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A Few From Dubai ::

onelight_dubai_01.jpgAbove :: From my first OneLight here in Dubai.

joe01.jpg Above :: Joe McNally in old Satwa

tv_interview.jpg Above :: I’m being interviewed for an Arab television station.

old_dubai01.jpg Above :: A friendly TV repairman in Satwa.

I’m having an amazing time here at Gulf Photo Plus. The Internet sucks here in our building. I can get online a few minutes a day right now. More to come!

Cheers, Zack

I Feel Like I’m In A Tool Video :: Julia with the 5d Mk II


The image above states the exact feeling one has when shooting at this old prison in East Atlanta.

Here are some more images I shot this week of Julia. She needed one or two new pieces for her portfolio and I needed to run the CaNikon 5z Marc Too (as I call it) through the paces. Overall I’m really happy with this camera. For this shoot I used the 24-70/2.8L and the 90 2.8 Tilt Shift. I have to be very, very, very careful with the T/S lens because if I am not very, very, very careful I will use it WAY too much. The reason I don’t own a fisheye lens is because I would use it all the time. I fear I may do that with the T/S. It’s like instant creativity! :) My initial thoughts on the 5d after the images.

julia_02.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_03.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_04.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_05.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_06.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_07.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_08.jpg half_spacer.jpg

julia_09.jpg half_spacer.jpg In addition to the stills, I shot video as well. I don’t have the time right now to get the editing done on that but I hope to cut a short clip together soon.

Things I love about the 5d vs. the D3 I normally Shoot :: • Color and Contrast straight out of the camera. • A remarkable skin tone quality when shooting natural light. • HD video

Things I don’t like about the 5d vs. the D3 :: • The AF system sucks in low light situations. Every Nikon I have ever owned from the D100 to the D3 can lock focus faster and more accurately than the 5d does in low light levels. • Nikon still pwns Canon at ISO 3200 and up. • It’s slow as Christmas compared to the shooting speed and buffer of the D3. • The ergonomics. The 5d feels like a brick in my hands even with the grip. The D3 feels like a glove.

And yes, I’m aware that I’m comparing a mid level Canon to the top of the food chain Nikon.

The number one reason I have this 5d is for the video as I’ve stated before, but I also love that there is a specific quality to the images this camera produces that I find other cameras do not have. Back in the days of film you would choose one film over another based on the characteristics of that film and the type of color, contrast, and quality that you desired for the shoot you were doing. Since we can’t simply change sensors in our camera bodies like we could change film, this particular time in digital photography requires us to change the entire body. In the studio the cameras are nearly identical.

It is in the available light photography that I find the 5d to perform remarkably different. Skin tones have a smoother quality to them akin to something with warm butter all over it. The Nikon can be a little too cool and too sharp for my liking. You can spend time in post trying to replicate one look or the other but when you study enough images online and you KNOW an image was shot with a 5d without looking at META data then you know the camera has something special about it.

The same could be said for my D70. I could do things with that camera in post production that I have yet to fully replicate with any other digital camera I have owned. The camera body is now the film base and you choose the one you want for the look you desire. That’s why the 5d is going to have a permanent spot in my bag in addition to the video capabilities.

Cheers, Zack

Air Stephanie :: In Studio With The CaNikon


Testing the CaNikon 5z Marc Too in the studio today. It stands up really well against the D3 in the studio. For the first card of the day I find the images to need less color correction than the D3. Hmmmm. Off to lunch then more shooting.

Cheers, Zack

One From Today :: Julia


I’ve decided I’m going to start an entire personal series on fabric. I was influenced to do so from the photo above. I love moving fabric.

It’s 1:30am and I have another full day of shooting again tomorrow. The image of Julia above was shot with my D3.  Once I finished the studio work today we hit the prison location from yesterday with my new camera.  I call it the CaNikon 5z Marc Too. I am not switching but I’m not hating this camera at all either! I have a few things to say about it. Imagine that. :)

If you have been following my tweets today I’m sorry if you were expecting photos from the CaNikon. Those will hit the blog this weekend.

