question was asked above but I did noy see your reply.
    The lens chatter on the 35mm –did it bother you in the real world.
    Also the missing diopter adj. I am a little older and really need to be able to see what is in focus?


  • Niall O'Shea said on April 11, 2012

    Hi Zack, I appreciate the real-world review, thanks. Could you please re-post the photo of Gabby you had earlier that includes the taxi driver? In my humble opinion that composition was far, far better than the (still good) one you have up now. That shot is one of the best photos I’d seen in ages and the kind that also makes me want to go out and buy the Fuji!

  • Ian MacMichael said on April 11, 2012

    As ever, a great read, thanks man for all the time and effort, it IS appreciated! Maybe I should cancel my D800 order….second thoughts, just get this as well, no one will know will they???? Cheers

  • Rodney said on April 11, 2012

    I greatly prefer these sort of reviews than the measurbator reviews at other sites. Your experiences pretty much match a lot of the other data points I’ve been getting online. I’m still really tempted, but the AF issues are holding me back. The size and fast primes would be ideal for small music venues, where I shoot shows from time to time (among my other work). That was a big thing I was looking to this camera for, so it bums me out that it really isn’t up to it.

  • Witold said on April 11, 2012

    The second last picture is brilliant!

  • James Hazelwood said on April 11, 2012

    That’s it. I’m selling my 5D Mark xx and the 16 – 300 f 1.8 super zoom on ebay – so can get this puppy

    PS Adam Goldberg’s work is really cool

  • Ioannis Tsouloulis said on April 11, 2012

    Hello there Zack! Thx a lot 4 your revieuw! I’m responsable for the promotion of the Fuji Xpro-1 the X100 and the X10 in Belgium and I agree completely with your revieuw!!
    Keep enjoying your X’es ;-)!
    Greetings, Ioannis.

  • dominik said on April 11, 2012

    Ok. Thank you Zack for your reply . You do like me : only JPEG and I’m waiting for a LR update too…. 😉

  • Kees said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for having taken the time to write all this; I enjoy your style. A big nod from SFO!

  • ken said on April 11, 2012

    Great review…really like the new sensor on that and how sharp it looks…I’m really impressed w/ what they did w/ the Bayer design.

    If you want a bit more speed on a small but slightly bigger package (still lots smaller than your 5D or PhaseOne), try a Pentax K-5 and put only their primes on it. You’d love their 31/1.8 and probably their 43/1.9 (a 5D friend thought my 43 was a manual focus lens). It’s got the same great Sony sensor as the Nikon D7000 and you don’t have the frustratingly slow focus you have w/ the X-Pro. Cost is less than the Fuji too, but it doesn’t have the cool Leica retro look, but you really won’t swear at it nearly as much 😉

  • David said on April 11, 2012

    So is the 35mm lens just as good or better than the 23mm lens of the X-100?

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @David – Honestly, I love the 35mm 1.4 just a little bit more than the 23mm on the x100. Both are superb but that Fuji 35mm f1.4 is becoming my most favorite of all pieces of glass that I own.


  • Charles said on April 11, 2012

    Hi Zack; great review. I’m searching for the “perfect” traveling camera, and was wondering if that was the primary factor, would you choose the x100 over the x-pro1 due to the smaller form factor, or is that too negligible a difference from your perspective?

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Charles – It’s really too negligible. The x100 is my carry everywhere camera. It’s always around, but I’ve also carried the X-Pro1 in the same manner and it’s not suddenly more cumbersome or heavier.


  • Mark Higgins said on April 11, 2012

    Isn’t Adam Goldberg an actor as well? Saving Pvt. Ryan and Entourage?

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Mark Higgins – Yep! That’s the same guy. He’s taken up photography and doing quite well with it from the looks of it.


  • Colin Michael said on April 11, 2012

    Great review Zack, yours was the one I was waiting for. My X-Pro 1 will be here friday but I’m also keeping my X100 as it’s such a fantastic camera. Plus the ladies love it.
    BTW, sorry about that whole Canon thing, I should never have put that 5D in your hands back in Vegas, would have saved you a lot of trouble!

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Colin – I know. You bastard! :) How are you?


  • Peer said on April 11, 2012

    Hey Zack,

    Loved the review but it got me thinking..
    If you love this kind of cameras/shooting so much..
    Knowing that you are raised with film, old school photography.
    So.. what about the leica M9? Uh yes I know, price tag!!!
    BUT!! the best lenses on the planet! Old school style photography with a full frame sensor.
    Maybe, maybe you can get your hands on that one and let us know what you think… or feel!


  • Andy Mills said on April 11, 2012

    I’d love something like this as it’s either impossible (or inconvenient) to carry a DSLR around that often. And, admittedly, I am a little bit lazy as well. I may be going to Cuba later in the year, and the thought of taking a 7D, a couple of lenses and stuff is making me sweat.

    Sadly the x-pro1 is out of my price range at just over £1400 here in the UK, and that’s almost as much as a 5D2 (and the cost of my holiday to Cuba). I wonder if Fuji would be interested in a review from someone not quite so experienced, you know, to get a different point of view… Ahem.

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Andy – Ha! Nice plug! :) Do have a look at the x100. I’d go to Cuba with just that camera if I had to. Heck, look at what Jeremy Cowart did with an iPhone in Haiti.


  • Rene Delbar said on April 11, 2012

    Thanks for the thorough evaluation of the X-Pro, Zack! Your selection of great images adds even more credibility to your conclusions (though they tell more about the man behind than about the camera itself, I’m sure…).

    Your tale just makes the wait for mine to arrive seem longer. I already have a Kipon adapter eager to mount some good old manual focus Nikons to the X-Pro as well.

  • Peer said on April 11, 2012

    Uhh whoops after typing…. half the comment was there..
    Could only post 10 lines!
    so where was I? Oh yeah..

    Do try to get your hands on a M9! just for you and try it out….
    Was blown away with this cam….
    I am a pro based in Barcelona (spain) doing portraits, headshots and some editorial work.
    And to unwined I get back to where I started… streetphotography I still use the.rollei

  • Aaron Pelly said on April 11, 2012


    Thanks for commenting on the lens chatter. A follow up question: You say you’ve learned to ignore it, but can your subjects hear it? I’m guessing they can’t on the street (like the kids you photographed unaware), but could it be heard during a quiet wedding ceremony?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!


  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Aaron – Good point about a quiet ceremony. If you set it to optical view finder then the chatter stops because it isn’t trying to preview an image on a screen.


  • Cpt Haddock said on April 12, 2012

    @Ioannis Tsouloulis
    Ioannis, happy to hear about your position in Belgium… ‘cos I’m waiting for this baby for months, and didn’t see any hit the shelves in Brussels yet. Any idea when I can expect it ?

  • Craig said on April 12, 2012

    Nice review and photos Zach. I have to admit I have been checking your blog for a few weeks now waiting for this review and it was worth the wait. I am wondering, as an occasional film shooter, do you ever get used to the shutter lag? Lee’s comment was very interesting and very true! Next year’s model will be better and another must have, and on and on and on.

    If an adapter is in the works to use manual focus leica lenses, why doesn’t fuji have a true manual focus lens available? It is always great to read your blog! And your comment about integrity is VERY TRUE!! As one of my old college professors said, Once you have lost your integrity you have lost everything!!

    Keep up the good work!

  • craig said on April 12, 2012

    PS, The point made by a previous entry is very true regarding the original shot of Gabby in the cab. The composition, the lighting, the soft focus on the cabby with a very disturbing or menacing glare, the motion of the surroundings, and the muted colors all seem to make a much stronger image than the cropped version shown here. This image looks much more posed and not as spontaneous as the full frame image… Both are AWESOME, however the first image posted in the previous blog was truly mind blowing and one that FUJI will be very proud to use as a promo!!

    Much success!!

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @craig – Done. Added that other image. I love that one too.


  • Paul said on April 12, 2012

    Thanks for that Zack – – well worth the read. I have the X100 and must admit that I was a little annoyed when I found out a short while afterwards that the X-Pro1 was in the works. I love the X100 – it is nothing short of superb, but damn I am tempted to sell it and get my hands on this!!

  • Zlatko said on April 12, 2012

    I wish I could join the love-fest, but the aperture chatter is such an annoyance. Using the camera and the wonderful 35/1.4 lens and all I can hear is … tick, tick, tick, tick … tick, tick, tick … tick … tick, tick, tick, tick … tick, tick … tick, tick, tick. It is a lovely camera — except for the aperture chatter which is not pretty. There is a way to turn it off (use optical viewfinder only, histogram off, power save mode “on”), but this makes the autofocus slower (as the lens will stop down twice for every exposure) and makes the viewfinder turn a little milky for a moment; but even with these settings, there is still an aperture chatter sound just before every exposure. To answer Aaron’s question, your subjects will not hear it outside, nor will they hear it in a typical wedding ceremony, but in a quiet room anyone within 2 meters or so can hear it. The camera will not chatter much indoors in the evening, but in daylight it will chatter often until the camera powers off.

  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Zlatko – It bugged the hell out of me as well at first but I’ve learned to ignore it. It is something I wish was not an issue with this. Meant to put that in the original post. I’m going to do a follow up video with the camera and will demonstrate the aperture chatter.


  • Aaron Pelly said on April 12, 2012


    Thanks again for clarifying the chatter. I wasn’t aware that the chatter stopped in optical. Although, based on what Zlatko says, does power save have to be on for it to stop? This is really important to me as the primary reason I pre-ordered it is for quiet documentary work. Hopefully I’ll have one soon in my hot little hands to experience it for myself.


  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    @Aaron – It is annoying but it wouldn’t stop me from buying it. That’s my personal opinion.


  • Ryan V said on April 12, 2012

    I ignored the words and looked at the pictures. The first one of Gabby in the car is stellar. The interior Land Rover shot of the rear view mirror impresses the hell out of me for about two thousand different reasons. Great instincts for both.

  • Trace said on April 12, 2012

    And for the lusters of limited means, you can always “borrow” the X-Pro 1 (and lenses) for awhile:

  • Daniel Root said on April 12, 2012

    Hey Zack,

    Great review. I see a whole new career for you. Can’t wait for your feedback when you get the call from Chuck to check out the 5DMKIII and the 1Dx. Your work and your words are stellar. Tell Depew I said hi.



  • Derek Clark said on April 12, 2012

    Great review Zack! You hit it spot on, it’s near perfect, apart from the lag.

    I shot some studio photos with the X-Pro1 for my blog last week and was absolutely blown away by the quality. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the OVF and AF worked in a studio type shoot. I think I’ll be investing in some Pocket Wizard Plus III’s for my X-Pro1….oops, I think I just got GAS!

    I’m heading to Italy (including Venice) soon and was going to take just the X-Pro1, but you’ve kinda made up my mind to take the X100 too.


  • Yukon Binoculars said on April 12, 2012

    Great review Zack. It is very informative. Thanks. :)

  • Uwe said on April 12, 2012

    Hi Zack, your messages are read even on the other side of the big pond by some German wannabe photographers!
    You really do a great job and I enjoy & appreciate reading the stuff you post!

  • Niall O'Shea said on April 12, 2012

    Thanks for re-posting the cabbie pic!

  • Ben Sassani said on April 12, 2012

    Awesome review, Zack. I bought my X100 because you wouldn’t stop talking about it. Figured if it was a something you were excited about, there must be something to it. You were right… that thing is a beast. its an amazing little thing and I love it.

    The X-Pro1 seems like another amazing camera, but I think I’ll stick to my X100. the fixed focal range makes you think about your shot rather than changing lenses to do something. Looking forward to see your pictures from your upcoming trip with it.

    Best of luck and thanks for the great review!

