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May 13, 2012 | Family

I wanted to find the perfect Mother’s Day card for my awesome wife Meghan but nothing really jumped out at me this year. I’m usually the guy who goes for the humorous cards but I needed to let her know how seriously I appreciate her being a mom to our pack of boys. The serious cards though didn’t really say what I wanted to say. I thought of making a card but if you have ever seen the handmade cards that Meg makes, well, let’s just say mine would look like a Kindergarten class project gone wrong.

When Meg hitched her wagon up to mine she was a touring musician and a mom of one. Within a year of our marriage she was a stay at home mom of four. Four. Boys. Plus me. Her life changed immensely as my life seemed to propel forward even more. This change happened because I brought kids and she brought fuel and inspiration and, from time to time, a crack of a whip.

Meg pushes me. She inspires me. She keeps me in line and moving forward and has done so at the cost of her own creative endeavors and, at times, sanity. My work takes me to some far flung places and many of you comment on my blog or hit me up on twitter about how lucky I am, or how jealous you are, or congratulating me for this or that because most of you know the bottom of the barrel from which I come from. But what I want you to realize is that while I’m here or there doing this or that Meg is at home.

She’s getting Joshua to the soccer practice that she made sure he was signed up for. She’s doing truckloads of laundry that no child has ever thanked her for doing. She’s making sure Hawke is getting his ears checked and scheduling his doctor’s appointments. She’s taking Caleb to the ER when his arm goes through the glass of the front door. Phoenix is getting to band practice by 7:30am. I get 100 replies on Twitter because of something I’m doing and she get’s yet another dirty diaper and silence from the rest of the world.

You see, Meg has the hard job. Meg left her career behind to support mine. That support has lifted me and enabled me to pursue opportunities I’ve never had before. It allows me to go here and go there and do this and do that. But it cost her dearly. Yes, there is great joy in the job of raising children but when the piano has an inch of dust on it (metaphorically of course, cause this house stays pretty clean as well) then there’s a part of who Meghan is that isn’t growing. It isn’t growing because she’s too busy being a kick ass mom.

Cupcakes for the soccer team. Mystery reading for the Kindergarten class. Appointments for the dentist. Scheduling 100 activities in half as many days. Laundry. Cooking. Cleaning. Watching my sky miles account grow. All without the accolades, the paychecks, and so forth. If you ever feel compelled to say “Thanks Zack for this or that…” You ultimately need to be thanking Meghan.

The good news is Meg is back in the studio. Not my studio but a recording studio. In the last few months the dry well of music has found a new spring to feed from. New songs have been written. A producer she loves and trusts has been found. Fellow musicians are joining the project. New work is being produced and I’m so very honored that I get to take the back seat. Picking kids up from school. Doing laundry. Cooking Ordering dinner. Changing diapers.

Thanks Meg. I’d like to say you’re the wind beneath my wings but that would be cheesy so I wont say that you’re the wind beneath my wings even though you are.

So here’s to all the Mom’s doing the hard job. Here’s to the support team of one that makes the world go ’round. Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms.



PS – Meg, the Mother’s Day frames in the hall will be updated this week. I have two down and two to go. Just letting you know I haven’t forgotten… like, um, last year.


  • Mike Lemovitz said on May 13, 2012

    Zack, you’re a lucky man. Happy Mother’s Day, Meg. Can’t wait to hear your new stuff!

  • Gredo Goldenstein said on May 13, 2012

    Very well said Zack! The women in our lives wear so many hats and often don’t get thanked nearly enough. Happy Mothers Day to Meg and all the other Moms out there!

  • Kimberly Bertrand said on May 13, 2012

    That was about the most perfect Mother’s Day sentiment I’ve come across Zack. Happy Mother’s Day Meg!! So excited for you to be back in the studio, can’t wait to hear your new material!

  • Pedro said on May 13, 2012

    I can’t even begin to describe how this post relates so much to me. Even though we don’t have kids of our own, I am also very lucky to have the support of my wife Marina 100%. She keeps me sane. Just like Meg does for you.

