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Foggy GOYA Results :: The Winner Is…

December 22, 2009 | GOYA

What turned out to be something fun to do on a foggy afternoon became the second most commented on blog entry here. That’s an amazing surprise to all of us!  I asked you to vote on our Foggy GOYA shootout and here are the results!

1st place – Photographer B w/294 votes  :: That’s me! 2nd place – Photographer D w/99 votes :: Sherri our business manager 3rd place – Photographer C w/68 votes :: Robin our intern 4th place – Photographer A w/15 votes :: Caleb, my 10 y/o son

I also asked if you had a favorite image and the image above got the most votes.  I originally was going to kill this diptych because part of me liked it and part of me hated it.  When I feel that way about an image I typically go ahead and put it out into the world to see what happens. I like finding that kind of struggle with my photography.  I typically like something or hate something and when I have an image that can’t be compartmentalized in my brain then I know I’m on to something.  I created the image by taking one photo of the birds in focus and then one with the wall in focus.  I put them side by side but I didn’t like it at all that way.  I flipped one horizontally just to see what that would look like and that is when part of me liked it and part of me hated it. I wish I had done it in camera. I’d feel like a ninja if I had but it confirms in me that I do want to experiment with mirrors more.

Thanks again for voting!

Dear Caleb, Sherri, and Robin… I’m sorry for the spanking y’all just received!  Something tells me that your game is going to be upped by significant amounts next time. Good. That’s the point!

Cheers, Zack

A Foggy GOYA Shootout For The Crew ::

December 14, 2009 | GOYA Misc. Photos

It was a foggy day today here in Atlanta.  We don’t have many days like today to take advantage of shooting in the fog.  After lunch we had two choices, work on some copy shots for the show that is still installed in the studio or get off our arses and go shoot in the fog. GOYA stands for “Get Off Your Arse”.  It’s a project that I do from time to time. Not as much as I should be doing.  Today it was for anyone in the studio.

So our business manager, @sherriinnis, our intern, @robinshetler, my 10 year old son, Caleb, and myself went out for an hour to shoot in the fog.  It was all fun and games until we came back and I told everyone that they had to chose their best five because they were goin’ on the blog!

Since we have been in contest mode around here we are going to make this a contest! You tell us in the comments which photographer did the best job. A, B, C, or D.  The photographer with the most votes will get a $50 gift card to any place of their choice. If I happen to win this then I’m going to make them take me to lunch and pick up the bill!  Ha!  I just made the prizes up.  I like being the boss.  :)

BTW – The VisionMongers contest winners have been chosen and notified. We had 519 stories come in and Robin and Rhonda worked really hard to cull those down to the top 20.  We could easily have chosen hundreds of stories.  Meg and I got it down to the top 11 and Sherri had to be the tie breaker.  We will be sharing some of the stories here on the blog after Christmas.

Update :: The voting has ended! Photos and results after the jump.

All the photos after the jump ::


Street Portraits :: NYC 09/2009 :: Video + Stills

I’ve been talking with some folks and the topic of street portraits came up. Some are scared to death to approach strangers on the street. I understand the feeling completely but there are times you have to get over your anxiety about talking to strangers and pursue what it is you want to do. While I was in NYC a few weeks ago I decided to practice what I preach. I gave myself the assignment of shooting 10 portraits of 10 strangers in 10 hours. I had to sandwich these in between other shoots I had on the books while I was there. I approached 15 people and 9 accepted my request.

For those of you who have expressed your concerns about approaching strangers lemme give you some advice.

1) Read David duChemin’s book Within The Frame. David talks in depth about pursuing and expressing your vision where people, places, and culture are concerned. It’s a fantastic book with lots of technical and philosophical meat to dig your teeth into.

2) Get over talking to strangers. I know your mom told you not to but seriously, it’s ok. You will be amazed at how many people open themselves up to you. It’s a great experience for them and for you.

3) Don’t try to approach people who are on their way somewhere. Find someone just hanging out. You won’t be interrupting their schedule.

4) Guys, know your limit with approaching females. Some of you are suave and can do it with style. Dorks like me look like we are just trying a bad pick-up line. Know your limit. Ladies, well, y’all have it easy. Talk to anyone you want. :)

4) As David writes in his book, be kind, smile, and extend warmth and friendship to the folks you meet.

5) Many will tell you “no”. Many will say yes. Listen to what Janet said in the video above. She had not had a portrait made of her in 35 years! She wouldn’t have one getting shipped to her if someone had not simply asked to take a portrait of her.Anyway, here are my portraits. They aren’t the most amazing portraits I’ve ever shot but I’m glad I put myself out there. I met some great people I would have otherwise never talked to.