  • Andy said on April 12, 2012

    Great review. I think tho for completeness you need to shoot comparison pics with the Fuji, Phase and Canon of Meg “in a pile of 2T Yo Gabba Gabba underwear and socks and jeans”. Pouting. Just sayin’. Oh, and no, you don’t need to post the results :)

  • michaelHD said on April 12, 2012

    i like your landy series II, not defender, not range rover, sure…….
    btw all great picture man…….

  • Martin said on April 12, 2012

    Another great and skilled photographer, Mike Kobal has huge problems with the AF:

    Why is it that
    a) Fuji seems to start at zero again with this model and repeats the same issues as with the X100?
    b) Its not possible in year 2012 to make a good AF
    c) You don’t mention all the noise this camera makes

  • Mike McFarlane said on April 12, 2012

    Hi Zack, I was enjoying the review until I got to the image of Gabby in the cab, then words just became so much blah. What a beautiful photograph. Sure the shot with the driver in may be a more complete story, but the light and colours in the first are sublime with a subtler purer story (to my eye anyway).
    The way the light bleeds round the car window frame, the way it outlines her beautiful face, the subtle glow through the cab as if from her beauty, the way she gazes out entranced, reaching out as if to touch the pastel world behind. It is just glorious.
    Happy travels.
    PS The review was good too:-)

  • Espencerrr said on April 12, 2012

    Thanks so much for this, Zack. I have some decisions to make, and now I have more info to go on. It’s been out since the day I moved here (Tokyo), and I go play with the the x100 and the xpro1 most days during my lunch break.

    Be honest… you copy/pasted “Reykjavik”, didn’t you? … heaven knows I did just now. 😀


  • Adam said on April 12, 2012

    Love the review, Zack, but I gotta ask: What’s the light setup on that portrait comparison (Phase/lit)?

  • juliusson300 said on April 12, 2012

    I would love to read a review of the Phase One!

  • meghan said on April 12, 2012

    @Andy What? You don’t wanna see that? C’mon! I would so rock that.

    (No I wouldn’t.)


  • Michael Przewrocki said on April 12, 2012

    breguetcamera on ebay already has kipon-adapters for Contax/yashica and other lenses on X-pro 1. around 74 chf. not so expensive. i would rather like peaking for manual focussing. there is a wiki about magic lantern for canon dslrs, but not yet for the fujis. i have put links in dpreview/sigma-section. Also about a new grip(silver and black) from the same source-see first word here.

  • Ian Kreidich said on April 12, 2012

    Damn Zack. I hate you. No really I hate you. The level of jealousy can’t be described.

    I’ve been obsessed with rovers since the first Discovery was released in the US in 94. I’ve worked for LR. Own a 95 Classic.

    Your Land Rover shots are by far the best of the group. You are the only one who seemed to capture the brand how it should be. Your images remind me of the old LR marketing material I would drool over as a kid. Damn. I hate you.


  • Zack said on April 12, 2012

    Thanks Ian. That’s very kind of you. I got to ride in the very last classic to roll off the line. It has less than 700 miles on it. Gorgeous.


  • Henk Versteeg said on April 12, 2012

    Hello Zack,

    I can only say you did a nice job. Your review is just the way of looking at a new camera I prefer. Everyone has his own needs and dealing with the great and the not so great details of a new camera. Your opinion is clear and everyone can understand what you mean. Many thanks !

    I just wait till the 10th May for the Leica announcement but I’m almost certain I will buy this beautiful X Pro 1.

    The Netherlands

  • Anna said on April 12, 2012

    Zack amazing work as always, its so damn good!

    I would love to purchase a print of the dubai mall pic, is it possible? I love the beauty of its simplicity.

    Your reviews are great, thank you. I held off buying a x100, I wanted it bad but read so many, not so good reviews. Then read yours, the next day went and got one. I love it and its my handbag camera, I carry it with me everyday. I don’t reckon I’ve even updated the firmware yet! Yeah Im lazy. Its on the to do list.

  • William MIller said on April 12, 2012

    Welcome home Zack!

    Couldn’t agree more with your take on the xPro. I’ve loved my x100 from day one. When I got the xPro my reaction was:
    Really Happy!…Jeez, kinda disappointed…no…wait…really happy! Kinda sad.

    Really happy with the appearance and build quality.
    Disappointed with the focus – which is noticeably slower than an updated x100.
    Then I saw the image quality – really happy again.
    I must sell the x100 to pay for the xPro. Kinda sad. (Make that really sad.)

    Keep the great shots coming!

  • Louis Berk said on April 12, 2012

    Great review. Thanks for publishing it. Terrific photography, btw.

  • Panayiotis Kyriacou said on April 12, 2012

    ordered mine yesterday from japan and the 35mm f1.4.. my god i can’t wait.. thank you for the excellent review.. loved your shots as well..

    i really hope to love this camera..

  • Rick Bennett said on April 12, 2012

    I’ll add one more voice to the chorus here, Zack. I always enjoy your writing and your images–your humor and creativity are truly inspirational. I also appreciate how you’ve continued to respond to comments and questions on your post.
    And here’s a big virtual hug for Meg and all she does. I love the polish and personality that she adds to your posts.

    One last comment… since you’ve sought out critics, and want to know where you can do better, I just gotta let you know that soccer pic is not a keeper. The focus is all wrong, the subject isn’t clearly defined. And the boy’s head isn’t in a clean spot. :)


  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @Rick – Glad to be of service!


  • Pious said on April 12, 2012

    I can’t believe myself! I followed your blog from donkey years, but just as some work had me tied up I couldn’t, AND THATS WHEN I MISSED TO READ THAT YOU WERE IN INDIA, IN BOMBAY!! Arghhh!!!

    Just can’t stop beating myself!

  • Shaun said on April 12, 2012

    Great photos and review as usual Zack. I’m falling in love with the x-pro 1 as much as I have with the x100. Any chance you could provide us with some of the settings your using for your jpeg output while we wait for Raw support?

  • Michael Meinhardt said on April 12, 2012

    I love that you write the way you talk. Don’t ever change that. It’s great.

    Thanks for the review! I won’t get the X1, but stick with my X100. Kinda like the idea of a single, flat lens.

  • Dave Nusbaum said on April 12, 2012

    Is the aperture chatter any louder or more annoying then the focus buzz with the Canon 35mm f/2.0?

  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @Dave – Yes. Because if you have it in EVF mode it’s always going.


  • Mike said on April 12, 2012

    It’s too bad they couldn’t get the focus and shutter lag right. I’ll wait for the X-Pro 3 like you said… I don’t even need full frame, Fuji!

  • Derek said on April 12, 2012

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the XP1sensor/lack of AA filter vs. X100 sensor. Trying to decide if it’s worth picking up an x100 now or see if Fuji introduces an X200 with the new sensor/no filter.

  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @Derek – I’ve not found any issues with the lack of an AA filter. No problems what so ever.


  • Rex Gigout said on April 12, 2012

    Zack, Thanks for the beautiful images, and the narrative!

  • Jay said on April 13, 2012

    Does Gabby have a portfolio somewhere? A website?

  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @Jay – I think her only site is Facebook. I’ll see if I can find it.


  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @Jay – Here you go…

  • Derek said on April 13, 2012

    Thanks Zack, I think my previous question wasn’t very clear.
    Do you think the XP1 sensor is superior to the X100 sensor? I understand it’s not apples to apples with different resolution and different lenses … But just askin’!

  • Jay said on April 13, 2012

    Thanks Zack, much appreciated!

  • John said on April 13, 2012

    “…but I’d probably get depressed when half the people thought a Phase file was a Canon file.” My fear, exactly. Well, you’d be in a position to find out is all I’m saying.

  • B. D. Colen said on April 13, 2012

    Is the manual focus using the AEL button faster and/ or more accurate than on the X100?

  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @BD – It works about the same but the lag from pushing the release to taking the photo is longer.


  • chris said on April 13, 2012

    Great review, but as far as the the Xpro1 goes – meh… Your review was the last straw in my effort to avoid buying the X100 and after a year long love/hate relationship, I finally cut ties with my beloved Fuji for good. The 1.21 update wasn’t enough to keep the flame burning, great images but a so-so AF and no MF along with other Fuji “quirks” was something I wasn’t willing to work around anymore. I had the XP1 pre-ordered but cancelled. The XP1 looks (and sounds from the aperture chatter) to be more of the same and I’m tired of being Fuji’s high dollar beta tester. Much like the X100, feels like Fuji pushed this one out the door before it was ready. I’ll wait for the X200 or Xpro2 before getting back in, until then the Nex7 is a happy home for my MF lenses.

  • Marc Weisberg said on April 13, 2012

    Zack, PROPS! Great and colorful real world review. Sick Rover Portraits. Hard to believe that you shot those with the Xpro-1. I’m trying to figure it out. Rush to bring the product to market? Why would Fuji not prefect that AF on the Xpro? Do you think that with subsequent firmware upgrades that the AF will improve?

    I’m digging your affair with the 35mm 1.4 glass. Sucks big time to have Fuji pay your way and drop some gear on you. I’m sure you’ll see more of that happening in the future. Thanks for keeping it real. Love to see more of what you came up with in India.

    Did you have any issues with the food over there? Did you come back healthy?

    Went to Cuba a few years ago to shoot for a couple weeks. Got really nasty dysentery. Thought I was going to die. My friend had to go out and get a Doc to tend to me. Got a shot in the rear {ouch!} and rehydrated. In a few days all was well and I was out shooting again.

  • iqral said on April 13, 2012

    Sir, I blame you it all started with the x100, after reading your review of it like 10 times. I rented it for a weekend for a friends wedding, camera was a pain but I produced some of my best wedding images ever !! Like seriously I was thinking of how can I make a x100 my second camera for weddings. Now the xpro one ahhh I shall not rent it. I shall not I say. You mentioned being ok with using it for weddings but not the dancing. Would you use it for the processional or even first dances ? Or would it require being used for really pretty much the stationary aspects of a wedding day ? And was there a lag when writing to your card like with the x100 was it better, worse or about the same? thanks , seems like fuji is intent on cameras that make you happy and sad within a 5 minute time frame

  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @iqural – If you like the x100 at weddings you’ll figure out how to make the X-Pro1 work. Esp with that 35mm 1.4. It’s such a great lens. Also, people dig the camera. You’ll get a lot of questions about it if you don’t already with the x100.


  • nick brownrigg said on April 13, 2012

    Dude, try a 5D MK III with a 28mm 1.8 or a 85mm 1.8. Speed, smallish size…. no retro look, but! you could do a quick cross processed film look to your images and everyone will still think you are cool! haha

    Great read, thanks for the review!

  • Nate @yomadic said on April 13, 2012

    With all your photos, and all your words, I wasn’t totally sold until I read this, at the end:

    “If you want a travel camera, this is your travel camera. No question about it.”

    Now, I’m sold.

    Thanks for a genuine review.

  • Dan said on April 13, 2012

    Some of these comments are pointless. Who cares if you’re not buying it?

    This is a fantastic review. Anybody that still complains about the camera obviously has NO interest in the camera at all. So don’t talk about xpro2 or 3.

  • tom said on April 13, 2012

    hi zach,
    will you still be using your x100 in a few months time if you’re sold on the xpro1, and if so then what for?

  • Zack said on April 13, 2012

    @Tom – No worries on the name. Happens several times a day. :)

    I will still be shooting with my x100. It’s still my take everywhere camera but as I head out for street or personal shooting I’ll have both on me. One of the main reasons I’ll still keep the x100 in the mix is for the focal length of the lens. It falls in the middle of the 18 and the 35 for the X-Pro 1. I’ve shot so much with that lens that I know it and “see” in that focal length.


