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A-Town Hold It Down :: Street Portraits


Big thanks to Heather Hamilton for tweeting, “The overload of photography rants r getting on my nerves. While I agree with some , I just think our time can be better spent. Like shooting.” There’s been a flurry of new gear announcements lately and I’ve been guilty of talking about gear this week instead of using gear this week. Michael Friberg pretty much summed it up well. Heather was the voice (twoice?) I needed to hear today to fire the Internet, get off my ass, and go shoot. Isn’t that ultimately what it’s about? Thanks Heather.

I saw the gentleman above through the window and had to, had to, had to, get a portrait of him. Everyone was more than willing to let me photograph them today. No one turned me down. Must be that big ass camera. Today was a good day.


















“I’m an inventor and I also can rap my ass off. I need a good manager. Danny East. Tell ’em not to bury me!!!”

Hell yes. I love to see hustle in all shapes and forms.

These street portraits were all shot with the Phase One IQ140. I am still learning this camera and going out on the streets and working in various lighting conditions gives me a good idea of what it can and can not do. I do miss my x100 though. (It’s in the shop) [sticky aperture] poo.





GOYA Winner :: Shaft Of Light Guy

January 3, 2012 | GOYA

It’s been awhile since I’ve won a GOYA shootout! It took going up against some teenagers to finally win! :)

more —>


GOYA :: Verbing Nouns

December 29, 2011 | GOYA


My oldest son, Caleb (pictured on the right), just turned 13 yesterday! We have a real teenager in our house of four boys now. I can’t believe it. Caleb only took a passing interest in photography until he got on You can find him there as @carias. He and his cousin, Grayson (pictured on the left), are both getting into HDSLR video as well. They are currently taking a 15 week Final Cut class at Cue52 so for Caleb’s Christmas/birthday present he got a Canon T2i with a kit lens so that he and his cousin can continue their video work and dive into photography a little deeper. Aside from getting Caleb a membership to Kelby Training, he and I are spending time going over the fundamentals of exposure, composition, and light. (#proudpapa) We figured what better way to get out there and put this into practice than do a GOYA shootout! Each of us had to find our own photo, edit our own photos, and do the post production on them. No one got any help from the others.

GOYA is my little term for “Get Off Your A$$” and go shoot. We used to do these on a more regular basis but life and work got in the way. Damn life and work. So Caleb, Grayson, and I hit downtown Atlanta yesterday with our cameras to shoot something in motion. Caleb picked the theme. It started with “people in motion” then we found lots of pigeons, cars, water, and other moving nouns so it became “Verbing Nouns”.

Here’s how this works. Below are three photos. Photographer #1, #2, and #3. You choose your favorite photo and use the poll code box to vote. The winning photographer will get a $25 B&H gift card. Also, if any of you leave a constructive critique of any or all of our photos I will choose one of you to win a $25 B&H gift certificate as well!  Here are the photos…

Update :: Voting for this shoot out has ended. You can see the three photos we entered and the poll results after the jump…


NYC :: And The Winner Is :: I'm not so happy about this. :)

November 1, 2010 | Events GOYA

And the winner of our NYC shoot-out last week is… Jason Groupp.

NOT only did he whoop me on single image votes but he also won most votes overall for his five images against mine. He won 1,451 votes against my 1,242 votes. His single best image won with 867 votes. I came in second place with 509 votes with this image…

In the original post Jason’s photos were 1, 3, 4, 7, & 9. Mine were 2, 5, 6, 8, 10.

It’s always fun to go out and shoot with another photographer you admire and respect. It’s even more fun to go out and shoot with a photographer you admire and respect and make it a competition. Then it is interesting to see how the public views the outcome of the images when it goes to a vote. The big take away from this is… None of y’all know great photography when you see it!!!  :) I’m just kidding.

Jason… Congratulations. Enjoy your sucksess for the next year. Maybe you should even start placing “Photographer of the year” in your bio and on your website. Know this… I’m coming back next year to this light fight as Iniogo Montoya…

We’ll have the BTS video that Jason’s crew shot online this week AS WELL as a post about the “light saber” I was using for this shoot-out. There’s a new modifier in town and it’s pretty awesome. But evidently not awesome enough for me to win this shoot-out. :)

Cheers, Zack

NYC Shoot-out :: Me vs. Jason Groupp :: Vote!

October 27, 2010 | Events GOYA

Today my good friend and collegue, Jason Groupp, and I had a shoot-out in the streets of NYC. We have been talking smack for two weeks about this on Twitter and we now have the results of our bravado.

******* Voting is now closed. Results here. *******

Click “more” to see the rest of the original post and photos…

Here is how it worked. Jason booked Amanda and Sean to be our subjects. Jason set up the first shot and he had five frames to execute it. Then I had to use the same location and execute a shot in five frames. I then chose the next location, shot five frames, and then Jason would shoot five frames. We piggy backed like that for six locations. At the sixth and final location I challenged Jason to tape his LCD screen. I did the same. We had five frames to shoot, with lights, without meters, and no chimping. It was a blast!

