GOYA :: 04.10.08

I’m getting my GOYA back on.  What is GOYA?  Get Off Your Arse.  This was a personal project I started a few years ago that started strong and then dwindled out.  I get in creative ruts when I’m busy shooting for everyone else but me.  Today was a good day to get off my arse and shoot some personal work.

Today I decided I would work this technique I alluded to in the last post and nothing is more personal to me than my two boys who never get photographed enough. Cobbler’s children go without shoes and all that.

Diptychs of my two boys playing on the 4 wheeler.

I have some more experimenting to do with this technique. Tomorrow I’ll post how it’s done. Its pretty freakin’ easy really.

Cheers, Zack


  • Michael Gowin said on April 11, 2008

    Looks like you put a dirty filter on the front of the lens…

  • libby said on April 11, 2008

    I’m waiting for the info. :)

    Go Canada!

  • Carey Schumacher said on April 12, 2008

    Zack! This is very cool!
    I’m lovin’ it!

  • Michael Drager said on May 23, 2008

    Have you posted this yet?

    Can’t wait!

  • billy said on June 12, 2008

    looks like a digital camera stuffed into the viewfinder of a brownie camera or somthing like it.

  • Grafikdesign Muenchen said on September 1, 2008

    Great pictures! Great boys!
    Also would love to know your technique.
    GOYA is a nice expression :)
    Ordered your DVD.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Grafikdesigner Muenchen said on September 4, 2008

    Found the technique in your flickr page.
    Great :) Will be heading to the flee market at the weekend. Thanks!!

  • Fotografi said on May 24, 2009

    Really nice, visually remind me BWP

  • Craig Ferguson said on May 25, 2009

    Very cool effect.

  • Grafiker said on December 4, 2009

    Beautyfull Pictures. Looks like you put a dirty filter on the front of the lens.:-)

  • DJ Paine said on January 12, 2010

    ha.. it never would have occurred to me that u would be into shooting thru the viewfinder… seems like something u wouldn’t be into…. but that just goes to show that you are bigger than my expectations… or something

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