  • tom said on April 13, 2012

    and apologies for misspelling your name!

  • Peter said on April 13, 2012

    Zack you say you’d prefer full manual control of the lens. Do you think that’s something Fuji are interested in?

  • Zack said on April 14, 2012

    @Peter – I’m not sure. If the AF was fast and spot on I wouldn’t care at all about manual focus but when it won’t focus I want to be able to take over and focus it manually with as few revolutions of the lens barrel as possible.


  • gregk said on April 13, 2012

    Zach, :cough: I mean Zack. Fantastic write up! I know exactly how you felt about the constant refreshing for information about a camera on google, I went through the same when the x100 was being annouced. LOVE my camera. Shooting the Kentucky Derby next month and I’m tempted to shoot the entire job on the x100. The thought of carrying a D700, several lenses, flashes, triggers, model releases, etc while I walk around 12 hours a day has me lusting over the X1pro (damnit x1pro just sounds better) and tapping my chin (contemplatively) as I look at my x100. I was able to demo the xpro1 at WPPI and was sold on it right away. Just need some scratch, bro!


  • iqral said on April 13, 2012

    @ Zack, thanks alot. Your right one cool feature about the x100 I saw is how people just warmed up to it way more than with my SLR ppl might be impressed with the big camera but ya the x100 got more compliments and started more convos…. ahhhh I just might have to rent this thing lol

  • F. a l a i n said on April 14, 2012

    as you x100 is a great camera the best…I have an X100 which I am fully satisfied and so I did a firmware 1.21 that fixes a bug, faster AF, On the frequency of updates, well fuji very serious. there are overall improvements that have been made and which were partially requested by users. best regards

  • Romain Massola said on April 14, 2012

    It’s been two days now that I have my X-Pro 1 and I’ve barely left it alone. It’s always with me and I’m always trying things, exploring the differents menus and test shooting with it. Even if I fucking love it and do not regret selling my D700 kit to buy it, there’s some things I’d like to see changed in the next firmware updates. I thought I could post them here because the guys at Fuji surely lurk you blog to read reactions about their camera.
    So, I’d like Fuji to :
    -add a focus peaking feature, it looks great on the Nex 7
    -allow the ability to set a minimum speed on auto ISO
    -enhance the AF
    -associate spot metering with the AF point selected
    -add the ability to erase photos while on the multi images screen mode.

    Perhaps you’ll be able to forward these to Fuji.

  • Zack said on April 14, 2012

    @Romain – I’d like to see those updates as well. Esp the focus peaking and setting a minimum shutter speed in auto ISO.


  • Tony McKeehan said on April 14, 2012

    Thanks Zack for this review. You are truly an amazing guy! Oh, and Meg is a wonderful soul mate for you. Tony

  • Tom K. said on April 14, 2012

    If not for the autofocus I would be all over this.

  • Heidi Childs said on April 14, 2012

    Just wanted to say thanks for your blog Zack. It gives me hope on the days I want to quit. Thanks for being real.

  • Zack said on April 14, 2012

    @Heidi – I wish I could say the days of wanting to quit one will day end but it hasn’t yet for me. But, what else are we going to do with our life? :)


  • Harpers Dhillon said on April 14, 2012

    Thanks for the review, Zack. I got to say that the camera has a caeratin charm that makes me want to shoot full time once again. Maybe it’s the quirks, somehow makes you want to master it and when it delivers, man, it delivers!

  • Jon Mandrell said on April 14, 2012

    I’d be interested to hear about the techniques you are using to get the most out of your X-Pro1. Are they basically the same as you described in your X100 review? Or are you sticking your tongue out in different ways with the X-Pro1?

  • Cesar Coss said on April 14, 2012

    I think that what makes you so successful not only in your photography but in life
    is that you are who you are…. Zack’s style crude,real, natural. great review thank you for sharing
    all your knowledge

  • manson said on April 15, 2012

    Ditto @Romain. I love the thing too but some updates to the firmware would be sweet.

  • Rube said on April 15, 2012

    I got the x100 for my wife after reading your review. Trouble is, she won’t let me use it!!! So I am stuck with my Ricoh GRX (great camera, btw).

  • BH Tan said on April 15, 2012

    I bought this camera and the 5D MKiii last week and took them out this weekend. In terms of image quality, the X Pro 1 impresses me more. I really love the “Fuji” color although I can’t explain it easily. I found myself shooting more with the X Pro 1 than the new Canon! I was carrying this little one everywhere including to a fine dining restaurant. It does not attract attention with its size and the shutter is reasonably quiet. (note: however, I think my 5D MKiii in silent mode is slightly quieter than the X Pro-1 but not by much).

    While everyone is complaining about the slowness of the focusing, I am OK with this. Like Zack said, this is about expectation management: I read most of the reviews prior to buying this so I didn’t have high expectation in this area. Yes, its manual focus sucks but it is still usable in some situations. Compared to 5D MKiii, the focus of 5D MKiii is so great that X Pro 1 seems to be super slow.

  • Patrik Lindgren said on April 15, 2012

    Great honest review. Fun to see that the old X100 still got it.
    Cool to see car images from someone that usually dont do that. I shoot cars for a living for a magazine and i do this all the time. To me it´s refreshing to see someone go all out into unchartered areas and do stuff in different and new ways. This is something that goes for a lot of different stuff not just photography.
    Good stuff!

  • Jeremy Harris said on April 16, 2012

    Hi Zack. Thanks for the great review and amazing photos! I just got my XPro1 last week and am putting it through the tests as well.

    One thing NO ONE seems to be talking about (and correct me if I’m wrong, but I’d done the research) is that Adobe DOES NOT support the Fuji RAW files! So NO editing in PS or Lightroom. I can’t even convert them to .dng’s!

    This is a problem. Any thoughts?

  • Vic Román said on April 16, 2012

    Sounds like a DSLR Killer is getting closer to being made.The day will come.For now that Fuji is rad!

  • Jeremy Harris said on April 16, 2012

    Nevermind… I should have known, my questions are answered halfway down, just didn’t see them at 1am this morning. Let’s hope LR gets on it soon!

  • Jed Orme said on April 16, 2012

    Just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii lugging my D7000 & 2 lenses all around & decided I really needed, not just wanted, the X100. Ordered it last night after stumbling on your blog review – most helpful info I found on the web. Wish I could afford the XPro-1 though. Keep up the great work!

  • Tammy said on April 17, 2012

    Thank you Zack! My husband and I greatly enjoyed reading your review and are eagerly awaiting our Xpro 1 which should be in tomorrow! Bobsledding toddlers!

  • Jesus Tirso said on April 17, 2012

    Great little review. I just got mine and I’m pleased with it. The one thing you didn’t mention which really nags me is the corded charger. Yet one more item to carry/pack/lose. Oh well.

  • Jay said on April 18, 2012

    Great reviews and insights. Thanks for all the effort you put into the blog.
    With respect to image quality only, how much difference are you seeing between the x100 and X-Pro 1?

  • Graham Salter said on April 18, 2012

    Thanks again for your lovely photos and frank ‘real-world’ review. Your India images are stunning. 3 questions, if you can spare the time please, one of them a bit unusual, before buying: (I’m weighing up current D700: D800 vs. Pro-1 options, and even wondering whether to wait till next year for the full Fuji lens line-up, or for a FF Pro-2 — no urgency!)
    1) I have read confusing reports about off-centre auto-focus points: can one lock onto a head in Portrait format?
    1b) One enormously valuable use would be for a near-silent camera in orchestral work, but can you please advise whether this AF could keep up with a conductor, who, without ever moving far, can be continually dodging around on the rostrum?
    2) Does the field of view of any of the existing 3 lenses cover FF, and thus predict a Pro-2 FF? Perhaps ‘bodging’ a mock-up into Leica, somebody will already know, if you have not tried this one…
    3) Do you anticipate that the available adapters and this new viewfinder would enable practical use with secure focus, as in the poor-light instance above, of one’s existing lenses, such as those Nikons that have still aperture rings? An old 135mm could do a wonderful job @*1.5, and limit the expense. But would you need to focus wide open and then stop down every time – back to the days of Zenith?
    My thanks again, and appreciation.

  • Zack said on April 18, 2012

    @Graham – 1) Yes 1b) Maybe. As long as there’s enough light on the conductor’s face to lock focus there. 2) No idea. I’d kind of think they don’t but don’t quote me on that. It would be great if they do but they seem to be designed just for this sensor. 3) I hope so. I also hope Fuji adds focus peaking. That would be a huge help. I know the NEX7 has it. But you will have to stop down your aperture manually no matter what.


  • Marco said on April 18, 2012

    Hey Zack! I have been shooting with the X-Pro 1 and 18mm + 35mm for a little over a month now. It does not have the fastest AF, but I have been able to get a bunch of sharp images of my son running and playing soccer. The trick is to drop the “half press and wait for the green focus lock” routine. Just aim center at your subject and press the shutter all the way. This will not yield a 100% keeper rate, but it is better than I expected :)

  • Graham Salter said on April 18, 2012

    Thanks for all this! I forgot to ask whether the shutter lag is sufficient to allow us to catch ‘definitive moments’ (or are you forced to anticipate?): in orchestral work one needs split-second timing where bows and expressions come together, before the deafening silence of the “cut-off” that one simply cannot ruin with Any shutter noise – not to mention ‘Nikon Chorus’! ?

  • Daniel said on April 18, 2012

    Graham, before concluding that the X-Pro-1 is silent, I’d advise you to go check it out in a store.

    I did that this week and was quite surprised by the aperture chatter. The blades keep opening and closing, depending on lighting conditions. This makes quite a bit of noise. For me, this is a serious issue, and I will not be getting the X-Pro-1 before a firmware update can fix this.

  • Nathaniel Allen said on April 18, 2012

    Thanks for this post, I found lots of reviews just saying how awesome the specs are, or how horrible the AF is.
    Your opinion on this camera influenced me to try out the XP1 before committing to a micro four thirds system for my upcoming trip to bangkok (6 months :D).

  • brandon s warren said on April 18, 2012

    LOL the squirrel shot at the end had me cracking up. awesome review. such a nice thing to hear a real honest review instead of crop vs crop comparisons the whole way though and pictures of dime store goodies.

  • Step said on April 19, 2012

    Was excited too about the X pro 1. Looking forward to that day where I’ll be able to put away my Old medium format Mamiya. It’s costly. But… no matter how advanced the digital cameras are getting, it all looks soulless to me. Depth, tones, grain structure, film still makes the new generation of cameras look like expensive toys. Our eyes are getting used to digital images, but it still lacks the painting quality of traditional photography. Look at Delgado’s work (35 mm) or Nick Brandt (Pentax 67, medium format) Lilian Bassman. I’m still looking for work done with digital that conveys the same mystery and feel. Adding grain in Photoshop just don’t do it for me. The X pro 1 samples look almost too clean, glassy, videoish. I’ll wait a few years.

  • Nicolai Perjesi said on April 19, 2012

    Great review! I got the camera yesterday, so it was nice to find someone else who thinks this camera is amazing! The files are way better than my Canon 1ds mark III, but also an old camera these days, but anyway. The only thing is the noise when the camera is hanging around my neck, and the aperture or is the the autofocus is making some strange sounds.
    And for me as a Pro photographer I will use the Fuji for jobs as well for sure.
    Regards Nicolai in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Broderick said on April 20, 2012

    I’m blown away

  • Rinzi said on April 20, 2012

    Hi Zack, I was looking forward to your review and really enjoyed reading about your experience with the Xpro1. I am an X100 user and lover so I was as you were very excited and had high expectations about the Xpro1. Having bought and used it now for about 2 weeks I agree with everything you mentioned here although I only have the 35mm 1.4 lens. The first weekend I had it was Easter so I shot around with family. I found myself asking my family members ‘not to move’ a lot due to the AF sluggishness but the portraits were absolutely brilliant! I had both the Xpro1 and the X100 around my neck and noticed a lot of the differences especially with the AF speed and shutter lag. I shoot a lot of street photography and the X100 has been my main companion but now the Xpro1. The IQ is great and is what keeps me a Fuji lover but also hope the firmware upgrades come out soon. Thanks!!

