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Germans Don’t Jaywalk

September 25, 2012 | Misc. Photos

I’m currently in Cologne, Germany speaking at Photokina. Fuji brought me out to speak about the X cameras that I’m so dang in love with. I haven’t really hit the floor just yet but I saw a freaking helicopter parked in one corner of the trade show. You know. A helicopter. Might as well. What this trade show needs is more helicopters.

I’ve been on the road for two months and it’s been a hell of a good time bouncing around this lovely planet of ours. I’ve had the pleasure and honor to meet a number of truly passionate and talented people. I’ve had some soul searching late night talks over bad food and good wine. I’ve seen some things that have me so inspired to create new work that I’m paralyzed not knowing what I should do first. I flew ATL – DTW – AMS – CGN and my bag went ATL – DTW – ATL. That was awesome.

I had this one brilliant moment of peace and clarity in Montana. It was dusk. Doug Ness and I were listening to Bruce Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town. That really is one of the greatest American albums of all time. That clarity visited me for the ten minute drive from our shooting location back to town. 10 minutes to soak it in. 10 minutes in two months. Something just ain’t right with that.

My mind is mush. Absolute mush. Slap a Quaker Oatmeal sticker on my head and call it a day. I’m behind on personal deadlines for projects. I have to get to the dentist. I need a haircut. I have videos to shoot. I have more and more blog entries to write. I need to do some laundry. I need to go ride bikes with my kids. I need to go and get away by myself for a few monthsdays, hours. My promo mailers are late… again. I see a book in my head that I want to create. I can close my eyes and I can see it. I see the photographs. It’s truly unfortunate that I haven’t shot a lot of those images yet. But I see it. I see a book. A portfolio book. Something uniquely me. Something that doesn’t look like a bowl of oatmeal.

Deep breaths.

Saw something of note in the central train station in Cologne. It was a display of the work of the recent World Press Photo winners. The collection of work was breath taking. I also stood back from it and watched how many people stopped and looked. Even people who seemed to be busily on their way to something stopped. Photography is still powerful. It also reminded me that not everybody is a photographer. Not just any ol’ person with a DSLR could shoot the photos that were hanging in this public “gallery”.

Germans don’t jaywalk. They wait for the walk signal. It’s remarkable to behold. Americans walk in their bike lanes and get yelled at. Not that I have personal experience with this. Well, ok, I do. So that’s a bike lane. Got it. I’ll try to remember. Looks a lot like a sidewalk.

Hope you all are doing well. I’ll be catching my breath in November and December. I have a few posts to go out before then. I’m still working on my tumblr Q&A blog. Getting close to hitting my 1,000th post over there.

Photography, as it would seem, is alive and well. It’s a crazy ride but what else in life that’s worth doing isn’t a crazy ride?



H to the K

July 13, 2012 | Misc. Photos

Meg and I took a little hop over the North Pole and have arrived in Hong Kong. It’s our first trip to Asia. Meg is passed out and I’m wide awake. I tried to go to sleep but I’m in this huge city that seems to be alive 24 hours a day. I had to hit the streets just for a little while. We are here to be part of Creative Asia.



Worry about your checked luggage? I think ours was safer in the hands of Delta than our taxi. I just made a post recently about traveling with gear on my new Q&A blog. We’re in the Mongkok area. If you are familiar with HK let us know what are some places we have to see and places where we have to eat. I’d like to avoid pig anus soup… but when in Rome… I’m ready to Bourdain this town!

Hope all of you are well. Thanks for the conversations about the last few posts on here recently. Glad to see so many people carrying the torch and busting their tails doing great work.



Dubai :: Day 07

March 11, 2012 | Misc. Photos

Day 07 in Dubai was PhotoFriday at GPP. Gave a few talks and headed to Kushti wrestling. The Fuji 35mm 1.4 is the lens to have for the X-Pro1 IMHO.


x100. As much as I love the X-Pro1, the x100 is still my baby. I’ll never part with it.