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg


NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg

NYC street portrait half_spacer.jpg Cheers, Zack

Elopement Risk ::

February 25, 2009 | GOYA Misc. Photos


Are people running off and getting married around here at such an alarming rate that signs must be made? 

Stayed up all night at the hospital with dad.  Went a bit stir crazy around 5:00am and started roaming the halls.

Cheers, Zack 

Transform :: A short film for

February 17, 2009 | GOYA News

I was recently asked to do a guest blog post on Scott Kelby’s site. I had free reign to talk about anything I wanted to talk about. I took it as an opportunity to get off my arse and make something that was new and fresh for me. I decided I would do a video. I decided to do this for my wife, Meg, because she is always inspiring me to go beyond the normal stuff I create. She’s always pushing me. Sometimes it sucks because she knows just what buttons to push in me to make me think about things a bit deeper. So I took all of her button pushing and went out and made something of it.

Even if I had the money for a new 5d Mark II you can’t find one anywhere right now. So I decided I needed to keep it on the lo-fi, lo-budget flavor. I shot it with The Flip Mino HD. I even modified this little thing to give me a wide angle and telephoto lens. I’ll blog on that later.

EDIT – I’ve now posted the video above, as you can plainly see. I had no idea how much this would impact all of you! There have been over 10,000 views of the video in the first 24 hours. I’m glad that something I struggle with is not something I struggle with alone.

Coming up later today… (2/19/09) – A blog post about how I hacked my Flip Mino HD camera and a free download of Meghan’s song that is in the video. You can find her on iTunes under “Meghan Arias and Meghan Coffee”. This track in the video though has not been released on an album.* We’ll have it up soon for you!

Cheers, Zack

*Update you can buy it on iTunes now! You can find it here: Window

My Wife Shines ::

February 13, 2009 | Family GOYA Misc. Photos


My wife, Meghan, really does shine. I would not have made it this far without her. The fantastic thing about our relationship is Valentine’s day is just another day for us.  We have nothing special planned.  When we were talking about it in the last few days we realized that we have a great life together. We have regular date nights and we spend a lot of time together.  We are each other’s best friends.

If she and I were to do something “special” and “different” for Valentines, it would involve sitting on the couch while eating microwave dinners and bicker about the kids during commercials.  :)

Cheers, Zack 

Back From The (near) Dead ::

zack arias photography

I have been tumbling slowly toward total burn out.  Dad is still in the hospital. I can’t make that any better. Meg ended up in the hospital for a few hours this week as well. When it pours it floods.

In a final attempt to save my sanity, we lined up A LOT of shooting this week and I have barricaded myself in the studio to work, work, work.  Not on paper work, not on filing crap, not on networking opportunities, not on the workshop, not on the branding, not on the web site, not on any of that crap that has nothing to do with pushing that big fat effing black button on my big black effing camera.  I’ve nearly lost my mind because I have NOT been shooting.  I’m a photographer  Not a bookeeper, web master, janitor, whatever.  The studio is TRASHED and I love it because it is from shooting.  Up first…. Tyrell.

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

Coming up shortly for blog posts of their own…. Justin, Daniel, and Liz.

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

zack arias photography zack arias photography

I feel as though my pulse is returning. I’m a photographer. That’s not my entire identity but it sure is something I need to be doing with some part of my life.

More and more and more to come. I’m shooting. Need something? Hire me. I’ll almost pay you to shoot.*

Cheers, Zack

* Key word – “almost”

GOYA :: Candler Road Pt. 1

April 28, 2008 | GOYA

I’m working on a personal GOYA project about Candler Road here in Decatur. I got off my arse to go shoot some photos to solidify some initial ideas I have for the project. I’m thinking the final project will be diptychs. As with all my GOYA projects, I work on these whenever I have the time, which seems to be never. Candler Road is an amazing stretch of road here in Atlanta and it’s the only place where you can get hand poo washed.

GOYA personal project by music photographer, Zack Arias

More after the jump…


Power Snacks ::

April 15, 2008 | GOYA Misc. Photos

Just got into Detroit and saw this while waiting for my bags.  Some poor soul wanted a bag of chips and got far more than they expected.


Cheers, Zack

GOYA :: 04.10.08

I’m getting my GOYA back on.  What is GOYA?  Get Off Your Arse.  This was a personal project I started a few years ago that started strong and then dwindled out.  I get in creative ruts when I’m busy shooting for everyone else but me.  Today was a good day to get off my arse and shoot some personal work.

Today I decided I would work this technique I alluded to in the last post and nothing is more personal to me than my two boys who never get photographed enough. Cobbler’s children go without shoes and all that.

Diptychs of my two boys playing on the 4 wheeler.

I have some more experimenting to do with this technique. Tomorrow I’ll post how it’s done. Its pretty freakin’ easy really.

Cheers, Zack

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