  • Chris D said on April 21, 2012

    Fuji: “Zack, thank you for that unbiased review. We have another camera we need reviewed. How about Paris next? City of Lights, and all that. You’ll stay at the Four Seasons. ZA: “Wow,uh, sure, that sounds great. Thanks, man. By the way, you guys make great cameras.
    Fuji: “Zack, you know, we’re thinking maybe London instead, put you up at the Kingsland Hotel? ZA: “Well, I suppose that would be fine too, dude. Will I get complimentary wifi with that?”
    Fuji: “Zack, dude, you in Detroit is best for all of us. You’ll stay at a Motel 6. Free wifi”
    ZA: “WTF, man. Just what kind of person do you think I am???”
    Fuji: We know what kind of person you are, Zack. Now we’re just negotiating price.”

  • Zack said on April 21, 2012

    @Chris – Hahahahahahahaha! Detroit and the X would actually be pretty awesome. :)


  • Oliver said on April 21, 2012

    Hi Zack

    Thanks for the review- straight to the point minus the pixel peeping techno nonsense.

    You wear specs right? Did you have any problems with the viewfinder since it doesn’t have a diopter adjustment dial? Or am I missing something??

    Thanks, mate.

  • Zack said on April 21, 2012

    @Oliver – I do wear specs. Not many issues. I’ve always worn glasses so I’m used it. I would like an eye cup though. That would be nice.


  • Dinie said on April 22, 2012

    Hmm, does the camera have a electronic ND filter like the X100?

  • Zack said on April 23, 2012

    @Dinie – It does not. Wish it did.

  • Jacob delaRosa said on April 23, 2012

    Is the XPro-1’s focus controlled internally? Just found this today:

    I was thinking using Nikon G lenses with the focus motors in the lens might help with the AF issues. Cheers!

  • Zack said on April 23, 2012

    @Jacob – I doubt that adapter with run the AF motors.


  • Takki said on April 23, 2012

    Finally I received my Fuji X Pro 1. What a great camera! Solid built, not too heavy, not too light. The camera feels right. I got it with the 35 mm lens and I love it. I found the noise not so bad. Of course it is not silent like the X 100.
    One thing I found is weird is that I can’t activate the flash settings. Do you need a Fuji flash for that? I had no issues with the X 100 and the flash settings – but the X 100 had an built in flash, the X Pro 1 does not. If this is the case I am hoping they will fix it with a firmware update. Has anyone experienced similar problems? How do you and other readers work with flash and sync options?

  • Zack said on April 23, 2012

    @Takki – You have to activate the hotshoe flash in the menu system. Also note that it won’t fire if it is on silent mode or in some sort of bracketing mode.


  • Kenny Loh said on April 23, 2012

    Great review and thanks for keeping it real. It’s refreshing to read a review that isn’t all about blowing up the image a 100X to see if there is CA or whatever.
    I’m about to travel to Morocco for a 10 day shoot and have been mulling over whether to take the Fuji X-Pro1 or the Nikon. I won’t be shooting action so the slow AF shouldn’t be an issue. I also ordered a Metabones adapter that will allow me to shoot with Leica M lenses. After reading your review and all the other articles you wrote about this camera, I believe it’s going to be the Fuji that accompanies me to Morocco.

  • french said on April 23, 2012

    Dear Zack Arias,(message from Holland)
    I wonder if i need the pro. I use your one camera solution.
    Wonderfull ***fillflash upto fast exp.times the ND-filter…and so on.
    Yeeesss, would like to make closer headshots with lots of bokeh,and telling myself its not possible now. But…try and learn to handle simplicity and limitations that will always be in every cam.
    the x1 has no ***
    Wonder how long the waiting lasts. I like your grounded professional enthousiasm. French

  • Takki said on April 23, 2012

    Thank you Zack for your answer. I could fire the flash (Nikon SB 800) using my Nikon TTL sync cable. But I still can’t set the Flash Mode. I can dial in the flash power – / + – but the Flash Mode is not activated. I could not find the hotshoe flash in the menu system (I am using a German manual). The bracketing mode / silent mode is off. After contacting the Fuji guys in Germany they told me that the flash mode setting will only work with the Fuji flashes.

  • Flax said on April 24, 2012

    Firmware 1.01 addresses 4 issues including “Reduction of chattering noise from iris of lenses in shooting mode.”

  • fotografo matrimonio said on April 25, 2012

    This review is really complete and makes really good points on this camera..I really love it, of course is the answer to a desire of a Leica M for me..There’s no way I’m going to kill myself with an expense like that, is just impossible and has no sense at all. I used my nokton on the x1 and it performs just fine, I’m really happy with it.
    I know MF is not the best but I can’t really agree on many complains…you can press the rear dial and zoom in to adjust the focus if needed but often, using mf lenses the view is clear enough to avoid it. Image quality is stunning and Af is not that fast, but I prefer using this camera in a more slow way, is not a dslr. It helps you in a more niche way of shooting.
    Thanks again for all your opinions.

  • Howard Lucas said on April 25, 2012

    Another great post Zack, honest and informative plus funny. CWSS & GAS cracked me right up as did the ‘I then explain how you have to stick your tongue out a certain way, stand on your left foot, grab your elbow, and click your heels three times to get the most out of it. When you do all that… angels sing. Really.’ comment.

  • John Richardson said on April 26, 2012

    An honest review. Thank you. Well done!

  • Stanley Butterfass said on April 27, 2012

    Please share your shooting menu settings. Thanks!

  • Tyler said on April 30, 2012


    Very nice review! I have been on the fence about this camera for quite some time now. I am currently shooting with a canon 5d mark ii and 50D backup with various lenses. I primarily shoot weddings and portraits for my jobs. The only thing i am really lacking in my setup is a lens that gives me the 50mm normal view with a wide aperture. I think the x pro 1 and 35mm f/1.4 fits the bill for the job, but i can’t decide on if I should get that or the 50mm f/1.2L for my 5D Mark ii. Is the AF really slower than the 5D LoL (wow, that scares me a little). I mainly want the x pro 1 because of its size, mechanical build, it’s silent use (especially with recently updated firmware) and of course it’s image quality. What I really can’t decide is, do i really need a camera to focus fast, when I’m primarily going to be using it only with the 35mm f/1.4 @ 1.4? I mainly see that type of use being in situations which allow me to be able to deal with its focus issues (getting ready, ceremony) what I mean is, those situations being for the most part not very fast moving. But of course, I’ve never shot with it so I dont know. Helpppp lol

  • Zack said on April 30, 2012

    @Tyler – I hate being in predicaments like that. I could go either way on that one.


  • Marian Majik said on May 2, 2012

    The best review I’ve ever read. I’m thinking about this camera for a while… I need another to decide but I know all what I needed now. Thanks!

  • Jeff Foster said on May 3, 2012

    Hi Zack,

    I really liked your blog about this camera. I am really an amateur and have a fuji s100fs that I want to learn with then move up. I was reading that when trying to shoot moving objects that the photographer using the X-Pro 1 does not use a half press then full but does a full press to shoot. The AF does the focus and then takes the picture. Have you tried this and does it work? How much higher is the learning curve compared to the X-100?

    Thanks a lot for one of the best reviews I have read.



  • Zack said on May 7, 2012

    @Jeff – Haven’t done that. It’s not too much of a learning curve. With the Q menu it’s actually easier to navigate.


  • Ted said on May 3, 2012

    Great review so realistic… I too have the x100 (about a year) and the x1 pro and both cameras blow me away. Ive been using 1ds for years and these little cameras whilst somewhat different in purpose churn at images that are just as good.

  • Thomasina said on May 4, 2012

    Ugggggh….Why do you make me want to buy both? Smiling….I love this review and its the best I’ve actually read. No Fuss no Muss….and definitely not boring lol…Keep up the good work!

  • jim said on May 4, 2012

    Hi Zack,

    Great review! I was considering snapping up a used X100 as people are dumping them to upgrade now, but I have one query that I don’t see all the reviews on the web answering:

    What is the real image quality difference between an X100 and Xpro1?

    A few have said that an X100 has the same image quality but the Xpro1 has much better high ISO performance that can sort of match full frame cams.

    So is that all the new sensor does? after removing the AA filter the pics still look the same after we hit high iso?

    Because to me the sensor is the film, and if the “film” in the fuji is significantly different than the X100, to me that alone will make up for the difference in price.

    I am looking at an X100 vs an Xpro1 + 18f2, from your experience with both cams, how would you describe the picture quality differences if there are any?

  • Zack said on May 7, 2012

    @Jim – They are both great cameras with similar IQ. The IQ on the XPro is a bit of a jump forward but not in an OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THIS RIGHT NOW AHHHHHH!!!! Sort of way. :)


  • Steven said on May 4, 2012

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I finally pulled the trigger and bought the x-Pro1 after reading your article. The Black Rapid SnapR 20 you recommended is too small for the xPro1 with the Fuji 35mm lens. I bought the SnapR 35 which is larger than the SnapR 20. As for the SnapR 35, it is a very tight fit for the xpro1 with the 35mm but I was only able to squeeze it in without a UV filter or cap. The 18mm lens will fit but not with the lens hood on. I really like the SnapR case concept but unfortunately I’ll have to return it because it is too small for the xPro1. It’s perfect for the x100.

  • Zack said on May 7, 2012

    @Steven – As I mentioned in the blog post, I just ditch the bags. I don’t like them at all. The strap works great.


  • Bill said on May 6, 2012

    Noted with great interest about your love for the X100 and how it’s your always with you unit. Any comments about all of the sticky aperture blade problems that still seem to haunt the X100?!?!

    It just seems that it’s not a problem that’s going away and for a lot of people, not a matter of if but when the problem will arise for them. Googling the problem shows up tons of hits with some people having been hit with it on multiple occasions, after taking x no of shots and still no formal acknowledgment of the problem from Fuji.

    Also, anyone buying a used X100 is completely on the hook for paying for fixes even if the unit is still under warranty as Fuji will only repair the SAB problem without cost for an original owner!

    Would love to hear your comments on this issue and thx in advance.

  • Zack said on May 7, 2012

    I had the sticky aperture blade thing happen. They fixed it. Can’t speak to the price as I was still under warranty.


  • Eitan Riklis said on May 7, 2012

    Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your experiences and thoughts with us. I have a X100 and am thinking about the pro. It is very tempting.

  • Jonty said on May 7, 2012

    Hi Zack,

    This is a great real world review of a camera and as a pro of 26 years I found it inspiring. I’ve had an x100 on loan from my pro dealer for 2 commissions that required a quiet camera and like you found the lag and the sometimes hit and miss autofocus pretty frustrating but when I handed back I really missed it. I used to shoot Leicas alongside Nikons and really miss the rangefinder way of shooting but am not prepared to shell out the large amount of cash for a camera that you have to remove the base plate to change batteries and SD cards.

    I have ordered an X Pro 1 and will realistically look forward to the frustrations of a flawed camera – when I bought my first Leica M it took 6 months to master it properly. I now shoot Canon DSLR’s primarily with a large range of lenses and can see myself on certain shoots choosing the Fuji ( like all freelancers I have autonomy on what camera to use and I’ve noticed when using the X100 how differently people react). Pre-setting and predicting seems to be the secret of using the Fuji successfully. I will also experiment with some Voigtlander glass which will hopefully enable some faster manual focussing.