Cheers, Zack

Elopement Risk ::

February 25, 2009 | GOYA Misc. Photos


Are people running off and getting married around here at such an alarming rate that signs must be made? 

Stayed up all night at the hospital with dad.  Went a bit stir crazy around 5:00am and started roaming the halls.

Cheers, Zack 

My Wife Shines ::

February 13, 2009 | Family GOYA Misc. Photos


My wife, Meghan, really does shine. I would not have made it this far without her. The fantastic thing about our relationship is Valentine’s day is just another day for us.  We have nothing special planned.  When we were talking about it in the last few days we realized that we have a great life together. We have regular date nights and we spend a lot of time together.  We are each other’s best friends.

If she and I were to do something “special” and “different” for Valentines, it would involve sitting on the couch while eating microwave dinners and bicker about the kids during commercials.  :)

Cheers, Zack 

Escalate :: No… This is not a workshop announcement ::

February 8, 2009 | • Gear & Gadgets Misc. Photos




I found these images yesterday as I was helping Marc get set up for a bridal show he is doing today.

I’m the kind of photographer who would LIKE to be the kind of photographer that always has a camera around his neck. My darling wife hooked me up with a Canon G10 for Christmas last year and I’m doing my best to take it with me where ever I go. I love this camera.  

Not counting a cell phone, do you have a small camera that you take along with you on a regular basis?

Cheers, Zack

Back From The (near) Dead ::

zack arias photography

I have been tumbling slowly toward total burn out.  Dad is still in the hospital. I can’t make that any better. Meg ended up in the hospital for a few hours this week as well. When it pours it floods.

In a final attempt to save my sanity, we lined up A LOT of shooting this week and I have barricaded myself in the studio to work, work, work.  Not on paper work, not on filing crap, not on networking opportunities, not on the workshop, not on the branding, not on the web site, not on any of that crap that has nothing to do with pushing that big fat effing black button on my big black effing camera.  I’ve nearly lost my mind because I have NOT been shooting.  I’m a photographer  Not a bookeeper, web master, janitor, whatever.  The studio is TRASHED and I love it because it is from shooting.  Up first…. Tyrell.

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

Coming up shortly for blog posts of their own…. Justin, Daniel, and Liz.

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

I feel as though my pulse is returning. I’m a photographer. That’s not my entire identity but it sure is something I need to be doing with some part of my life.

More and more and more to come. I’m shooting. Need something? Hire me. I’ll almost pay you to shoot.*

Cheers, Zack

* Key word – “almost”

Father & Son :: Turning The Strobes Off! ::

November 21, 2008 | Misc. Photos

photography by zack arias 

Assignment :: Father & Son photos for my friend Chad Shearer.  Gear Used :: Nikon D3 with Nikon 105mm f2 lens. Lights Used :: Available window light with reflectors and scrims where needed. 

While I don’t market family photography I end up shooting a lot of portraits for family and friends looking for original Christmas presents.  My friend & kick a$$ graphic designer Chad Shearer of Caren West PR came in earlier this week for some photos of he and his son. With the studio at 98% completion, I’m shooting quite a bit in here now.  I still have studio blogging to do.  I have a lot of things to do.  I need 48 hours in each day to catch up right now. Here are some more photos from this session. 

photography by zack arias

photography by zack arias

photography by zack arias

Cheers, Zack

Seamless Corporate Work ::

November 20, 2008 | • Technique Misc. Photos

corporate photography by zack arias

My good friends at Elekta called me this week to come in and shoot some images for a new service campaign they are working on. They wanted images shot on white seamless. Having been to their office a number of times I knew that there was no need to take a roll of white seamless with me and set it up. I just needed a white wall of which, they had many to choose from.

Assignment :: B&W portraits on a pure white background. Tight crops, low angles, normal angles, plenty of negative space for text and graphics. Gear Used :: Three Nikon SB-25 flashes (paid $89 for each one!), Nikon D3, Nikon 35mm f2, Pocket Wizards. Modifiers Used :: 10º grid spot for first image (cover shot) attached to flash via a bungee cord and a LightSphere that was painted black (DarkSphere), Westcott 60″ reflective umbrella for portraits.