    Happy Mother’s day, Meghan. You rock!

  • Cynthia said on May 13, 2012


    I’ve followed your blog for years now, appreciating your photography wisdom, your humor, and always your unabashed openness and willingness to be who you are. Considered commenting on several occasions but never did, because, well, I’m kinda shy and not that girl.

    Your tender and thoughtful words to your wife on Mother’s Day have moved me to such a degree that today I’m making an exception. I’m a fellow photographer who has long admired your work, envied your travels as well your Cinderella story of second chances at both love and livelihood.

    But truthfully, as much as I might aspire to be a fraction of the photographer that you are, I envy most the relationship you share with your Meg. The deep respect and fierce love between the two of you has always been palpable, even to those of us who only view it through the internet. It’s obvious that despite all the accolades and recognition you’ve received over the past several years for your work, that she and your boys remain your greatest masterpiece. As it should be.

    So Happy Mother’s Day, Meghan Arias. Thank you for loving and inspiring Zack into the man he was obviously born to be. Because of you, he’s able to go on to give freely of himself and inspire countless others.

    Really lovely Mother’s Day card, Zack. You’ve put Hallmark to shame, and will likely have a hard time topping this year’s sentiments. You’ve conveyed to your wife what all of us who are mother’s would most love to hear.

  • Javier said on May 13, 2012

    Zack, thanks so much for sharing an intimate portrait of the Arias homestead, and huge props to Meg for selflesness and dedication to the family.

    I’ve often wondered and was afraid to ask how on earth you managed to make it all happen. In my late 30s making this career change hasn’t been easy and its still very much of a struggle. If I had to support kids I’m not sure I would be able to make the transition. Even maintaining my relationship at times is equally difficult since my hours are largely dictated by deadlines and clients and taking work whenever it comes my way, then the editing, and the networking, and the… Being a business owner is not a 40hr a week job and I always wondered how the heck you managed with all the boys, and a Meg. But the answer I guess was right there. The Meg.

    So you’re really lucky. Not in your photography business – that you’ve worked your fingers to the bone to build and provide for your family, but in your finding someone like her who’s got your back and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices and understands you. Congrats on that buddy. Finding someone that amazing to hitch your trailer to requires a bit of dumb luck and fairy dust. All the best to you both!


  • Pete said on May 13, 2012

    As usual, very well said. I too have four kids and a traveling job. My wife works very hard to keep for lives tied together. It is an endless amount of work. But worth it in the end.

  • Maureen said on May 13, 2012

    Amen, Zack. Your love and respect for Meg has been a constant inspiration to me at least as much as your work has been to me. Under all the success and the wonderful things you have gotten to do, you have not missed the fundamental fact that if there’s no one there to share it with, it means nothing. I have long admired you both and the honesty with which you both speak (I follow Meg’s blog, too!). You two are some of the realest people I know, and it keeps me real, and honest. Bless you both, and thank you for constantly reminding me of the bigger picture. P.S. My dad is still kicking butt and taking names. He’s not letting anything slow him down a year into his diagnosis (and he did opt for treatment after all was said and done). Thank you for your compassion during class last year when I found out. It’s been a remarkable year for both of us. All the best to you and your brood! With warmest regards and a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MEG! -Maureen (P.S. Get Meg out here to Missoula this summer! We’ll keep her entertained!)

  • Amanda said on May 13, 2012

    Awww man Zack, you just gave all other husbands out there something to strive for in their Mother’s Day “cards”. : ) This was so sweet!

  • Jean Labelle said on May 13, 2012

    What a beautiful tribute to your amazing wife!
    Happy Mother’s Day Meghan!

  • Pétur said on May 14, 2012


    Well said. I’m glad for both of you since you seem to be finding a good balance with Meg back in the studio. I’ve watched Transform pretty regularly since I first saw it about a year ago. The track that’s in it performed so masterfully by Meg, was that ever released. Is there a place where I could possibly find it?