Bobbi Lane, Gregory Heisler, Claire Rosen, and a bunch of dudes I don’t have links for.


David Burnett is a bad ass photographer. cc: Dan Depew, Cary Norton, Michael Sebastian, and Jon Canlas. That’s an f2 lens on that SpeedGraphic. #NoPolaroid #Ninja



One more day of teaching stuff to post then off to India for the rest of the week. I’ll be in Mumbai then heading home. I miss Meg and the kids so much. As excited as I am about going to India for the first time I’d really love to be jumping on a plane right now to head home. It feels like I’ve been gone for a month already.

I’ll have a full X-Pro1 run down on my blog after India.



Dubai :: Day 06

March 8, 2012 | Misc. Photos

On location at a tile factory today.









The image above is Zeke. He’s a great guy who traveled out here from Tucson to attened GPP. The place where we were shooting had us all covered head to toe in dust.

Fellow GPP’er, David Nightingale, and I were having drinks tonight and I asked him what he would do to some of my photos I shot today since he’s a master of post production. He blows me away with what he does in Photoshop and he makes it look so easy. He did the post on these images.

All shot with a new X-Pro1 that I got this morning. I was able to trade the pre-production model I had in on a new production body with the new firmware. It’s event better. I’ll blog about the camera after my India trip next week. We were out all afternoon on location and I did not once pull my Canon out of the bag. Shot everything with the X-Pro1.




Dubai :: Day 05

March 8, 2012 | Misc. Photos

Worked the stairs again.


The available light shot. Meh.


I heart grids. ——– I’m not sure either. It’s something traditional I’m told.


David Burnett has no fear. He’ll cover major news events with Holgas and 4×5′s. Here he talks about how big his balls are for doing so. :-)

Looking forward to the location class that starts today. I’ll have more to show tomorrow.



Dubai :: Day 04

March 7, 2012 | Misc. Photos

Late on my blog… Taught a studio lighting class today (yesterday). That reflective stuff on the floor is portable tile board that’s about to hit the market by our main man Peter Hurley. Stuff is awesome. I’ll let you know when he starts shipping it.


X-Pro1 works like a champ with a Pocket Wizard attached. I use a mini on it. A Plus II is as big as the camera. (almost)


This was sniped just using the modeling lights of the softbox as a student was shooting.


The set up…


The shot.


It was a fun class. Again, that stuff Hurley is making is awesome. You can see it all bokeh’ed out there in the background.


If you’re sitting there thinking how lucky I am to be able to sit around a group of people like this every night this week you are 110% correct. I can not even begin to express how young and inexperienced I find myself to be when I hear the stories of these masters. I’m just a kid at the table still staring at the starting line. If you look up to me or if you think I’m “up there” in the industry, let me virtually put my arm around your shoulder and point to some of these guys and let you know how absolutely far of a journey you and I have still have to go.

Sitting there last night, completely sleep deprived, yet hanging on the words of those around me… I started thinking of the cult of personality in our industry. We place these young blog stars on a pedestal as the apex of success. I understand that I can be placed in that realm. I was thinking of this last night and realized what a sham it all is. THE masters of our craft that are still creating work in this world are names you probably haven’t heard of. They aren’t even on twitter or they have a fraction of followers some of us have. No one reads or comments on their blogs. They are so far up the damn mountain they don’t have a signal back to the rest of us. Their stories, their work, their experience, the philosophy transcends all of us.

This is in contrast to yet another revolution some photographer is trying to start. A number of you have DM’ed me the link to that video. OMG. You sit with guys like Heisler, Hobby, McNally, and Burnett and then watch this dumb ass “new revolution in photography” and realize what a farce that idea is.

I woke up this morning to the sad news that we lost Paula Lerner to breast cancer. Paula has done more for this industry then a whole panel of “blog stars” have. I had the pleasure of meeting her while I was still in school. She was one of the founding members of EP. On the subject of day rates and contracts she taught me the theory of “If you’re going to get screwed on a job AT LEAST KNOW you are getting screwed on that job.” She provided us a very strong set of shoulders that we now stand upon. RIP Paula.