    Thank you – great blog, very refreshing.


    Jonty Wilde

  • Glenn B said on May 8, 2012

    I have a x100 and I too found the autofocus a little lacking. while searching around I found a trick that helps with the autofocus. instead of actually pressing halfway to let the camera focus (which is what i normally do with my 5d2), press it all the way. i tried it on my x100 and it works beautifully

    here’s a link:

  • Michael Connell said on May 8, 2012

    I played with one of these babies at the local shop today. Great, now I’m gonna have to sell a kidney to get one. Got the X100 and love it. This is even better. Can’t believe how clean images are up to ISO 6400! I’ll be waiting for a FW update or two from Fuji and RAW conversion from Adobe before cashing in a vital organ. Thanks a lot, Zack, you great enabler you!

  • Hasse Højland said on May 8, 2012

    Dear Zack Thank you!
    I’m just a normal amateur that has been going through all the DX Nikons the last 10 years and I was now waiting for my D800 to arrive when I realized I kept reading about the smaller cameras and the X100 and XPro. After discovering your blog I have now sold all my Nikon gear! Biiig change very different…so happy. Made me admit that I was not as good a photographer as I thought and that my GAS were simply too much.
    Back to basis again I’m learning and playing and looking at pictures instead of reading about pixels and resolution of various lenses…
    It’s simply fantastic. Keep up your wonderful work. You are a great inspiration regards Hasse in Denmark

  • Darryl Bueckert said on May 10, 2012

    Nice work, sir! Would rather read a real world/real experience review than some DOF chart banter. Given me a lot to think about.

  • Chris said on May 11, 2012

    best review of this camera so far. beautiful frames, too, man!

  • max golden said on May 11, 2012

    I bought the x pro 1 based on this review. It is far and away the most far and balanced review of this camera. Bravo! I love my little X PRO 1, thanks.

  • MIltos said on May 12, 2012

    Very nice review! Id like to ask about the shutter lag with the focus locked is as good as fuji’s x100? With the x100 was great, instant! What about with this?

  • Max said on May 15, 2012

    I’m not sure about the X-Pro 1, simply because of the cost; but the photo of the three little Indian boys between the trucks is mesmerizing.

    Thanks for sharing Zack.

  • Antonio said on May 16, 2012

    Hi Zack I’m not a pro nor I ever had a digital camera before, just tons of shoots with my 2nd hand Yashica fx1000…Pls don’t laugh on me!! so…Digital Era for least. The point is: I travel a lot (A LOT!!)so all that deadly heavy big guns (dslr)are not for me, to catch THAT moment, in a comfortable, silent way. I LOVE landscapes, nature, portraits and family casual shoots.. After readings many blogs and reviews I found yours some of the best, and you just sold me the x100(which apparently is wonderful for people shoots, but still I’ m in doubt: x100 or xpro1? D u know the canon gx1? Seems to be the perfect compact for nature and landscapes so …x100?xpro1?gx1?x100 + gx1? Thank you for reading. I like the way you write.
    Cheers! Antonio

  • James said on May 22, 2012

    Hi Zack! Love the review and pulled the trigger on the Xpro1. What specific pocketwizard setup do you use? How did you get it to work with your Nikon flashes?

  • Zack said on May 22, 2012

    @James – Enjoy the camera! I just use standard Plus 2’s and they fire any flash. The X-Pro is a bit strange though in that it wont fire the flash in macro mode, bracketing mode, etc. It has to be in single frame mode and the hotshoe has to be turned on in the menu system. Oh, and it can’t be in silent mode either.


  • Joshua said on May 22, 2012

    Thanks for this review, I’ve been looking closely at this camera after being only somewhat happy with the x100. It just goes to show there are ups and downs to every camera.

  • Richard said on May 30, 2012

    I recently had the opportunity to handle an X Pro 1 and must say that I was taken with the IQ and color of the sensor straight out of the camera.

    What I don’t understand is why the focus by wire implementation is so slow. It should be as fast or even faster than a conventional mechanical focusing system. Let’s hope this receives a lot of attention from Fuji as it detracts from the appeal of the camera.

  • d said on June 1, 2012

    Thanks – fantastic to get a comprehensive review from a working photog who can actually take great pics (the taxi shots really are special) – kind’ve confirms the same issues as the more tech reviews, but from from a real usability perspective. I’ve been desperately wanting something more portable and that doesn’t scream pretentious quite like my 5dii (especially with the white blimp 70-200 2.8 – cringe), but it seems like I’ll hold off a bit longer and pay the mortgage instead. Unless Fuji wants to meander over to my site and decide I’m so talented that they want to give me a body and the 35mm to play with too…

  • Liam Strain said on June 5, 2012

    Well now you’ve got me second guessing my decision to NOT get the X-Pro 1… 😀

    Ah well. We’ll see how the Nex7 rolls with my M and FD glass on it…my wife is looking forward to not having to wait for me to process loads of film before I post toddler pictures. And as you demonstrate – these cameras make for a good alternate view from a “real” shoot. So that will be fun.

  • Mogens Lykke said on June 14, 2012

    Super ‘review’ – I love it, and agree after having used the X-Pro1 primarily with 35 mm lens for some weeks.
    Thanks a lot – kind regards Mogens

  • Jason said on June 17, 2012

    Great review – refreshing from all the pixel counter reviews that I have been reading. I really don’t care – just cut to the chase.
    I had my heart set on the X-Pro1, now I’m questioning if it is right for me. I love taking low-light street photography and I thought this camera would do the trick, but reading about the AF issues I’m not so sure now. And the shutter lag concerns me as well. I would just go for the X-100 (which reminds me of the simplicity of my old Ricoh GRs1 film camera). But I wanted something I could aslo use for studio type shots as well. I don’t have the cash to splash around on multiple cameras for all occasions.

    Decisions, decisions – X-pro1 or X-100?


  • Zack said on June 17, 2012

    @Jason – As much as I love the Xpro… the x100 is still my baby.


  • Seiji said on June 18, 2012

    Very useful comments. After reading your review, I bought the camera and am about 90% satisfied with the camera. It doesn’t replace my Nikon D3, but it makes for a great walk-around camera. I’ve upgraded the firmware for both the body and 35 f1.4 lens. Solves much of the problems you have reported. And thank God, because they were to some extent more than just a slight issue. That constant aperature adjusting noise is greatly reduced, don’t know if video exposure is going to be adversely affected, but definitely much more discrete for photography.

    If you have a chance, you should revise the review now that fixes are out.


  • WilliamE said on June 26, 2012

    Enjoyed the article, nice to be entertained while learning something. My Sigma DP1 has many similar issues regarding to shutter lag and focus speed, plus a few more of its own, annoying characteristics. I have been looking for my next step in digital photography, seems as though Fuji has hit the mark?
    Image quality has always been my primary consideration, bells and whistles are not. That being said I do miss the analog controls of my earlier days of film. Although, it is fly by wire, seems as though it is as close as you get nowadays to dials and rings rather than buttons everywhere?
    My Sigma certainly is capable of producing a quality image, however it also suffers from lens distortion with a bright light source. I see that the Fuji x100 has its own issues with bright lights. Judging from your photos with the X pro1, seems Fuji has eliminated the light blur issue in the X pro1?
    Both cameras cannot be coming home together, will happily settle for one at a time. Your comments and experiences with both cameras in different lighting conditions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

  • Sridhar said on June 27, 2012

    Thanks Zack. Love your photography and your reviews and great blog.


  • Tamra Hart said on June 28, 2012

    Thanks for the review. I’m one of the converts. I’m having a blast with the Xpro, and have started calling it “my precious” when asked about it. My business partner (and husband) is still lugging his DSLR and his bag O’ mega lenses to the wedding this weekend, but I’m going in with my Xpro and a cute little $14.99 bag and will be the ninja second shooter hiding in the 3rd row while he’s stuck up in the balcony.

  • David said on July 2, 2012

    Going through some of these post and you would think your current DSLR is poo, and this camera is going to change the face of photography. It is the start of something amazing, but calm down people. All I’m saying is if you can wait a year or two, I’m sure this we will see better results across the board. Don’t go and sell you gear just yet. These comments are in need of la chill pill.

  • David said on July 2, 2012

    + I here the Olympus OM-D rocks the Fuji’s world. All the test I’ve seen online seem to blow this cam out of the water.

  • Michael Montalto said on July 3, 2012


    Fantastic and fair review for the Fuji X-1 Pro. It was very informative and helpful to me. The image quality is amazing based on what you posted. I’m curious to know if I can get Pocket Wizards to trip my flashes. It would be a hell of a mobile combo.


  • Lainer said on July 6, 2012

    Right now I am debating about buying the Fuji X100 (in black) or the Fuji X Pro 1 with 35mm lens. What do you think of the Fuji X Pro1 compared to the Fuji X100 now that its’ been a few months? I know the X Pro 1 is moving forward, but I like the Fuji X100 too.

  • Zack said on July 9, 2012

    @Lainer – I’m emotionally attached to the x100 like no other camera I’ve ever owned. So my gut always leans toward the x100. That said, the x-Pro is fantastic as well. It’s really hard to say. If I had to reach into a burning camera bag and save only one… it would be my x100. :)


  • David Mayhew said on July 10, 2012


    Brilliant and honest review. I have read a lot of comments on the web about the X-Pro1, some negative but a lot are positive which has made me want one even more. But my dilemma is, I have an “old” (in today’s techno advanced age) Nikon D80 with 3 lens and as I shoot mainly landscapes and macro for my own enjoyment, not professionally, in your opinion would I be a fool to sell all my gear for the X-Pro1?

  • Zack said on July 10, 2012

    @David – I can’t make that decision for you for sure. Try renting one if you can before you make that decision. My gut reaction is, heck yes! Sell that stuff and get the X! But that’s me. My opinion.


  • Chris Bergstrom said on July 10, 2012

    Zack, I am selling 90% of my Nikon gear, including my D700 and have ordered the X-Pro1. I know, sounds crazy, but I think this camera is going to be awesome and it has really inspired my creativity reading your review. I’ll still have my Nikon F5 and a Bronica medium format to play around with, but I’m digging the looks and IQ this little guy has. Rangfinder’s are very cool IMHO. Thanks for inspiring me yet again. Chris

  • Paul Treacy said on July 11, 2012

    I’m hoping to pick me up one of these things. I’m selling a load of stuff to help finance it.

    I posted today to my blog at about how good the X100 is as a multimedia tool. Best camera I’ve ever used in 20+ years of professional photography.

    Paul Treacy

  • mike bourgault said on July 12, 2012

    any word on adobe correctly the lightroom 4 for use for xpro1. it smears colours now.

  • Switn said on July 12, 2012

    Thats the the thing that keeps me from buying it. I dont understand why everybody loves the output so much.
    My x100 is so much sharper. The raws are so gross.
    I hope they fix this real soon. As soon as it’s fixed im buying it.

  • David Eichler said on July 15, 2012

    The one major disappointment I have is speed of use, primarily due to shutter and focus lag. That was one of the trade-offs one made for using some of the traditional rangefinder cameras instead of slrs: you could use them a bit faster in some kinds of situations with a normal or wideangle lens, especially if you guestimated focus or used hyperfocal distance. Now it is hard to even find a decent depth of field scale on a lot of lenses, even primes. When, if ever, these kinds of digital cameras achieve a high degree of responsiveness, then I may be interested. Can’t afford an M9 and don’t think I want to go back to film. Oh well. I am not even asking for the lenses to be as nice some Leitz lenses or to have as many of them. Just the equivalent of 35, 50 and 90mm would be nice. Kin Kind of the

  • X100 Lover said on July 15, 2012

    Really enjoyed your very real world, adventure article on the Fujifilm X-Pro1!

