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I can not believe that it has been nearly four years since I made the short called Transform for Scott Kelby’s blog. It was an honor to be asked to guest blog again this month. As Transform came from a place of things I was struggling with then, Signal & Noise follows that lead. I’ve been off social media for a little over two months now and the smoke is just starting to clear. 

Visit Scott’s Blog to read more on my progress of clearing the noise from my head. A big thank you goes to my wife, Meghan, for working on the music. Big thanks as well to Deke Spears for being instrumental (punny!) in helping with the music as well.

Visit Meg’s site to download the song if you’d like.

Feed your soul. Not your feed.



Bucket List Item Checked Off

July 22, 2012 | News Uncategorized

I’ve been a big fan of these fine folks for some time. This is Lok, Kai, and Alamby who make up the DigitalRev team. It’s hard to describe exactly what they do but suffice it to say that they are the Top Gear of photography. Or should I say, Top Gear is the DigitalRev of cars. Kai (in the center) is the mastermind behind the most subscribed to photography channel on YouTube. He’s irreverent, hysterical, and completely brilliant. Lok and Alamby are perfect  and grounded compliments to Kai’s insanity. They are my favorite photography personalities ever. It’s the understatement of the year to say that I was honored to get to meet them and take part in their ongoing “Pro Photographer. Cheap Camera.” series.

I met up with the trio in the Mong Kok area of Hong Kong this week to find out what my challenge would be and what cheap P.O.S. camera I would be armed with to meet their challenge. Kai showed up with an old Kodak C142 point and shoot and an old Nikon flash. My challenge was to shoot people on the street but I had to use the flash. The first challenge was figuring out if I could get the flash to sync with the camera. Once we found a way to get that going then I had to find subjects in low light areas so the flash on the camera would fire. I could not force it to fire at all times. There was zero exposure control on that crap ass camera and zero control as to where it would focus. It was the kind of camera that makes you wonder how point and shoots ever progressed and was a good example of why Kodak failed in the Point and Miss category of cameras.

So here is the result of my challenge. It was so much fun. I sort of went all fan boy on them when I saw them! A selection of images follows the video.


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