    Otherwise I just hope you enjoy my homecountry of Iceland this summer. And I truly wish you all the good weather you can get on this little rock in the middle of nowhere.


  • Paul said on May 14, 2012

    This is probably the best Mother’s day post I have read today. You are truly blessed (as all of we fathers are) to have a wonderful, strong woman by your side. If both of you are ever in the Boston area, drinks are on us.


  • j. fontanella said on May 14, 2012

    Megan, como muchos aquí, he seguido la carrera de Zack por años y he aprendido a admirarlos a ambos. Estoy convencido de que Zack no es lo que es hoy si tú no hubieras llegado a su vida en el momento que lo hiciste. Cuando él decidió ponerle de una buena vez alas a sus sueños tú estuviste ahí para apoyarlo. Cuando él quiso mostrarle a un hambriento ejército de seguidores como usar eficientemente una cámara, ahí estuviste tú. Al final sería muy largo enumerar tantas cosas por las que todos y cada uno somos un poquito mejor gracias a Uds. Por todo eso y más, mi agradecimiento va hoy especialmente para tí. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Stuart Mackenzie said on May 14, 2012

    Ahh Megs’ music is great, let us know when the new CD is available to buy!

  • Bimal Kumar said on May 14, 2012

    Everything about you and in your life is almost what i am and have in life minus the photographer+achiever (whom i aspire so dearly to be). To have a life partner who can run the engine when you are enjoying the steering wheels on broad roadways with beautiful farms & hills on either sides, is a blessing! You are a noble soul and the favors u’ve done to millions out here through your teachings, preachings and honest sharing of thoughts, far outweighs the amazing work you produce. And if we go by the words in this post, it looks like the good Karma of your past life was even larger and more noble to have you found such an amazing wife this life!
    Till date i’ve kept thinking “Zack deserves every bit of what he owns, yearns, enjoys and fights for”. Today am humble and bowed down to the great lifeline you have….Cheers to you Meghan! I know how it is to be you and gain no accolades from the rest of world for everything you do to make Zack what he is. Coz I too have a wife who left everything she had to settle down with me, to take care of me and is now struggling to find a job & make a life of her own rather than just being the engine of my life, goals and fights.
    Every mother deserves a standing ovation every eve, hands down salutes for they make the world go round and assures that the families are fed in time & kept sane at mind!
    Meghan sure deserves a larger life, with songs to sing (which she is simply awesome at, i can listen to her song dat backs your “transform” video endlessly for days together), great musicians to collaborate with, a following of zillion fans who throw hats in air just to see her on stage!

    Zack! will all the respect in world for whatever you do, are able to do, due to Meg’s sacrifices…..i dearly pray and wish for Meghan that her singing talent sees broad day light and never fades even till next dawn (after dawn after dawn), with a crowd of thousands hummming her tune as she sings and delights herself | rest of world! Am sure you will be the Meg, when her days of being Zack (of music world) arrives…..and we all are wishing that the days will soon be there when the 4 amazing Arias boys would be out there on their own to let the Zack and Meghan be the rockstars (of their own worlds) and rock the world for their rest of lives!
    Cheers to you Meghan! We love you lots! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.!
    [And am craving to hear you sing, like a kid craves his grandma's bed time stories to dissolve into sweet dreams!]

  • Matthew Simmons said on May 14, 2012

    Beautiful sentiment Zack! Very eloquent as usual. Happy Mothers day Meg!

  • Jane Brennecker said on May 14, 2012

    Thank you. From a Mum who has chosen to be the one who stays at home keeping the family going. Also, thank you to Meg for supporting you so that you can do what you do. I’m so glad to hear that she is recording again.

  • Heather said on May 14, 2012

    Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura Stone said on May 14, 2012

    Ok, this just made me cry streams of tears. Happy Mother’s Day Megan!

  • Tim Skipper said on May 14, 2012


    I learned about you the first time in Rangefinder Magazine when they interviewed you. From that interview and on the thing that has always attracted me to you and your work is your sense of family value. In a time when people are “climbing the ladder at all cost” it is great to see someone who sees family as more important than career.