    Superb Images — I’m especially fond of the India shots.


  • Tony Wilkins said on July 21, 2012

    Zack, thanks for the review. While I was researching for what ended up being an X Pro 1 purchase (gets here Monday) I saw this review and your Mumbai video. Great stuff. Also saw your digital rev TV spot that went up today. Very funny and great images out of that little camera. Did you get much chance to use the X100 you had on your strap?

  • steve said on July 24, 2012

    Hi Zack, nice work. I’ll be traveling to Italy on assignment and dread dragging my 5d2 as you did. I have read only 1 troubling post about the Pro X1 and that had to do with the way it processed files from it’s custom chip. The comments had to do with a lack of sharpness in fine detail. There were numerous technical reasons for this but since you offer “real world” experience I’m hoping you can comment. Of interest would be the last picture of the squirrel in the park. Are the trees and grass really sharp. The post I’m referring to mentioned that detail like this comes up soft. I’d be very interested in your comments.



  • Zack said on July 25, 2012

    @steve – I’d say it’s as sharp as my 5d.

  • steve said on July 24, 2012

    Hi Zack, If I posted this before, sorry but it looked like it didn’t make the board. Appreciate your real world approach to evaluating equipment. The only negative thing I’ve seen about this camera is that it’s processing engine seems to blur certain detail. I see your last shot is of a park (& squirrel) and was wondering how the leaves, tree bark & looked in terms of sharpness to you. I’m considering the Fuji Pro X1 for an upcoming European assignment and I’m a detail oriented guy. My favorite film camera were my Mamiya 7 & 6 so I’m hoping for the same type of experience with the Fuji. Thanks again for your insights & great work.

  • Kevin said on July 26, 2012

    Zack, like your way of reviewing gear man. Saw the video of the shoot in india and it was great to see you in action.

    I’m planning on buying the x100, had my doubrs of going for the x-pro1 …bht in the end as much as I like the x-pro1 I prefer the x100. Perhaps waiting for a newer version of the x100 would be better (must be released fast because I ccan’t wait that long)

  • Wim Winters said on July 27, 2012

    Dear Zack, thank you so much for this review and other articles and video’s! I bought the XP1 about a month ago and it really changed my (photografic) life! It feels as if I heave to earn this camera, in terms of me being worth to own it… a very essential feeling, hard to describe. Very, very happy with it. One thing I would like to ask your opinion, is the EVF for those who wear glasses. The OVF is no problem, but with the EVF it is impossible to see the complete picture at once. Which makes the EVF not very usefull if one has to compose the shot rather quick. So I wonder if it would be desirable or possible trough a FW update to make it possible to reduce the size of the ‘picture’ in the EVF to 80, 70,…%, making the view smaller, but complete. What do you think? Greetings from Belgium!

  • Zack said on July 27, 2012

    I wear glasses and don’t have much complaints. That would be a good idea though.

  • Keith Towers said on August 2, 2012

    I have used both 5d and currently the 5dMKII for close on 7 years now and have come to love full-frame and L series glass. For close to 10 years prior to this I used a Contax G2 and most of the CZ lenses that went with this wonderful rangefinder apart from the 16mm. When Fuji brought out the X100 I was impressed but never considered working with a fixed lens in the way we did back in the 1950s. We have moved on from there. I love the idea of the X Pro1 but to be honest I have read so much about its focus lag issues I have been put off a bit from taking the plunge. Does it really match the image quality of the 5dMKII? Am I being a bit too careful? I love street photography more than any other genre so I’m sure it would suit me. I just don’t want to make a fatal mistake. If I can equal the images on my website I will be happy to go ahead with the change.

  • Stephane Hachey said on August 10, 2012

    I blame you for this Zack….. I just went out and bought one with the 35mm. Loving it! Going to use it as a compact nature kit.

  • Benjamin Berneaud said on August 13, 2012

    Hey Keith, I switched from my 5DMKII to the Fuji X Pro 1 two month ago. Hmm, what to say? There was a lot of swearing in that last weeks, but also a lot of “ohhh” and “ahhhs”. I sometimes miss my DSLR just for the handling experience. But on the other side…the Fuji is with me nearly everytime, everywhere. The DSLR always was back at home. Because the weight took all the fun out of it. Also, the people were sometimes be offended by pointing a monster like a pro DSLR on them. Never had these problems with the Fuji. Sometimes the autofocus really sucks. But the autofocus of the 5DMKII did, too. This is not a sports camera or for fast moving objects. I loved the nearly limitless buffer of the 5DMKII. The Fuji has a small buffer or is slow. I do not know for sure, what the matter is. It is okay, but I would have expected better for the money Fuji wants for the X. Especially with the PRO on the nametag. It is an awesome streetphotography camera and especially for photojournalism, if you want to tell a story. It is not ideal for documenting a warzone under fire, with stuff exploding all around you. But if you want to have the stealthbomber equivalent of an F117 Nighthawk the X Pro has the right mindset. You can take photos stealthy without looking creepy like some do, when they use smartphones for photography. Everyone sees you have a camera, but you got the tourist bonus and that helps a lot. I use it for professional work. I shot portraits and have to do even some product photography for a magazine. The Fuji has tons of details. In my opinion for portraits sometimes to much 😀 You really see everything. Every little hair in the face of somebody. The raw support sucks. I was always amazed of how much details is in the raw files of the 5DMKII and what you can do with manipulating the exposure afterwards. At the moment, that doesn’t work for the Fuji. At least in Lightroom. It is workable, but I expect better. I cannot believe, that the Fuji X Pro has just such a small dynamic range in it’s Raw files. Having the proper updates not ready for Lightroom and Aperture (Apple? Still waiting) for the release of the Fuji X Pro was a major fail. But as said, the files are really nice. High ISOs are awesome. Manual focus is a total fail. I am not sure what Fuji was thinking. I really, really wish, that they give us the option to calibrate the sensibility of the focus dial, like you can do with your computer mouse. Would get rid of the problem easily. The videomode is soso. You have basically no options and no influence. You can set the aperture, but only before you record. I hope, Fuji changes that, too. You will have tons of moire and aliasing in the video. I never have seen that so bad in any other camera. So the lack of usable video is THE actual thing that really disappoints me. Are there alternatives to the Fuji? Yes. One would be the Olympus OM-D 5. It is fast as hell, but not as elegant. But I am thinking about getting one, too. Just for the jobs, where highspeed is needed or I would need weathersealing or video. But the Fuji smokes it in the high ISO area. I see no big reasons why you wouldn’t be happy with the Fuji files, Keith. I still have to manage my expectations, like Zack said. If you are used to a DSLR, the change will be a little tuff at the beginning. But you will get it fast. The Fuji has some downsides, but there must be a way to improve for the X Pro 2 or 3 😉

  • Ben said on August 16, 2012

    Thanks for these reviews Zack – you helped push me over the edge on both of the Xs. Quick ones for you or anyone else on here….

    I’m considering the SnapR but curious to know whether the mounting point has a small enough diameter that you can operate the screw on the X Pro 1 grip (i.e. you can take grip off for batteries or memory card without removing SnapR). If anyone knows the answer for the similar Custom SLR system that would be cool as well.

    Finally (drum roll) the SnapR 20 and 35 have identical straps? If so good to know it tossing the naff little bag as it saves a little money.

    Thanks in advance……

  • Pavan Kumar said on August 23, 2012

    Great Job Zack.. My first camera was a Fuji and I still miss it, the colors and efficieny of the camera in general are superb. I have to agree with the lag and auto-focus. Not sure why Fuji hasn’t been able to do much in this area in all these years.Really…it has always been an issue. My plans on getting a X-series compelled me to read a genuine review and I had to come back and read your page.. Excellent work withe Range Rovers. BTW.. I own a Nikon and a Subaru WRX:)). I shall wait a little more and see what Fuji does, before I jump in on something portable. I could never witness the same good feeling of shooting a Fuji in any other camera, not even my Nikon DSLR

  • simon said on August 28, 2012

    Hi Zack great review… good to read a honest working test like this one. Like a lot of people I so wanted this camera to be right …an affordable range finder that would kick the **** out of my DSLR + heavy lenses and associated droopy shoulder enducing accessories that rarely come out my Fog. However… there is always something, in this case the auto focus/lag,(I’m having a rant as I always do every time a new camera comes out that isn’t quite the full Monty)You have to wonder if the men in white coats ever ask working photographers how a camera should work and what they need it to do,where the buttons should be,what the grip should be like,etc,before they actually put it into production..How difficult can it be? Come on Fuji sort it out mate and you can have my money..

  • John Kobeck said on September 3, 2012

    Nice review! I’m glad the X1 Pro is starting to kick the 5D’s proverbial butt. Now I’ll consider one if it can trump my Hasselblad 501C :)

  • Keith Towers said on September 4, 2012

    Great review Zack and thanks Benjamin for your reply. I’m still on the fence between the X100 and saving a lot of dough, or the XP1 and spending as much on it as I can raise from my Canon set up. In fact I am beginning to wind up my wife and friends over my indecisiveness. One minute I’m thinking the smaller footprint with the 35mm equivalent is best, and then the next minute I’m convinced the 50mm equivalent with an optional 35mm later is the best way to go. Tell me Zack, is the XP1 with just one lens bolted on the front worth the extra grand over the X100? I’m suffering here, so are my friends and family. They are sick of listening to me so please help me make a decision once and for all before I shoot myself….arghhh!

  • ollie odonnell said on September 5, 2012

    i am older now , since i started to read the hot Damn.

    lovit xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Richard said on September 17, 2012


    I was revisiting your fine review after reading some more recent reviews of the Fuji E-X1 and the Sony RX1.

    I had played with the X-Pro1 in a shop for a few minutes and liked a number of things about it, but I concluded that it was a first generation product that needed more development. I especially appreciate your “user experience” approach in the review over a period of time. It is a lot more useful than a bunch of lab reports.

    While I am still of the opinion that a lot more development is needed (I think they should ditch the hybrid viewfinder in the next iteration of the camera, as they did with the E-X1, among other changes, notable among needed changes, in my view, is a faster flash sync.)

    I did find the overall appearance of the X-Pro1 to be appealing though.

    Thanks again for the extensive evaluation.

  • Charuteiro said on September 20, 2012

    Hey Zack,

    Do you prefer to use the OVF or EVF (or both) on the X Pro1?


  • David Ward said on September 20, 2012

    Wondering about the latest firmware update. Has that improved the focus and lag issues?

    I used M4s for theatre photography a long time ago and this camera has an appeal. The 28, 35, 50, and 85, 90 equivalent focal lengths are just about what I had on the Leica.

    How are the lenses wide open? That seems to be where I stay a lot. :-)

  • Mario said on September 23, 2012

    Sell a 7d Kit plus lenses and stuff to afford a x-pro1??? Or just get a x100???

    Tranks for the great read!

  • Harald said on October 8, 2012

    Zack, your review made my decision buying the x-pro 1. It took just a weekend to fall in love with this honey. Made some shots in a dark car-repair-shop where you harly could see anything. This cam makes you see in the dark. Wonderful shots at iso 6400. Manual focussing with the 35mm lens at 1.4 was the only option and it works fine (FW 2.0). Can’t await my trip to cape town in december.

    Some WB-Balance with Capture 1 on jpegs works fine.


    PS: i had rent a M9 during my last trip to florence and I have to admit that the x pro delivers much more for the money!

