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September 5, 2009 | Editorial Photography


I would post more images but it is 2:23 am in NYC and I’m on day 3 of shooting up here with one more to go tomorrow. This is an image from a shoot I did with Greg Holden yesterday.  He’s an amazing musician from the UK who will be on tour with Ingrid Michaelson for the next six weeks or so. You should check out his myspace page to see if he’s coming to your town.

More to come.

Cheers, Zack 


  • Curtis DeGidio said on September 5, 2009

    Great shot and awesome location (as was your post from the other day with the guy from Treasure Finger)! Out of curiosity, did you light that with your Bee or did you use your small systems stuff?

  • zack said on September 5, 2009

    No way in Hell’s Kitchen are we carrying Alien Bees around NYC on this trip! This was a typical speedlight sort of light (I think it was shot with an SB800).

    It was mounted to a monopod instead of a light stand and the modifier was the 28″ Westcott Apollo softbox being held by my assistant, Brian.


  • Thomas TC said on September 5, 2009

    Excellent shot. Esp. like the lamp behind his arm… and the overall tonality…

  • zack said on September 5, 2009

    Note on the location.

    We met Greg at 14th and 1st Ave. He had a show to get to about 10 or 12 blocks down the street so we just started walking toward the venue and popped down side streets when something caught our eye. There are great locations that we walk by everyday without giving any thought to them.


  • Rick Wenner said on September 5, 2009

    14th & 1st is a great area to shoot. I had a shoot in that area about a month or two ago. You really can’t go wrong with anywhere in NYC. I love having it in my backyard. Love this shot…great work man.


  • Matt S. said on September 6, 2009

    That’s an amazing shot. The colors on the building that match his shirt are aces.

  • Steve Perks said on September 6, 2009

    Did anyone else spot the USEDFILM logo on the back of the taxi? :)

    Nice bit of Photoshopping or do you carry a bag of stickers?

  • Javier I Sanchez said on September 6, 2009

    Nice bumper sticker! 😉

  • Brady Puryear said on September 6, 2009

    This photo is strait up epic!!
    Great work Zack.

  • Charles Verghese said on September 6, 2009

    Hi Zack,

    Really nice photograph….RICH & full of character!


  • Paul said on September 6, 2009

    Amazing work Zack! I really enjoy these NYC photos. Why wouldnt You care Alienbees with You? They re not very heavy 😉 I’ve driven 5000km with them packed somewhere between clothes, food and nasty smelling people ;P

    I love that location, the funny thing is that ppl who live there have no idea how greatful they should be. I’ve spent a little time in Italy and, man, there’s gazilions of cool locations, almost every corner, every street and every town!


  • willie said on September 6, 2009

    I love that it says “used film” on the back of the car!!!!!!


  • Kevin said on September 6, 2009

    Great photograph. I think you have created a game though…one in which the viewer searches for your Used Film logo.

  • Dsr said on September 6, 2009

    Love the photo Zack. Makes me miss NY

  • zack said on September 6, 2009

    @Paul – Driving AB’s around is one thing. Even carrying them on your person from one location to another is a piece of cake.

    Spending 12 – 14 hours on your feet in NYC carrying a Vagabond battery pack? That’s hell. :) Carrying the gear we have as it is has been challenging for the length of time we are spending walking each day. Adding AB’s and battery packs would kill our ability to keep moving all day.


  • Darryl said on September 6, 2009


    Shutter speed 1/15 sec

    Aperture F5.6

    Light source High and from the right….looks like a grid judging the fall off

    The execution is excellent, you must have to try, try again, and try again….etc.. to learn how to execute like this…

  • Tre said on September 6, 2009

    Love the shot, especially the sticker on the back of the cab!

  • Alex D. said on September 6, 2009

    Nice subject-background balance man.

  • Martin said on September 6, 2009

    Killer shot, Zack!

  • Rebecca Payne said on September 6, 2009

    Wow! The lighting here is AMAZING!!

  • Fox19 said on September 6, 2009

    One word… Great!!!!!

  • Glyn Dewis said on September 6, 2009

    Great shot Zack; love the composition.

    Keep it comin’

    Regards, Glyn

  • Diala Chinedu said on September 6, 2009

    WOW Zack, you are crazy!!! This is a sick shot…I completely agree that we pass by awesome locations each day without knowing…i never knew the apollo 28 could light up such a large area…i was thinking about the westcott 50″ instead

  • Matt Palmer said on September 7, 2009

    This has given me the inspiration to try out some softbox on a stick action this weekend. Lovely shot.

    Just checked out some of the songs on Gregs myspace page and they’re fantastic. Beautiful melodies along with an emotive voice. “The Art of Falling” is my particular fave.

  • Marc Pritchard said on September 7, 2009

    Wicked lighting and colour balancing. Really atmospheric. Judging from the sky colour it was a good time to be shooting!

  • Evan Robinson said on September 7, 2009

    Great shot, especially love where you slipped in the used film logo–nice touch :)

  • Denise said on September 8, 2009

    This is in ref to post #74 in the Help-Portrait article. Please read…I’m hoping that someone’s heart will be touched to take this family’s photos. Please show me the momentum….

    Thank you Denise

  • Denise said on September 8, 2009

    PS…She starts Chemo soon. It would be nice to have them done before then.. She’s a little bit only 5 months old to be going thru so much..
    Thank you… I’m not asking for something that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. I’m just half way around the world.

    Take care~ Denise

  • Eli Silva said on September 9, 2009

    Great shot Zack… very nice, clean and accurate source of light considering the location away from home… good stuff as always

  • Otto Rascon said on September 9, 2009

    I LOVE this shot. I just twittered it in hopes that others will see it. Thanks for sharing! ROCK ON!

  • Fatih said on September 14, 2009

    This shot is awesome in many ways. Thanks for inspring me all the time.

  • Hochzeitsfotograf said on October 4, 2009

    I like this shot! Great light and expression.

  • John Erdovegi said on October 5, 2009

    Let me guess f/4.5 at 1/60s with fill flash? How close was I? Say Hi to JoeyL for me.

  • Chima said on October 19, 2009

    f/2.8 1/10th sec ISO 320
    Canon 5DMkII

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