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I Love Lights ::

October 31, 2008 | Misc. Photos

I really love the power of light.  It gives me options.  It gives me control.  As I’m downloading images from today’s shoot with Nic Cowan, I have been looking at some other images from this year and came across some shots I did at John Michael Cooper’s Very Alt F workshop here in Atlanta.  I don’t think I ever posted these.  John and I tag teamed part of the shooting one day.  He approached the subject one way and I went another way.

Here is the environment we were in…


With four lights I killed the ambient light…jmc02.jpg 

Alien Bee 1600 with 20 degree grid on her face.  SB800 at full power zoomed to 105mm  for the hair.  A pair of bare bulb Sunpak 120j’s under her dress at 1/2 power each.  

Off to trick or treat with the kids!  Have a safe Halloween y’all!

Cheers, Zack 

Kevin & Cortney – 6.28.08 ::

June 29, 2008 | Misc. Photos

wedding photography by Climie + Co -

It is a very rare occurrence for me to head out and shoot a wedding without Marc.  Yesterday was one of those rare days.  Kevin and Cortney had an amazing wedding yesterday afternoon at Park Tavern here in Atlanta. I met them earlier this year and they really wanted me to shoot their wedding.  

There are several more photographs after the jump including the best recessional photo I’ve probably ever taken! Oh, and can I just tell you how much I love the D3? OMGosh. I love this camera.


My 39 Hour Day Ended Like This ::

May 24, 2008 | Misc. Photos

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

I had a 39 hour work day a few weeks ago. It started in Berkeley, California and ended here in Atlanta with not a wink of sleep on the plane. As some of you know, I enjoy shooting weddings with my dear friend and coleague, Marc Climie. Here are some images from our first Indian wedding. If I only shot Indian weddings for the rest of my life, I would be just fine with that. They are amazing events!

If you have come by looking for the white seamless tutorial, find those posts here. My step-father is suffering from ALS and it is in the advanced stages. We are dropping everything else we are doing and heading to NC to spend some time with him. I’ll be back online in a few days.

Here are some images from Purvee and Deven’s wedding. The fact that I got anything in focus on this wedding day is amazing! I was sooooo tired. At one point I twittered that I wished Starbucks delivered and my awesome and amazing girlfriend, Meghan, delivered a large dark cup of love to me while I was shooting the formals! :)

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

More after the jump.


Power Snacks ::

April 15, 2008 | GOYA Misc. Photos

Just got into Detroit and saw this while waiting for my bags.  Some poor soul wanted a bag of chips and got far more than they expected.


Cheers, Zack

GOYA :: 04.10.08

I’m getting my GOYA back on.  What is GOYA?  Get Off Your Arse.  This was a personal project I started a few years ago that started strong and then dwindled out.  I get in creative ruts when I’m busy shooting for everyone else but me.  Today was a good day to get off my arse and shoot some personal work.

Today I decided I would work this technique I alluded to in the last post and nothing is more personal to me than my two boys who never get photographed enough. Cobbler’s children go without shoes and all that.

Diptychs of my two boys playing on the 4 wheeler.

I have some more experimenting to do with this technique. Tomorrow I’ll post how it’s done. Its pretty freakin’ easy really.

Cheers, Zack

Look Ma! No Photoshop!

April 10, 2008 | Misc. Photos

I’m pretty late in the game on this technique.


Thanks to my friend Kevin Abeyta for turning me on to this.  I’m gonna run around and do some more testing with this.  This is shot with the D3.  The only post production done was crop and levels.  I’ll post some more soon.  For those of you who are also late to the game, I’ll show how it’s done.

Cheers, Zack

A Day With The D3

April 1, 2008 | Family Misc. Photos

I bought the new Nikon D3 camera about a month or so ago and it is the finest camera I have ever owned.  There are tons of resources online about the techs and specs of the camera so I won’t even go into that.  A 50mm lens being a 50mm lens again (full frame sensor) and being able to shoot at ISO 6400 without apologies is all I’m gonna say about that.  The D3 has gotten me excited about personal photography again.  I take it with me everywhere.  It is going to change the way I shoot.

Here are a few shots from my first outing with my sons and the D3.


More after the jump… 


Reflections Of An iPhone..

March 30, 2008 | Misc. Photos

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