Here is the set up for the cover shot…

For the following portraits I took the DarkSphere and grid off of the flash and put the 60″ umbrella on. Is it the most ground breaking photography you have ever seen? Of course not. As I say in the OneLight workshop though, this is the type of work I do to pay the bills. Simply understanding how to use off camera light can increase the jobs you are able to take on.

Here are some of the portraits…

corporate photography by zack arias

corporate photography by zack arias

corporate photography by zack arias

corporate photography by zack arias

Don’t forget to add to your fine art portfolio while you are out shooting. :)

corporate photography by zack arias

Cheers, Zack

I Love Lights ::

October 31, 2008 | Misc. Photos

I really love the power of light.  It gives me options.  It gives me control.  As I’m downloading images from today’s shoot with Nic Cowan, I have been looking at some other images from this year and came across some shots I did at John Michael Cooper’s Very Alt F workshop here in Atlanta.  I don’t think I ever posted these.  John and I tag teamed part of the shooting one day.  He approached the subject one way and I went another way.

Here is the environment we were in…


With four lights I killed the ambient light…jmc02.jpg 

Alien Bee 1600 with 20 degree grid on her face.  SB800 at full power zoomed to 105mm  for the hair.  A pair of bare bulb Sunpak 120j’s under her dress at 1/2 power each.  

Off to trick or treat with the kids!  Have a safe Halloween y’all!

Cheers, Zack 

Kevin & Cortney – 6.28.08 ::

June 29, 2008 | Misc. Photos

wedding photography by Climie + Co -

It is a very rare occurrence for me to head out and shoot a wedding without Marc.  Yesterday was one of those rare days.  Kevin and Cortney had an amazing wedding yesterday afternoon at Park Tavern here in Atlanta. I met them earlier this year and they really wanted me to shoot their wedding.  

There are several more photographs after the jump including the best recessional photo I’ve probably ever taken! Oh, and can I just tell you how much I love the D3? OMGosh. I love this camera.


My 39 Hour Day Ended Like This ::

May 24, 2008 | Misc. Photos

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

I had a 39 hour work day a few weeks ago. It started in Berkeley, California and ended here in Atlanta with not a wink of sleep on the plane. As some of you know, I enjoy shooting weddings with my dear friend and coleague, Marc Climie. Here are some images from our first Indian wedding. If I only shot Indian weddings for the rest of my life, I would be just fine with that. They are amazing events!

If you have come by looking for the white seamless tutorial, find those posts here. My step-father is suffering from ALS and it is in the advanced stages. We are dropping everything else we are doing and heading to NC to spend some time with him. I’ll be back online in a few days.

Here are some images from Purvee and Deven’s wedding. The fact that I got anything in focus on this wedding day is amazing! I was sooooo tired. At one point I twittered that I wished Starbucks delivered and my awesome and amazing girlfriend, Meghan, delivered a large dark cup of love to me while I was shooting the formals! :)

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

Indian Wedding Photography by Atlanta based wedding photographer Marc Climie - - Climie + Co.

More after the jump.


Power Snacks ::

April 15, 2008 | GOYA Misc. Photos

Just got into Detroit and saw this while waiting for my bags.  Some poor soul wanted a bag of chips and got far more than they expected.


Cheers, Zack

GOYA :: 04.10.08

I’m getting my GOYA back on.  What is GOYA?  Get Off Your Arse.  This was a personal project I started a few years ago that started strong and then dwindled out.  I get in creative ruts when I’m busy shooting for everyone else but me.  Today was a good day to get off my arse and shoot some personal work.

Today I decided I would work this technique I alluded to in the last post and nothing is more personal to me than my two boys who never get photographed enough. Cobbler’s children go without shoes and all that.

Diptychs of my two boys playing on the 4 wheeler.

I have some more experimenting to do with this technique. Tomorrow I’ll post how it’s done. Its pretty freakin’ easy really.

Cheers, Zack

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