  • Sean said on October 9, 2012

    Zack, I found your blog totally on accident as I’m searching for a professional opinion on the X-Pro 1. I liked your real world review style. Then I realized you’re the cool chap I saw on Digital Rev. I’m sold now thanks to your blog.

  • Barend said on October 11, 2012

    I’ve read that the colors are also better than my D700. Fuji is always ahead concerning colors. Can you confirm this.


  • Marky said on October 27, 2012

    I picked up my XPro1 today with the 35mm f/1.4 and will receive the wide angle lens free from Fujifilm sometime next month. I was dithering about the purchase but your candid reporting on your videos and this review convinced me. I have a love of rangefinder and rangefinder styles with the Contax G2 and Voigtlander Bessa R2a as my favourite cameras for street use. Now I have a digital option too. :-) Found the same camera strap you recommend but it’s a little too much for right now so that’s on the wish list.
    From your use so far, do you have some preferred settings and shooting recommendations? Street photography in the UK is very difficult. Over zealous police, security guards and members of the public thinking any one with a camera is either a terrorist or paedophile makes things trickier here than the rest of Europe, but if you have any advise, I would welcome it.
    Thank you again for inspiring me. :-)

  • Andrew Englehardt said on November 22, 2012

    Hey Zack! F’ed my self today and my xpro tipped over crushing the square lens hood (fortunately that is all the damage I see… so far). Fuji doesn’t SEEM to be selling them separately ? Know of where i could get a replacement?

  • Zack said on November 26, 2012

    @Andrew – Oh no! I don’t know of a place to just get the hood.

  • Chad Nordstrom said on November 26, 2012

    Oh Hells yeah! I’m in! Thanks for a “real review”, Looks like imma Fuji man now, excellent.

  • ivan mendez said on December 4, 2012

    zack you such a funny guy, and i feel that you are one off the honets guys out there very straigh foward

    i have a bunch of nikon gear, and i really get it when you talk about speed, i have some jobs for porcshe dealer here in santo domingo as well as red bull also, but in these days i really want to change my aproach to the photographic process
    and i want to change the weapon
    but i think the 2000 us mark is a bit to high for me do yo really think that the x100 will be my lover???

    thanks for all the good feedback

    big hugs from the caribbean

    ivan mendez

  • Andrew Englehardt said on December 11, 2012

    Haha, well thanks anyways! BTW, I love reading your blog.

  • Mike said on December 13, 2012

    Not a 100% honest review, but pretty close. I think Fuji people are happy. Too many attempts at humor that don’t work for me though.

  • Zack said on December 14, 2012

    Sorry Mike. I’ll use 17% less humor next time and try for at least 99.9% honesty.



  • Matt said on December 13, 2012

    So, the Fuji X-E1 is out now – smaller, cheaper, OLED EVF, same censor, same lenses, even has a poop-up flash! And… there is a silver metal topped version – very clasic.

    Think I’ll be getting one of them instead of the lumpy X-Pro 1.


  • lainer said on December 19, 2012

    I ended up not getting either the Fuji X100 or the Fuji X Pro 1. I bought the Fuji XE-1 with a kit lens for now. Getting to know it. Quirky, but lovely. Will you be trying that camera out as well?

    Also, have you ever had issues with the blades on your Fuji X100?

  • Andrew Brackenbury said on December 19, 2012

    Hi – After spending an age reading up on the X Pro 1 I took the plunge last week. Zack’s blog an images were a big influence in that decision, it seemed obvious that with a bit of perseverance great results were possible, and the OVF sold it to me over any other mirrorless. So far my own experience (limited to a total of a few hours shooting) with the camera have been positive. I’m yet to upgrade firmware but with the 18mm lens autofocus speed hasn’t been and issue and the image quality is stunning, both in good and low light. However, I have had several moments where the focus has been way off – as if the camera is using a different focal point to the one chosen. I instinctively love the OVF, but have yet to get my head around the parallax issue, so maybe that is what is causing my problem.

    I have until the end of December to make a firm decision on the camera (I can return it before then and still get a similar ‘free lens’ deal on the Olympus OMD, so I hope to get time to test it thoroughly before then. In the meantime though I stumbled on some information from the DigLloyd blog. I’m not a member, so cannot access everything but he writes of some serious sounding artefact issues in the RAW files from the X PRO 1 and XE 1. He has images to illustrate the issue – I’m not sure I can see on all occasions, but it is definitely there on some. I wondered if Zack or anyone else who reads this had seen anything similar themselves or had any thoughts.

    Here is a link to the blog entry:

    There is more on the issue in the December archive of the blog.

    Thanks for any thoughts, I’d love to know what seasoned users of this camera think.

    Best regards

  • Buna said on December 23, 2012

    Hi Zack, thanks for the review. I’m a little late on the X-Pro1 obsessing but now I’ve got it bad…
    I’ve been into 4 different camera stores to look at the X-E1 and X-Pro1.
    After a reasonable amount of tyre kicking of both units, I really want so badly to buy the X-Pro1 but for the eye relief distance in the EVF/OVF. I just can’t see enough of the finder. I’ve read elsewhere that this may be to do with the magnification considerations with the interchangeable lenses. Not sure.
    I’ve had an X100 since April and it has a beautiful finder and is an awesome machine as you know.
    I’ve read January 7 is a Fujifilm product launch and will probably hold off till more new product info is at hand.
    I loved your work with Kai in HK btw.

  • Andy Boesky said on December 23, 2012

    Love the review. I get emotional with mechanical things, like my old Porsche. I happened upon the XP1 at a camera store by chance and wanted to buy it. After your burning bag analogy I think the X100 is closer to my old car…Quirks and all.
    I am new to your blog and am excited to ditch my heavy Nikon SLR and enter the new world of X….?

  • Mark said on December 23, 2012

    How much of an improvement does the latest firmware update give? Lag-killer?
    And how do you think the x-pro1 handles the zoom?

  • Andy Boesky said on December 29, 2012

    Update…Okay, I ended up with the XPro…and love it. I was tempted by the X100 and spent 2 hours in the camera store playing with both. I know the sales dude was thinking that I would not get either but in the end, the XPro is more camera but less soul. Oh well…the slow AF and little gripes dont bother me since I shoot things that are not moving too fast usually.

    Anyway, thanks for the great review! I am GENUINELY excited about shooting again and the images so far are GREAT! (35mm lens btw)

  • Bob said on January 6, 2013

    Zack, You are responsible for me buying this thing….. I love it!

    Once you figure out how to work around the contrast auto focus system, this thing is the king of high ISO, low light photos. ISO 6400 is worlds better than my 5d2. It seems like the grain it produces looks more random and film like…..

    Even better is that I have a complete system that weighs about as much as a gripped 5d2 and one lens. I will never travel with my DSLR kit again if I can help it….

  • Phil said on January 18, 2013

    Saw your presentation two years ago in dubai, and finally bought one of these. F#$@ the images are just sooo good! I’m in love

  • Andy Boesky said on January 24, 2013

    Did the latest firmware update yesterday on my lens and body. (2.01 it think). Greatly reduced lag time on AF. Almost a point and shoot now. Previous fw was 1.

    Really like this camera…now more than ever.

  • crispijn said on March 1, 2013

    Hi zack when will you be reviewing the x-e1 with the kitlens? Will you trash the x-pro1 and with 17% lesshumor convince the world that Cartier bresson didn’t need a optical viewfinder for his decisive moments?

  • manhattanproj said on March 26, 2013


    i know this post is a bit old. but may i ask your exposure info for the gabby02 shot? and was flash used for photo? thanks.

  • Zack said on March 26, 2013

    @manhattan – No flash was used. Didn’t use flash on any photo of Gabby. Can’t remember the exposure off the top of my head. Let me download that shot from this page and look at the exif…

    ISO 200 – f 1.4 @ 1/480th of a second. Aperture priority. Exposure compensation +.7


  • Matt said on April 12, 2013

    Hi Zack

    I’m torn between the X100s and the X pro, to compliment my 5d mark 3. If you had to choose between the x100s and the xPro, which one would you go for? Cheers

  • Rudy said on April 19, 2013

    I just needed to know with firmware 2.0 , is the AF really significantly better now? I shoot weddings and am contemplating using this as a second body. Hit me up bro. Oh when you fly down to Malaysia one day, please let me know, got to get you to shoot my band ‘Pop Shuvit’ and ‘Project EAR’. Cheers bro.


  • Denis said on June 4, 2013

    Well done! Thanks for sharing! Love x

  • Giuseppe said on June 26, 2013

    Your enthusiasm for photography is captivating. Love your write ups.

    Would love to hear your views on this camera after the recent updates focus peaking et all. It seems the Xpro 2 may be a little far in the distance. Any-who may think of grabbing one of these to go with my beloved X100.


  • Eli Lillis said on June 30, 2013

    Ditto the above comment!

    I’ve been salivating over the x-series since they’ve come out, but student wages have stopped me from taking the plunge as of yet.

    However if that auto-focus problem was sorted…

  • Chad said on August 5, 2013

    Great review Zack. Thanks so much for sharing this. As a wedding photog with a D4 and D800, this is a very tempt pocket rocket for quick decent light candid shots. Giving very strong thought to the Pro now having read your take.


  • Terry said on August 5, 2013

    Nice review and honest. I have never owned a camera worth more than €100 ($150 US)and a good friend bought this for me for my 50th birthday. I have to say I took one look at the X-Pro 1 and crapped myself, what are all these buttons and dials! I don’t really understand the concept of “rangefinder”, I know this isn’t one, I know it is not a DSLR either, I kind of understand that. The reason I liked the review was that it was not all camera techie and matched my experience with the camera. The only difference was it took me a year to work out what I was doing rather than a week! I went on a photography evening class which helped with the basics.

    At first I thought I had an odd camera, jeez, everybody in the class had a Canon or Nikon. After just a few classes I realised I had one advantage off the bat. Physical aperture/shutter settings and the Q button. I didn’t know why I was changing to a particular setting (after being told to by the course tutor) but it was easy, everyone else was mucking around with a myriad of screens on their LCD display.

    I digress, I have never had the pleasure of carrying around lumpy DSLR gear so don’t think the X-Pro 1 is any great advantage coming from my viewpoint. In fact I tend to think of the thing as huge compared to my $150 camera. My photography, although amateur in nature got even worse with this camera. Professionals talk about the OMG image quality with this camera, I had that too, OMG this camera is a piece of sh*t! I could of drawn the image better with a crayon.

    And then, a year later, firmware revision v3, much improved photography knowledge, faster focus, I have grown to love this camera. I got the OMG image with a picture of my two kids out walking in the countryside last week, blew it up to 20″x30″ and hung it on the wall.

    I understand aperture, exposure, shutter speed and DOF, not much else, I have a lot to learn about colours, white balance etc etc, won’t shoot in raw because I don’t know if I have to, I am not a professional, wouldn’t know how to edit if I did. I still get confused about when to choose a specific ISO.

    All I know is that this camera has produced some amazing shots, extremely easily on just auto ISO, aperture priority, auto focus. 35mm on f1.4 just superb for DOF effect. What I find difficult to get a good shot with? – moving targets, its is pretty crap, still too slow to auto focus, you have to think way in advance and something I have not cracked yet and probably won’t bother with.

    Would I recommend this Camera, yes, 100% but not for an amateur like me. Am I glad a friend bought this camera for me as an amateur, yes, 100%, it is brilliant, another two years and I will know what I am doing!