We have now picked our top five images and you are going to vote on who won best image of the shoot-out. This will be like a presidential election. One image will be the top photo of the day and then we will tally the votes of each image and see who received more total votes than the other and they will be crowed “President of Light” or something stupid. I have a feeling this might just be an annual thing. :)

So here are the images. Vote at the bottom of the page. Voting will continue through PhotoPlus this weekend and we will announce the results at the first of next week along with a behind the scenes video of the shoot and some of our out takes.

/></p> <form action=

Vote For Your Favorite Photo free polls

Thanks for voting!

Cheers, Zack

GOYA Shootout :: Mirror

May 10, 2010 | GOYA Misc. Photos

We had another one of our GOYA shootouts today! This time we have visitors to the studio. David Jackson and Trevor Nackers joined us today on the shootout. Here’s the set up.

We decide to do these things at a moment’s notice. Today’s challenge was that each of us would head out with a 12″ square mirror and we had to incorporate that mirror into a photograph. We had just under two hours to complete the challenge and we could post one single image to the blog. You decide who did the best job. Meaning, you vote on the photo you like the best. The winner gets something. We never know what.

Today’s crew consists of Dan Depew, Robin Shetler, David Jackson, Trevor Nackers, and myself. Sherri left the studio with full intentions of participating but she decided to play the LAME “it’s my birthday and I have better things to do.” card. Whatever. Loser. (Actually, she won the last shootout.) What is GOYA? It’s a term we use around here meaning “Get Off Your Ass.” … and go shoot.

Here are our images.






To refresh your memory, here are the slices and who they correspond with…

Who made the best image for this shootout?
Photographer A
Photographer B
Photographer C
Photographer D
Photographer E free polls
We will end the contest this Friday afternoon EST.

Cheers, Zack

Zack Arias :: Sucksessful Commercial Photographer

April 9, 2010 | • Philosophy GOYA

Want a sneak peak into the life of a successfull commercial photographer?

I made this for a few reasons. I’ll go into that later.

Want some more?

HQ QT version of the video here.

Cheers, Zack Arias. Sucksessfull Commercial Photographer

PS – In addition to thanking the academy I would also like to recognize Jeremy Cowart, Chase Jarvis, and Joe Effing McNally.

Thrift Store GOYA Winner :: Sherri Innis!

March 17, 2010 | GOYA

Our business manager, Sherri, just beat the ever living snot out of all of us in our third GOYA shootout. I’m 1 for 3. I should have used this other image. There I go, wanting to do something different and it didn’t pan out for me. Probably wouldn’t have helped. Sherri did a great job. The thrift store item in her shot is the gold dress that her sister, Jamie, is wearing.

Our intern, Robin, came in second with this kick ass image…

Dan the studio man came in third and Meg and I held hands walking into the sunset of 4th and 5th place.

Meg wants us to do a songwriting contest next time we do this. I’m glad none of us are competitive. :)

ETA – Do note that Meg had baby Hawke Danger with her during her shooting time and she was in a graveyard, in the rain, with a crying baby Hawke Danger. She had the toughest time of us all.

Cheers, Zack

PS – GOYA stands for Get Off Your Ass… And shoot!

Crew GOYA :: $5 Thrift Store Shootout

March 12, 2010 | GOYA

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. .

We are back with another GOYA shootout for the crew. Here was the challenge set before us today.

We had to go to a thrift store and spend no more than five dollars on whatever we wanted. We then had to incorporate whatever we purchased into a photo. We had 2.5 hours to complete the challenge.

Today we had myself, business manager Sherri, studio manager Dan, intern Robin, and the ever so lovely and talented Meghan.

….. ETA ……

The contest is now over. Sherri won!

Cheers, Zack

Fear :: And The Winner Is… + Discussion On The Subject

February 6, 2010 | • Philosophy GOYA

The Setup ::

Last week we assembled a crew to help us on a three day shoot in an old abandoned mansion. I set one day aside for everyone on set to have time to grab some gear, grab a model, and shoot for themselves as payment for helping me on the other two days of shooting.  Knowing that competition can bring the best out in a person I decided we should have a shootout. I posted the images here on the blog and had you all vote.

Before shooting we decided to pick one word that we all had to shoot an image for. The first word that came up was “pain” but then someone said “fear” and we decided that would be a good one and off we went.  Each photographer could interpret that any way they wanted and what happened in the comments of the original blog post has been an interesting conversation of whether any of us actually shot an image that communicated fear.  I feel that some of you wanted far too literal of an interpretation. Fear can go a lot of ways. I think we all gravitated toward the “horror’ish” route based on the location we had to use but it doesn’t have to be the ONLY way to interpret it. More in the discussion.

The Results ::

The winner is… (after the jump)


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