You know why these folks are masters? Because they’ve put everything into it and kept their eyes on the goal even when in complete darkness in their life. They weren’t trying to start a revolution. They were, and are, chasing the light. The image. That one fleeting fraction of a second for that one image that brings them joy and brings them the next job.

You want to start a “revolution” in photography, yeah. Whatever. You’re not. None of us are. Shut up and go shoot pictures.

I’m still sleep deprived. I’m pointing my finger out to the horizon. The goal we all have is somewhere beyond that.



PS – All X-Pro1 shots.

Dubai :: Day 03

March 6, 2012 | Misc. Photos

Taught the OneLight workshop today. There are these stairs that I try to do something different with each year.


So I try different angles. Different view points.


My assistant for the week, Kinan, is an awesome guy who stood in more than once for a subject for the workshop.


I was asked how the Fuji X-Pro1 does with flash. So… here you go.


Photographer David Burnett had an opening of his Bob Marley work to kick off the GPP event. If you’re not familiar with him give yourself 10 lashings. You should know his work.


There was live music. It was an amazing evening.


Speaking of David, to get to sit at dinner each night and listen to him, Joe, Greg, and others swap stories is the best education I could wish for.


I’ve seen people bitching and moaning and complaining about the Fuji X-Pro1 on photography forums. They have no idea what they are talking about.

It’s 4am. I crashed last night after dinner without making this post. Woke up at 3am. Thought I had gotten over the jet lag hump. Nope. Off to teach a studio class today and then the X-Pro1 Middle East launch tonight.





Dubai :: Day 02

March 4, 2012 | Misc. Photos

Location scouting with Joe McNally.


Gregory Heisler fat boothing Joe.


Marble factory in Dubai. One of our locations for this week’s location class.


One of the workers at the marble factory.



Hopped on an Iranian boat.


You know… Like ya do.


One for my Dubai in Contrast series.

I love this town.



Dubai :: Day 01

March 3, 2012 | Misc. Photos

I love Dubai. The people are amazing. The food is amazing. The cars are ridiculous. I saw a yacht today that had two helicopters on it. This place is unreal. This is the fourth year that Gulf Photo Plus has brought me out to teach at this week long event. It is hands down one of the best photography events I’ve ever seen. I always have mixed emotions about teaching here because as I look at each year’s roster I really wish I was a student instead of one of the teachers.

This year I am doubly honored and excited because I am participating in the Fuji X-Pro1 launch here. I’ve had the camera in my hand for about a week and I am loving it more each day. I’ll have a full post about that soon enough. Since I’m speaking at the event I figured I better get out in the real world and take some photos with it.




I’ll be doing a post each day I’m here. I leave Dubai on the 12th and head to India for three days of adventure with the X-Pro1. Color me stoked.




A-Town Hold It Down :: Street Portraits


Big thanks to Heather Hamilton for tweeting, “The overload of photography rants r getting on my nerves. While I agree with some , I just think our time can be better spent. Like shooting.” There’s been a flurry of new gear announcements lately and I’ve been guilty of talking about gear this week instead of using gear this week. Michael Friberg pretty much summed it up well. Heather was the voice (twoice?) I needed to hear today to fire the Internet, get off my ass, and go shoot. Isn’t that ultimately what it’s about? Thanks Heather.

I saw the gentleman above through the window and had to, had to, had to, get a portrait of him. Everyone was more than willing to let me photograph them today. No one turned me down. Must be that big ass camera. Today was a good day.


















“I’m an inventor and I also can rap my ass off. I need a good manager. Danny East. Tell ‘em not to bury me!!!”

Hell yes. I love to see hustle in all shapes and forms.

These street portraits were all shot with the Phase One IQ140. I am still learning this camera and going out on the streets and working in various lighting conditions gives me a good idea of what it can and can not do. I do miss my x100 though. (It’s in the shop) [sticky aperture] poo.





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