  • Stefan Schiermeyer said on August 17, 2013

    Thank you very much for your great review! It is very helpful to think again about “speed” and decisions about new system for travelling.(owned a M6 set before and loved it)
    – Did you try Adobe´s DNG Converter? does it work with your Fujis RAW files?(it should i guess instead of buying the next photoshop/lightroom licence)
    – Missing “speed” – if you dont compare it to a D4 or similar superfast DSLR, but with manual camera like M6 or older SLR like FM2 – is it “fast” enough for “classic portrait”? i mean, the man/woman in front of the lens wont get nervous… waiting for focus :)
    – not pixel-peeping: how do you judge the haptics of 300dpi prints from this chip compared to a fullframe DSLR chip? the lenses´quality is top, this i can see.

  • Jon Styles said on August 22, 2013

    Well you certainly do the camera justice, some wonderful photography to go with the write up

  • acetate-dave said on August 25, 2013

    first off, your images are what can i say but very nice. You know how you feel about them. Now for the camera. I just got it
    and maybe it’s what I’ve wanted for years. My Nikon Ftn led to the Nikon FM3A and that was what I wanted. See where I’m going? I don’t want to be bogged down by tons of camera gear. One camera one lens and my vision, that’s the feeling.
    The X pro 1 gets me there. Simplicity all the down to its atoms, if you know what I mean.
    I made a day trip and several things happened. I found myself in the zone, I was so tired but feeling good and the battery ran dry. A camera did that to me. An experience that hasn’t been around for a while.

  • Jedna Chwila said on September 11, 2013

    Ohhh!!! So great and fantastic work!!! Just awesome :)

  • David S said on October 16, 2013

    Wonderful images, keep up the good work mate.

  • John Clark said on November 25, 2013

    Hi Zack…Great right up and reflects what I thought about this camera when I bought It over a year ago.

    These thoughts were written on the Trans Mongolian Express……

    An in the field review.
    Sometimes you can blame the tools…..

    I was excited by the prospect of owning the X1 Pro. A small lightweight system boasting an image quality matching that of the Canon 5D MK11. I needed a camera of this specification to take on a trip I planned on the Trans Mongolian Railway.
    Getting a feel of a camera in the shop is entry different to using one in the field. I have for the past 35 years only ever used Canon and was quite prepared for a steep learning curve with the X1. I planned to use it exclusively for 2 weeks on the trip even though I had my Canon as a backup.
    The X1 ticked all the boxes. It needed to have good low light capabilities and fast lenses. I bought both the 18mm and 60mm. The camera was small and discreet, which was vital especially shooting in Russia as I planned to shoot a lot of street photography. I worked hard at familiarising my self with the controls. My Canon feels like an extension of my hands and I wanted the X1 to feel the same. It needed to be since the way I shoot is instinctive, not planned necessarily. See the moment and hit the button. I need a camera that reacts the same way as I do. I shot some test images before I went away and was blown away by the quality of the image and the optics. Its as good as the Canon. Well done Fuji.
    I am afraid that apart from all the rave reviews this was as far as good went when working in the field. Believe me I really did try to like this camera. This was a once in a lifetime trip and these pictures would be the only record I would have of it. I treated it pretty much as an assignment.
    I am not pitching this critique as a direct comparison between the 5D and the X 1 pro. All I am trying to say that the X1 is really not fit for the purpose of street photography. The decisive moment camera it is not. Something that every pro out there would expect this camera to excel at. Why buy it otherwise? You have your Canon and Nikon that you work with every day. Difficult to criticise for pro use but for a discreet street stuff the gear is frankly a bit lumpy and obvious. What I wanted was something to take on holiday or travelling that would have the same image quality as my Canon but be small, discreet and responsive to taking candids. After all I always had that option with film cameras.
    The X1 Pro IMO is a very expensive point and shoot camera whose image quality is stunning. A Japanese tourists dream machine. Thats it. As a responsive candid street shooter its not. Why?
    Focusing can be quickish but the time taken between focus and shooting is way to long. It really should feel instantaneous on a £2000 + camera but there is way too much shutter lag to get the decisive moment. In single shot mode why does it force you to refocus when you need to hit the button again. You should not need to hit AFL when the shutter is still half depressed. The time it takes for the camera to react on a second quick firing of the same image feels like an age regardless of wether FL is depressed or not. When shooting candids your subject is generally moving so you constantly having to focus and reframe the image. The focusing system of the X1 makes this almost impossible.
    Why not use continuous mode?….Well up to 6 fps is impressive for a small camera providing you prebook the subject to move when the camera decides when its going to start shooting. Shutter lag again is the problem. Is there an engineering reason why this expensive camera cannot operate a focus and shutter release system that is at least close to the abilities of a DSLR? After all it has less moving parts. I can’t tell you the number of pictures I missed pictures because of this alone. Massively frustrating.
    The Menu System…
    What a mess. Please put all the important stuff first and consign all the other stuff to the end. I rest my case.
    Also the software does not work on a Mac. Which is no big deal but is a shame for some one who might want to use the film emulation modes during PP. Also a stand alone panorama app to stitch RAW files would be nice though the camera tends to do a very good job with jpegs processed on the fly.
    OVF v IVF. I’ll take the optical most times or occasionally the rear screen. One because I am used to seeing live and second when switching between OVF and IVF takes too long to adjust to the current lighting conditions. Again you’re missing a vital second in recomposing your image and then you still have to focus. Just too many stages.
    I know you can buy an optional bioptic adjuster but I would expect one as standard on a camera of this value.
    Exposure Compensation..
    Why can’t you change the EC when you have prefocussed and have the shutter button half depressed?? Thats just crazy. It seems totally illogical that you have to fine tune adjustment before you have framed and focused the picture.
    Macro On Locked/ Macro Off Locked
    What on earth is this!! My macro for whatever suddenly got locked OFF. The only way I could get rid of it was to reset the the camera. Listen up Fuji there is nothing in your daft menu that enables me to turn the lock on or off. NOTHING.
    Corrupted images…
    I had this twice. If an image got corrupted on the card it would affect the cameras performance. Menus would not show, functions and stuff would not work and the whole thing went on go slow. The only way to get stuff working again was to REFORMAT THE CARD!!! Really hope you have a spare card otherwise you are really going to get pissed off.
    Battery Life..
    A joke and in continuous shooting mode just laughable. I took a 2 day trip to visit the nomads in Mongolia. I had 1 battery on full the other had at least half a charge. The batteries gave out early in day 2. I had shot no more than 150 RAW images (I don’t shoot video). Because of that i missed a wonderful National Geographic moment which finally put the nail in the coffin for this camera. My Canon would had lasted all week on these current shooting conditions. Its was on Ebay after only 3 weeks on owning it.
    There is no doubt that this camera optically is just stunning. This could be a wonderful piece of kit but it appears to be designed by a well heeled Japanese/Asian (you all no what I mean) tourist whose only interested in capturing panoramas and getting the kids to pose in front of historical buildings. If your the sort of pro that set shots up before taking then you are not going to be disappointed with the results but as a street photographers camera then its about as useless in realisation as that Lexus sports car that they brought out a few years ago (Remember Top Gear slated it). Dear Fuji. Please get advice from from people who know what this camera should do. Get it right and you could have one of the very best out there.

    2 months ago I was about to put it on eBay.I was looking around to copy and paste the spec and I noticed the firmware upgrade.
    The baby has come of age. Seriously considering using it with my main work (headshots). Glad Fuji has listened.

  • Jeep said on December 25, 2013

    Hi Zack,
    I’ve been very pleased to read your X1 pro article. Funny, smart and very informative. You have a real talent to share your passion and opinions. Just wanted to ask you if last patches have dramatically improved the autofocus ? I really love that camera, but still need as a dance photographer to be able to focus properly on moving subjects… I would love to hear you about that. Keep up the good Work!

  • Erik Heyninck said on December 26, 2013

    I ordered a Fuji X-Pro 1 today with the 35mm and 60mm lenses, and will add the 14mm shortly (I love nature photography).
    I had read many a review before, and most got stuck on the first firmware. Reading that later firmwares had closed the gap I decided it was time to go ahead and buy it.

    Had I seen your review earlier, my decision would have been even easier. You have many photographs I love, not only because of their beauty and your engagement in them, but also because of their ‘this can be done’ value.
    I’ll visit your blog often from now on.

  • Karl Bratby said on January 11, 2014

    Took me an age to pluck up courage to even consider the fuji Xrpo1 as a pro (ish) camera… many days of back ache from lugging a pair of canon 1dx’s around prompted me to sell one of them and go for the fuji xpro1 and a brace of its super cool lens buddies, and getting an Xe2 as well.. love hate to start but the love is winning…Fuji have won my heart and the passion is back in my work, weird how a little black box can do that to a photographer….

  • Pette Holt said on December 5, 2014

    Well…i do not blow peoples trumpet to feed their ego… So for me to write this, is based on two factors. One is congruent respect, the other appreciation. I was looking to buy a new camera, since i hung up my Nikons several years ago…ironically my son took over where i left off at a semi pro level and i have grown to be inspired by him since. I have created a link to his work in the web site listing.

    The trouble with me is that i have been bursting with creativity but I admit to procrastinating through a midlife crisis, career adptation from counsellor to practisoner of TCM Tuin-Na through to my impending ticket as an acupuncturist. It is through this period that I recognised a desire and need to docuement my work sonthe iphone did some of that, but the more infiddles with the iphone, the more i reminded myself that I needed a proper camera again.

    So, the inspiration came from my son who uses a X100, as soon as inheld this baby in my hand, i loved it. Guess what… I procrastinated further! However this period of further procrastination held within it a heauristical reason all do do with fate.

    In recent weeks I hae been ill, so in my sick bed, I have been researching Fuji stock, first the x100 and the XPro1, natrually I seem to have discovered this geezer called Zack. I instantly liked him… His approach being like a non egoistical, non pretentious photographer, someone who seems to combine a admirble child like playfulness to his photography with that of authentic integrity. Such inspired and encouraged me further. So I took the plunge and noticed a refurbed x20 on the Fuji UK site, which I purchased, it turned out to be a dud when it arrived and it took me a week to make the realisation…doh. However Fuji Uk swopped it out for a new one, When it arrived, and I began to play with it, I liked it as a discreet camera but I discerned that it would not fullfill my greater ambitions beyond point and shoot and some creative personal stuff.

    Oh the indecisive nature at my time of life…i kept watching the Zack video’s on the Tube, as well as others and realised that the Xpro was the tool i really need. By sheer chance I was drooling over the Xpro on the Fuji UK site and noticed a refurb one come on for a bargain £399. Disatisfied with the demurness of the X20, I asked Fuji UK if they would allow me to return it and PX for the pro. They are very understanding and after a month with the X20, they let me return for a refund and purchase of the Xpro.

    I am taking the steps again, literally putting my toes back in the water of a changed pond since I last worked as a photographer. But as the Tao Te Ching states, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.

    Gratitude to my talented son Josh and to Jack Arias, for inspiring me and for being a part of my rediscovery. Respect and Gratitude,

    Pette Holt

  • Oli said on April 16, 2015

    Hello mate,
    XPro1s are going so cheap with some added bonuses like a free lens. Would you buy it over the XT1 , or is the better AF and general improvements negate the saving. I have an x100 and have got use to its quirks. I trust the XPro1 is similar. Wanted something for gig photography but had it on my head that the XPro1 would struggle.

  • Neil Lang said on January 2, 2016

    Thanks for these reviews – really helpful, as yours of the x100. But I am now in a quandry – I am pretty sure this is the direction I want to go from my Nikon kit, as increasingly the discrete nature of these cameras would fit the sort of photography I am doing. But I am torn between the x100s and the x-Pro 1. Would be great to buy both, but I can really only afford one, and probably only a single lens for the x-Pro at the moment. A decent x100s is about £400, an x-Pro and 35mm would be more like £550. I suspect either represents very good value for money now. Which do you think is the better way to go? I suppose I can always purchase the other at a later stage, with a bit of saving…..

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