    I hope Meg had a fantastic Mother’s Day. Congratulations on her being back in the studio. By the way if she produces an album do you think she will need a photographer? (Just kidding)

    We are so close to each other (geographically speaking) we got to do lunch sometime. Have your people, call my people ;)

    Till later stay focused, stay blessed.

  • LisaE said on May 14, 2012

    Go, Meg!

    I’m a stay-at-home *home school* mom, and I completely appreciate all that she does! Now that my children are teens, I’ve had time to pursue photography again. But it’s a hard transition, made harder by the fact that moms are natural at promoting their kids and husbands, but not always so good at promoting themselves. I’m thankful that my husband keeps pushing me forward, and he has set an example for our kids. Now, they are making some sacrifices for me, and I think it’s been good for all of us. They have learned that even middle-aged moms can take risks that pay off, and that small bits of encouragement make big differences.

    Wishing Meg the very best!

  • Mike Wilson said on May 14, 2012

    Hey, Zack… What a sweet and endearing post. I’m stoked that Meg’s going to go into the studio again. Like many of your fans I discovered you back at the video you made for the Scott Kelby blog several years ago, and it wasn’t until a year or so after that that I realized it was Meg who sang the GORGEOUS song used for it. She’s quite the talent and I’m glad that she’s keeping that outlet alive and kicking. Please keep us posted about the release!

  • alepse said on May 15, 2012

    behind every great man is a great woman :) now, it might be a feminist slogan, but it’s so true!

  • Brian Powell said on May 15, 2012


    Awesome image BTW… I like how it speaks to the way mom’s probably wish they could clone themselves. Maybe you or someone mentioned that already and I missed it, but ditto that too!

  • Nils Pickert said on May 15, 2012

    I don’t know if you have this saying as well, but here we say “Behind every great man there’s a kick-ass woman”…

    Not sure, but I think one reason why your portraits and pictures of people are brilliant is that you are a great guy who deeply respects other people. And gives credit to the people who make you who you are. You sound like great people! Carry on like that!

  • Jimi said on May 17, 2012

    Hi Zack,

    I just want you to know that I’m your BIG BIG BIG FANS from Jakarta, INDONESIA.
    Right now my motto is ”Keep shoot like Zack Arias” ;)
    HEAD IN THE CLEAN SPOT !!! hahaha lol…
    Thanks Zack, you already teach me how to be Pro like you.


  • allen said on May 18, 2012

    well,happy mother’s Day!!!

  • Wilson said on May 21, 2012

    Yeah! Very happy Meg’s back! Thanks Zack for (cooking) ordering dinner… changing diapers, etc… this way we can have Meg back to creating great music. Happy (belated) Mother’s Day, Meg! :)

  • bryan karl lathrop said on May 24, 2012

    you guys are my heroes. hats off to both of you for making it work. Balancing a photo career with a family (even of two kids) is no small feat. Kudos!! And happy belated mom’s day, Meg. Can’t wait to hear your new stuff.

  • Krysalis Photography said on June 2, 2012

    The perfect present dude, that rocks!

  • Samit said on June 24, 2012

    Hi Zack…That was real nice blog on mother’s day. And not only do you have a fantastic partner, surely she too has one who appreciates all the hard work from behind the curtain. I guess you guys understand each other pretty well.
    Best wishes,
    Samit Bhattacharya
    @ Dubai

  • Meg said on July 10, 2012


    This is late coming since Mother’s Day has come and gone. I was just introduced to your site and have been diving into everything you have to offer. This post and tribute to your wife is beautiful. I had tears streaming down my face as I read it. I am also a mother and have put all my dreams to the side to allow my husband to fulfill his. It is an emotional journey we take as couples and as families. And I’m so glad that you recognize Meg and all of her hard work and attribute your success to her. It is an amazing dynamic husband and wife. Thank you for your loving and tender thoughts. They made my day.

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